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May 2023 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review


David Levine, MD. Chief Medical Officer at Fisher-Titus Health
When David Levine, MD, took over full time in January as chief medical officer of Fisher-Titus Health in Norwalk, Ohio, he decided it was time to "stop doing things the way they've always been done.

Robert Garrett. CEO at Hackensack Meridian Health
A decade ago, at a backyard cookout, we kicked around the bold idea of starting a medical school, one that would change the way future physicians practice medicine. We realized that you can’t make all improvements necessary to remodel a flawed American healthcare system at the point of care. You have to instill a new way of learning with a far more expansive view of health and healthcare and teach future physicians to become lifelong learners.

Clay Holderman. CEO of UnityPoint Health
Clay Holderman, CEO of UnityPoint Health, and Dale Maxwell, CEO of Presbyterian Healthcare Services, had been talking for a while about seeking partnerships with other health systems when it finally dawned on them they should be talking to each other about a possible merger between their two organizations.

Nancy Howell Agee, MSN, BSN. CEO at Carilion Clinic
CEOs of hospitals and health systems with a background in bedside nursing appear to be few and far between, making the advice from nurses at the helm of hospitals even more valuable to aspiring nurse CEOs.

Elizabeth Bolt. COO and Senior Vice President at UW Health
In honor of Women's History Month in March and International Women's Day on March 8, Becker's Hospital Review asked women in the healthcare industry to share their insights on leadership.

Missy Miller. Chief Marketing Officer at Waystar
In honor of Women's History Month in March and International Women's Day on March 8, Becker's Hospital Review asked women in the healthcare industry to share their insights on leadership.

Health system CEOs' leadership styles are evolving
After the last few years of guiding organizations through the pandemic and facing extreme financial and operational challenges this year, health system CEOs are turning to a tried-and-true leadership tactic to balance growth and innovation with the realities of shrinking margins, workforce shortages and increased competition: authentic leadership.

What will health systems prioritize once Gen Z is running them?
Generation Z is inheriting a troubled healthcare system: staffing shortages, caregiver burnout, pandemic aftershocks, financial woes. But these industry challenges are not scaring young people away from healthcare — they're motivating them to run toward it. 

A physician leader saw 'chaos' with 'recycled' administrators, so he's charting a new course
When David Levine, MD, took over full time in January as chief medical officer of Fisher-Titus Health in Norwalk, Ohio, he decided it was time to "stop doing things the way they've always been done."

Presbyterian Healthcare and UnityPoint unite: How an $11B merger unfolded
Clay Holderman, CEO of UnityPoint Health, and Dale Maxwell, CEO of Presbyterian Healthcare Services, had been talking for a while about seeking partnerships with other health systems when it finally dawned on them they should be talking to each other about a possible merger between their two organizations.

3 nurse CEOs on combating assumptions, getting ahead of skill gaps
CEOs of hospitals and health systems with a background in bedside nursing appear to be few and far between, making the advice from nurses at the helm of hospitals even more valuable to aspiring nurse CEOs

Biden's $6.8T budget: 15 healthcare takeaways
President Joe Biden proposed a $6.8 trillion budget March 9, and it includes several healthcare initiatives, including plans to extend Medicare's solvency by 25 years and making COVID-era ACA subsidies permanent.

14 health systems with strong finances
Here are 14 health systems with strong operational metrics and solid financial positions, according to reports from credit rating agencies Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investors Service and S&P Global.

1st hospitals line up for new rural hospital designation
The first hospitals seeking CMS' new rural emergency hospital designation have submitted their applications, Kaiser Health News reported March 6.

Top 7 billionaires in US healthcare
An HCA Healthcare co-founder and shareholder tops the list of billionaires in U.S. healthcare.

HCA's 5 highest-earning executives
In 2022, one of HCA Healthcare's highest-earning executives was also its newest. 

20 hospitals with smallest CEO-to-worker pay ratios
CEO pay at large has been a target of criticism by workers in recent months, including physicians and travel nurses, and the issue has surfaced as healthcare professionals negotiate their own pay. 

23 thoughts on leadership from women in healthcare
In honor of Women's History Month in March and International Women's Day on March 8, Becker's Hospital Review asked women in the healthcare industry to share their insights on leadership.

April 2023 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review


Michael Dowling, CEO of Northwell Health
New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health began 2023 with a low, but positive operating margin, but labor costs are expected to increase again this year on the back of recent union activity in the state. 

Robert Allen, CEO of Pipeline Health
Segundo, Calif.-based Pipeline Health emerged from bankruptcy Feb. 9, just four months after filing its Chapter 11 petition.

Randy Davis, Vice President and CIO of CGH Medical Center
On Feb. 8, CVS Health entered into an agreement to purchase primary care company Oak Street Health in an all-cash deal worth $10.6 billion, but some hospital and health system CIOs say this deal isn't transformative as it isn't big enough to "rattle" the provider industry.

Simon Linwood, MD, CIO of UCR Health
On Feb. 8, CVS Health entered into an agreement to purchase primary care company Oak Street Health in an all-cash deal worth $10.6 billion, but some hospital and health system CIOs say this deal isn't transformative as it isn't big enough to "rattle" the provider industry.

Onyeka Nchege, Senior Vice President and CIO of Novant Health
Onyeka Nchege, senior vice president and chief information officer of Novant Health, based in Winston-Salem, N.C., has seen the clear benefit of investing in digital transformation for patient care and the revenue cycle.

We're going to come out of this winning:' Northwell CEO on labor challenges and the system's biggest growth area
New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health began 2023 with a low, but positive operating margin, but labor costs are expected to increase again this year on the back of recent union activity in the state. 

The promises and pitfalls of ChatGPT: 10 digital leaders on how hospitals might use it
In a little more than two months since its launch, ChatGPT passed the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam and prompted major scientific journals to ban or restrict its use in research. Now, hospital and health system leaders are trying to determine where the technology could be most helpful and where it may cause harm.

10 fastest-growing C-suite roles
A number of new titles have claimed their seat at the executive table in recent years, according to LinkedIn.

Most board members at the nation's top hospitals have no healthcare background: Study
Less than 15 percent of board members overseeing the nation's top hospitals have a professional background in healthcare, while more than half have a background in finance or business services, according to a study published Feb. 8 in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

How Henry Ford rehired 25% of nurses who left during the pandemic
Job flexibility is at the center of hospitals' and health systems' strategies to welcome back nurses who left during earlier stages of the COVID-19 pandemic — and some are seeing significant progress. 

Hospitals suffer worst financial year since the pandemic
Eleventh-hour financial improvements were not enough for U.S. hospitals, making 2022 "the worst financial year for hospitals and health systems since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic," according to Kaufman Hall. 

Amazon completes $3.9B acquisition of One Medical
Amazon has completed its $3.9 billion acquisition of virtual and in-person primary care company One Medical, the retailer said Feb. 22. 

CFO-turned-CEO shares keys to leading health system out of bankruptcy in 4 months
Segundo, Calif.-based Pipeline Health emerged from bankruptcy Feb. 9, just four months after filing its Chapter 11 petition. 

Novant's ROI for 2 key digital investments
Onyeka Nchege, senior vice president and chief information officer of Novant Health, based in Winston-Salem, N.C., has seen the clear benefit of investing in digital transformation for patient care and the revenue cycle.

Mark Cuban's low-cost pharmacy to partner with independent pharmacists
Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. announced that it is working on a new program to partner with independent pharmacists in an effort to increase access and affordability of prescription drugs.

March 2023 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review


Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health
Consistent with their core mission, all healthcare providers have been steadily focused on a series of key priorities: enhancing access to all, improving quality and outcomes, investing in employee engagement and satisfaction, managing their financial condition, improving their infrastructure and working collaboratively with the government.

Mike Slubowski, President and CEO of Trinity Health
Livonia, Mich.-based Trinity Health plans to roll out virtual nurses at its hospitals around the state of Michigan — and nationwide.

David Lubarsky, MD, CEO of UC Davis Health
Around one in five Americans live in rural areas, but only 5 percent of physicians practice in these same areas. UC Davis has made it a priority to help close this gap in rural healthcare by incentivizing medical school graduates to practice in rural communities. We have built a number of clinical and education partnerships to both increase providers in these communities and bring in, via virtual technologies, advanced and specialty practices from regional academic medical centers.

Johnese Spisso, RN, President of UCLA Health and CEO of UCLA Hospital System
While some progress has been made in improving access to primary care in rural areas, access to specialty care remains a challenge. One of the opportunities to increase access is through the use of telemedicine and video visits with highly trained specialists who are available at academic medical centers and other large health systems. One of the ways we have expanded access at UCLA Health is through telemedicine. Additionally, through operating an interfacility transfer center, we serve as a resource to rural hospitals in our region, which rely on us to accept transfers of complex patients that have needs that exceed the level of care that can be provided in the rural facilities

BIll Gassen, President and CEO of Sanford Health
Protecting rural health care starts with reimagining how we deliver care for the 1.5 million patients we have the privilege of serving at Sanford Health, two-thirds of whom live in rural communities. Sanford’s landmark $350 million virtual care initiative aims to expand access to convenient, high-quality care regardless of zip code, improve the patient experience, advance innovation through new research and attract and train a new generation of clinicians.

Candice Saunders, CEO of Wellstar Health System
Candice Saunders, BSN, has served as president and CEO of Marietta, Ga.-based Wellstar Health System for nearly a decade. But her healthcare journey has origins at the bedside.

What will save rural healthcare?
Rural hospitals and healthcare facilities face amplified financial challenges amid persisting workforce shortages, rising costs and leveling reimbursement. Reserves are dwindling and without urgent action, hundreds of facilities face closure.

CEOs, CFOs don't see recession as a barrier to growth
Hospital and health system executives aim to strengthen resilience and readiness in preparation for an economic downturn, but most CEOs and CFOs do not see a recession as a barrier to growth, according to Mercer's "2023 Executive Outlook" survey. 

Hospitals raising nurse pay: Why now?
Inflation, nurse contracts opening up and a decrease in contract worker utilization are among the factors behind a spate of recent pay raises across hospitals and health systems. But such raises are hardly enough to remain competitive and improve retention in today's market, experts say.

Texas raising salaries, starting pay for state hospital workers
The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is increasing salaries and starting pay at state hospitals and state-supported living centers to address staffing shortages, maintain competitive wages and bring hospital beds back online. 

A peek into healthcare's future? AI passes medical licensing exam
An artificial intelligence chatbot that generates humanlike responses passed all three parts of the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam, according to findings published in the preprint server medRxiv.

How Gen Z sees healthcare: 10 stats
difference: different workplace norms, different social initiatives, different technological approaches. They'll want a different healthcare industry, too, as many literally wear their health metrics on their sleeve.

The case against mandatory nurse staffing ratios
Washington state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would limit the number of patients a nurse can legally care for in hospitals, reigniting a long-standing debate over the benefits and consequences of mandated staffing ratios. 

20 hospitals with highest contract labor expenses
The average contract labor spend among hospitals more than doubled between 2011 and 2020, with many hospitals and health systems now making concerted efforts to curb this expense category. 

Trinity Health plans to institute virtual nurses across its 88 hospitals in 26 states
Livonia, Mich.-based Trinity Health plans to roll out virtual nurses at its hospitals around the state of Michigan — and nationwide.

Dollar General offers healthcare in 3 store parking lots
Dollar General customers at three locations in Tennessee can now see a healthcare provider in the store's parking lot for preventative care, urgent care and chronic condition management services.

How much 3 health systems are paying for EHR installs
Here is how much three health systems are expected to pay for the cost of purchasing, installing and upgrading a new or current electronic health record system:


February 2023 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review


EdD, President and CEO, MetroHealth
Airica Steed, EdD, RN, became president and CEO of MetroHealth on Dec. 5, and she said community health and health equity are among her focuses

Michael Dowling, President and CEO, Northwell Health
A difficult year for hospital and health system finances brought with it renewed attention to expenditures. Scrutinizing costs is a job that should be done with the same amount of precision and care as your top surgeons in the OR, because one mistaken move can cause several complications and long-term damage

Leslie Davis, President and CEO, UPMC
Leslie Davis has spent more than a year as president and CEO of Pittsburgh-based UPMC. Ms. Davis took the helm of the 40-hospital global health system in August 2021, succeeding Jeffrey Romoff, who had a 48-year tenure with the organization

Will Curry, MD, CMO, Massachusetts General Hospital
Expanding access to multidisciplinary care is crucial to improving patient experience and outcomes, according to Will Curry, MD, chief medical officer at Boston-based Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Kathy Sanford, CNO, CommonSpirit
Leaders at small health systems might be quick to dismiss the idea of an internal nurse staffing agency, thinking it's not an option for them. Kathy Sanford, DBA, RN, would challenge that assumption.

10 health systems with strong finances
Here are 10 health systems with strong operational metrics and solid financial positions, according to reports from credit rating agencies Fitch Ratings and Moody's Investors Service

Mayo Clinic faces scrutiny over collection practices
The Minnesota Attorney General's Office is seeking more information about Rochester-based Mayo Clinic's "apparent aggressive bill-collection conduct," the Post Bulletin reported Dec. 15.

5 trilliondollar questions hanging over hospitals
Big questions tend to have no easy answers. Fortunately, few people would say they went into healthcare for its ease.

Chief experience officers on the initiatives that can't wait
Regardless of the crisis of the moment — be it a crushing nursing shortage or nonstop stream of patients with respiratory illnesses — hospitals that fail to keep a close eye on providing extraordinary patient experience will pay, one way or the other.

Jefferson Health to reorganize, tighten executive team
Philadelphia-based Jefferson Health plans to go from five divisions to three in an effort to flatten management and become more efficient, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Jan. 12.

17 hospitals, health systems cutting jobs
Several hospitals and health systems are trimming their workforces or jobs due to financial and operational challenges

Tenet to sell California hospital
John Muir Health has entered into a definitive agreement with Tenet Healthcare to acquire sole ownership of San Ramon (Calif.) Regional Medical Center. 

Advocate Health names leadership team
Advocate Health, a newly combined system resulting from the merger of Atrium Health and Advocate Aurora Health, has named its executive leadership team.

Highest paid specialties for PAs, NPs
Year over year, median total cash compensation for physician assistants and nurse practitioners climbed by 4.5 percent, according to a surveyreleased Dec. 7 by consulting firm SullivanCotter. 

Viewpoint: Safety work relies too much on clinicians' heroism
A national patient safety effort that standardizes best practices across all U.S. hospitals is required to achieve and sustain meaningful improvements in patient care, five patient safety experts said in a NEJM Catalyst article published Dec. 12.

20 chief digital officer moves
As hospitals and health systems continued their shift to digital this year, several named their inaugural chief digital officers while other digital chiefs left for new jobs in other industries.

Study: MyChart messages dwindle after hospitals start billing for them
MyChart messages declined at San Francisco-based UCSF Health after the health system started billing for them, though clinicians rarely charge patients for them, a JAMA study found

How 1 system is helping moms reenter the healthcare workforce
The idea for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's MomForce Program came about while Linda Matzigkeit was mixing cement. 


January 2023 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review


39 hospitals face maximum Medicare readmission penalties
As part of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, Medicare will cut payments to 83 percent of the 3,080 hospitals evaluated for the program by anywhere from 0.01 percent to the maximum of 3 percent in fiscal year 2021.

Walmart heir Alice Walton wants to reform healthcare
The Walmart heir and philanthropist Alice Walton has had a keen interest in healthcare reform and has funded a number of initiatives aimed at improving health for the residents of northwest Arkansas, TalkBusiness reported Nov. 9.

The cost of nurse turnover by the numbers
The COVID-19 pandemic wore down registered nurses, causing many to leave and retire early, leaving vacant spots in hospitals. Due to this, hospitals have been paying astronomical prices in turnover costs, according to the "2021 NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report."

Vaccine mandates are affecting CEO recruitment: Here's how
The effect of vaccination mandates and the COVID-19 pandemic have often been discussed from the angle of employees who have left their organizations and their managers, but the effect on executive hiring is less explored. Becker's spoke to an executive search hiring manager at WittKieffer to understand how the pandemic has changed executive recruitment in healthcare.

How to alleviate clinicians' EHR burnout, per 12 CIOs
Clinicians are experiencing a burnout crisis that stems from several factors — one of them being EHR burden. Here, executives from 12 hospitals and health systems across the country share their thoughts on how to best address EHR burnout.

7 health system CFOs share advice for peers
Seven finance chiefs from top health systems across the U.S. recently spoke with Becker's Hospital Review about the advice they would pass along to other CFOs.

Mass General Brigham CEO: Capacity crisis to continue
Boston-based Mass General Brigham saw its revenue and net income increase in the 12 months ended Sept. 30, despite higher expenses, staffing shortages and capacity challenges.

Career 'hot streaks': When they happen and what fuels them
It may appear that creative "hot streaks" in a person's career are random and short-lived, but new research reveals a pattern to the productive bursts that can help encourage more of them, The Atlantic reported Nov. 1.

Former Sanford Health CEO got $49M payout after abrupt departure
Kelby Krabbenhoft, the former president and CEO of Sanford Health who abruptly departed in late 2020, received a more than $49 million payout, according to federal tax documents obtained by Forum News Service.

10 execs share their systems' best innovation projects in 2021
This year has been ripe with opportunities to improve healthcare delivery through digital innovation. Below, 10 executives from health systems across the country share the project they've been most proud of in 2021.

HHS updates HIPAA guidelines: 7 things to know
HHS' Office for Civil Rights issued new guidance Dec. 20 to explain how HIPAA covers healthcare providers who disclose protected health information to support instances of extreme risk protection orders.

Why a Wyoming hospital split the CNO role among 3 nurses
Jackson, Wyo.-based St. John's Health is splitting the CNO role among three individuals as part of a shared leadership model, the Jackson Hole News&Guide reported Nov. 10.

The art of the second opinion
Second opinions are tricky. Patients who seek them often have complex conditions, and physicians must exercise caution when delivering them to avoid further confusing patients who are already conflicted.

Lloyd Dean, CEO
Retirement makes for a big transition in an executive's day-to-day life. This is especially the case when the executive has been working since age 10, like CommonSpirit Health CEO Lloyd Dean.

Edward Karlovich, Executive Vice President & CFO UPMC
Edward Karlovich serves as the executive vice president and CFO for UPMC, a $23 billion provider and insurer based in Pittsburgh.

Ryannon Frederick, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer Mayo Clinic
Ryannon Frederick, MSN, RN, is chief nursing officer at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. In an email to Becker's in October, she shared how the health system is navigating staffing challenges, and what she thinks the nursing landscape will look like following the pandemic.

Stacy Garrett-Ray, MD, Chief Community Impact Officer Ascension
Stacy Garrett-Ray, MD, didn't hesitate to take on the role of chief community impact officer for St. Louis-based Ascension.

Joanne Conroy, MD, President & CEO Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health
Joanne Conroy, MD, CEO and president of Lebanon, N.H.-based Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, became accustomed to monitoring her patients' vital signs during her clinical career as an anesthesiologist.

Rich Liekweg, President & CEO BJC HealthCare
As president and CEO of St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare, Rich Liekweg strives to interpret others' words and actions through a lens of respect and focuses his attention on how others want to be treated.


December 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

10 hospitals, health systems laying off workers
Several hospitals and health systems are trimming their workforces due to financial and operational challenges.

As hospitals make cuts, the losses are loud or quiet
There are few easy ways to cut expenses. But in hospitals and health systems, there are quieter ways.

The cost of nurse turnover in 23 numbers
Nurse recruitment and retention is top of mind for every hospital and health system executive in 2022, particularly those responsible for ensuring health systems' financial stability.

Why big health systems are moving to Epic
Two large health systems — Atlanta-based Emory Healthcare and Houston-based Memorial Hermann — recently switched their EHRs from Oracle Cerner to Epic, continuing a trend of bigger hospital groups moving to the Verona, Wis.-based software giant.

UW Medicine invests in 'historic' raises for nurses
Members of the Washington State Nurses Association have approved a new contract with Seattle-based UW Medicine that includes significant raises, The Seattle Times reported Oct. 20.

University Hospitals cuts 443 administrative jobs
Cleveland-based University Hospitals announced efforts to reduce system expenses by $100 million Oct. 12, including the elimination of 326 vacant jobs and layoffs affecting 117 administrative employees.

7-hospital system files for bankruptcy
Pipeline Health System, which includes seven hospitals in three states, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Oct. 2.

California hospitals restructure leadership after summer resignations
MemorialCare Long Beach (Calif.) Medical Center and MemorialCare Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach are making strategic changes in executive leadership months after CEO John Bishop and former COO Ike Mmeje unexpectedly announced their resignations.

Mayo Clinic to increase some wages by 6%
Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic is boosting pay 6 percent for some workers, marking its largest across-the-board wage jump in two decades, the Star Tribune reported Oct. 5.

Allina Health spins off hospital-at-home company with $20M investment
Minneapolis-based Allina Health has launched hospital-at-home company Inbound Health with a $20 million investment.

5 health systems' biggest patient safety win this year
From creating safety culture tools to collaborating with other systems, hospitals and health systems are consistently working to improve patient safety.

28 residency programs launched in 2022
Healthcare systems have started residency programs and partnerships to address workforce shortages.

How health system CIOs are cutting costs, rethinking operational efficiency
When companies consider cost-cutting measures, it often results in layoffs, but health system CIOs are looking inward at their IT vendors, contracts and partnerships to assess different ways to optimize their workforce, which can save their health systems money in the long run.

Arthur Sampson, Interim President and CEO, Lifespan
Hospital and health system CEOs have a lot on their minds, including questions about the healthcare workforce, meeting patients' digital expectations and navigating the financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daryl Tol, Head of Health Assurance Ecosystem, General Catalyst
Daryl Tol has gotten an upfront look at healthcare's digital shift from both the hospital C-suite and as a venture capitalist.

Maia Hightower, MD, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, University of Chicago Medicine
University of Chicago Medicine's Maia Hightower, MD, said her health system is already at the leading edge of medicine. She hopes to bring it to the forefront of digital medicine as well.

Tammy Lundstrom, MD, CMO, Trinity Health
Tammy Lundstrom, MD, has always known she wanted to work in healthcare. Since joining Livonia, Mich.-based Trinity Health in April 2018 as senior vice president and chief medical officer, she has been able to continually meet two of her core professional goals: to help others and never stop learning.

Jill Kalman, MD, CMO, Northwell Health
Jill Kalman, MD, was appointed the first female chief medical officer for New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health on Oct. 20, 2021.


November 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

14 health systems with strong finances
Here are 14 health systems with strong operational metrics and solid financial positions, according to reports from Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investors Service and S&P Global Ratings.

Health systems shrink executive teams as costs rise
Hospitals and health systems are facing financial challenges with many reporting rising expenses and significant investment losses this year.

What does 'quiet quitting' look like at hospitals?
The trend of "quiet quitting" has recently gained traction on social media, referring to a phenomenon in which workers to reduce their enthusiasm at work and stick to the minimum expectations of their role. Some professionals, including Generation Z workers, have embraced the concept as an increased form of work-life balance, and others see it as a lesser-version of actually quitting. Regardless of how an individual interprets the idea, the concept is not new among the U.S. workforce or in healthcare, according to Jeremy Sadlier, executive director of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration.

Houston Methodist, NewYork-Presbyterian, Penn Medicine CEOs on being excellent
In the aftermath of the pandemic, hospital and health systems CEOs must navigate more challenges than ever as they steer their organization with a focus on long-term vision and day-to-day operations. That's why it's crucial to have the best leaders possible at the helm.

'A total disruptor to how we do business': Cleveland Clinic's new patient experience metric
Since their initial rollout in 2019, plan of care visits — which bring nurses and providers to the patient's bedside together — have become characteristic of the way care is delivered and managed across Cleveland Clinic. They've become so beneficial that the system has done away with chasing other experience scores, such as patients' likelihood to recommend.

2022 the most financially difficult year for hospitals, health systems since start of pandemic
A new analysis from management consulting firm Kaufman, Hall & Associates indicates hospitals and health systems continue to face intense pressure on staff and resources while also dealing with rising expenses for supplies, drugs and equipment, and the workforce, according to a Sept. 15 special bulletin from the American Hospital Association.

BHSH System cuts 400 positions amid financial pressures
BHSH System has cut about 400 management and nonpatient/health plan member-facing roles from its 64,000-member workforce.

How Hoag has fared since splitting from Providence
Hoag, a three-hospital system based in Orange County, Calif., ended its affiliation with Renton, Wash.-based Providence in January after nearly a decade together. More than six months after parting ways with the 52-hospital system, Hoag is successfully navigating the challenges that have taken a financial toll on many health systems.

More hospital CEOs exit as labor challenges persist
More than six dozen hospital CEOs have left their roles this year, according to a Sept. 21 Challenger, Gray & Christmas report.

75 academic medical center CFOs to know | 2022
By combining patient care, education, and research and innovation, academic medical centers play a valuable role in the healthcare system today.

Banner Health's big bet on population health
Phoenix-based Banner Health is making a big bet on population health as it aims to use data to improve patient outcomes and cut costs.

15 cities ranked by wait times for a new patient appointment
Portland, Ore., residents can expect to wait 40 days, on average, to be seen as a new patient in physician offices. New Yorkers can plan to wait nearly half as long.

Not just an EHR liaison: What has changed most about the CMIO role
From strictly implementing EHRs to now overseeing a variety of digital health initiatives and having growing leadership and strategic positions within health systems, the job of chief medical information officer has evolved quite a bit over time.

Bob Riney, President and CEO, Henry Ford Health
From strictly implementing EHRs to now overseeing a variety of digital health initiatives and having growing leadership and strategic positions within health systems, the job of chief medical information officer has evolved quite a bit over time.

B.J. Moore, CIO, Providence
Healthcare CIOs need to have a finger on the pulse of change and innovation to stay competitive and deliver the best care, B.J. Moore, chief information officer of Renton, Wash.-based Providence, recently told Becker's.

Al Smith, CIO, LifePoint
Overseeing health IT for 62 community hospitals and 33 specialty hospitals across 29 states is definitely not "one-size-fits-all," says Al Smith, senior vice president and CIO of Brentwood, Tenn.-based LifePoint Health.

Bobbie Byrne, CIO, Advocate Aurora
Advocate Aurora Health's CIO Bobbie Byrne's, MD, top priority is putting her clinicians first, as well as working to move her organization's business intelligence work and analytics to the cloud.

Catherine Jacobson, President and CEO, Froedtert Health
Catherine Jacobson, president and CEO of Milwaukee-based Froedtert Health, considers an executive's advice when celebrating a victory or mourning a mistake: Only allow 24 hours for either.

Joyce Sackey, MD, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Stanford Medicine
Health equity has been on the forefront of Joyce Sackey's, MD, mind since a very young age. Growing up in Ghana, she observed an uneven distribution of and access to healthcare, which stimulated both her drive to help others and an interest in medicine.


October 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Kaiser plans $1.7B expansion
Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente is expanding two hospitals and building two new medical offices, according to The Press-Enterprise.

How HCA, Tenet, CHS and UHS fared in Q2
Four major for-profit hospital operators saw profits decline in the second quarter of 2022.

52 great health system chief strategy officers | 2022
Becker's Healthcare is thrilled to honor outstanding chief strategy officers for health systems in 2022.

With workplace violence on the rise, some health systems are hiring experts to address it
Amid increased calls to address workplace violence, some health systems are hiring personnel specifically to focus on the issue. The directors often oversee areas of the organization related to safety and security.

General Catalyst: Why the VC firm with an unassuming name should have healthcare's attention
In July, venture capital firm General Catalyst launched its second $600-million-plus fund focusing on healthcare. Then on Aug. 11, the company plucked Marc Harrison, MD, the president and CEO of Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Healthcare, to run a healthcare investment platform.

HCA hospitals make 21 leadership changes
HCA Healthcare, a 182-hospital system based in Nashville, Tenn., has made leadership changes at several of its hospitals in recent months.

Reading between the lines when CEOs abruptly 'step down'
Ambiguous language around CEO departures can obscure the circumstances or drivers of their exits. Researchers are trying to find correlations that get the real story.

Top 10 hospitals for consumer loyalty in 2022
NRC Health has recognized 100 hospitals nationwide with its 2022 Consumer Loyalty Award, the healthcare data firm said Aug. 16.

Mount Sinai spinoff lays off 250 employees; founder exits
Sema4, a genomics spinoff of New York City-based Mount Sinai Health System, has let go of 250 employees as part of an effort to save $50 million in 2022.

The initiative that's bringing nurses back to the bedside at Jefferson Health
Philadelphia-based Jefferson Health launched its "Nursing SEAL Team" program in July, which aims to give nurses more flexibility with where they work. Now, in the month since the initial team launch, the program has expanded into other departments and is attracting former employees back to the system.

COVID-19 surgical backlogs persist: 4 things for hospital leaders to know
A new study from researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston found that even well into 2021, surgical procedure volumes had not fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels. This has contributed to ongoing backlogs that could result in more advanced disease and higher costs in the future.

11 statistics on physician assistant salary by specialty
Physician assistants specializing in dermatology earned $147,000 between mid-November 2021 and early January 2022, making it the highest-paid PA specialty within that time, according to a new report from Medscape published June 3.

How health system CIOs are overcoming IT staffing challenges
Hospital CIOs report that IT staffing remains a major challenge, as health systems compete with tech companies for employees and budgets are strained by rising salaries.

Barry Ostrowsky, President and CEO, RWJBarnabas Health
When a healthcare leader takes the helm of a hospital, they bring with them advice from mentors as well as their own career learning experiences. Now, five CEOs — one who recently retired and four preparing to do so — shared their advice with Becker's Hospital Review, from setting one's ego aside to engaging with the community.

Craig Kwiatkowski, PharmD, CIO, Cedars-Sinai
From his days working as a pharmacist with a Chicago-area chain more than three decades ago, Craig Kwiatkowski, PharmD, has witnessed the evolution of health IT. And he's excited for the future of the field.

Peter Winkelstein, MD, CMIO, Kaleida Health
The seamless sharing of patient data has long been a goal of many in healthcare. Just ask Peter Winkelstein, MD.

Ryannon Frederick, RN, CNO, Mayo Clinic
Four nursing chiefs from US News & World Report's best ranked hospitals recently spoke with Becker's Hospital Review about the best advice they've received – whether it be from colleagues or family members.

Michael Pfeffer, MD, CIO, Stanford Health Care
Health CIOs need to be on the cutting edge of innovation and be able to project what technology is going to change the healthcare market.

Sophy Lu, CIO, Northwell Health
New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health's new CIO Sophy Lu looks to seize the moment of healthcare technology acceleration and change that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. In her new role as CIO, Ms. Lu aims to use technology to deliver and implement change for Northwell Health and its patients.


September 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

91 statistics on physician compensation | 2022
With healthcare workforce shortages persisting as a significant problem for hospitals and health systems, it is important to look at how physician compensation has been evolving.

Providence streamlines exec team as part of new operating model
Providence, a 52-hospital organization with system offices in Renton, Wash., and Irvine, Calif., is changing to a new operating model that includes a leaner executive team and a new divisional structure.

How hospitals should prepare for the PHE's end
Officials at all U.S. hospitals should be looking deep into their unique positions, paying attention to their financial situations, mix of patients and distinct geographies when assessing how the end of the public health emergency, whenever that may be, finally comes. This is according to McKinsey consultants Stephanie Carlton, a Dallas-based partner at the firm focusing on health system reform, and Pooja Kumar, MD, a Philadelphia-based senior partner. They discussed what changes might be coming for hospitals when the public health emergency does end.

'Billions of dollars wasted': What CIOs think of digital health startups
Digital health startups have raised billions of dollars over the last two years as telemedicine, virtual care and digital capabilities were thrust into the forefront of healthcare during the pandemic. But not every startup adds value.

Mass General Brigham plans huge expansion of remote patient monitoring
Boston-based Mass General Brigham has appointed a new executive to lead a vast expansion of its remote patient monitoring, the health system said July 11.

What an increasingly anxious workforce means for patient care
Whether a school in Uvalde, Texas, or a hospital campus in Tulsa, Okla., a recent series of violent events are constant reminders of the potential for what could unfold on healthcare workers' home campuses. The omnipresent anxiety over gun violence in the workplace — a possibility that increasingly seems more likely — has negative consequences for care delivery and the patient experience.

OhioHealth to eliminate 637 jobs, its biggest layoff ever
Columbus-based OhioHealth is eliminating 637 jobs, its biggest layoff ever, according to The Columbus Dispatch. The move is part of a plan to engage external partners to provide some services the system currently provides in house.

Pennsylvania hospital to close
Berwick (Pa.) Hospital Center is slated to close within 90 days after its affiliated clinics abruptly shut down last week, Newswatch 16 reported July 26 citing information from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center plans $500M expansion
Vanderbilt University Medical Center unveiled plans July 25 for its first major addition since 2009 and largest expansion to date: a 15-level inpatient tower slated for completion in 2027.

Teladoc hires former Providence exec Mike Waters as COO
Teladoc named Mike Waters as chief operating officer. In this role, Mr. Waters will work with Jason Gorevic, CEO of Teladoc, on the company's overall operations and execution, according to a July 25 press release. He will also take responsibility for Teladoc's member services and relations, supply chain and provider network.

Why Amazon wants to buy One Medical
Amazon's plan to buy One Medical for $3.9 billion will give the retailer a larger foothold in selling healthcare services to employers, an arena the company entered in 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported July 22.

How hospitals fight physician loneliness
Pre-pandemic, hospitals' physician lounges were already desolate spaces. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with a growing to-do list have further encroached on physicians' ability to interact with colleagues, which can exacerbate burnout. Now, hospitals are investing in other efforts to reinvigorate connection among physicians.

Why PAs aren't using the term 'physician associate' yet
The American Academy of Physician Assistants has officially changed its name to the American Academy of Physician Associates as part of a larger rebranding effort for the profession, but the association is not advising PAs to use the new term in a professional capacity yet.

Walmart heir's medical school moves forward
It's been more than a year since Alice Walton announced her plans for a national medical school in northwest Arkansas. New details about the facility and its goals are available.

Dana Erickson President and CEO, BCBS of Minnesota
Dana Erickson has been president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota since October 2021. She sat down with Becker's to discuss the latest trends across the health insurance industry and what her company is doing to lower care costs, drive health equity and navigate the healthcare landscape in a post-pandemic world.

Michael Dowling President and CEO, Northwell Health
In nearly every facet of our lives, all of us are routinely put in the position of trying to settle disputes or disagreements, whether it be with our spouses or significant others, our children, our siblings, co-workers, neighbors, contractors — you name it. It's part of everyday life. Conflicts arise and we figure out how to resolve them.

Dennis Pullin President and CEO, Virtua Health/ Anthony J. Mazzarelli, MD and Kevin M. O'Dowd, JD, Co-presidents and CEOs, Cooper University Health Care
The right to bear arms has existed since we became a nation. So, too, has the risk of violence that extensive gun ownership creates in our society.

Greg Burke, MD Chief Patient Experience Officer, Geisinger
In the middle of a patient experience crisis, the logical assumption for a health system that gives patients the opportunity to request a refund is that those expenses will skyrocket. Geisinger has seen the opposite, with patient refunds on the decline in recent years.

Diane Comer Chief Information and Technology Officer, Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente has long been known as one of the leading health systems for IT and digital innovation. So Diane Comer was excited to take over as the Oakland, Calif.-based provider and health plan's executive vice president and chief information and technology officer in April 2021, having been with the organization since 2007.

Rick Evans Chief Experience Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
The last few weeks have brought stunning developments and potentially ominous signs for our country. Recent Supreme Court rulings have stripped away protections related to women’s reproductive rights and gun violence. Threats to rights for the LGBTQ+ community and other vulnerable populations also appear to be on the horizon. We are facing an unprecedented rollback of rights for members of our communities.


August 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Hospitals' spring revenue boost not enough to offset expenses
Hospitals and health systems were hindered by skyrocketing expenses and depressed margins in May despite improved revenue and patient volume, according to a June 28 Kaufman Hall report.

CMS to launch new oncology payment model under Medicare
The Biden administration will launch the next phase of its Cancer Moonshot initiative next July with a new value-based oncology payment model through Medicare that aims to improve cancer care outcomes and lower costs nationwide.

Fortune 500's top 25 healthcare companies
The 68th Fortune 500 was released May 23. The annual list of the largest corporations in the U.S. ranked by revenue for the 2021 fiscal year includes 77 healthcare companies.

Amazon, Tufts Medicine launch digital health ecosystem
Boston-based Tufts Medicine worked with Amazon to move its entire digital healthcare ecosystem, including its Epic EHR infrastructure, to Amazon Web Services, according to a May 24 press release.

Where tech innovation is needed most in healthcare
Healthcare has faced rapid change in the last few years amid the pandemic, and digital transformation is not slowing down.

Rudeness: A care quality issue
For many people, rude behavior is no more than an unwelcome nuisance. But for those in healthcare, the consequences can be far more detrimental.

The advice 12 healthcare leaders remembered most in 2021
The Corner Office series asks healthcare leaders to answer questions about their life in and outside the office.

10 hospitals laying off workers
Several hospitals are trimming their workforces due to financial and operational challenges, and some are offering affected workers new positions.

Care New England to remain independent
Providence, R.I.-based Care New England's leaders say they have crafted a plan to allow the health system to remain independent rather than merge with a larger system, CBS affiliate WPRI reported July 6.

The 18 health systems Walmart sends its employees to for care in 2022
In an effort to rein in healthcare costs for its employees, Walmart sends them directly to health systems that demonstrate high-quality care outcomes, otherwise known as Centers of Excellence.

CEO resignations hit record high
Dozens of hospital CEOs have resigned this year as a record number of chiefs across all industries have exited their roles, according to a May 18 Challenger, Gray & Christmas report.

'We have turned to AI to disrupt the future,' Michael Dowling says
Hospital systems can employ artificial intelligence to reduce the types of health inequities that have made communities of color more vulnerable to COVID-19, the leader of one of the nation's largest health systems says.

Oracle is planning a unified national healthcare database. Will it work?
Oracle's primary mission is improving the complex healthcare system with technology, according to Larry Ellison.

66 hospitals, health systems that have launched post-COVID-19 clinics
Many hospitals and health systems have created COVID-19 recovery programs, or post-COVID clinics, to support patients who experience lingering symptoms weeks or months after being cleared of the illness — a population now widely known as COVID-19 long-haulers.

Rick Evans, Chief Experience Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Virtually every adult inpatient hospital in America administers the HCAHPS survey to patients. The data from these surveys are publicly reported for all to see, and star ratings are assigned to hospitals based on this patient feedback. In addition, results of these surveys are a driver of the government’s Value-Based Purchasing program, which rewards or penalizes hospitals based on performance. HCAHPS and other CMS-mandated quality measures are ingrained into most hospitals’ goal setting and operations. The stakes on performance are high.

Skip Hidlay, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Skip Hidlay, chief communications and marketing officer at Columbus-based Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, created a collaborative culture and expanded its strong partnerships with physicians, patients and digital marketing to make its brand successful, according to an interview branding agency Monigle shared with Becker's.

Patrick Frias, MD, President and CEO of Rady Children's Hospital and Health Center
Patrick Frias, MD, leans on the advice of his former mentor to inform his professional decisions: "The foundation of any good business is service."

Robert Garrett, CEO of Hackensack Meridian Health/Andre Goy, MD, Executive Director of Hackensack Meridian Cancer Center
A generation ago we spoke of cancer in hushed tones. We whispered about the suspected "Big C," diagnoses were kept secret, and that was that.


July 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Hospital adjusted expenses per inpatient day across 50 states
Below are the adjusted expenses per inpatient day in 2019, organized by hospital ownership type, in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., according to the latest statistics from Kaiser State Health Facts.

The case for seriously optimistic healthcare leaders
"Every meeting I have, I talk about optimism," says Michael Dowling, CEO of New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health. "I've probably given four talks in the last two days on that theme, including a meeting with my physician leadership team 15 minutes ago."

How Jefferson Health is harnessing philanthropy to address health disparities
In recent years, hospitals and health systems have launched programs or other initiatives to tackle health disparities, from outreach programs and education to recruiting a chief diversity officer.

Venture investment strategies from Northwell, UPMC, OSF + more
More hospitals with substantial cash pools have decided to think like venture capitalists, ramping up their investments into digital health startups.

Why the best ideas in digital health are still to come
Tom Andriola, vice chancellor of information technology and data and chief digital officer of University of California Irvine and UCI Health, is bullish on the future integration of technology in healthcare.

Major for-profit hospitals' labor costs hit $12B in Q1
Three of the four major for-profit hospital operators in the U.S. saw labor expenses spike in the first quarter of this year.

Walmart heir to help build new regional health system in Arkansas
Walmart heir Alice Walton's foundation has partnered with the Washington Regional Medical System in Fayetteville, Ark., to build a new regional healthcare system.

Understanding costs and learning to listen: 3 executives on the CFO-to-CEO transition
Hospital CEOs have faced many changes and challenges during the pandemic, from staffing shortages to digital transformations.

6 women in healthcare share tips for emerging leaders
Several female healthcare leaders recently shared with Becker's their best advice for people trying to grow in their healthcare careers.

Novant Health launches innovation lab: 5 things to know
Charlotte, N.C.-based Novant Health opened an innovation lab April 21.

Physician leaders wave red flag on automated pharmacy technology
As retail pharmacy chains rely on automated technology to fill prescriptions, a group of physician leaders is waving a red flag, stating that this technology has serious consequences for patient safety and the future of pharmacy.

Nurses make exit plans after RaDonda Vaught's conviction
More than 100,000 nurses left the workforce in 2021, according to an analysis published April 13 in Health Affairs. Now a nurse's criminal conviction for a medical error has the profession worried about how that number might swell.

How CIOs can win the battle for talent systemwide
Brad Reimer, CIO of Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, S.D., has staffing issues for the entire system top of mind as he keeps an eye on strategic planning.

James Madara, MD, CEO, American Medical Association
No one can predict what the future of the nation's healthcare system will look like, but there are certain needs that are "musts" to prioritize, no matter how healthcare shifts over the next century. That's how the American Medical Association's CEO sets the organization's objectives.

Joel Day, CFO, ScionHealth
Five months since the December 2021 launch of Louisville, Ky.-based ScionHealth, the new system has been presented with several learning opportunities as it focuses on a smooth transition into its own organization, CFO Joel Day told Becker's.

Nader Mherabi, CDIO, NYU Langone
NYU Langone Health's CIO and CDO is all about creating seamless technological experiences for all, bringing value to the organization and investing in innovative tech.

Rick Evans, Chief Experience Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
The pandemic has shined a light on some of  the weaknesses that were present in the healthcare system before the arrival of COVID-19. Across the nation, this has included an escalation of incidences of verbal and physical violence in healthcare settings. Behaviors that were becoming more common before the pandemic have now intensified as tempers and patience have grown short and divisions within our nation have persisted.

Shweta Ponnappa, Chief Marketing and Digital Experience Officer, Providence
Providence's chief marketing and digital experience officer plans to utilize data and insights to bring the most useful and personalized experiences to patients.

John Couris, CEO, Tampa General Hospital
As the president and CEO of a leading academic medical center, my primary responsibility is to balance the care and safety of our patients with the needs of my team members. Truth be told, one feeds the other — by making sure my team is supported and feels empowered to raise issues and concerns, admit to mistakes without fear and make recommendations for improvement, which results in patients receiving world-class care.

Neal Chawla, MD, CMIO, WakeMed
Healthcare providers across the U.S. are leveraging technology to better care for patients and tackle population health issues.



June 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Kaiser to restructure Colorado, Washington operations
Kaiser Permanente's Colorado and Washington medical groups and health plan have agreed to a new organizational structure and operating model in these two markets, Becker's has learned.

Hospitals are bolstering wages. Is it sustainable?
As the workforce shortages worsened and the pandemic caused widespread burnout, many hospitals and health systems saw their labor expenses significantly rise as they were forced to pay more to attract and retain workers.

'De-innovation': How Cleveland Clinic and more determine which processes to nix
While most conversations about hospital innovation center around which new initiatives health systems have up and running, a less glamorous yet important piece of the conversation centers on which programs have been discontinued.

What made baby-boomer nurses work through the pandemic?
From novices to seasoned experts, the COVID-19 pandemic challenged all nurses in different ways. Facing a time of unprecedented turbulence in their careers, some baby-boomer nurses took the opportunity to retire early.

What separates 'good' leaders from 'great' ones?
Extensive research has shown that leaders, regardless of a formal title, shape the culture, life and performance of an organization. That's why it's imperative to have great leaders.

CMS pitches inpatient payment rule for 2023: 10 things to know
CMS released its annual Inpatient Prospective Payment System proposed rule April 18, which proposes a reimbursement boost for acute care hospitals.

US hospitals that give the most free care to patients
Becker's determined which U.S. hospitals provide the most free health services to patients as a share of their total patients.

Healthcare's 14 CEOs on Equilar's list of top paid chief executives
Fourteen healthcare CEOs made Equilar's list of the highest paid CEOs among the 100 largest companies in the U.S. by revenue in 2021.

22 cities where the gender pay gap has shrunk
While the gender pay-gap is still growing nationwide, there are now 22 metropolitan areas in which women under 30 earn the same, or more than their male counterparts, according to a March 28 Pew Research Center report.

HHS sounds alarm on 'exceptionally aggressive' ransomware group
The HHS Cybersecurity Program issued an alert April 19 to healthcare providers warning them to defend against the "exceptionally aggressive" Hive ransomware group.

Don't write that patient review, it might be a HIPAA violation, report says
When responding to online patient reviews, some healthcare providers are taking defending their reputation too far, and are violating HIPAA laws, The Verge reported April 1.

29 physician specialties ranked by annual compensation
Physician income rebounded toward the end of last year as routine patient care returned, with primary care physicians earning an average annual compensation of $260,000 and specialists earning an average of $368,000, according to Medscape's "Physician Compensation Report 2022."

It could take years to know what 'endemic COVID-19' looks like
It can take years for scientists to determine endemic patterns while pandemics settle, and consequences of widespread illness can be long lasting after new infections fade, leaving the endemic stage of COVID-19 a "mystery," The New York Times reported April 7.

Alexa Kimball, MD, President and CEO, Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians
As new chiefs and chairs start to take on their new jobs during this dynamic era, it’s clear that the role of the chief has changed dramatically over time.

Robert Garrett, CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health
We stand with our nurses and healthcare workers throughout the nation who are deeply troubled by the conviction of a nurse in Tennessee in the death of a 75-year-old patient due to a drug error. It's a rare and troubling example of a healthcare professional facing prison for a medical mistake.

Kevin Slavin, President and CEO, St. Joseph's Health
We stand with our nurses and healthcare workers throughout the nation who are deeply troubled by the conviction of a nurse in Tennessee in the death of a 75-year-old patient due to a drug error. It's a rare and troubling example of a healthcare professional facing prison for a medical mistake.

James Hereford, President and CEO, Fairview Health Services
James Hereford has helmed Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis throughout the pandemic and has had a front-row seat to the fluid circumstances of the last two years. In the wake of the challenges COVID-19 has created, he said he is more focused than ever on building a strong culture and ensuring his employees feel connected to the mission of the 10-hospital organization.

Michael Dowling, President and CEO, Northwell Health
Maternal health outcomes for women of color are moving in the wrong direction.

Rick Evans, Senior Vice President and Chief Experience Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Last week, I did something I haven't done in a long time. I went in person to a professional conference. The meeting was the "ElevatePX" conference sponsored by The Beryl Institute, an organization dedicated to advancing the human experience in healthcare. The Beryl community is over 60,000 strong and is comprised of patient experience leaders, patient advocates and other organizations involved in patient experience work.

John Couris, President and CEO, Tampa General Hospital
John Couris has been part of many achievements during his time as president and CEO of Tampa (Fla.) General Hospital, including the opening of the Global Emerging Diseases Institute and the launch of a venture capital fund to drive an innovation culture within the organization.


May 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

17 'overpaid' healthcare CEOs
Despite many CEOs cutting their base salaries last year due to the pandemic, those moves had little effect on overall CEO pay, according to an annual report from the nonprofit shareholder advocacy group As You Sow.

892 hospitals at risk of closure, state by state
More than 500 rural hospitals in the U.S. are at immediate risk of closing because of financial losses and lack of financial reserves to sustain operations, according to a report from the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform.

10 things Gen Z, millennial nurses want from their hospitals
A survey released March 1 from the American Nurses Foundation and Joslin Insight showed Generation Z and millennial nurses — who belong to the generations born between 1981 and 2012 — have been hit hard by the pandemic, with many suffering from mental health issues and about 60 percent saying they will leave or are considering leaving their positions.

The dangers of 'glass cliff' for women in leadership roles
Research shows that women and people of color are more likely to be placed into leadership positions when an organization is in crisis mode, leaving them in a precarious situation, at risk of falling over the "glass cliff" the BBC reported Feb. 6.

What does Amazon Care mean for hospitals? Execs from Geisinger and more answer
In February, Amazon Care rolled out its virtual health services nationwide and said its in-person services would be rolled out in more than 20 new cities in 2022. The announcement was one of many efforts to disrupt the traditional healthcare that the industry has witnessed from tech and retail companies over the past decade.

2 minutes — and traffic — may have cost Tufts Health $400M
A two-minute document filing delay may have caused Tufts Health to lose a $400 million Medicaid contract, according to CBS affiliate WPRI.

7 health systems reported profits over $1B in 2021
While many hospitals face financial hardships and rising expenses from the COVID-19 pandemic, several large health systems ended 2021 with profits above $1 billion.

'We had to beg her to not show up': Hospitals' on-the-ground leaders in your words
Earlier this month, I wrote about hospitals' ivory tower problem, in which leaders who spent time in the trenches at some point in their career gradually move into ivory towers shielded from the pain points, dynamics and ideas pulsing throughout their organization — and rarely realize it.

27 thoughts on leadership from women in healthcare
In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, Becker's Hospital Review asked women in the healthcare industry to share their insights on leadership.

'Safe, happy and cheap': Inside Mayo Clinic's Hybrid Care Hotel
Mayo Clinic's Hybrid Care Hotel in Jacksonville, Fla., challenges the idea that low-risk surgical patients are better off recovering in a conventional hospital setting.

5 overlooked trends CIOs should address
Hospital CIOs must stay on top of trends to maintain successful digital strategies, as technology and the culture around it are constantly evolving. Becker's talked with five healthcare CIOs to highlight trends they think other CIOs are overlooking:

'We can't punish our way to safer medical practices': 2 experts on criminalization of medical errors
Healthcare workers are burned out and exhausted from juggling pandemic-related stressors and additional burdens linked to workforce shortages for more than two years. These issues pose serious consequences for employees and patients, as numerous studies link clinician burnout and stress to an increased likelihood of medical errors.

10 infection control upgrades needed before next pandemic
The U.S. needs to bolster its infection prevention and control infrastructure to prepare for future pandemics and the rise of healthcare-associated infections, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology said in a March 8 report.

Michael Dowling, President and CEO, Northwell Health
As a baby boomer who worked as a manual laborer for many years before taking on a job in which I work 16-hour days, I admit that I have struggled adapting to the remote-work environment that COVID-19 forced upon us.

Claudia Fegan, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Cook County Health
Each day, Claudia Fegan, MD, brings her passions about healthcare reform and social justice to her role as chief medical officer of one of the nation's largest public safety-net systems.

Matthew Love, President and CEO, Nicklaus Children's Health System
Matthew Love accepted the permanent role of president and CEO of Miami-based Nicklaus Children's Health System in January 2020, shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began — but he said his focus never wavered.

Jeffrey Cohen, MD, Chief Physician Executive for Community Health and Innovation, Allegheny Health Network
No longer a city known only for its production of steel and Heinz condiments, Pittsburgh's innovation economy is taking off. And Allegheny Health Network is positioning itself at the center of that growth, according to Jeffrey Cohen, MD, the Pittsburgh-based system's chief physician executive for community health and innovation.

Elie Bahou, PharmD, Chief Pharmacy Officer, Providence
Hospitals have had to adjust the way they operate at an unprecedented speed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pharmacy department is no exception.

Dara Bartels, CEO, Mile Bluff Medical Center
When Dara Bartels became CEO of Mile Bluff Medical Center on Dec. 1, she brought with her financial acumen and a passion for rural healthcare.

Rick Evans, Senior Vice President of Patient Services and Chief Experience Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
As I have written about over the last few months, many healthcare organizations including my own, are redefining our approaches to assessing and improving patient experience. This reevaluation of our approach stems from several factors. 

Peter Banko, President and CEO, Centura Health
Peter D. Banko serves as President and Chief Executive Officer at Centura Health.

Kate Walsh, President and CEO, Boston Medical Center
Kate Walsh considers two pieces of advice to inform her leadership style — one practical and one spiritual.


April 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

38 top-rated hospitals hit with Medicare penalties
CMS will trim 764 hospitals' Medicare payments in fiscal year 2022 for having the highest rates of patient injuries and infections. Thirty-eight of those hospitals are simultaneously ranked as the best in the country by CMS, according to Kaiser Health News.

Why don't hospitals just pay full-time nurses more?
Hospitals' reliance on travel workers is nothing new. The pandemic intensified it and highlighted the gap between full-time workers' pay and lucrative temporary contracts.

Mark Cuban is ready to buck healthcare's status quo
Whether they take the form of pharmacy benefit managers or spokespeople, Mark Cuban cuts out middlemen.

Hospitals' ivory tower problem
Most leaders spent time in the trenches at some point in their career. When they gradually move into ivory towers shielded from the pain points, dynamics and ideas pulsing throughout their organization, they rarely realize it — and that's what makes it dangerous.

Game-changing EHR improvements at Intermountain, UCLA, and 6 other systems
As the clinician burnout crisis continues, it's important that hospitals are doing all they can to optimize EHR workflows. Here, IT executives from eight health systems across the country share the EHR workflow improvements that have saved their clinicians the most time.

Patient received $13K bill after donating his kidney
Although living organ donors are not supposed to receive bills for transplant-related care, a Nevada man received a $13,064 medical bill after he donated his kidney, ProPublica reported Feb. 11.

Cleveland Clinic investing $1.3B in capital projects
Cleveland Clinic is investing $1.3 billion in capital projects in 2022, CEO and President Tom Mihaljevic, MD, said in an annual State of Clinic address Jan. 26.

'Cap hospital CEO pay,' travel nurses say
As hospitals and lawmakers urge federal authorities to investigate travel staffing agencies for price-gouging, some travel nurses want the scrutiny redirected toward health systems' C-suites.

Gender pay gap for top execs at widest in 9 years
The gender pay gap among top executives at S&P 500 companies grew to the widest it's been since 2012, and the C-suite will not see gender payment parity until 2060 at the current rate, according to a new report from Morningstar.

What Epic has in store for 2022: 4 things to know
The expansion of its data mining tool Cosmos, enhancing ambient voice capabilities of its Hey Epic! Platform and recruiting more patients for clinical trials are among the key business strategies for EHR vendor Epic in 2022.

How technology made Mass General Brigham's 'hospital-at-home' program a success
Boston-based Mass General Brigham implemented two technologies that were crucial for delivering hospital-level care to patients at home.

If 1 in 5 healthcare workers have quit, where have they gone?
A frequently cited statistic is that nearly 1 in 5 healthcare workers have quit their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an October 2021 Morning Consult report.

7 ways to immediately reduce nurse strain
Hospitals and health systems are increasingly partnering with nursing schools or offering academic financial assistance to bolster the nursing pipeline. While an influx of nursing students will eventually help address workforce issues, there will be at least a two-year lag before these investments pay off, and with a growing nursing shortage, hospitals can't afford to wait.

Richard Liekweg, President and CEO, BJC HealthCare
Richard Liekweg serves as president and CEO of St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare, an integrated delivery system that generates more than $6 billion in revenue and has 32,000 employees.

Chris Carmody, Chief Technology Officer, UPMC
Chris Carmody, serves as Chief Technology Officer at UPMC.

K. Ron-Li Liaw, MD, Mental Health-In-Chief, Children's Hospital Colorado
Last May, Children's Hospital Colorado declared a state of emergency in pediatric mental health after seeing its emergency department and inpatient units "overrun with kids attempting suicide" and suffering from other mental health conditions. As part of the declaration, the hospital made a commitment that it would address the worsening crisis. One of the major shifts included creating a new leadership role, the mental health-in-chief.

Brian Gragnolati, President and CEO, Atlantic Health
Brian Gragnolati believes in staying out of the way of his staff. "When you give your team broad parameters and you just let people go –– it's amazing the innovation that I've seen at the bedside," he told Becker's.

Robert Garrett, CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health
COVID-19 cases are waning throughout the nation. Hospitalizations are down. Mask mandates are being lifted. While we prepare for the pandemic’s next phase, let's also use this time to recommit to transforming healthcare and even accelerating the pace of innovation.

Suresh Gunasekaran, President and CEO, UCSF Health
Suresh Gunasekaran is humble when reflecting on his accomplishments as CEO of University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and the senior associate vice president for University of Iowa Health Care. "I don't think it's really about me, frankly," he told Becker's. "I think we've always taken a real team approach at UI Health Care."

Dominic Nakis, CFO, Advocate Aurora Health
Dominic Nakis serves as the CFO of Advocate Aurora Health, one of the largest nonprofit health systems with $13.1 billion in annual revenue and about 75,000 employees.

Karen Wilding, Chief Value Officer, Nemours Children's Health
Karen Wilding began her role as chief value officer of Jacksonville, Fla.-based Nemours Children's Health on Jan. 24, and she said she views her new job as a unique opportunity in healthcare.

David Dill, Chair and CEO, LifePoint Health
David Dill looks to the advice of his father to inform both his personal and professional decisions: "Always do the right thing — especially when no one is looking."



March 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Glassdoor: Best places to work in healthcare for 2022
Glassdoor released its list of "Best Places to Work" in 2022, and four hospitals and health systems made the list.

20 hospitals, health systems that provide the most 'unnecessary' care: Johns Hopkins
Health systems that employed fewer primary care physicians, have higher bed counts or are investor owned were more likely to provide more unnecessary or low-value care, a study published Jan. 14 in JAMA found.

Healthcare workers can't get off the COVID-19 rollercoaster
Healthcare workers left the proverbial loading platform in 2020 for a ride of COVID-19 surges that only get tougher, not easier, to stomach.

Walking in each other's shoes: 2 execs describe the ideal CEO-CFO partnership
A strong partnership between healthcare executives has always been crucial — and increasingly so amid a pandemic that has affected every area of hospital operations.

3 biggest digital health questions of 2022
René Quashie, vice president of policy and regulatory affairs for digital health at the Consumer Technology Association, discussed with Politico the three most pressing digital health questions in 2022.

10 hospitals with the highest contract labor expenses
Hospitals across the U.S. are seeing labor costs rise and are increasingly bringing in contracted workers to keep their facilities staffed.

CMS sends 335 hospitals price disclosure violation warnings
CMS has issued warnings to more than 300 hospitals for violations of rules requiring them to disclose prices, but the agency hasn't penalized hospitals for noncompliance, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Tenet CEO: Why USPI is its 'gem for the future'
Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare's United Surgical Partners International is the company's "gem for the future," CEO Saum Sutaria, MD, said during the JPMorgan Health Conference Jan. 11.

What female executives of color want you to know
Professional women of color face unique challenges in the workplace that can take a toll on their mental well-being, according to a report in Harvard Business Review published Jan. 14.

Top 10 health technology hazards for 2022, ranked by ECRI
The ECRI Institute released its Top 10 Health Technology Hazards 2022 report Jan. 18 for hospitals, medical practices and home care providers.

Hackensack Meridian CIO discusses system's switch from Microsoft to Google
Edison, N.J.-based Hackensack Meridian Health completed a remote work optimization process in 2021 that involved adopting Google's cloud platform and replacing Office 365 with Google Workspace, Computerworld reported Dec. 30.

Where people go wrong with 'incidental' COVID-19 hospitalizations
The current state of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. in many ways differs from earlier surges, with breakthrough infections now a norm and not the exception.

Nurses: The most trusted US professionals 20th year in a row
Americans said nurses are the most honest and ethical professionals for the 20th consecutive year, according to an annual Gallup poll.

Michael Dowling: A call for civility and decency
Surveys show that about 1 out of every 4 Americans make New Year's resolutions. Most focus on self-improvement goals such as living healthier, losing weight, pursuing career or job goals, saving money and improving personal relationships. All worthwhile commitments, no doubt, but considering the political, racial and ethnic divides we're experiencing as a nation, what's most needed now is a New Year's pledge by all of us to treat each other with civility and decency.

What Northwell's new chief quality officer refuses to look away from
Peter Silver, MD, hasn't allowed the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic distract him from the goal that has defined his career: providing his patients with the highest quality of care possible.

CEO John Couris shares his vision for a medical ecosystem in Tampa Bay
John Couris, CEO of Tampa (Fla.) General Hospital, spoke with Becker's Jan. 11 about the organization's completed acquisition of one of the region's largest physician-owned radiology practices, Tower Radiology. He also shared his thoughts on staffing challenges during a pandemic and why price gouging by staffing agencies should be treated like a hurricane.

Corner Office: New Allina Health CEO's leadership style emphasizes 'serving those who serve'
As Lisa Shannon begins her tenure as CEO of Minneapolis-based Allina Health, she said she is inspired by the organization's culture and is focused on the needs of patients and employees.

The $2.5B+ capital project UC San Diego Health CFO Lori Donaldson is most excited about
Lori Donaldson serves as CFO of University of California San Diego Health, overseeing a budget of more than $3 billion and paving the financial strategy for the academic health system.

The unapologetic leadership of Dr. Marc Boom
Marc Boom, MD, revisits the decisions he's made as CEO of Houston Methodist throughout the pandemic with a sense of conviction that can almost leave one under the impression it's been an easy 22 months.

The opportunities awaiting UPMC in China
When Randy Jernejcic, MD, heads to China later this year to head UPMC's new 500-bed hospital in Chengdu, it will be more like a second homecoming than an entirely new adventure.


February 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

46 top hospitals, ranked by Leapfrog
The Leapfrog Group honored 46 general hospitals with its annual Top Hospital Award in 2021. A total of 149 hospitals were honored with the award this year. Eight children's hospitals, 23 rural hospitals and 72 teaching hospitals also received the award.

Viewpoint: Don't demonize healthcare executives for creating profit
Americans are misplacing their anger at the inaccessibility and lack of affordability of the U.S. healthcare system toward CEOs and executives, Peter Ubel, MD, wrote in Forbes Nov. 22.

State-by-state breakdown of 73 hospital closures
About 60 million people — nearly 1 in 5 Americans — live in rural areas and depend on their local hospitals for care. More than 70 of those hospitals have ended all services since 2011, according to the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research.

Can hospitals go too digital? 8 execs weigh in
Hospitals have been investing millions in digitization efforts to improve workflows and care outcomes over the past decade, but recent research shows nearly half of employees say too much digitalization hurts productivity.

Leadership lessons from Walgreens' CEO
Rosalind Brewer, CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, has broad business experience, having held leadership roles at Starbucks, Walmart and Sam's Club. She is one of only two Black women running Fortune 500 companies. She sat down with the Harvard Business Review Dec. 9 to explain her leadership strategy.

Higher penalties for undisclosed prices won't sway all hospitals to comply, consultant says
While CMS' move to increase the penalty for hospitals that don't publish their prices will make some facilities more likely to comply with that requirement, it may not sway the country's largest health systems, Caroline Znaniec, a managing director at advisory firm CohnReznick, told Becker's Hospital Review.

Nonprofit hospitals in these 10 states report highest expenses per inpatient day
The average adjusted expenses per inpatient day for nonprofit hospitals in the U.S. was $2,738 in 2019. In one state, those expenses were more than $1,000 higher.

Could a 10-year war for talent be looming?
Board directors and executives are expecting to continue having issues recruiting and retaining talent until 2031, Fortune reported Dec. 13.

The strategy behind a Florida health system's mostly female leadership team
When Maggie Gill took her first position as a healthcare CFO with Tenet Healthcare in 1994, there was one thing that stood out to her: a predominantly male executive team.

Fitness trackers can give early warning of COVID-19, study finds
An algorithm that is fed data from wearable fitness trackers can alert people of COVID-19 infection or stress before the onset of symptoms, according to a study published Nov. 29 in Nature.

What the Oracle-Cerner deal could mean for EHR interoperability: 7 insights
Oracle's $28.3 billion acquisition of Cerner could pave the way to reduce patient data silos and interoperability challenges among hospitals and health systems, some analysts predict, according to a Dec. 21 report in The Wall Street Journal.

6 patient experience leaders share their 2022 goals
From reviving the human experience for patients and care teams to increasing digital access, hospitals and health systems around the U.S. are continuing to elevate patient experience initiatives heading into the new year.

UPMC launches in-house travel staffing agency to address nursing shortage
UPMC is creating an in-house travel staffing agency to address the nationwide nursing shortage and to attract and retain highly skilled nurses and surgical technologists, the Pittsburgh-based health system said Dec. 17.

Dr. Prathibha Varkey, President, Mayo Clinic Health System
Dr. Prathibha Varkey returned to Mayo Clinic in August as president of the Mayo Clinic Health System, which serves communities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. She previously practiced medicine and served in several leadership roles at Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic for more than a decade before leaving in 2013 to pursue CEO roles at Seton Clinical Enterprise in Austin, Texas, and Northeast Medical Group within Yale New Haven (Conn.) Health.

Rick Evans, Senior Vice President of Patient Services & Chief Experience Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
I've had the privilege of working to improve the patient experience in hospitals and healthcare settings for over 20 years. I've been part of teams that have successfully "moved the needle" year over year in challenging markets like Boston and New York.

Jaewon Ryu, MD, President & CEO, Geisinger
Jaewon Ryu, MD, has helmed Danville, Pa.-based Geisinger since 2018, overseeing a nine-hospital system with nearly 24,000 employees, about 4,000 of whom are working remotely.

Leslie Davis, President & CEO, UPMC
Leslie Davis assumed the role of president and CEO of UPMC Aug. 1. She succeeds Jeffrey Romoff, who over 48 years led the Pittsburgh organization's growth from academic medical center to fully integrated $23 billion global health system.

Mike Coggin, Executive Vice President & CFO, LifePoint Health
Mike Coggin is the executive vice president and CFO of LifePoint Health, which currently operates 84 hospital campuses.

Conor Delaney, MD, PhD, President & CEO, Cleveland Clinic Florida
Conor Delaney, MD, PhD, has served as president and CEO of Weston-based Cleveland Clinic Florida since October 2020, overseeing a system of five hospitals, a research center and numerous outpatient centers.

Yolanda Coleman, PhD, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Weiss Memorial Hospital
Yolanda Coleman, PhD, RN, became Chicago-based Weiss Memorial Hospital's chief nursing officer on Oct. 25. She spoke to Becker's in December about staffing challenges and shared her advice for other women in healthcare leadership.

Denise Basow, MD, Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Officer, Ochsner Health
Denise Basow, MD, will join Jefferson, La.-based Ochsner Health System as senior vice president and chief digital officer in January 2022. As CEO of clinical effectiveness for Waltham, Mass.-based Wolters Kluwer, she has led multiple lines of business, including UpToDate, a software giant she joined in 1996 when the company was still in its infancy. Dr. Basow spoke with Becker's in December about her decision to leave Wolters Kluwer and what she's most proud of.

Cris Ross, CIO, Mayo Clinic
In 2019, Mayo Clinic began a 10-year strategic partnership with Google focused on innovation and cloud computing. Here, Cris Ross, the Rochester, Minn.-based system's CIO, provides updates on what the partnership has accomplished and where it's going.

David Feinberg, MD, CEO, Cerner
Throughout his 25-year career in different healthcare and technology spaces, Cerner CEO David Feinberg, MD, has maintained a central focus on what he considers the most important thing: the patient.


January 2022 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

39 hospitals face maximum Medicare readmission penalties
As part of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, Medicare will cut payments to 83 percent of the 3,080 hospitals evaluated for the program by anywhere from 0.01 percent to the maximum of 3 percent in fiscal year 2021.

Walmart heir Alice Walton wants to reform healthcare
The Walmart heir and philanthropist Alice Walton has had a keen interest in healthcare reform and has funded a number of initiatives aimed at improving health for the residents of northwest Arkansas, TalkBusiness reported Nov. 9.

The cost of nurse turnover by the numbers
The COVID-19 pandemic wore down registered nurses, causing many to leave and retire early, leaving vacant spots in hospitals. Due to this, hospitals have been paying astronomical prices in turnover costs, according to the "2021 NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report."

Vaccine mandates are affecting CEO recruitment: Here's how
The effect of vaccination mandates and the COVID-19 pandemic have often been discussed from the angle of employees who have left their organizations and their managers, but the effect on executive hiring is less explored. Becker's spoke to an executive search hiring manager at WittKieffer to understand how the pandemic has changed executive recruitment in healthcare.

How to alleviate clinicians' EHR burnout, per 12 CIOs
Clinicians are experiencing a burnout crisis that stems from several factors — one of them being EHR burden. Here, executives from 12 hospitals and health systems across the country share their thoughts on how to best address EHR burnout.

7 health system CFOs share advice for peers
Seven finance chiefs from top health systems across the U.S. recently spoke with Becker's Hospital Review about the advice they would pass along to other CFOs.

Mass General Brigham CEO: Capacity crisis to continue
Boston-based Mass General Brigham saw its revenue and net income increase in the 12 months ended Sept. 30, despite higher expenses, staffing shortages and capacity challenges.

Career 'hot streaks': When they happen and what fuels them
It may appear that creative "hot streaks" in a person's career are random and short-lived, but new research reveals a pattern to the productive bursts that can help encourage more of them, The Atlantic reported Nov. 1.

Former Sanford Health CEO got $49M payout after abrupt departure
Kelby Krabbenhoft, the former president and CEO of Sanford Health who abruptly departed in late 2020, received a more than $49 million payout, according to federal tax documents obtained by Forum News Service.

10 execs share their systems' best innovation projects in 2021
This year has been ripe with opportunities to improve healthcare delivery through digital innovation. Below, 10 executives from health systems across the country share the project they've been most proud of in 2021.

HHS updates HIPAA guidelines: 7 things to know
HHS' Office for Civil Rights issued new guidance Dec. 20 to explain how HIPAA covers healthcare providers who disclose protected health information to support instances of extreme risk protection orders.

Why a Wyoming hospital split the CNO role among 3 nurses
Jackson, Wyo.-based St. John's Health is splitting the CNO role among three individuals as part of a shared leadership model, the Jackson Hole News&Guide reported Nov. 10.

The art of the second opinion
Second opinions are tricky. Patients who seek them often have complex conditions, and physicians must exercise caution when delivering them to avoid further confusing patients who are already conflicted.

Lloyd Dean, CEO
Retirement makes for a big transition in an executive's day-to-day life. This is especially the case when the executive has been working since age 10, like CommonSpirit Health CEO Lloyd Dean.

Edward Karlovich, Executive Vice President & CFO UPMC
Edward Karlovich serves as the executive vice president and CFO for UPMC, a $23 billion provider and insurer based in Pittsburgh.

Ryannon Frederick, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer Mayo Clinic
Ryannon Frederick, MSN, RN, is chief nursing officer at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. In an email to Becker's in October, she shared how the health system is navigating staffing challenges, and what she thinks the nursing landscape will look like following the pandemic.

Stacy Garrett-Ray, MD, Chief Community Impact Officer Ascension
Stacy Garrett-Ray, MD, didn't hesitate to take on the role of chief community impact officer for St. Louis-based Ascension.

Joanne Conroy, MD, President & CEO Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health
Joanne Conroy, MD, CEO and president of Lebanon, N.H.-based Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, became accustomed to monitoring her patients' vital signs during her clinical career as an anesthesiologist.

Rich Liekweg, President & CEO BJC HealthCare
As president and CEO of St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare, Rich Liekweg strives to interpret others' words and actions through a lens of respect and focuses his attention on how others want to be treated.



December 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

100 of the largest hospitals and health systems in America | 2021
Becker's Hospital Review compiled a combined 100+ large hospitals and health systems by bed count and number of hospitals, respectively.

The less-discussed consequence of healthcare's labor shortage
The healthcare industry's staffing shortage crisis has had clear consequences for care delivery and efficiency, forcing some health systems to pause nonemergency surgeries or temporarily close facilities. Less understood is how these shortages are affecting care quality and patient safety.

Northwell CEO: Vaccination mandates work
After shedding about 2 percent of its workforce, New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health is 100 percent vaccinated against COVID-19 and doesn't expect disruption to services.

Ascension, CommonSpirit and Trinity see finances rebound
The largest nonprofit health systems, Ascension, CommonSpirit Health and Trinity Health, saw their financial performance begin to bounce back in fiscal year 2021 after the COVID-19 pandemic hurt performance a year earlier.

6 things to know about 'killware,' cybersecurity's next big threat
Some hackers are adopting a “killware” cyber model, which launches attacks on critical infrastructure with the intent to harm Americans, USA Today reported Oct. 11.

Pennsylvania hospital announces closure on Facebook after feds seize records
Ellwood City (Pa.) Medical Center is officially closed, but state and federal officials are still investigating its owner's dealings, according to New Castle News.

UnitedHealthcare, Anthem behind on billions of payments to hospitals
The country's two largest insurers — UnitedHealthcare and Anthem — are behind on billions of dollars of payments to hospitals due to new reimbursement rules, claims issues and retroactive claims denials, according to a Kaiser Health News article republished in USA Today.

2 North Carolina hospital board members resign over HCA ownership
Two members of Transylvania Regional Hospital's board resigned Sept. 20, saying they are "powerless, voiceless and definitely unessential" now that the hospital is owned by Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare.

11 physician specialities ranked by female representation
Obstetrics and gynecology is the physician specialty with the greatest female representation while orthopaedic surgery has the least, according to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

How Cerner's new CEO Dr. David Feinberg plans to take EHRs to full potential: 5 insights
As part of his strategy for leading Cerner, David Feinberg, MD, is focused on improving EHR usability and interoperability, he said during the Kansas City, Mo.-based EHR company's virtual event Oct. 12.

Cyberattack on Alabama hospital linked to 1st alleged ransomware death
A lawsuit is alleging that a 2019 ransomware attack on Mobile, Ala.-based Springhill Medical Center resulted in a baby's death, according to a Sept. 30 report by The Wall Street Journal.

Breakthrough infections may not pose major transmission risk, immunologists say
The virus shedding from people with breakthrough COVID-19 infections may be less infectious than that coming from an unvaccinated COVID-19 patient, NPR reported Oct. 12.

Texas hospital responds to photo of COVID-19 patient draped in plastic
Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas, said it received a flood of threats after a photo of a COVID-19 patient wearing a plastic drape over her head went viral, ABC affiliate KMID reported Oct. 14.

Shane Strum, President & CEO
Shane Strum became president and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Broward Health in March, and he brought with him a state-level perspective.

Karen Teitelbaum, President & CEO
Karen Teitelbaum will be stepping down from her post as CEO of Sinai Chicago at the end of the year. She has been with the health system since 2007, first as executive vice president and COO before becoming president and CEO in 2014. Ms. Teitelbaum spoke to Becker's in October about her greatest challenges and successes over the last 14 years and her plans for the future.

Dominic Nakis, CFO
Dominic Nakis serves as the CFO of Advocate Aurora Health, one of the largest nonprofit health systems with $13.1 billion in annual revenue and about 75,000 employees.

Alexa Kimball, MD, President & CEO
As we move through fall and continue in a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, career moves and leadership changes are everywhere in healthcare. If you are starting in a new leadership position, it will take time to learn the culture of your new workplace; or, if you have moved into a leadership role in an organization you have already worked for, it’s time to think about how your new role as a leader differs, and how you can both hit the ground running and be most effective in guiding your colleagues.

Greg Hoffman, CFO
Greg Hoffman serves as the CFO of Providence, a 52-hospital system with more than $25 billion in annual revenue.

Madeline Bell, President & CEO
Madeline Bell, BSN, is the CEO of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which recently made Forbes' 2021 list of best employers for women. She spoke with Becker's Oct. 14 about the notable ranking, as well as her recent conversation with President Joe Biden regarding the mental health crisis facing America's children's hospitals.


November 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

The 50 largest public hospitals in America | 2021
Here are the 50 largest public hospitals in America, listed by number of beds. Figures are based on CMS cost report data analyzed by the American Hospital Directory. Data are for short-term acute-care hospitals, critical access hospitals and children's hospitals.

Why RWJBarnabas fired 4 New Jersey hospital execs
The pace of developing clinical programming and academics was behind the firing of the CEO and three top administrators at Livingston, N.J.-based Saint Barnabas Medical Center, the head of the hospital's parent company told NJ Advance Media.

Travel nurses bring gig-minded approach to profession
A message board for travel nurses is filled with posts from nurses who have recently quit their full-time jobs at hospitals to pursue high-paying, temporary staffing contracts around the U.S.

10 ACOs with the most shared savings in 2020
ACOs participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program in 2020 earned performance bonuses totaling nearly $2.3 billion and saved Medicare a record $1.9 billion, CMS said Aug. 25.

5 questions hospital CIOs need answered & why
Hospital and health system CIOs face unique challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic as they navigate the rapid digitalization of healthcare, maintaining telehealth on a large scale and more.

256 hospitals warned about violating CMS price transparency rule
As of late September, CMS has issued warnings to 256 hospitals deemed not in compliance with its price transparency rule, according to Bloomberg Law.

CommonSpirit rebounds, posts $998M operating income
CommonSpirit Health, a 140-hospital system based in Chicago, saw its operating income rebound in the fiscal year ended June 30.

Hospital rebrands: 7 recent name changes
Below are seven hospitals that have announced name changes or other rebranding efforts since Aug. 11.

How empathic leaders avoid the 'Great Resignation'
Empathic leaders improve employee engagement and innovation and reduce burnout and resignations in their employees, according to a recent Catalyst report.

Digital health investment red flags to look out for, per 9 hospital innovation execs
Last month, hospital innovation leaders shared with Becker's the No. 1 thing they seek in a potential innovation investment. Now, they're detailing what red flags to look out for.

Travel nurses quit California hospital after 1 day over HER
Four traveling nurses quit their assignments at Providence St. Joseph Hospital just one day after starting because they were unfamiliar with the Eureka, Calif.-based hospital's EHR system, the Times Standard reported Sept. 4.

One physician's case for refusing to treat unvaccinated patients in person
A family medicine physician has given the nearly 3,000 patients of her independent practice in South Miami a deadline of Sept. 15 to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or terminate their patient-physician relationship, the Miami Herald reports.

It's time to upgrade from cloth masks, experts say
Misinformation surrounding masking has turned the topic into a binary for Americans: either you're masked or not — but experts say the public needs to start paying attention to the quality of their masks.

Steve Purves
Steve Purves is the CEO of Phoenix-based Valleywise Health, a title he has held since 2013. The health system, formerly called Maricopa Integrated Health System, has undergone a billion-dollar transformation since 2014. Mr. Purves spoke to Becker's in August.

Alexa Kimball, MD
As a CEO, people often ask me about my pathway to success. What did I do to advance my career, and how did I move into the executive ranks? Serendipity certainly played a role and always does. And while there is no one-size-fits-all career path to senior leadership, there are specific steps or phases that tend to lead to growth: knowing where to focus your energy at each stage of your career will help you continue to advance without leaving gaps in your skillset or missed opportunities in your wake.

Chad Lefteris
Chad Lefteris is the CEO of UC Irvine (Calif.) Health, a role he assumed in April 2020 after serving as COO since December 2018. He spoke with Becker's in August about continuing with the health system's planned expansion during the pandemic and workforce burnout in the wake of post-vaccine COVID-19 surges.

Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer is the newly appointed CEO of Evernorth, succeeding Tim Wentworth on Sept. 23. Mr. Palmer, who joined Cigna in 1998, played an integral role in Evernorth's September 2020 launch. The platform is a rebranding of Cigna's health services division. Mr. Palmer spoke to Becker's about his new position on Sept. 30.

Tony Ambrozie
In August 2020, Miami-based Baptist Health South Florida initiated a $100 million digital transformation project, which CEO Brian Keeley said would help the system achieve its goal of becoming the "Amazon Prime of healthcare in South Florida."

Rick Evans
I've written in the past about how we need to reconcile the terms "patient" and "customer" in healthcare. There are segments of the healthcare community that still believe thinking of the people we serve as anything but patients diminishes the dignity of the patient-provider relationship.

Dennis Dahlen
Dennis Dahlen serves as the CFO of Mayo Clinic, one of the largest nonprofit academic health systems in the U.S., with $13.9 billion in annual revenue and more than 60,000 employees.

Mike Slubowski
As president and CEO of Livonia, Mich.-based Trinity Health, Mike Slubowski said he is passionate about employee and patient safety, boosting patient access to care and addressing inequities in healthcare.


October 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

10 signs your board has a strong pulse
Great systems are usually governed by great boards, who are made up of people who match the following 10 descriptions.

When a nursing shortage and COVID-19 collide: How 4 CNOs are responding
Ask any nursing leader about their greatest challenge and they'll likely point to staffing. If hospitals weren't already feeling the effects of a severe nursing shortage, a nationwide rise in hospitalizations fueled by the highly contagious COVID-19 delta variant has made the effects of it unmistakable.

5 questions hospital CEOs want answered — and why
Hospital and health system CEOs have a lot on their minds, including questions about the healthcare workforce, meeting patients' digital expectations and navigating the financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A breakdown of Google Health in 2021: 15 things leading up to division's dismantling
Google has begun dissolving its health division as it looks to split its healthcare projects and teams across several areas of the company, Insider reported Aug. 20.

AdventHealth buys theme park for $32M, plans redevelopment
Altamonte Springs, Fla.-based AdventHealth has acquired The Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando, Fla., for $32 million, the Orlando Business Journal reported Aug. 5.

Parents hit with $270K medical bill over 'birthday rule' inspire changes
In January, a Kansas couple shared the story of how they received a $270,951 medical bill after the birth of their first child — even though they're both insured. Now, a state representative is proposing legislation to ensure stories like theirs don't happen again.

14 latest hospital closures
From reimbursement landscape challenges to dwindling patient volumes, many factors lead hospitals to shut down. In the past year, financial damage linked to the COVID-19 pandemic has put many hospitals in a fragile financial position and forced a few to close.

Big corporations may be eyeing your system's top physician
The chief medical officer role has been a mainstay for hospitals and health systems, but COVID-19 is motivating other corporations like PepsiCo, Delta Air Lines and Tyson Foods to add a CMO to their executive teams, according to Bloomberg.

20 health systems named top employers for women
Here are the top 20 health systems to work at for women, according to a July 27 Forbes report.

The new era of clinician technologists: Cleveland Clinic CIO's 'aha' moment
Matthew Kull, CIO of Cleveland Clinic, joined the Becker's Healthcare podcast to discuss where technology to support clinical leaders is headed and Cleveland Clinic's global initiatives.

19 hospital execs name the health IT terms that make them cringe
Everybody needs to vent sometimes, even those running the technology strategy at a hospital or health system. Below, 19 healthcare executives share the health IT terms and buzz words they find overused, annoying or cringeworthy.

Don't let the term 'elective' fool you, physicians urge the public
As a growing number of hospitals pressed for resources due to the COVID-19 surge suspend elective surgeries, some healthcare professionals want the public to know exactly how important an "elective" procedure can be.

Thousands of patients received heart pump with known safety issues, ProPublica finds
A heart pump with a history of manufacturing and quality issues was implanted into thousands of patients even after the FDA was aware the device did not meet federal standards, according to an investigative report ProPublica published Aug. 5.

Alexa Kimball, MD
All busy professionals understand that time pressure creates stress, and that stress leads to mistakes. For physicians in particular, those mistakes can be truly costly. Yet physicians often make poor — and avoidable — decisions about marginal time and marginal cost by undervaluing their time. Fortunately, simple strategies and a shift in thinking about spending money to create more time can improve well-being and professional performance.

Naomi Cramer
COVID-19 is surging again across the country, and frontline healthcare professionals in hotspots are facing overwhelming caseloads. The extreme and extended pressures of the pandemic will leave behind long-term changes to our workplace. Employers must now apply what we've learned to help shape the future by creating the best possible experience for our workforce, just as we do for patients.

Sophia Thomas, DNP
For Sophia Thomas, DNP, an unlikely spark lit her passion for nursing: a severe case of appendicitis at age 13.

Marc Harrison, MD
Marc Harrison, MD, CEO of Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, joined the Becker's Healthcare podcast to talk about healthcare delivery transformation and building an innovative organization.

Maneesh Goyal
In May, two of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S. — Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente and Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic — made a joint strategic investment in Medically Home Group, a Boston-based tech services company that powers hospital-at-home programs.

Michelle Crain, MSN, RN
Michelle Crain, MSN, RN, vice president of the cardiovascular service line, administrator and COO of Heart Hospital of Lafayette (La.), shared her top leadership advice during a recent episode of the Becker's Healthcare cardiology podcast.

Bill Gassen
Bill Gassen was promoted to president and CEO of Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Sanford Health in November, replacing Kelby Krabbenhoft at the helm of the 46-hospital system.

Darrell Bodnar
Darrell Bodnar, CIO of North Country Healthcare in Lancaster, N.H., joined the Becker's Healthcare podcast to talk about major challenges for rural healthcare and exciting technology for the future.

Rick Evans
Reading headlines this week, many of us are experiencing déjà vu. Is it summer 2020 or summer 2021?


September 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

The 7 highest-paid health system CEOs
A CEO at an average S&P 500 company made 299 times the salary of their average worker, according to AFL-CIO's annual executive compensation report.

Hospitals blast UnitedHealth profits
UnitedHealth Group's most recent earnings stem from "not paying for healthcare," American Hospital Association president and CEO Rick Pollack wrote in a July 15 blog post.

CoxHealth CEO not afraid of losing his job over controversial tweets
Springfield, Mo.-based CoxHealth CEO Steven Edwards has been at the center of several viral tweets over the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, he discussed with Becker's the motivations behind those tweets, the responses to his tweets within hospital walls and the responsibility of being a CEO activist.

'Technical debt' catches up to CIOs who launched flawed tech to meet pandemic needs
Chief information officers at companies worldwide accelerated the launch of digital programs to respond to the changing needs of their organizations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these imperfect programs could incur debt to retroactively fix, according to a July 16 report by The Wall Street Journal.

10 most expensive brand name drugs in the US
In the U.S., prices for brand name drugs are constantly rising, especially among certain medications for autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

'I only see the potential for massive financial loss': Former Spectrum CFO doubts value of Beaumont merger
Michael Freed, the former CFO of Spectrum Health, said he was "stunned" when he heard that the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based system plans to pursue a merger with Southfield, Mich.-based Beaumont Health, for myriad reasons.

Hospital M&A activity shifts to regional partnerships: Kaufman Hall
Merger and acquisition revenue remains high as hospitals and health systems shift  their focus to acquisitions of small, independent hospitals and regional partnerships, according to an analysis published July 8 from healthcare consulting firm Kaufman Hall.

RIP 'Uber of healthcare'
The phrase "Uber of healthcare," a once-aspirational analogy for a single, winning, disruptive force in healthcare, has officially died.

These specialties report the most pronounced gender pay gaps
Gender disparities in both representation and salary are greatest among cardiology and gastroenterology, according to research published July 12 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

7 big ideas in healthcare innovation
From their thoughts on delivering hospital-quality care to patients' homes to tech companies' disruption of healthcare to why tech professionals want to work in healthcare, here are seven key quotes about the role of innovation in healthcare that executives from hospitals and health systems recently shared with Becker's Hospital Review:

'Every CEO, at this point, is now in the business of cybersecurity': How hospitals should rethink threat defenses
As cyberattacks on hospitals and health systems continue to escalate, the role of chief information security officer must evolve to adequately protect patients' information and have a more prominent role in the business, according to a July 10 San Diego Union-Tribune report.

Patient gets kidney transplant meant for another patient at Cleveland hospital
Two caregivers from University Hospitals in Cleveland are on administrative leave after a patient received a kidney intended for another patient, local ABC affiliate WEWS reported July 12.

Even $10K+ bonuses aren't alleviating 'critical' nurse shortage in Western Pennsylvania
Some healthcare leaders are deeming the nursing shortage in Western Pennsylvania "critical," reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Rick Evans
Well over a decade ago, the way we measure patient experience was transformed when the HCAHPS survey was launched.

Michael Dowling
Michael Dowling is CEO of New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health. He spoke with Becker's July 30 about the health network's annual Constellation Forum, scheduled to take place Aug. 5. The conference will feature healthcare insights from business leaders, scientists and philanthropists.

Amanda Hines
Amanda Hines has risen through the ranks of patient finance at Duluth, Minn.-based Essentia Health, giving her a unique perspective on effective leadership.

Kathy Lancaster
Kathy Lancaster is the CFO of Kaiser Permanente. The Oakland, Calif.-based health system  consists of 39 hospitals and 12.5 million health plan members, with an operating revenue of $88.7 billion in 2020. Ms. Lancaster spoke with Becker's over email July 15 about her priorities and concerns for the organization in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter Pisters, MD
At the country's No. 1 hospital for cancer care, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, keeping sight of the ultimate goal to end cancer while also lauding the small wins it will take to get there is a delicate balance.

Michael Mayo
Michael Mayo became the president and CEO of Jacksonville, Fla.-based Baptist Health June 1, and he brings more than 32 years of healthcare executive experience to the role.

Janet Hadar, MSN
UNC Health President Janet Hadar, MSN, has been working in healthcare for more than 30 years — 18 of which she has spent with the Chapel Hill, N.C.-based system. Here she discusses how the safety-net health system prioritizes team spirit, the importance of visibility in women's leadership and more.


August 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Top 20 smart hospitals in the world, ranked by Newsweek
Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic was named the best smart hospital in the world in 2021 by Newsweek.

Stop calling everything 'burnout'
Healthcare needs an expanded vocabulary for what clinicians experience.

Meet the ransomware gang behind 235 attacks on US hospitals: 7 things to know
Responsible for one-third of the 203 million U.S. ransomware attacks in 2020, the Ryuk ransomware gang is the most prolific in the world and has targeted at least 235 hospitals, according to a June 10 Wall Street Journal report.

14 healthcare CEOs with best employee reviews on Glassdoor
Job and recruiting site Glassdoor released the winners of its annual Employees' Choice Award, honoring the top-rated CEOs in 2021.

Oregon hospital board blindsided by staffing crisis
The advisory board for Oregon State Hospital was unaware of the seriousness of a staffing shortage that forced the hospital to ask for help from the National Guard, according to the Salem Reporter.

Rural hospitals may get paid to become standalone ERs
Rural hospitals that close inpatient beds and revamp as standalone emergency rooms may receive more funding under a proposal buried in the almost 6,000-page stimulus act signed late last year, Bloomberg reported June 10.

Most hospitals opting for noncompliance fee over disclosing prices
Most hospitals are still not fully compliant with CMS' price transparency rule, opting to pay the maximum $300 per day noncompliance fee rather than face the potential costs of price disclosure, according to research published June 14 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

10 best children's hospitals, ranked by US News
U.S. News & World Report released its 2021-22 Best Children's Hospitals rankings on June 15, with Boston Children's Hospital earning the top spot for the eighth consecutive year.

Female CEOs showed more inclusive leadership style than men throughout pandemic, study suggests
CEOs who are women exhibited a different leadership style than their male counterparts during the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating more empathy, adaptability, accountability and diversity, according to a May 25 report by S&P Global.

Most promising healthcare tech in 2021: 13 execs from UPMC, Mount Sinai, Kaiser Permanente & more
Technology took on an elevated role over the past year as health systems rapidly expanded telehealth, data analytics, artificial intelligence and remote monitoring capabilities to provide care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fighting hospital ransomware hackers takes a public-private village, Scripps CEO says
More than a month after a ransomware attack hit Scripps Health and disrupted its IT systems for weeks, CEO Chris Van Gorder has penned an op-ed in The San Diego Union-Tribune to detail the events and call on greater collaboration between the government and hospitals to thwart attacks.

Did the pandemic stamp out nurse bullying? Not quite, 2 CNOs say
Ask any healthcare leader to name a point of pride during the pandemic, and many will likely say the immense collaboration, teamwork and support that emerged among front-line caregivers and clinical teams.

'Overrun with kids attempting suicide': Children's Colorado declares state of emergency
The CEO of Children's Hospital Colorado declared a state of emergency in pediatric mental health May 25, a first for the Aurora-based hospital.

Peter Slavin, MD
Boston-based Massachusetts General Hospital's CEO, Peter Slavin, MD, is resigning from the healthcare system he's called home since becoming a medical resident 36 years ago. He will officially step down once a successor is confirmed.

Mary Mannix
Nestled in the semi-rural region of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Augusta Health serves 120,000 residents in its primary service area, with another 100,000 residents in the adjacent counties. The health system is independent, community-owned, locally governed and one of just a few independent health systems left in Virginia, Mary Mannix, CEO of Augusta Health, told Becker's.

Johnese Spisso, RN
Johnese Spisso, RN, is president of the University of California, Los Angeles' health system and CEO of the UCLA Hospital System. She spoke with Becker's about the Southern California organization's vested interest in the healthcare of migrant children, mental health awareness and what has kept her feeling inspired, even during the darkest days of the pandemic.

Jeffrey Balser, MD, PhD
Jeffrey Balser, MD, PhD, is president and CEO of Nashville, Tenn.-based Vanderbilt University Medical Center, a position he's held since 2009. Over the course of his 12-year tenure, he has expanded the health system from two to five regional campuses, which include seven hospitals, 1,700 beds and 3,000 physicians.

Roberta Schwartz, PhD
Roberta Schwartz, PhD, is executive vice president and chief innovation officer at Houston Methodist Hospital, the No. 1 hospital in Texas, according to U.S. News & World Report. Ms. Schwartz spoke with Becker's about the latest healthcare technology affecting her organization.

Ranga Krishnan, MBChB
Rush University Medical Center stands at No. 17 on U.S. News and World Report's hospital honor roll, and CMS recently awarded one of the system's hospitals with five stars. After a challenging year in healthcare, CEO Ranga Krishnan, MD, spoke with Becker's about what lies ahead for the award-winning health system.

Eric Dickson, MD
Eric Dickson, MD, is president and CEO of Worcester-based UMass Memorial Health Care, Central New England's largest health system. Dr. Dickson spoke with Becker's about the challenge of inspiring a team in the wake of an exhausting year.

Keith Churchwell, MD
Keith Churchwell, MD, began serving as president of Yale New Haven (Conn.) Hospital in October, and he brought with him years of experience at the organization.


July 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Leapfrog's 'F' and Straight-'A' Hospitals
The Leapfrog Group released its spring 2021 Hospital Safety Grades April 29, assigning "A" through "F" letter grades to more than 2,700 general acute-care hospitals in the U.S. for patient safety performance.

How UnitedHealth plans to make Optum a $100B business
UnitedHealth Group bought its first medical practice 15 years ago and now aims to make providing healthcare its next $100 billion business, according to Insider.

The 17 health systems to which Walmart sends employees for care in 2021
Through its Centers of Excellence program, Walmart partners with health systems that have demonstrated appropriate, high-quality care and outcomes for defined episodes of care.

18 highest-paid CEOs in healthcare
The CEOs of Centene, HCA Healthcare and AbbVie are among the highest-paid chief executives of the largest U.S. companies, according to Equilar.

Bonuses no longer cut it: How to recruit, retain nurses
As the nation grapples with a nurse shortage heightened by the pandemic, healthcare organizations are struggling to recruit and retain nurses.

Tennessee to revise certificate-of-need law, increasing fees for hospitals, exempting others
Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill last week that makes several changes to the state's certificate-of-need requirements, exempting more healthcare providers from needing to apply for a certificate but raising fees for providers.

Kansas hospital to close all inpatient beds, ER
Community HealthCare System will close the emergency room and all inpatient beds at its hospital facility in St. Marys, Kan.

Who health systems are adding to the C-suite
Health systems are focused on having the right people with the right skills to tackle evolving issues in healthcare. This means the C-suite and leadership roles are changing.

10 most, least racially inclusive hospitals: Lown Institute
A new ranking from the Lown Institute, a nonpartisan healthcare think tank, examines racial inclusivity of more than 3,200 U.S. hospitals to assess which are best at serving the people of color in their communities.

147,000+ individuals' health info stolen during Scripps ransomware attack
San Diego-based Scripps Health is notifying more than 147,000 individuals that their protected health information was exposed during a malware attack on its information systems last month, according to a June 1 KNSD report.

How top EHR vendors ranked in hospital beds gained, lost in 2020
While 2020 was not Epic's largest year for EHR market share growth, the Verona, Wis.-based EHR vendor gained more hospital contracts and beds than its competitors for the year, according to a recent KLAS Research report.

Minnesota nurse reinstated after being fired for wearing hospital-issued scrubs instead of own
Minneapolis-based Allina Health must reinstate former nurse Cliff Willmeng, RN, but doesn't have to issue back pay, an arbitrator determined April 21.

Why are physicians leaving this North Carolina hospital? City seeks attorney general probe
Brevard, N.C., leaders are urging the state's attorney general to investigate why a flood of physicians have left rural Transylvania Regional Hospital, according to WLOS.

Delvecchio Finley
Delvecchio Finley grew up in public housing in Atlanta's Southside and saw healthcare as a pathway to help others and promote health equity. Now, Mr. Finley is returning to Georgia as the CEO of Macon, Ga.-based Atrium Health Navicent to use his position to improve health access for his local community.

Kavitha Bhatia, MD
Kavitha Bhatia, MD, is the first chief medical officer of strategy for Ontario, Calif.-based Prime Healthcare, a role she was appointed to in 2019.

Meredith Foxx, MSN
When Meredith Foxx, MSN, started her nursing career 22 years ago, she never  expected to be leading nearly 30,000 nursing caregivers at one of the nation's top health systems — Cleveland Clinic.

Rick Evans
The chief experience officer, or CXO, role in healthcare is still relatively new on the scene.

Paul Castillo
Paul Castillo has been Michigan Medicine's CFO since 2011. He recently reflected on the pandemic and his priorities for the health system's future.

Vedner Guerrier
During his 20-year journey at Memorial Healthcare System, Vedner Guerrier has risen to become CEO of Memorial Hospital Miramar (Fla.).


June 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

35 billionaires in US healthcare
Thirty-five U.S. healthcare leaders made Forbes' 35th annual list of the world's richest people in 2021, which saw an "unprecedented" number of newcomers. Eight of the 493 newcomers were in U.S. healthcare, according to Forbes.

The hospital CEO agenda: What 4 leaders are starting, stopping
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced hospital and health system CEOs to rethink how their organizations operate. This means not only starting something new to improve and innovate medical care, but also stopping, halting or quitting approaches that may not fit well in the new healthcare environment.

31 numbers that show how big Epic, Cerner, Allscripts & Meditech are in healthcare
Below are 31 quick notes on the positions of Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and Meditech in the EHR market.

Viewpoint: Ditch the term 'vaccine passport' and try these messaging strategies instead
The term "vaccine passport" has fueled political division, posing the need for an overhaul of the language used to describe COVID-19 vaccine verification, according to Brian Castrucci, DrPH, and Frank Luntz.

29 physician specialties ranked by annual compensation
During the COVID-19 pandemic, primary care physicians earned an average annual compensation of $242,000 and specialists earned an average of $344,000 — a decrease of $1,000 and $2,000, respectively, compared to before the public health crisis hit.

Washington health system blames Cerner for bankruptcy
Astria Health's former EHR and revenue cycle vendor is to blame for the health system's bankruptcy and the closure of one of its hospitals last year, according to a complaint filed March 22 in bankruptcy court.

UnitedHealthcare squeezes competition like a 'boa constrictor,' physicians say
A large group of anesthesiologists is suing UnitedHealthcare in Colorado and Texas, alleging the health insurance giant is suppressing competition by forcing physicians out of its network and pushing hospitals to stop referring patients to them, according to The New York Times.

Executive pay at CHS, Tenet and HCA: 12 things to know
Some top executives at major for-profit hospital operators saw their total compensation rise last year, while others saw total pay decline.

It will now take 135+ years to close gender pay gap because of pandemic
An additional 36 years have been added to the estimated time it will take to close the gender pay gap, bringing the total to 135 years, according to a March 30 report published by the World Economic Forum.

Healthcare disruptors: 4 hospital IT execs weigh in on retaining tech talent
As retail and tech giants like Amazon, Walmart and Google continue to scale healthcare efforts, hospitals and health systems are left looking to compete not just with retaining patients, but keeping their IT and other employees, too.

Ascension's technology business to lay off 651 employees
Ascension Technologies, the IT subsidiary of St. Louis-based Ascension, plans to lay off an estimated 651 remote workers this year, according to an April 30 St. Louis Post-Dispatch report.

Sutter hospital fined $155K over infection control violations after nurse's death
California health officials have fined Oakland, Calif.-based Alta Bates Summit Medical Center $155,250 over workplace infection control standards, the California Nurses Association said March 19.

Emerging trends among COVID-19 long-haulers: 6 physicians weigh in
Early research estimates have shown anywhere between 10 percent to 30 percent of people with COVID-19 go on to become long-haulers, or those who experience persistent symptoms weeks or months after the infection has cleared. With more than 31.2 million COVID-19 cases reported in the U.S., and with the pandemic still raging, the number of people who are or will experience long-term effects presents health systems a profound challenge.

Bob Sutton
Leaders must be fully present with their colleagues and staff to effectively hear them and respond to them.

Naomi Cramer
Naomi Cramer spent 25 years working at Target, where she rose in the ranks to become vice president of talent management, before joining Phoenix-based Banner Health six years ago.

Tracey Moffatt, BSN, RN
New Orleans-based Ochsner Health hasn't reported any COVID-19 deaths for its nursing staff across the entire system.

Michael Dowling
Michael Dowling's childhood home in Knockaderry, Ireland, was a thatched-roof cottage made of mud and stone. It lacked electricity, indoor plumbing and running water. To obtain peat to heat it, he traveled an hour with his father in a borrowed donkey cart to a bog.

Rick Evans
If the core of patient experience has been focused on compassion in the past, it now is also increasingly focused on convenience.

Janice Nevin, MD
Janice Nevin, MD, MPH, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer at ChristianaCare.

Joan Coffman
Joan Coffman, president and CEO of St. Tammany Health System in Covington, La., said she has faced challenges such as Hurricane Katrina and the COVID-19 pandemic, which have helped shape her leadership skills and improved her ability to deal with change.


May 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

21 'overpaid' healthcare CEOs
The economic effects from the pandemic may place more pressure on investors to reevaluate the pay packages of CEOs in the future. But for the time being, "we are simply getting wealthier CEOs," according to an annual report from the nonprofit shareholder advocacy group As You Sow.

How competing Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals CEOs view partnership post-pandemic
Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals severed a historical rivalry when they began collaborating shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. Both CEOs discussed four ways a partnership can benefit both healthcare systems post-pandemic during a March 9 radio segment on Radio Advisory.

Putting Equity Into Practice: CommonSpirit Leader Talks COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy
CommonSpirit Health is working on the best ways to "operationalize equity" amid the pandemic and beyond, Alisahah Cole, MD, system vice president of population health innovation and policy, told Becker's.

10 top patient safety concerns for 2021, ranked by ECRI
Racial disparities in health and healthcare earned the No. 1 spot on ECRI's list of the top 10 patient safety concerns for 2021.

Amazon expanding Amazon Care telemedicine program nationally: 6 details
Amazon is rolling out its virtual medical service Amazon Care for its employees in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., this summer, with plans to expand the offering to other employers later this year, according to a March 17 news release.

Los Angeles hospital closing after 74 years
Olympia Medical Center, a 204-bed hospital in Los Angeles, is slated to close March 31 at 11:59 p.m.

Baylor Scott & White job cuts, outsourcing expected to save $600M
Baylor Scott & White Health's plan to outsource, lay off or retrain 1,700 employees is expected to save the health system $600 million over a five-year span, according to The Austin American-Statesman.

100 top critical access hospitals, by state
The Chartis Center for Rural Health recently released its annual list of the top 100 critical access hospitals in the U.S.

Walmart heir to build medical school in Arkansas
Walmart heir Alice Walton said she plans to finance and build a medical school in northwest Arkansas.

10 types of cyberattacks to know and avoid
Hospitals are increasingly becoming victims of cyberattacks as the workforce sees major changes amid the pandemic.

Ransomware attack exposed info of 210K MultiCare patients, providers, workers
More than 200,000 patients, providers and employees of Tacoma, Wash.-based MultiCare began receiving notice that their personal info had been exposed in a recent ransomware attack, according to a March 9 news release from MultiCare's medical practice management company.

Surgeon defends Zoom hearing from OR, says patient safety was not jeopardized
A plastic surgeon in Northern California who appeared for a virtual court hearing from the operating room while another surgeon was performing a facelift in the background said the situation was misunderstood, local NBC affiliate KCRA reported March 8.

5+ early symptoms may predict 'long COVID,' study finds
People who have more than five symptoms of COVID-19 during the first week of illness may be more likely to develop prolonged health issues, known as "long COVID," according to a study published March 10 in Nature Medicine.

Shelly Schorer
Shelly Schorer serves as Chief Financial Officer for the Bay Area at Dignity Health.

John Brownstein, PhD
The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a new light on the importance of digital technologies within the practice of medicine and has served as a catalysis to boost innovation, according to John Brownstein, PhD.

Brandon Webb, MD
While the FDA granted emergency use authorization to Regeneron and Eli Lilly's antibody treatments in November 2020, many healthcare organizations have been slow to adopt these treatments due to a web of logistical challenges.

Laura Smith
Laura Smith has served as CIO of West Des Moines, Iowa-based UnityPoint Health since 2016, and she was promoted from vice president to senior vice president early this year.

Peter Banko
Peter Banko serves as President and Chief Executive Officer at Centura Health.

Kevin Fleming
Kevin Fleming serves as Chief Operating Officer of Clinical Program Services for Providence.

John Couris
Sitting in Raymond James Stadium with my son, Ben, watching Tom Brady lead the Bucs to a Super Bowl victory felt like a full-circle moment for me. A lifelong Pats fan and Boston native, and now a proud Tampa resident and Bucs fan, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and pride as I reflected over the 20 years of football moments that Ben and I have shared.

Stephen Klasko, MD
Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.

Jeffrey Gold, MD + James Linder, MD
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the U.S. more than a year ago, it has been hard for many to imagine what our next day, week or even month will look like, and uncertainties about how to move forward impact nearly every aspect of our lives.

Odette Bolano, BSN
Odette Bolano, BSN, has served as president and CEO of Boise, Idaho-based Saint Alphonsus Health System since August 2018, and she oversees a five-hospital system with nearly 6,100 employees in two states.


April 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

State-by-state breakdown of 897 hospitals at risk of closing
More than 500 rural hospitals in the U.S. were at immediate risk of closure before the COVID-19 pandemic because of financial losses and lack of reserves to maintain operations, according to a report from the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform.

'Building authentic partnerships' + other strategies to lead mass vaccination events: 3 health systems weigh in
Stadiums, racetracks and more — something health systems have become increasingly familiar with as they spearhead mass COVID-19 vaccination events. They've proved a successful model to quickly get shots in arms, but what does it take to hit the ground running with an effort of such scale?

Yale economists: These 1% steps can reform healthcare
A series of 1 percent solutions could collectively lower healthcare costs by hundreds of billions of dollars, according to an article published in Health Affairs.

11 numbers that show how big Optum's role in healthcare is
Optum continues to expand, recently making headlines for its plans to acquire Change Healthcare for $13 billion.

22 US hospitals among Newsweek's 100 best in the world
Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic was named the best hospital in the world in 2021 by Newsweek.

'Birthday rule' leaves parents with $270K hospital bill
A little-known rule that stipulates a child born with double health insurance eligibility must be enrolled in the plan belonging to the parent whose birthday comes first in the calendar year can induce outrageously expensive bills for parents who are unaware of it, according to a Jan. 27 NPR report.

Tennessee hospital abruptly closes
Jellico (Tenn.) Medical Center closed March 1, days after the city council voted to send a contract termination notice to the hospital's operator, Rennova Health, according to TV station WBIR.

Former Haven CEO Dr. Atul Gawande on what went wrong for the healthcare venture
Haven, the healthcare partnership formed by Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathway, is disbanding less than three years after forming. Atul Gawande, MD, Haven's former CEO, explained why the venture wasn't set up to succeed in a discussion Feb. 26 with Robert Wachter, MD, chair of the University of California San Francisco's department of medicine.

How hospitals are preparing for future public health crises
The COVID-19 pandemic has tested hospitals' disaster preparedness plans and prompted them to assess crucial areas to prepare for future health crises. Some have strengthened partnerships with local organizations, invested in diagnostic testing platforms and updated workflows and oxygen infrastructure.

14 health systems team up on 'ethical innovation' with launch of provider-led data platform
Fourteen health systems, including Trinity Health, Northwell Health and Tenet Health, are partnering to create a comprehensive, de-identified data platform that will glean more robust insights on medical conditions such as rare diseases and COVID-19.

Sutter to cut 277 jobs, mostly in IT
Sacramento, Calif.-based Sutter Health is laying off hundreds of employees, most of whom work in information technology, according to the Sacramento Business Journal.

North Carolina hospital loses physicians after contract negotiations
At least 55 physicians have decided to part ways with Asheville, N.C.-based Mission Health since it was acquired by Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare in February 2019, according to TV station WLOS.

Northern California hospital CNO target of no-confidence petition
A no-confidence petition on the performance of San Joaquin General Hospital CNO Belva Snyder, RN, was recently delivered to San Joaquin County supervisors and hospital CEO David Culberson by nurses at the French Camp, Calif.-based facility, California Nurses Association/National Nurses United said.

Lisa Prasad
One of the reasons Lisa Prasad, vice president and chief innovation officer at Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System, enjoys her job is that it presents "limitless" opportunities, with new challenges constantly emerging.

Eduardo Conrado
As executive vice president and chief strategy and innovation officer at St. Louis-based Ascension, Eduardo Conrado has led several tech-based initiatives over the past year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lorraine Lutton
Lorraine Lutton joined Mount Carmel Health System as president and CEO in April 2020, near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brad Tinnermon
Brad Tinnermon joined Phoenix-based Banner Health as vice president of revenue cycle management and revenue integrity in late 2017, before the organization launched its revenue cycle modernization and the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Jenni Alvey
The COVID-19 pandemic, due to its disruptive and enduring nature, has forced hospital CFOs to rethink the way we do our jobs. What became apparent is that CFOs must be more agile than ever in budgeting and planning.

Rick Evans
It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged healthcare in almost every conceivable way. It has had a powerful impact on the key metrics of any healthcare organization. Quality, financial, employee engagement and patient experience metrics have all been affected in ways we are still trying to understand.

Kara Martinezmoles
Kara Martinezmoles serves as vice president of revenue cycle at Reno, Nev.-based Renown Health, and her healthcare leadership journey to get to that role has been shaped by various learning experiences and mentors.

Stephen Klasko, MD
We need a new, refreshing, ethical and ultimately empowering "marriage" of healthcare and technology. And we need it now.

Nishant Anand, MD
Nishant Anand, MD, FACEP, serves as President at BayCare Physician Partners and Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at BayCare Health System.

Cynthia Moore-Hardy
Cynthia Moore-Hardy has been able to live out her passion for improving community health during her decadeslong career at Lake Health in Concord Township, Ohio.


March 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

14 highest-paid healthcare jobs in 2021
Fourteen of the 25 highest-paying jobs in 2021 are in healthcare, according to U.S. News & World Report's Best Job rankings released Jan. 12.

Most successful vaccine rollouts in US: 4 state strategies
States are rushing to administer the COVID-19 vaccines as fast as possible, and some states have been more successful than others.

When will smell, taste come back? 5 COVID-19 questions answered
Temporary loss of smell, known as anosmia, is a commonly reported indicator of COVID-19.

Cleveland Clinic changes mission statement
"Caring for life, researching for health and educating those who serve" is the mission statement Cleveland Clinic intends to use for the next 100 years, CEO and President Tom Mihaljevic, MD, said Jan. 13.

4 leadership changes CEOs made during the pandemic
Many CEOs have changed their leadership strategy in four crucial ways that have positively impacted their organizations during the pandemic, though it's unclear whether those changes will remain after COVID-19 has subsided, according to a McKinsey & Co. article.

Tenet must pay whistleblowing cardiologists $10M, court rules
Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare must pay two cardiologists who filed a False Claims Act lawsuit $10 million and reinstate their medical staff privileges for one year, a Michigan federal court ruled Feb. 1, according to Bloomberg Law.

The most, least expensive states for an ER visit
New Jersey hospitals charge the most for a moderate-severity emergency room visit requiring a single surgery, according to data from Hospital Pricing Specialists provided to Becker's Hospital review.

Optum expects to add 10,000 physicians this year
OptumCare, the part of UnitedHealth Group that provides direct patient care, plans on adding thousands of physicians in the next year, UnitedHealth's CEO said during a Jan. 20 earnings call.

Delta taps Mayo Clinic exec to oversee airline's healthcare strategy
Delta Air Lines has appointed a Mayo Clinic executive to serve as its first chief health officer.

Are proposed HIPAA changes good for healthcare? 3 hospital execs weigh in
While the recently proposed HHS updates to the HIPAA Privacy Rule aim to help patients get more digital access to their health information, some of the proposed changes pose concerns for healthcare providers.

20 things to know about Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, Meditech heading into 2021
Allscripts, Cerner, Epic and Meditech are four of the biggest EHR vendors for hospitals and health systems across the U.S.

Rhode Island physician deliberately exposed patients, staff to COVID-19, health director finds
Rhode Island Department of Health Director Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, has ordered an emergency suspension of a physician's license after investigators determined he deliberately exposed clinic staff and patients to COVID-19 and presented a danger to the public, according to The Providence Journal.

29 best healthcare jobs, per US News: Physician assistant is No. 1
Physician assistant is the best healthcare job for 2021, with 39,300 projected jobs and a median salary of $112,260, according to a U.S. News & World Report list released Jan. 12.

Howard Kern
In 2018, Norfolk, Va.-based Sentara Healthcare was named one of five large health systems in the Top 15 Health Systems in the U.S. by IBM Watson Health. Our recognition as a top-performing health system came after we began to understand the importance of delivering highly reliable quality care and a consistently high rate of improvement across our entire health system.

Claus Torp Jensen, PhD
Claus Torp Jensen, PhD, leads Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's digital transformation and data strategies at time when innovations are rapidly accelerating in wake of COVID-19.

Matt Runyan
Matt Runyan, CIO and vice president of IT at Oceanside, N.Y.-based Mount Sinai South Nassau, is splitting his time to make sure the COVID-19 vaccination process runs smoothly at the hospital while maintaining testing sites.

Daniel Feinberg, MD
Daniel Feinberg, MD, chief medical officer of Philadelphia-based Pennsylvania Hospital, sees the CMO role becoming more operational in the next few years.

Joel Klein, MD
Joel Klein, MD, senior vice president and CIO of University of Maryland Medical System, joined the Becker's Healthcare Podcast to share his key priorities in the coming year and discuss the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Michael Dowling
Hardly one month into 2021, the pressing priorities facing healthcare leaders are abundantly clear.

Greg Hoffman
Greg Hoffman took over as interim CFO of Renton, Wash.-based Providence health system in August and  was named to the position permanently in January.

Denise Brooks-Williams
For two years, Denise Brooks-Williams has served as senior vice president and CEO of Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System's north market, the first person in this role.


February 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Where are the 29 Leapfrog straight-'A' hospitals?
The Leapfrog Group released its fall 2020 Hospital Safety Grades Dec. 14, assigning "A" through "F" letter grades to more than 2,600 acute care hospitals for patient safety performance.

Hospital workers upset over COVID-19 vaccine distribution
While COVID-19 vaccine rollout has gone smoothly at many healthcare organizations, physicians and nurses at hospitals in Arizona, California, New York and elsewhere say vaccine distribution at their facilities has been chaotic and unfair, according to NPR.

Why pay for public hospital CEOs is kept secret in Indiana
Public employees are typically required to disclose their taxpayer-funded salaries, but executives of county hospitals in Indiana can keep their pay secret because of a rare exemption added to state law in 2016, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The average cost of a hospital COVID-19 test in each state
The cost of getting a standard COVID-19 test at hospitals varies drastically by state, according to a nationwide study conducted by Hospital Pricing Specialists.

From the COVID-19 front lines: What healthcare workers want their leaders to know
During the pandemic, healthcare workers have been on the front lines providing care to patients with and without the virus. They have shown up ready to work, while navigating changing state and federal guidelines, as well as concerns about getting sick or infecting their loved ones.

Baylor Scott & White to lay off 102 employees, outsource jobs to India
Dallas-based Baylor Scott & White Health said it will lay off 102 employees in finance and accounting roles as part of an effort to reshape operations and reduce costs, according to The Dallas Morning News.

OIG tags Kansas hospital for erroneous billing
Providence Medical Center, a community hospital in Kansas City, Kan., failed to comply with Medicare billing requirements for 13 of 100 inpatient and outpatient claims reviewed by HHS' Office of Inspector General, according to an OIG report released Dec. 18.

South Carolina hospital CEO says Leapfrog is 'increasingly irrelevant,' disputes failing safety grade
The Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg, S.C., was one of 16 hospitals to receive a failing grade from the Leapfrog Group in its Fall 2020 Safety Grades. The hospital's interim CEO Kirk Wilson says ratings from the Leapfrog Group are becoming "increasingly irrelevant," according to The Times and Democrat.

3 reasons Haven failed: A former healthcare CEO's take
There are three main reasons Haven, the healthcare venture formed by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase, failed, according to a Jan. 5 Harvard Business Review article.

15 innovation leaders' most interesting thoughts on health IT in 2020
The pandemic has spurred innovation in the health IT space during 2020, as hospitals and health systems find new ways to optimize workflows, use data to improve care delivery and connect patients to healthcare providers virtually.

How hospitals use algorithms to prioritize COVID-19 vaccine distribution
Hospitals and health systems across the U.S. developed plans to prioritize COVID-19 vaccine distribution based on the CDC's recommendations.

New York hospital fires employee for refusing flu shot
Glens Falls (N.Y.) Hospital fired longtime employee Lisa Amorosi Dec. 1 for refusing to get a flu shot after citing bad reactions from past flu vaccines, The Post Star reports.

COVID-19 'long haulers' identify 205 virus symptoms
Researchers have identified more than 200 long-term symptoms that can affect COVID-19 "long haulers," or people who experience prolonged effects from the virus, according to a survey published Dec. 24 in the medical preprint server medRxiv.

Stephen Klasko, MD
Stephen Klasko, MD, has led Philadelphia-based Thomas Jefferson University as president and Jefferson Health as CEO since 2013.

Rita Khan
Since joining Mayo Clinic in December 2019 as its first chief digital officer, Rita Khan has been leading the health system's COVID-19 digital health initiatives from telehealth expansion to data mapping and consumer engagement.

Kimberly Scaccia
Kimberly Scaccia began as vice president of revenue cycle at Mercyhealth last March, and she has helped the health system navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, while striving to motivate, inspire and listen to members of her team.

Rick Evans
As I write during this holiday season, we are seeing COVID-19 cases rise in the city and much more significantly in other parts of the country. We are facing down this fierce surge — by far the worst nationally in the pandemic — even as we look forward to the arrival of the first vaccine.

Robert Glenning
Robert "Bob" Glenning serves as the president of the financial services division and CFO at Edison, N.J.-based Hackensack Meridian Health, an integrated system with 17 hospitals, 500 patient care locations and 36,000 employees.

Mitch Parker
Solarwinds, a major supplier of network security and management software to governments, private industry, and industry titans like FireEye and Microsoft, was found to have been compromised.

Jaewon Ryu, MD
Since 2018, Jaewon Ryu, MD, has helmed Geisinger, a regional health system with nine hospital campuses, a 550,000-member health plan, two research centers and a medical school. He has always been proud to be part of the organization, but he said that's especially true as he's seen workers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic amid challenges and uncertainty.


January 2021 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

CMS fines 2,545 hospitals for high readmissions: 5 things to know
In fiscal year 2021, CMS will penalize 2,545 hospitals for having too many Medicare patients readmitted within 30 days, according to federal data cited by Kaiser Health News.

CIOs are taking on 'COO by proxy' role
A new set of responsibilities and expectations are emerging for many CIOs as organizations accelerate digital transformations while coordinating activities and managing risks for the entire organization, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Atul Gawande on why COVID-19 vaccinations will test American society
The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in America will test a deeply divided society, and not just because of mistrust in vaccinations, Atul Gawande, MD, told New Yorker Editor David Remnick.

What to do when a hospital leader resigns: A checklist
Hospital and health system leaders resign for various reasons. Sometimes the resignation is involuntary and other times the executive steps down to take another job. A departure may also come without a stated reason.

How 12 CEOs revitalize themselves
The Becker's Hospital Review Corner Office series asks hospital and health system CEOs to share how they revitalize themselves.

ER physicians accuse UnitedHealth of illegally underpaying claims
Several emergency room physician practices in New York have filed a federal lawsuit alleging UnitedHealth Group and MultiPlan conspired to underpay out-of-network ER providers.

'COVID' fee showing up on medical bills across the country
Healthcare providers across the U.S. are adding "COVID" fees to patient bills to deal with their financial difficulties linked to the pandemic, according to The New York Times.

'Corporate leadership must go. All of them': Physician urges Beaumont to oust top execs
Robert Safian, MD, a cardiologist at Southfield, Mich.-based Beaumont Health and a professor at Oakland University Beaumont School of Medicine, has sent a letter to the health system's board of trustees urging them to oust Beaumont's top executives.

5 steps to address pay inequity in your hospital
Hospital leaders have a choice: Act now to resolve pay inequity in your organization, or wait for employees to create a shared spreadsheet that shows just how wide the pay gaps are under your watch. (You may only learn about the latter when it's published in the newspaper.)

Why Kaiser chose Best Buy Health as a tech partner
Chris Stenzel, vice president of national business development and innovation at Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente, played an integral role in the health system's partnership with Best Buy Health to develop remote patient-monitoring tools for older adults. He describes how the partnership came about in a recent episode of the Becker's Healthcare podcast.

11 medical record snooping cases in 2020
Eleven hospitals and health systems reported instances of EHR snooping by their employees this year, resulting in terminations and other disciplinary actions.

7 patient safety goals for 2021 from Joint Commission
The Joint Commission recently shared seven patient safety goals for hospitals to focus on in 2021.

Chicago nurses placed on leave after delivering dead flowers to management
Five nurses at Chicago-based Cook County Health remained on paid administrative leave Nov. 10 after participating in what they called a Halloween-themed union march at the health system's John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital.

Annabella Salvador-Kelly, MD
When the pandemic surged in New York this spring, Northwell Health was hit especially hard, treating more than 41,000 COVID-19 patients between March and May. Annabella Salvador-Kelly, MD, who serves as senior vice president of medical affairs and associate CMO at the New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based health system, had a front row view of this initial surge and has since played a critical role in Northwell Health's pandemic response.

Sameer Badlani, MD
The strategic vision cycle has shortened significantly during the pandemic, said Minneapolis-based Fairview CIO Sameer Badlani, but he still sees great opportunity for digital transformation and more equitable healthcare delivery.

Rich Silveria
Rich Silveria has spent the last three years as executive vice president and CFO of the University of Chicago Medical Center and more than 30 years in healthcare, but his road to the C-suite has been anything but traditional.

Angela Shippy, MD
Angela Shippy, MD, is a veteran of Memorial Hermann Health System in Houston, and she took on her expanded role as senior vice president, chief medical and quality officer, in February.

Philip Ozuah, MD, PhD
Philip Ozuah, MD, PhD, began as president and CEO of Montefiore Medicine in November 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic slammed New York City.

Michael Dowling
Too often, we come to appreciate decency only in light of its absence. When someone or something violates the social code of decency, or lacks a sincere desire to do the right thing, we are reminded of this unsung virtue's significance.

Kevin Mahoney
A tractor accident in college got Kevin Mahoney interested in healthcare. That interest grew as he witnessed the ins and outs of hospital operations as a patient. Nearly four decades later, that experience sticks with him as he helms Philadelphia's six-hospital University of Pennsylvania Health System.



December 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

10 things we've learned about COVID-19 so far
Over the past seven months, COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. As we continue to find safe and creative ways to navigate our new reality with this virus, it's worthwhile to reflect on what we've learned along the way.

AMC chiefs: This is the next decade's toughest decision
The pandemic has forced academic medical centers to plan for the worst and hope for the best. AMC executives will need that mentality as they look forward to the next 10 years, which will bring seismic shifts in care delivery.

Investors extracted $400M from hospital chain that couldn't afford supplies
Leonard Green & Partners, a private equity firm, has taken $400 million in dividends and fees for itself and investors in the decade since it bought a controlling stake in Los Angeles-based Prospect Medical Holdings, according to ProPublica.

3 things that kill creativity on innovation teams: Lifespan leader weighs in
Innovation must be a collaborative, boundary-pushing process supported by a team that is diverse in every sense of the word, according to Megan Ranney, MD, director of the Brown-Lifespan Center for Digital Health, a partnership between Providence, R.I.-based Lifespan and Brown University.

7 alerts, tools hospitals are adding to their EHRs
Here are seven digital alerts and tools that hospitals and health systems have recently developed or integrated with their EHR systems.

CommonSpirit extends timeline for $2B cost savings plan by 12 months
Chicago-based CommonSpirit Health's plan to cut $2 billion in expenses will likely take five years instead of the planned four, the health system confirmed to Becker's Hospital Review.

Health systems balancing elective care, COVID-19 hospitalizations
Hospitals across the U.S. are working to care for more COVID-19 patients needing hospitalization without halting lucrative elective procedures, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Physicians resign from Kansas hospital amid concerns with CEO
Four physicians resigned from Meade (Kan.) District Hospital after raising concerns over the hospital's executive leadership, according to local news stations KSCB and KAKE.

Gender pay gap set to close in 39 years
The projected deadline for equitable pay between men and women remains the same as it has for the past four years — 2059 — meaning the rate of progress toward closing the gender pay gap did not accelerate in 2019, according to The Institute for Women's Policy Research.

How a former Target exec transformed innovation at Banner Health
Phoenix-based Banner Health named former Target executive Christy Anderson executive director of its innovation group in 2017, and since then she has overhauled how the system approaches innovation, according to a Business Insider report.

What UnitedHealth Group, Humana, Anthem and Cigna execs are saying about telehealth
When the pandemic began, insurance companies acted quickly to ensure members had access to telehealth services.

'Shut it down': Virginia hospital under investigation isn't safe, nurse says
A registered nurse who formerly worked at Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents in New Kent, Va., is calling for it to be shut down after she said she witnessed child abuse at the facility, according to CBS 6.

RWJBarnabas to screen all patients for social determinants of health
West Orange, N.J.-based RWJBarnabas Health has launched a universal social determinants of health program to regularly screen patients for factors that may contribute to chronic disease.

Carl Armato
Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Novant Health was one of three major health systems competing to expand in North Carolina by securing a deal to partner with or own New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, N.C. Novant Health emerged as the winner in July, and recently, it secured a crucial approval in the deal from the New Hanover County Commissioners.

John Gizdic
Becker's Hospital Review caught up with Carl Armato, president and CEO of Novant Health, and John Gizdic, president and CEO of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, to discuss what the integration process will look like, what excites them the most about the partnership and how they handled any staff or community reservations about the deal.

Lisa Shannon
Lisa Shannon has served as COO of Minneapolis-based Allina Health since 2017, and she added president to her title on Sept. 24.

Richard Fogel, MD
Over the past seven months, COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. As we continue to find safe and creative ways to navigate our new reality with this virus, it's worthwhile to reflect on what we've learned along the way.

Howard Kern
The concept of health systems successfully operating a health plan while coexisting with physicians in an integrated delivery model has been an alluring proposition in our industry for decades. The goal is for integrated systems to be purveyors of population health and assume risk while delivering excellent clinical care.

Jenni Alvey
"Price transparency has been touted as a way to reduce healthcare spending, but there’s one big problem: It has rarely worked." -JAMA Forum, Aug. 22, 2019

Guy Hudson, MD
Since the start of his healthcare career, Guy Hudson, MD, has had a desire to serve people in need, and that passion continues to stay with him in his role as CEO of Seattle-based Swedish Health Services.


November 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

10 ACOs with the most shared savings in 2019
Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs generated a record $1.2 billion in net savings for the Medicare program across 541 ACOs in 2019, CMS Administrator Seema Verma announced Sept. 14 in Health Affairs.

After 'baptism by fire,' hospitals say they're better prepared to treat COVID-19 this fall
Physicians and leaders at many U.S. hospitals say they are feeling better prepared to respond to a potential second wave of COVID-19 cases this fall, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Career impatience: The No. 1 worry hospital CEOs have about the next generation of healthcare leaders
There's good reason to feel optimistic about the next generation of healthcare leadership. But if they have to pinpoint one concern, two chiefs of health systems in California and New York agree: young professionals' unrealistic expectations for promotion and career advancement.

22 hospitals laying off furloughed workers
More than 260 hospitals in the U.S. furloughed workers this spring to help offset financial losses attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

17 best health systems for leadership development
The National Center for Healthcare Leadership awarded 10 health systems its 2020 "Bold" or "Best Organizations for Leadership Development" designation, and honored another seven for their ability to develop leaders.

Rural Georgia hospital to close in October
Financial strain is prompting the Oct. 31 closure of Northridge Medical Center, a 90-bed hospital in Commerce, Ga., according to Georgia Health News.

AHA to HHS: Stop drugmakers' 'abusive tactics' over 340B discounts
The American Hospital Association sent a second letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar Sept. 8, urging him to stop drugmaker's "abusive tactics" to limit 340B discounts.

Bankruptcy trustee fires Missouri hospital's chief strategy officer
Sonny Saggar, MD, the emergency room chief and chief strategy officer at St. Louis-based St. Alexius Hospital was fired Sept. 11, according to the St. Louis Business Journal.

Walmart Health details expansion plans in 3 states: 6 things to know
Walmart plans to open at least 16 more standalone health clinics by the end of 2021, according to a Sept. 17 company blog post.

20 bold predictions for health IT in the next 5 years
The pandemic accelerated adoption of telehealth, remote monitoring and digital health capabilities by nearly a decade for some organizations.

UHS brings hospitals back online after 8-day outage
Universal Health Services, a 26-hospital health system based in King of Prussia, Pa., reported that its IT network has been restored as of Oct. 5, eight days after it fell victim to a cyberattack.

HCA hospital staff link device malfunction, patient death to understaffing
A patient at North Suburban Medical Center died in May after staff members failed to change the battery on the individual's pulse oximeter in a timely manner, according to a state inspection report cited by The Denver Post.

4 clinical chiefs: This is what a high-performing medical team looks like
The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented pressures on the resources and safety of the country's medical teams. Stories of immense challenges have been juxtaposed with stories of bravery, hope and camaraderie among front-line medical workers.

Adrienne Schultz, MSN, RN
Adrienne Schultz, MSN, RN, is relatively new to her position as vice president and CNO of Cudahy, Wis.-based Advocate Aurora St. Luke's South Shore, a role which she began in July. However, she brought with her more than 25 years of healthcare leadership experience.

Carolyn Ogland, MD
Carolyn Ogland, MD, learned from an early age how healthcare workers can help patients and their families, and that continues to be her focus as CMO of Robbinsdale, Minn.-based North Memorial Health.

Jasmine Ballard
Jasmine Ballard serves as Administrative Director at Levine Cancer Institute of Atrium Health.

Jeanette Wojtalewicz
Jeanette Wojtalewicz, MHA, serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for CHI Health.

Paul Viviano
"When the pandemic first showed up, I asked our leaders who could do so safely to be present, to be here, be visible and ensure we are leading by example since we are designated as an essential service. There was a lot of pressure to have team members work remotely, but I asked my direct reports to refrain from working from home routinely. I wanted our presence to be felt by the entire team."

James Kravec, MD
As part of an ongoing series, Becker's is talking to healthcare leaders who plan to speak at the first Becker's Healthcare Clinical Leadership Virtual Event Sept. 9-10.

John Couris
There is no question that COVID-19 has changed the way we operate day to day. One thing that has remained constant — and should be respected — is the unpredictability of it.

Tina Freese Decker
Tina Freese Decker's nearly two decades of leadership at Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Spectrum Health have allowed her to address healthcare challenges such as access and affordability. Now, as president and CEO, she is also helping drive change in health equity.

Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy serves as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Population Health Officer at CareMount Medical.

Rod Hanners
It has been 25 years since Rod Hanners was a naval officer on a nuclear submarine, but U.S. Navy experience helps him today as interim CEO of Keck Medicine of USC in Los Angeles.


October 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Top Hospitals for Patient Experience, State by State
Using the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems scores from CMS, Becker's has compiled a list of the best hospitals for patient experience in each state. Hospitals either received five or four patient summary star ratings.

'We alone can do our part': How US News' top 10 hospitals are addressing health disparities
The COVID-19 pandemic and deaths of Black Americans such as George Floyd have spurred many health systems to take increased focus on addressing systemic racism and health disparities. As a result, organizations are implementing various initiatives, from outreach programs to education to recruiting a chief diversity officer.

Medicare payment rules for 2021: 11 notes for hospital execs
CMS in the past week has proposed Medicare payment rules for outpatient services and physicians for 2021 and finalized payment rules for inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and psychiatric facilities.

How Northwell is planning for a COVID-19 resurgence and utilizing IT in the next 18 months for recovery
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, health systems across the U.S. canceled elective procedures and transitioned many team members to remote work.

What makes a strong CEO-CFO partnership? 4 health system execs weigh in
Whether navigating through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic or deciding where to make investments in the year ahead, a strong partnership between C-suite executives is essential to hospitals and health systems today.

15 rural hospital closures in 2020
Nearly one in five Americans live in rural areas and depend on their local hospital for care. Over the past 10 years, 131 of those hospitals have closed.

Anthem agrees to pay $27K medical bill after TV report airs
After a nine-month fight, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield has agreed to pay a $27,000 medical bill for a North Carolina family after a local TV report aired, according to WBTV.

Former Tennessee hospital CEO says he was asked to resign after participating in surgery
Greg Neal told the Bristol Herald Courier he was asked to resign as CEO of Bristol (Tenn.) Regional Medical Center after participating in a surgical procedure without a medical license.

28 ways for men to be (better) allies with women
The concept of allyship has never been more prevalent in the public sphere than over the past several months, as neighbors, colleagues, friends and family saw the renewed need to act in solidarity with the people in their lives who face prejudice.

13 big ideas in healthcare innovation
Here are 13 key quotes about the role of innovation in healthcare that executives from hospitals and health systems across the country shared with Becker's Hospital Review in August:

Texas hospital exits $20M Cerner EHR contract
Nacogdoches (Texas) Memorial Hospital terminated a $20 million contract with Cerner this week, opting to instead remain using its current Cerner EHR rather than transitioning to the vendor's Community Works platform.

Don't write off neck gaiters yet, researchers say
Neck gaiters are still a viable option to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and are likely better than wearing no mask at all, researchers and health experts told The New York Times.

7 most common sentinel events this year
Care management incidents were the most common type of sentinel event reported in the first half of 2020, according to data The Joint Commission released Aug. 12.

Olesea Azevedo
Olesea Azevedo, senior vice president and chief human resources officer for Altamonte Springs, Fla.-based AdventHealth since 2016, has focused on identifying meaningful diversity and inclusion efforts with a passion for ensuring each person is seen and heard for who they are.

Jenni Alvey
Asked what inspires them in their job, most provider-based CFOs will say, "caring for our patients," "making our community healthier," or "making healthcare more affordable and accessible." The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to put those aims to the test.

Heather Geisler
Heather Geisler, Henry Ford Health System's new senior vice president and chief marketing, communications and experience officer, will bring global brand builder experience to the position she begins Sept. 1.

B.J. Moore
Since announcing its strategic alliance to build a high-tech hospital with Microsoft in July 2019, Providence has zeroed in on innovations in patient care delivery, virtual communication tools and artificial intelligence across its Renton, Wash.-based health system.

Robert Garrett
The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare a sad truth in America: health outcomes are too often based on race, ethnicity and zip code, a track record that places us behind our global peers, one that needs our collective attention for once and all.

Rick Evans
In New York City, the summer has brought a strange and unfamiliar mix of both relief and anxiety.

Eric Yablonka
Stanford Health Care (Calif.) is in the heart of Silicon Valley and known for innovative partnerships with big technology companies as well as entrepreneurial companies to improve clinical care, research and innovation.

Paul Rothman, MD
As an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Paul Rothman, MD, began to develop his passion for research. In the decades since, his career has been driven by a desire to improve patient care by understanding the causes behind diseases.

John Couris, Holly Graziadio & Stacey Brandt
At Tampa General Hospital, we're focused on facilitating honest and transparent two-way communication with our team. In fact, an integral part of our organizational culture is providing platforms for an ongoing exchange of ideas.

John Woolley
Healthcare leaders should consider the pandemic an opportunity to reinforce their organization's core values, said John Woolley, president and CEO of Chandler, Ariz.-based Hatfield Medical Group.


September 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

10 most, least concentrated hospital markets
The hospital market in New York City is the least concentrated in the country, while Springfield, Mo., is home to the most concentrated market, according to an analysis from the Health Care Cost Institute.

Hospital margins could sink to a negative 7% this year: 5 things to know
The COVID-19 pandemic has created financial challenges for hospitals and health systems, and, without additional federal aid, half of US hospitals could be operating in the red in the second half of this year, according to an analysis released by the American Hospital Association on July 21.

Viewpoint: No need to clap for healthcare workers — just wear a mask
Jeremy Rose, MD, remembers what 7 p.m. in April once sounded like in New York: city residents rushing to fire escapes and balconies with pots and pans, clapping and cheering on front-line healthcare workers as they ended their shifts.

Average signing bonuses for 5 recruited medical specialties
Internal medicine physicians saw the greatest average signing bonus offered to recruits this year among the five most requested medical specialties, according to Merritt Hawkins' 2020 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives.

7 hospitals buying land for expansions
Below are seven hospitals or health systems that purchased or announced plans to buy land for expansions since Jan. 1, as reported by Becker's Hospital Review.

Hospitals overbilled Medicare $1B by upcoding claims, inspector general finds
Hospitals overbilled Medicare $1 billion by incorrectly assigning severe malnutrition diagnosis codes to inpatient hospital claims, according to a report from HHS' Office of Inspector General.

Fitch: Nonprofit hospital margins unlikely to recover until COVID-19 vaccine
Median financial ratios for nonprofit hospitals and health systems improved before the COVID-19 pandemic, which will provide some financial cushion to withstand financial pressures, according to a report from Fitch Ratings.

Walmart Health expanding to Florida, Illinois
Walmart plans to expand its standalone health clinics to Florida and Illinois, the company said June 22.

10 best healthcare companies for women to advance
Thirty-five companies made's 2020 list of the Best Companies for Women to Advance, 10 of which are in the healthcare industry.

Pandemic sped up Mayo's digital transformation by 10 years, Dr. John Halamka says
John Halamka, MD, joined Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic in January to lead the health system's digital transformation as president of Mayo Clinic Platform.

Kaleida cites $25M Cerner EHR expense among reasons for 2019 loss
Buffalo, N.Y.-based Kaleida Health reported a $24 million loss on $1.86 billion revenue in 2019 and partially blamed an EHR investment for the loss, according to a Buffalo Business First report.

Geisinger settles lawsuit over NICU infections that killed 3 infants
Danville, Pa.-based Geisinger has reached a settlement with the families of infants who died or were injured as a result of contracting bacterial infections while in the neonatal intensive care unit at Geisinger Medical Center, according to the Times Leader.

Texas CMO warns about 'COVID parties' occurring in multiple states after patient death
A Texas hospital has reported a patient death linked to a "COVID party," gatherings that have occurred in multiple states, according to The New York Times.

Carl Armato + Pam Oliver, MD
Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Novant Health was one of three major health systems competing to expand in North Carolina by securing a deal to partner with or own New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, N.C. Recently, Novant Health received the answer it was hoping for: It was selected as the medical center's ideal partner.

Alexa Kimball, MD
From addressing staff anxiety to retraining physicians to practice in an intensive care unit, unparalleled challenges have confronted physician group leaders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kelly Hancock, DNP, RN
Kelly Hancock, DNP, RN, became Cleveland Clinic's first chief caregiver officer June 19, bringing 27 years of experience at the organization.

Michael Dowling
I am not exaggerating when I tell people that my organization, Northwell Health, has been through a war. What other metaphor even comes close?

Peter Fine
Between driving growth, meeting clinical objectives and navigating complex payer dynamics, there don't seem to be enough hours in the day for healthcare executives.

Cliff Robertson, MD
Cliff Robertson, MD, joined Omaha, Neb.-based CHI Health in 2014. During his tenure, CHI Health has been ranked among IBM Watson Health's 15 top health systems; CHI Health St. Elizabeth in Lincoln, Neb., opened a trauma center; and CHI Health St. Francis in Grand Island, Neb., achieved Magnet recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.


August 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

State-by-state breakdown of 130 rural hospital closures
Nearly one in five Americans live in rural areas and depend on their local hospital for care. Over the past 10 years, 130 of those hospitals have closed.

Epic vs. Cerner vs. Allscripts vs. Meditech: 12 key comparisons
Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and Meditech have the largest market share of EHRs at hospitals across the nation.

Cleveland Clinic is advising United Airlines, whose CEO says 'airplanes don't have social distancing'
Weeks after tapping Cleveland Clinic to inform its social distancing protocols, United Airlines is back to booking flights to full capacity, according to USA Today.

10 actions for companies to meaningfully advance racial equity
Industrywide, U.S. companies have been quick to condemn racism and pledge to do more to combat racism. Now the question is whether companies — including health systems — will make the changes needed for meaningful progress toward racial equity.

What hospitals should know before their next Joint Commission survey
The Joint Commission on June 17 outlined some of the hospital requirements it will assess during normal survey processes, which resumed this month.

Mayo Clinic to restore pay, end furloughs months early
Mayo Clinic will restore pay to pre-COVID-19 levels for staff and call back furloughed workers months sooner than anticipated, the Rochester, Minn.-based system said June 24.

29 hospital bankruptcies in 2020
From reimbursement landscape challenges to dwindling patient volumes, many factors lead hospitals to file for bankruptcy. At least 29 hospitals across the U.S. have filed for bankruptcy this year, and the financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may force more hospitals to enter bankruptcy in coming months.

US News says it erred in children's hospital specialty rankings
U.S. News & World Report said that an error occurred in a data transfer procedure, affecting the specialty ranking scores of three children's hospitals.

RIP 'girlboss'
The "girlboss" mode of female corporate empowerment was not made to survive a national reckoning over racial injustice and the politics of power.

8 big ideas in healthcare innovation
Here are eight key quotes about the role of innovation in healthcare that executives from hospitals and health systems across the country shared with Becker's Hospital Review in June.

Kaiser terminates employee that inappropriately accessed 2,756 patients' records over 8 years
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States has reported an employee inappropriately accessed members' radiology records from 2012 to 2020.

News report spurs probe of New Mexico hospital's COVID-19 screening
State and federal regulators are investigating claims that Albuquerque, N.M.-based Lovelace Women's Hospital is unfairly targeting Native American women through a COVID-19 screening policy, according to a joint report from New Mexico In Depth and ProPublica.

10 most in-demand medical specialties & average compensation
Family medicine is the most in-demand physician specialty in the U.S., and before the COVID-19 pandemic, orthopedics was the specialty with the highest annual compensation.

Jenni Alvey
Despite a financial hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, Indianapolis-based Indiana University Health has made a commitment to no layoffs or salary cuts for its 34,000 employees.

Matthew Kull
Matthew Kull began as CIO of Cleveland Clinic in March, and he brought with him experience leading IT strategies.

Rick Evans
I imagine it would be hard to find an American right now who has not been part of conversations about race these last few weeks. We've watched black men and women die at the hands of law enforcement and seen other racist incidents. The list of names is painfully long. And, we've seen our streets filled with protests.

John Couris
Like every healthcare leader across the country, I have spent the last 12 weeks focused 24/7 on caring for my community. As with all of my colleagues, taking care of our patients and working to ensure the safety and well-being of our teams during this global health crisis is our No. 1 priority.

John Starcher
When John Starcher took the helm of Cincinnati-based Bon Secours Mercy Health in 2018, he was tasked with leading a new organization formed through the merger of Marriottsville, Md.-based Bon Secours Health System and Cincinnati-based Mercy Health. The president and CEO has had a new challenge in recent months — leading the 50-hospital health system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Tam, MD
When David Tam, MD, joined Lewes, Del.-based Beebe Healthcare as CEO in February, one of his top priorities was examining the system's telehealth program and finding ways to optimize it.

Philip Ozuah, MD, PhD
Growing up in West Africa, Philip Ozuah, MD, PhD,  realized that he had a  passion for healthcare and helping people. Now, as president and CEO of New York City-based Montefiore Medicine,  he's aligned that passion with meaningful work in what he considers "the greatest city in the world."


July 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Highest-paid CEOs in 2019: Who made the list from healthcare
Nineteen healthcare CEOs made Equilar's annual list of the 100 highest-paid CEOs at the largest U.S. companies.

'Mass amnesia' of Spanish flu left world unprepared for COVID-19, scholars say
The Spanish flu upended the world in the early 20th century, yet the pandemic was largely absent from public discourse, literature, art or research in the coming decades, according to The New York Times.

The hospital room of the future: Dr. Alistair Erskine's 5 predictions
Alistair Erskine, MD, chief digital health officer of Mass General Brigham in Boston, outlined how he sees hospital rooms changing in the future as part of the World Medical Innovation Forum, a virtual event held on May 11.

How to support employees during, after furloughs: 3 imperatives
Dozens of hospitals nationwide have decided to furlough employees as a result of lost revenue from suspending nonemergent procedures and other pandemic-related expenses.

How CHS, Tenet, HCA and UHS fared in Q1
The COVID-19 pandemic affected major for-profit hospital networks' financial and operating performance in the first quarter of 2020.

10 physician specialties that generate the most revenue for hospitals
The average amount of revenue physicians generate for hospitals has jumped significantly in recent years, and a decline in patient volumes and elective procedures due to the COVID-19 pandemic is putting hospitals and physicians in a fragile financial position.

Hospitals blast CMS decision to double down on price transparency
CMS is moving forward with price transparency efforts despite a pending legal challenge from the American Hospital Association.

Denver Health CEO apologizes for timing of exec bonuses
Denver Health Medical Center CEO Robin Wittenstein has apologized to the hospital's employees for the timing of incentive bonuses that were paid to executives a week after front-line staff were asked to take unpaid leave or cut their hours to help the hospital overcome a financial hit caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to CBS4.

8 common missteps women face in negotiations
More than 80 percent of CEOs and other executives leave money on the table when negotiating. Women have an even greater challenge: Research indicates a backlash effect causes them to hold back.

Lurie Children's sued for medical records privacy breach
The mother of a former patient of Ann and Robert Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago filed a lawsuit on May 8 against the hospital over a medical records privacy breach, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

The IT projects 12 health system execs will put on hold due to the pandemic
As hospitals and health systems across the country grapple with revenue declines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, executives are mapping out which IT projects they can delay amid potential financial constraints.

OSHA investigates suburban Atlanta hospital after nurse's death
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the death of a nurse who worked at Stockbridge, Ga.-based Piedmont Henry Hospital and may have contracted COVID-19 while caring for patients, according to a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The backbone of healthcare: 3 CNOs on what COVID-19 has taught us about nursing
The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the crucial role nurses play in the U.S. healthcare system, bringing a spirit of strength, ingenuity and courage to their work.

Peter Mohler, PhD
Peter Mohler, PhD, is the new chief scientific officer for Columbus-based Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center and health sciences colleges, and he is a healthcare veteran with COVID-19 research experience.

Lisa Oldham
Lisa Oldham, CNO and Vice President of Patient Care Services at Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, N.Y., has tenure in nurse leadership and witnessed how the Covid-19 pandemic brought her teams of nurses together during a time of critical need.

Rick Evans
It's definitely spring in New York City. All the signs are there. Days are longer and trees have bloomed. Central Park is arrayed in all its glory. But, it's also a spring like no other.

Nancy Howell Agee
Pre-COVID, health providers across the country were working to redesign care delivery. Yet, progress was inhibited by regulations more reflective of yesterday’s technology and outdated provider reimbursement policies. The COVID-19 crisis can change that.

Stephen Meth
The COVID-19 pandemic may result in lasting changes to public and private healthcare, including changes to the patient and caregiver experience arenas. Amid the crisis, healthcare organizations have had to be quick on their feet to overcome myriad clinical and operational challenges thrown at them, all while ensuring the well-being of their patients and clinicians.

Roxanna Gapstur, PhD, RN
As president and CEO of York, Pa.-based WellSpan Health, Roxanna Gapstur, PhD, RN, is able to make a difference in improving healthcare access and reducing health disparities, which she is passionate about.


June 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

61 Hospital + Health System CISOs to Know
Becker's Hospital Review named 61 hospital and health system chief information security officers to know in 2020. Hospitals and health systems across the country have appointed CISOs to oversee cybersecurity efforts, assist with data management and drive new technology implementation.

State-by-state breakdown of 354 rural hospitals at high risk of closing
Twenty-five percent of the 1,430 rural hospitals in the U.S. are at high risk of closing unless their finances improve, according to an annual analysis from Guidehouse, a consulting firm.

'This is healthcare's Amazon moment': Dr. Stephen Klasko's 5 predictions on healthcare delivery post-COVID-19
Health systems have accelerated their digital health, telehealth and virtual care capabilities in the past 30 days forcing them to disrupt themselves, says Philadelphia-based Jefferson Health President and CEO Stephen Klasko, MD.

14 hospital leaders on the toughest thing about resuming elective surgeries
Fourteen hospital and health system leaders shared the most challenging aspects of resuming elective surgeries, the first steps they are taking to reschedule elective procedures that were canceled last month, and how they are collaborating with health officials.

When will hospitals recover from COVID-19? 3 questions answered
Daily COVID-19 deaths are plateauing in New York City, but some states haven't reached their peak. With peak dates in the back of their mind, hospitals leaders nationwide are asking the same question: How quickly will they rebound from the pandemic?

Mayo Clinic furloughs, cuts hours of 30,000 employees to help offset $3B in pandemic losses
Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic said it will furlough or cut the hours of about 30,000 staff members to help offset about $3 billion in losses incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to The Post Bulletin.

Quorum Health files for bankruptcy
Brentwood, Tenn.-based Quorum Health, which operates 23 hospitals in 13 states, announced April 7 that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Reputational risks linger for execs who don't take pay cuts
Senior executives at hundreds of public U.S. companies have adjusted their salaries as pay cuts, furloughs or layoffs affect non-managerial workers amid the coronavirus pandemic. Leaders who do not reduce their base pay, defer salary, exchange cash wages or equity, or forgo bonuses put their organization's reputation at risk, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Making mistakes as a woman in charge: 6 things to note
Research has shown that women are judged more harshly than men when they make a mistake, which can result in a strong aversion to risk, lower confidence and missed leadership opportunities.

HHS delays enforcement of interoperability rules: 6 things to know
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HHS on April 21 implemented enforcement discretion of its final interoperability rules. The regulations, which were finalized March 9, were issued by CMS and ONC to give patients secure and free access to their health data via third-party apps.

Telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic: What's different & what has stayed the same for clinicians
From relaxed federal regulations to expanded insurance coverage, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven several changes for clinicians providing telehealth services.

'We can't do this forever': 8 nurses doubling as janitors at Oklahoma hospital on brink of closure
The COVID-19 pandemic could scuttle the sale of Haskell County Community Hospital in Stigler, Okla., a bankrupt hospital that is relying on a skeletal staff to keep its doors open, according to ProPublica.

5 asks clinicians have for their hospitals amid the pandemic
Hospitals and health systems should look at five main areas to ensure they are fully supporting clinicians during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an article published in JAMA.

Stephen Klasko, MD
Health systems have accelerated their digital health, telehealth and virtual care capabilities in the past 30 days forcing them to disrupt themselves, says Philadelphia-based Jefferson Health President and CEO Stephen Klasko, MD.

Zafar Chaudry, MD
The COVID-19 pandemic has been an accelerant to the use of technology in the remote healthcare space. And while it will not serve as the single solution to the pandemic, it will "be one of the lasting consequences," according to Eric Topol, MD, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, Calif.

John Couris
When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Tampa General Hospital CEO John Couris mobilized his team quickly to ensure the hospital would be able to safely deliver care to patients.

Angela Shippy, MD
Angela Shippy, MD, stepped into her expanded role as senior vice president and chief medical and quality officer of Houston-based Memorial Hermann Health System in February.

Paul Viviano
Each day as I walk the halls of Children's Hospital Los Angeles and greet our team members, I remind them that I am smiling behind my mask. I'm reminded that I have never been more grateful to a dedicated group as I am during this incredibly challenging period of time.

Christopher Scanzera
Federal and state regulatory relaxations coupled with increasing social distancing guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated telehealth adoption and paved a new way for healthcare innovation, according to Christopher Scanzera, vice president and CIO at AtlantiCare.

Christine Candio
Christine M. Candio, president and CEO of St. Luke's Health Corp. in Chesterfield, Mo., will say goodbye to her executive role when she resigns on April 1.

Daryl Tol
Daryl Tol became president and CEO of Altamonte Springs, Fla.-based AdventHealth's Central Florida division in 2015. Under his leadership, AdventHealth Orlando, the health system's flagship campus, was ranked the No. 1 hospital in Florida by U.S. News & World Report for 2019-20. AdventHealth also opened its Mission Control clinical command center at the health system's Orlando campus in August, as part of a partnership with GE Healthcare.


May 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

A look back at swine flu: 8 facts about the world's last pandemic in 2009 
The World Health Organization on March 11 declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, the first such declaration in 11 years.

61 hospital and health system CISOs to know | 2019
Becker's Hospital Review named 61 hospital and health system chief information security officers to know in 2019.

'Be prepared, not frightened': Scripps Health CEO's memo to staff about coronavirus
Chris Van Gorder, president and CEO of San Diego-based Scripps Health, sent a memo to staff March 5 seeking to address any concerns or fear surrounding the novel coronavirus.

Insurer clinic competition 'very worrisome for hospitals'
Clinics run by UnitedHealth Group, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and CVS Health have hospitals worried that patients may be steered away from their doors, according to The Wall Street Journal.

14 thoughts on leadership from women in the healthcare industry
In honor of International Women's Day March 8, Becker's Hospital Review asked women in the healthcare industry to share their insights on leadership. Here are 14 women who offered words of advice for healthcare leaders.

Coronavirus fears enrich some healthcare execs
The leaders of some healthcare companies defied the stock market wipeout last week, growing richer instead of losing money, according to Bloomberg. The executives who saw their fortunes rise all lead businesses that could profit from the coronavirus in some way.

FTC challenge of Philadelphia hospital merger 'myopic,' AHA says
The American Hospital Association is blasting the Federal Trade Commission's challenge of the merger of Jefferson Health and Einstein Healthcare Network, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

OIG's Report on Hospitals' COVID-19 Challenges, Needs: 5 Takeaways
HHS' Office of Inspector General released a report April 6 that details the challenges hospitals are confronting due to COVID-19, how they are responding, and what they are asking of the government to better meet their needs during the coronavirus crisis.

How 6 Hospital CEOs Are Responding to the Coronavirus
Here is how six hospital CEOs, from large national systems to small community hospitals, are responding to COVID-19:

From swine flu to the coronavirus: How tech is helping to flatten the curve this time around
The last global pandemic was in 2009, when there was an outbreak of H1N1, known as the swine flu, which infected 60.8 million and caused 12,469 deaths in the U.S. Back then there was panic around the best treatment and prevention options and much of the information was input manually.

How Google's deals with Ascension, Mayo Clinic, UCSF compare
There has been controversy around Google's partnerships with major health systems, as government leaders are unsure if patient data is secure.

When checking for fever, remember 98.6 is no longer the norm
As more people check their body temperature amid the coronavirus pandemic, it's important that they understand that the average human body temperature has dropped in the U.S.

Want to Boost Nurse Recruitment and Retention? First, Ask Yourself These Questions
As the demographics of the nursing workforce changes, healthcare organizations must remember to change their hiring practices and job descriptions to fit with the next generation of nurses' needs and wants.

Rod Hochman, MD
"My philosophy is that CEOs do three main things: Communicate, set strategies and hire great people."

Jhaymee Tynan
One of the biggest mistakes I have observed by professionals of all career levels is not investing the time or energy to find and secure a sponsor.

Keri Kaiser
In January, Dallas-based Children's Health announced that it had installed an Amazon Hub Locker kiosk so the families of long-term patients could receive and return packages directly from the Children's Medical Center Dallas campus.

Hans Keil
When it comes to collecting and managing COVID-19 patient data, Beaumont Health relies on its EHR as its "only source of truth," according to CIO Hans Keil.

Audrey Gregory, PhD, RN
Audrey Gregory, PhD, RN, was president of Detroit Medical Center and CEO of the organization's adult central campus. Now she is transitioning into the role of CEO, overseeing the whole medical center.

Rick Evans
As I write this, I am sitting in my office in Manhattan, part of an amazing team of people at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital taking the COVID-19 emergency head on. This morning, we have over 2,000 COVID-19 inpatients in our hospitals in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Westchester. In the corridors I walk through, in the ED just down the hall, and on the floors above me, we are taking care of COVID-19 patients. We are at the center of the storm.

Paul Hiltz
Paul Hiltz joined Naples, Fla.-based NCH Healthcare System on Sept. 3. Although he has only been on the job for six months, he said he's already spent a lot of time listening to NCH employees, community leaders and others to respond to their insights.


April 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

What hospitals can learn from Airbnb to promote innovation: Dr. John Halamka discusses
Every Sunday night John Halamka, MD, flies out of Boston to Rochester, Minn. He stays in a 600-square foot apartment that's about a five-minute walk from Mayo Clinic where he is working as the health system's inaugural president of Mayo Clinic Platform. On Thursday night, Dr. Halamka flies back to Boston where he spends Friday, Saturday and much of Sunday on his farm.

Physician recruitment has a 'Cheesecake Factory' problem: What that means, and how 3 CEOs are solving it
Forget signing bonuses and relocation packages. The latest litmus test physicians are using to evaluate job offers involves chain restaurants and medical mission trips.

What the .org sale could mean for healthcare
With the nonprofit Internet Society's November announcement of its intent to sell control of all .org domains to private equity firm Ethos Capital for $1.1 billion, .org users have expressed outrage and worry about the potential impacts of the sale.

Patients' Most & Least Recommended Hospitals
At least 20 percent of patients at these 15 hospitals said, "No, I would probably not or definitely not recommend the hospital," according to the most recent HCAHPS scores.

5 healthcare leaders reveal simple changes that saved money
Hospitals and health systems consistently monitor costs amid today's industry trends and changing reimbursement environment.

Lawmakers, Patients and Staff Blast HCA's Takeover of Mission Health
Patients, staff and elected officials are raising concerns about HCA Healthcare's management of Mission Health one year after the for-profit company acquired the Asheville, N.C.-based health system.

45 financial benchmarks for hospital executives
Hospital leaders across the nation use benchmarking as a way to determine the areas of their business that need improvement. The continuous process of benchmarking allows hospital executives to see how their organizations stack up against local and regional competitors as well as national leaders.

19 Healthcare Leaders Weigh in on How to Ensure Employee Satisfaction
Employee satisfaction plays a key role in the culture of hospitals and health systems. However, ensuring this satisfaction requires concerted efforts on behalf of organizations.

Calling out tokenism: 9 thoughts
Tokenism, the practice of doing something only to prevent criticism and give the appearance that people are being treated fairly, comes in many forms.

Houston Methodist CMIO: How transformational innovation is 'bringing the joy back to healthcare'
Nicholas Desai, MD, is the chief medical information officer of Houston Methodist, where he leads the health system's wide variety of clinical IT and innovation efforts.

South Carolina hospital hit with lawsuit following malware attack
Patients of Georgetown, S.C.-based Tidelands Health have filed a class-action lawsuit claiming the health system failed to protect their personal health information following a malware attack, according to local ABC affiliate WPDE.

Healthgrades' best 50 US hospitals for 2020
Healthgrades has released its America's Best Hospitals rankings for 2020. Three lists feature America's 50, 100 and 250 best hospitals, which represent the top 1, 2 and 5 percent of hospitals in the nation, respectively. To compile the lists, Healthgrades analyzed the performance of nearly 4,500 U.S. hospitals in treating 32 conditions and procedures, including heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and sepsis.

What hospitals may be getting wrong about physician performance reviews
Annual performance reviews for physicians often use counterproductive performance metrics that do not align with healthcare organizations' main values and strategic goals, according to Medscape.

Bechara Choucair, MD
Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente is seeking to address trauma and stress in schools through a new partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Discovery Education.

Barbara Griffith, MD
Barbara Griffith, MD, is just over 90 days into her tenure as CEO of Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge, La. Dr. Griffith has 20 years of clinical experience as an emergency medicine physician and over 15 years of leadership experience. Most recently, she was CMO and chief of business operations at Durham, N.C.-based Duke Regional Hospital. Dr. Griffith also previously served as medical staff president of Duke Regional Hospital and CFO of its physician practice.

Rhonda Medows, MD
Population health capabilities span well beyond data aggregation, and at Ayin Health Solutions, a spinout of Renton, Wash.-based Providence, data insights driven from patient populations are used to help healthcare clients on a full-service scale, according to CEO Rhonda Medows, MD.

Barry Ostrowsky
Hospitals and health systems are seeking partners left and right to pool resources, combine strengths and come out on top in an increasingly competitive environment. The goals of these partnerships are often lofty — they involve innovation, care coordination, patient access, cost efficiency and quality. With the stakes high and regulatory concerns complex, striking an agreement often takes years, pushing any potential improvements off onto a distant horizon. But lengthy negotiation processes don't have to be the norm and, in fact, shouldn't be the norm in an industry that is begging for transformation and disruption.

Thomas Shanley, MD
Ann and Robert Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago welcomed Tom Shanley, MD, to the role of president and CEO in December, after longtime leader Patrick Magoon retired.

Rick Majzun
As senior leaders in complex healthcare organizations, we have an enormous privilege. Each day, we support thousands of wonderful people doing amazing work taking care of patients and their families. We set the pace for change. We speed it up, and when appropriate, we slow it down. We are equally charged with managing things simple and complex. We have a small number of key responsibilities: achieving our missions, making our margins and taking care of our people. However, we sometimes forget that the last point — taking care of our people — should always be the first point.

Michael Dowling
"We're our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves." My colleagues in healthcare may relate to those words, written by author Tom Robbins. They apply to any leader in any sector of healthcare. As the CEO of New York's largest health system, I see all too clearly how the decisions we make each day can either push the industry forward or set it back.

Saju George
Since the beginning of his healthcare career, Saju George has been devoted to making a difference in the lives of others. He continues to exercise this dedication as a regional CEO overseeing Ontario, Calif.-based Prime Healthcare's Michigan hospitals and medical groups.


March 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Leadership strategies for women in healthcare
Although women make up a larger percentage of the healthcare workforce and hold more leadership positions than in previous decades, there are still far fewer of them than men in healthcare C-suites.

How UT Austin's human-centered design program will give healthcare's future changemakers a 'different kind of courage'
A new master's program focused on human-centered healthcare design aims to bring care delivery back to basics, sparking change "at the human level," according to Stacey Chang, executive director of the Design Institute for Health at the University of Texas at Austin's Dell Medical School.

Social isolation and loneliness are America's next public health issue
At our core, people are social beings. Whether we are a part of a sports team, social group or professional society, we all have the need for some type of social network. These connections give us opportunities to thrive, learn new things and enjoy healthier lives.

Report: Providers predict Target, Amazon most likely to follow Walmart's standalone health clinic model
While it's yet to be determined the impact Walmart's freestanding health center model will have on provider organizations, executives and clinicians anticipate other retail and tech giants will soon follow and open their own clinics, according to a recent Reaction Data report.

Hospitals, not physicians, driving up healthcare costs for privately insured, study shows
Hospital prices are a bigger driver of healthcare spending growth for the privately insured than physician prices, a study published in Health Affairs suggests.

Aggressive creditor forced hospital chain into bankruptcy, CEO says
Americore Health and its affiliated hospitals were forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late December after a lender hijacked the company's bank accounts, Americore Founder and CEO Grant White alleges in court documents filed last week.

Optum helps boost UnitedHealth profit past $5B in Q4
UnitedHealth Group saw its revenues just miss analysts' expectations in the fourth quarter of 2019, but the health insurance giant's Optum unit boosted profits.

Cleveland Clinic CEO: Being salaried without tenure helps us offer personalized care
As tension grows between standardization and personalization across all businesses, Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis asked the CEO of Cleveland Clinic how he maintains standards while encouraging individual contribution.

Moffitt Cancer Center's 1st chief digital innovation officer: Don't forget about the people behind the innovation
Though it has been barely one month since Moffitt Cancer Center named Edmondo Robinson, MD, chief digital innovation officer of the Tampa, Fla.-based organization, Dr. Robinson has already dived headfirst into the newly created role.

Dr. David Feinberg says 'we're super proud' of Project Nightingale with Ascension
Google Health leader David Feinberg, MD, continued to defend the company's partnership with St. Louis-based Ascension, nicknamed Project Nightingale, at the StartUp Health Festival, an event for biotech entrepreneurs, according to Forbes.

What millennials' lunch breaks reveal about their expectations for medical appointments
The ultra-efficient workday lunch break is nothing new, but millennials have taken this efficiency to ever more "joyless, ruthless" levels, CityLab reports, highlighting the generation's tendency toward total optimization at the expense of human interaction.

Pennsylvania hospital banned from reopening after racking up 40 citations
Americore Health acquired Ellwood City (Pa.) Medical Center in October 2017 and closed the hospital in December 2019. During that period, the Pennsylvania Department of Health cited the hospital more than 40 times, according to

Popular care program doesn't significantly cut readmission rates, study finds
A well-known program to keep "frequent flyer" patients out of the hospital does not cut readmissions any more than typical care protocols, according to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Rush University System for Health has proactive investments, partnerships in the works, CFO says
John Mordach has more than 30 years of healthcare financial management experience to call on as senior vice president and CFO of Chicago-based Rush University System for Health.

BCBS of Minnesota CEO Dr. Craig Samitt: Healthcare needs reinvention. Look to the incumbents
Craig Samitt, MD, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and its parent company, Stella, is anxious about the trajectory of healthcare cost growth in his state.

Want to tackle health disparities? Start by taking people out to breakfast, says UTMC's CMO Dr. Keith Gray
Five years ago, Keith Gray, MD, wasn't overly familiar with the term "social determinants of health." He was also surprised to learn that 173,000 people were living in at-risk zip codes around Knoxville-based University of Tennessee Medical Center, where he was practicing as a surgical oncologist.

How University of Rochester Medical Center's associate CMIO juggles administrative work, being a physician
The motivating environment of an academic medical center led Justin Mazzillo, MD, to leave Texas after his residency and join the University of Rochester (N.Y.) Medical Center.

U of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics CEO: 'Everything in healthcare doesn't need to be done by a hospital CEO'
Despite branching out through nearly 60 outpatient clinics, the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics in Iowa City — which includes the only comprehensive university medical center in the state — by and large remains a healthcare destination.

The question Paul Black and Michael Dowling won't stop asking: Why can't it be improved?
In fall 2019, Northwell Health and Allscripts combined forces to create the next-generation EHR. The cloud-based, voice-enabled and AI-powered EHR will be designed based on input from Northwell clinicians, IT experts and administrators alongside Allscripts' development and systems integration expertise.

Corner Office: AdventHealth Winter Park CEO Justin Birmele on following in his parents' footsteps and being a team player
Justin Birmele is the new CEO of AdventHealth Winter Park (Fla.), but he isn't new to the organization.


February 2020 Issue of Becker’s Hospital Review

Why Anthem doesn't want to own physician practices
As major health insurance companies are getting into the business of owning primary care practices, Anthem is pursuing a different strategy, according to Business Insider.

100 hospital and health system CIOs to know | 2020
Becker’s Hospital Review is pleased to release the 2020 edition of the “100 hospital and health system CIOs to know” annual list.

An equitable way to pay physicians? Structured salaries only, Mayo suggests
Mayo Clinic's review of 2,845 physicians' pay suggests a structured, salary-only compensation model, which the system has used for more than 40 years, effectively eliminates pay disparities.

Rural hospital closures hit record high in 2019 — here's why
About 60 million people — nearly one in five Americans — live in rural areas and depend on their local hospitals for care.

How 7 hospitals are spending innovation investment dollars: Partners, Kaiser Permanente & more
Several hospitals and health systems have launched innovation funds and used existing funds to invest in innovative startups in recent months.

Antitrust settlement pushes Sutter Health to $613M operating loss
Sacramento, Calif.-based Sutter Health reported a year-over-year increase in revenues in the third quarter of 2019, but the system ended the period with an operating loss, according to unaudited financial documents.

'Venmo it to me': The emerging generational payment gap
The emerging popularity of mobile payment services to transfer money, such as Venmo and Cash App, has created a generational disconnect, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Hospital rebrands: 22 name changes in 2019
Below are 21 hospitals that have announced or completed name changes or other rebranding efforts in 2019, reported by Becker's Hospital Review:

Amazon is pumping out CEOs — A look at the 'business gospel of Jeff Bezos'
Amazon has unseated General Electric as the unofficial feeder program for America's top corporate leaders, The Wall Street Journal's Dana Mattioli declared in a Nov. 20 column.

Cerner CEO unveils next layer of Amazon partnership
As part of its collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Cerner is developing technology to target healthcare issues including high hospital readmission rates and clinical documentation burdens, according to the EHR vendor's CEO and Chairman Brent Shafer.

6 hospitals in the spotlight for medical errors in 2019 — and how they're fixing them
Several hospitals are working to improve patient safety and curb medical errors after reports this year found lapses in patient care that ultimately led to patient deaths.

Nurse sues Pennsylvania hospital, says it fired her for refusing flu shot
A nurse filed a lawsuit against Penn Medicine Lancaster (Pa.) General Health Dec. 5, alleging religious discrimination after she was fired for not getting a flu shot, CBS 21 reports.

Letter to the editor: Nurse practitioners are not 'mid-level' providers
Fifteen physicians are expected to be let go from the suburban Edward-Elmhurst Hospital in the next year, as reported by Becker's Hospital Review.

Why storytelling is a key part of Sutter Health's safety work
William Isenberg, MD, PhD, vice president of patient safety at Sacramento, Calif.-based Sutter Health, credits some of the system's success with its safety work to what some might see as an unconventional workplace practice: storytelling.

I'm a chief experience officer: Here's what keeps me up at night
Optimism is important to a chief experience officer. While this ideally should be true for all healthcare leaders, it's especially a core competency for CXOs.

It's in the details: How a fitted sheet spurred hospitalwide change at Tampa General
I spend several hours each month working on the frontlines of Tampa General Hospital.

Living Like a Leader: A day with Cleveland Clinic Florida CEO Dr. Wael Barsoum
Great organizations are not really led by a single person.

How CIO Myra Davis defined a culture of innovation at Texas Children's Hospital
Since assuming dual responsibilities of CIO and chief innovation officer earlier this year, Texas Children's Hospital's Myra Davis has streamlined innovation efforts at the Houston-based health system.


January 2020 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

19 hospital bankruptcies, state by state
From reimbursement landscape challenges to dwindling patient volumes, many factors lead hospitals to file for bankruptcy.

Ascension leader shares 8 reactions to reports on system's work with Google
Eduardo Conrado, executive vice president of strategy and innovations for St. Louis-based Ascension, has shared several reactions to the Nov. 11 Wall Street Journal report that Ascension and Google began a secret partnership, coined Project Nightingale, in 2018 that allowed the tech giant to amass personal health information on millions of patients.

20 healthcare leaders respond to the sudden death of Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson
Bernard J. Tyson, chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, died in his sleep early Sunday at 60 years old. His sudden death led to an outpouring of condolences from the healthcare community.

How the Cerner, Amazon partnership is unfolding
Since partnering with Amazon in July, Cerner has made plans to increase efficiency and lowering costs.

Sanford Health must hire auditor to monitor billing after whistleblower settlement
Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Sanford Health has entered into a corporate integrity agreement with the HHS Office of Inspector General that requires the health system to hire an independent auditor to monitor Medicare and Medicaid claims, according to the Argus Leader.

CMS finalizes hospital price transparency rule: 6 things to know
CMS issued a final rule Nov. 15 that requires hospitals to disclose the rates they negotiate with insurers beginning in 2021.

Walmart to expand standalone health center model, CEO says
Walmart opened its first freestanding health center in September, and the retail giant is planning to open several more, President and CEO Doug McMillon said in management's commentary accompanying Walmart's third-quarter results.

S&P: 7 healthcare trends to watch in 2020
Healthcare leaders should keep tabs on several trends next year, including a continued threat of industry disruption, deterioration of credit ratings, and mergers among payers that will pressure pricing, according to a new report from S&P Global Ratings

New York hospital unable to access some patient data after ransomware attack
New York City-based Brooklyn Hospital Center is notifying an undisclosed number of patients about a cybersecurity incident that may have exposed their information.

Everything you need to know about Seattle Children's mold issues
Three lawsuits were filed Dec. 2 against Seattle Children's Hospital, the latest developments relating to longstanding mold issues in the facility's operating rooms, according to The Seattle Times.

Geisinger detects source of NICU infections that killed 3 infants
Danville, Pa.-based Geisinger Medical Center identified contaminated equipment as the source of Pseudomonas bacteria that killed three infants and sickened five others in its neonatal intensive care unit this fall, reports The Daily Item.

Novant Health leaders talk Walgreens partnership goals for 2020
Novant Health's Oct. 1 announcement that it will open retail health clinics in several Walgreens pharmacies in North Carolina comes amid a stream of retailers taking on healthcare.

'Culture really does start at the top': St. Luke Health's CEO Dr. David Pate reflects on his decadelong tenure
David Pate, MD, president and CEO of Boise, Idaho-based St. Luke's Health System, is stepping down in January after leading the health system 10 years. Here, he discusses key lessons learned as leader of the nonprofit, how St. Luke's has positioned itself for success and why efforts must turn to disease prevention in the next decade.

'If there isn't a seat at the table, bring your own chair': How IU Health is giving nurses a voice in leadership decisions
Michelle Janney, PhD, RN, serves as executive vice president, COO and interim chief nurse executive of Indianapolis-based Indiana University Health.

Michael Dowling: When it comes to health disparities, gaps in mental health treatment are the worst
One in 5 adults experience a mental illness, ranging from mild to severe. Of those 46.6 million adults, only 43 percent received care for their mental health over the course of a year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Corner Office: ChristianaCare CEO Dr. Janice Nevin on 'love' as a professional value
When Janice Nevin, MD, first interviewed at ChristianaCare 17 years ago, she was floored by its mission to serve the community. Now, as CEO of the Wilmington, Del.-based health system, Dr. Nevin is leading a new iteration of that mission that focuses on a slightly unusual professional value.



December, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Healthcare leaders: We'll all benefit if we reconcile the terms 'patient' and 'consumer'
In recent years, I've found myself involved in conversations at my health system and with my chief experience officer colleagues around the country about the nomenclature for the people we serve.

'We had to begin to change behaviors': Novant Health CEO Carl Armato on making diversity and inclusion a core value
Embedding diversity and inclusion into an organization in a sustainable way can be a challenge. However, Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Novant Health has made it part of its strategy from the board-level down.

Michael Dowling: Staying focused is the best thing leaders can do for their teams
I'm often asked about the best thing leaders can do to keep their teams engaged. My answer is simple: Stay relentlessly and unapologetically focused.

Corner Office: Stanford Children's CEO Paul King on why he always remembers to take a jacket
Changing and improving the lives of children motivates veteran healthcare leader Paul King each day, making him the perfect fit for his role as president and CEO of Stanford Children's Health and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, based in Palo Alto, Calif.

22 hospital closures, state by state
From reimbursement landscape challenges to dwindling patient volumes, many factors lead hospitals to close.

Allscripts, Northwell Health to build voice-enabled EHR
Northwell Health and Allscripts have teamed up to develop and deploy a cloud-based, voice-enabled EHR across the New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based health system.

Houston Methodist innovation VP's advice to healthcare organizations: 'Disrupt or be disrupted'
Though it has since been formally rebranded as the Center for Innovation, Houston Methodist's innovation team can't seem to shake its tongue-in-cheek nickname: the D.I.O.P group, short for "Digital Innovation-Obsessed People."

Amazon buys healthcare startup to power primary care program
Amazon has acquired a medical technology startup to help power Amazon Care, a primary care program launched in September at the company's Seattle headquarters.

'I'm not sure that this is ethical, moral or right': Newark Beth Israel kept patient alive to improve transplant program's survival rate
Newark (N.J.) Beth Israel Medical Center allegedly kept a patient in a vegetative state alive for a year to improve its transplant program's survival rate, according to an investigative report from ProPublica.

UnitedHealth, Optum offer care + coverage under new package
UnitedHealth Group and its health services subsidiary Optum are undertaking a new effort to combine health insurance and medical care, according to Forbes contributor Bruce Japsen

Erlanger posts $4M loss in Q1 of FY 2020: 7 things to know
Chattanooga, Tenn.-based Erlanger Health System lost $2 million more than it anticipated in the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, CFO Britt Tabor reported this week, according to a health system email to Becker's Hospital Review.

UnitedHealthcare's policy will limit outpatient surgery payments to hospitals
UnitedHealthcare has expanded prior authorization requirements and site of service medical necessity reviews for certain surgeries in an effort to shift surgical procedures to less expensive locations, according to Modern Healthcare.

Boards are tired of focusing on diversity, PwC finds
Board members see the benefits of diversity but are largely "ready to move onto other topics," according to PwC's 2019 Annual Corporate Directors Survey.

Mount Sinai opens diversity innovation hub
New York City-based Mount Sinai Health System's Icahn School of Medicine announced the launch of its Diversity and Inclusion Hub, in which researchers will use technology and data to address social determinants of health.

California clinic to close after ransomware wipes out patient records
Wood Ranch Medical announced Sept. 18 that it will close in December after a ransomware attack caused the Simi Valley, Calif.-based medical clinic to lose all access to its patients' medical records.

Half of nurses, physicians are burned out, study finds
Between 35 percent and 54 percent of U.S. nurses and physicians are burned out, a situation that won't improve until healthcare organizations, educational institutions and the government all make systemic changes, according to a new report from the National Academy of Medicine.

Tryon Medical Partners CEO: Our mission is to 'free physicians from hospital systems'
Nearly 100 physicians split from Charlotte, N.C.-based Atrium Health last year to form an independent medical group called Tryon Medical Partners. Now, more physicians are joining the group, according to The Charlotte Observer.



November, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Championing better care 8,000 miles from home: Meet Tamra Minton, UPMC International's new VP of nursing and quality
In September, UPMC named Tamra Minton, MBA, MSN, RN, vice president of nursing and quality for UPMC International, a role in which she will work with UPMC's public and private partners in Ireland, Italy, China and Kazakhstan.

Living Like a Leader: A day with LifePoint Health's President and CEO David Dill
I am working on being more effective about scheduling a margin in my calendar for more time to think and explore new ideas.

'More care for more kids': Passion for the mission drives new Driscoll Health CFO
Driscoll Health System's mission is to provide care to more children in need, and that's a goal its new CFO can get behind.

Leaders, let's not forget our most important 'skill'
In pursuit of my doctorate in business administration, I have spent a great deal of time reviewing research to more thoroughly understand how modifications in leadership styles and a greater focus on organizational culture can help drive quality and access to patient care while keeping costs in check.

Michael Dowling: Health reform begins with making better lifestyle choices
As healthcare continues to be a top-ticket item for the 2020 presidential election, I've noticed that talk of reform overlooks one major stakeholder: the patient.

Corner Office: Why CHLA CEO Paul Viviano feels blessed and how he gives back
A California native, Paul Viviano's three decades of healthcare leadership have been driven by a calling to support his community however possible.

38 best-rated commercial health plans for 2019
The National Committee for Quality Assurance ranked Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States and Tufts Benefit Administrators among its highest-performing commercial health plans for 2019-20.

Walmart unveils plan to build healthcare workforce: 5 things to know
As Walmart pushes deeper into healthcare, the retail giant is rolling out education benefit programs to help its employees prepare for new jobs.

Why UCSF Health's patient initiatives don't feel like the flavor of the month
Susan Pappas, division director, UCSF Health experience excellence at University of California San Francisco Health, discusses the importance of being able to scale experience initiatives, the benefits of adopting Lean philosophy and why excellent patient experience requires commitment from the entire organization.

How Penn Medicine is overcoming interoperability Challenges
Jim Beinlich is the associate vice president and chief data information officer of corporate information services at Philadelphia-based Penn Medicine.

Rest, journaling and listening: The habits hospital leaders developed this year
As hospital and health system leaders evolve in their roles, they often pick up new habits that stick with them.

Hospitals win challenge to site-neutral pay cuts
A Washington, D.C., federal judge ruled Sept. 17 that CMS overstepped its authority last year when it expanded a site-neutral pay policy that cut Medicare payments for hospital outpatient visits by hundreds of millions of dollars.

ethodist Le Bonheur wipes out medical debt for 6,500 patients
Memphis, Tenn.-based Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare erased medical debt for more than 6,500 patients after an investigation by MLK50 and ProPublica.

UNC board chair resigns: ‘I don’t have the energy to lead anymore’
Harry Smith, chairman of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors, stepped down Oct. 1, noting that he doesn’t “have the energy to lead anymore,” according to The News & Observer.

PMC’s 24-member board faces criticism over management of nonprofit
UPMC’s board of directors is facing ongoing criticism over how it manages the nonprofit health system’s
charitable assets, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Why EHR customization should be kept to a minimum: Providence St. Joseph Health CMIO
As senior vice president and chief medical information officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, Michael Marino, DO, leads the Irvine, Calif.-based health system's clinical informatics department and system wide optimization efforts.

NYU Langone Health is replacing the hub-and-spokes model of innovation with a 'neural network' of interdepartmental collaboration
Thomas J. Graham, MD, is the director of strategy and innovation in the department of orthopedic surgery at NYU Langone Health in New York City.

PwC: 5 ways to address social determinants of health
Healthcare organizations must rethink how they are approaching social determinants of health to see significant improvements in disease burden and health costs, according to a new report from PwC Health Research Institute.


October, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

2 hospitals to close in Ohio, West Virginia

New York hospital faces financial peril without buyer

Arkansas hospital closes with no notice

Johns Hopkins All Children’s faces record state fines

New York hospital campus to close in October

Hospital closures in Ohio, W.Va. will result in 1,200 layoffs

Kaiser’s net income surges to $2B in Q2

Texas hospital abruptly closes

Texas hospital closes after 70 years

Mayo Clinic’s operating income jumps 88% in Q2

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September, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Nurses challenge sale, closure of Pennsylvania hospitals

UnitedHealth records $3.3B profit in Q2

California hospital seeks lucrative title change

HCA defeats false claims lawsuit over office deals

The average price for treating primary care conditions in ED? $2,032, UnitedHealth says

Mayo Clinic wins $11.5M tax fight

BCBS of Minnesota defends restrictive policies that hospitals call unlawful

2019 drug price hikes running 5 times the rate of inflation

BCBS of Mass. CEO: Global payment success 'shows we don't have to wait for political consensus to act in healthcare'

How Intermountain's new company, Castell, aims to ease shift to value-based care

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August, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

UPMC enters unprecedented 10-year contract with Highmark

Sanford Health, UnityPoint to merge: 5 things to know

HCA fires back in lawsuit over ER 'cover charge'

Trump demands transparency on healthcare costs: 7 things to know

ProMedica's operating loss more than triples in Q1

70% of Cerner clients say they wouldn't use the vendor's RCO services again

These 10 physician specialties generate the most revenue for hospitals

Vermont health system files for bankruptcy

California hospital's future depends on 'tower of shame'

Top Erlanger execs face no-confidence vote from medical staff 

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July, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

These 10 physician specialties generate the most revenue for hospitals

Hedge fund manager predicts CHS will go bankrupt

CEO Wayne Smith bets on CHS turnaround with $3M investment

Supreme Court sides with hospitals in multibillion-dollar payment dispute

Patients sue HCA over emergency room 'cover charge'

CMS terminates Kentucky hospital's Medicare contract

Massachusetts hospitals stockpile $1.6B in offshore accounts, nurses say

UnitedHealth CEO: Optum won't build hospitals

Indiana hospital to close, lay off 437 employees

Washington health system files for bankruptcy, cites issues with revenue cycle vendor; Private equity-owned hospital chain files for bankruptcy; Is Mayo Clinic primarily a school or a medical center? Federal judges will decide

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June, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

CMS' proposed inpatient payment rule for 2020: 9 things to know

105-year-old Ohio hospital closes; Indiana hospital closes, lays off 269 employees

CMS unveils 5 new payment models to overhaul primary care: 6 things to know

Hospital CEO responds to patient billed $142 for chat with physician during physical

UPMC's revenue climbs to $5.1B in first 3 months of 2019

BJC HealthCare more than doubles net income year-to-date

Tenet sees revenue slide, posts $27M loss in Q1

Walmart increasingly comparing physicians over cost: 5 things to know

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May, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Trump's 2020 budget proposal: 5 healthcare takeaways

New York hospital settles with Cerner over billing problems: 5 things to know

CMS terminates Missouri hospital's Medicare contract

HCA accused of billing fraud: 3 things to know; Quorum aims to shed up to 9 hospitals

Cleveland Clinic's annual net income drops 91% on heavy investment losses

7 hospital mergers called off in past year; Kansas hospital closes: 4 things to know

Ascension buys Florida hospital, plans $47M investment

Tenet shrinks loss to $5M, plans new $200M cost-cutting drive

Geisinger, Highmark to build Pennsylvania hospital; BJC HealthCare sees 61% drop in annual operating income

Physicians accepted $40M in kickbacks from Texas hospital, feds say

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April, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Tower Health points to Epic install costs for operating loss

Ohio hospital to close after 105 years

Kansas hospital abruptly closes

Pennsylvania attorney general takes legal action against UPMC over patient access

Mayo's annual revenue climbs to $12.6B amid move to Epic EHR

North Carolina hospital misses payroll

Partners posts $463M loss in Q1

Nurses sue CHI over on-call pay: 4 things to know

Ascension's operating revenue climbs $1.3B in first half of FY 2019

Indiana hospital overbilled Medicare by $22M, OIG says

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March, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

41 physicians to split with Novant Health in May

Physician burnout is a 'public health crisis': 3 strategies to address it

Steal this idea: How Chick-fil-A inspired Baystate executives to redesign nurse hiring

How IU Health is attracting millennials, retaining new nurses

UnitedHealth's Optum revenues surpass $100B for 1st time

Apple, Aetna team up on health app: 8 things to know

Rural California hospital 'defying gravity' as it changes strategy to survive

Hospital-owned drug company to offer 20 generics in 2019

CHI to sell health plan to Centene

Partners CEO Dr. David Torchiana abruptly steps down

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February, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Apple has quietly hired dozens of physicians: 5 things to know

Massachusetts General Hospital might store patient data on blockchain through new partnership

State-by-state breakdown of 93 rural hospital closures

4 questions to assess whether blockchain 'makes sense' at your hospital

Aetna's chief digital officer: 'Insurance will change dramatically'

Dignity Health CFO Dan Morissette discusses CHI megamerger, Apple partnership

Michigan Hospital CEO Will Take Pay Cut to Boost Facility's Finances

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January, 2019 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Walmart will require workers to travel for spine surgery in effort to cut healthcare costs

Amazon to sell EHR-mining software

Physician viewpoint: How to remove 'stupid stuff' from EHRs

We have a moral imperative to speak out':10 questions with the physician leading #ThisIsOurLane

Geisinger CEO Dr. David Feinberg heads to Google: 5 things to know

CHS to divest 4 hospitals, exit South Carolina

Michigan hospital rejects woman's heart transplant, recommends she raise $10K

Physician group with 873 employees files for bankruptcy

What CVS stores will look like after the Aetna deal

Trump administration issues plan to promote healthcare competition: 7 notes

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December, 2018 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

25 hospitals, health systems with newly created executive roles in 2018 so far; HCA, Cleveland Clinic battle intensifies for Florida market share; CHS sees net loss swell to $325M in Q3; Amazon unveils cloud, voice initiatives to address opioid addiction; 9 physician specialties see jump in compensation; WakeMed CMIO Dr. Neal Chawla's team goals for 2019: Training, analytics & patient functionality; How Renown Health's Dr. Patrick Woodard ensures hospital technology improves human relationships; 11 executives share their best advice;CEO to know: Dr. John Jay Shannon of Cook County Health and Hospital System; Essentia Health's operating margin dips below 1% as costs mount; Ochsner Health, Walmart to launch accountable care plan in Louisiana; Bringing 'Moneyball' to medicine: Paul DePodesta on his time with the Oakland A's and the future of analytics; Why Jewish Allegheny General president spoke to synagogue shooting suspect at hospital; CVS pilots membership program to take on Amazon; NYC Health + Hospitals debuts Epic EMR at 11 more facilities; Cleveland Clinic: Top 10 medical trends, innovations in 2019; CMS' final physician payment rule for 2019: 6 things to know; Shuttered Virginia hospital plans to reopen Dec. 27; Northwell Health launches $1B fundraising campaign; Moody's top risks for providers, payers; CMS says it will recoup $1B in improper Medicare payments by 2020; OIG: Paying physicians more to boost screenings doesn't violate kickback laws; 24 cities with higher-than-average healthcare prices; HCA's profit climbs to $759M in Q3; Einstein Healthcare CFO: My heart attack made me 'reevaluate my work-life balance'; CHS sees net loss swell to $325M in Q3; UnitedHealth paying $69B toward value-based agreements; Essentia Health's operating margin dips below 1% as costs mount; UHS sees jump in net income, ups reserve for DOJ investigations to $90M; Ochsner Health, Walmart to launch accountable care plan in Louisiana; Indiana hospital files for bankruptcy, scales back services; CHI allegedly defrauded of millions by IT employee, 2 others; Arizona hospital rebrands after bankruptcy; HCA hospitals win $150M in arbitration against Aetna; Hospital bankruptcies continue to skyrocket: 3 things to know;LifePoint sees net income decline 19% in Q3; Louisiana hospital files for bankruptcy, blames ex-administrator for financial crisis; Bringing 'Moneyball' to medicine: Paul DePodesta on his time with the Oakland A's and the future of analytics; Walmart wants to cut healthcare costs for customers; HCA to close Sister Emmanuel Hospital in Miami; Frictionless healthcare: How a better user experience can turn your organization into a market leader; Harvard Business Review's best-performing CEOs in the world; Northwell Health to supply interim CEO, leadership team to New York hospital; Mayo Clinic wants its name removed from political ads; 6 healthcare leaders on how to handle disagreements with colleagues; Why Jewish Allegheny General president spoke to synagogue shooting suspect at hospital; Partners, Care New England end partnership talks with Lifespan; 25 hospitals, health systems with newly created executive roles in 2018 so far; Akron Children's Hospital CEO steps down after nearly 40 years; Incoming HCA CEO Sam Hazen on system's future: 4 takeaways; BCBS of Massachusetts to pay hospitals to keep patients out; Ascension, Adventist Health System JV slashes outpatient sites by 50%; University Hospitals taps former UnitedHealthcare CMO for clinical leadership role: 5 notes; Walgreens wants to be seen as 'true healthcare company,' CEO says; CVS pilots membership program to take on Amazon; Broward Health promotes COO to acting CEO: 6 things to know; UnitedHealth revenue soars to $57B; Optum quietly picks up pharmacy in Q3; HCA, Cleveland Clinic battle intensifies for Florida market share; HCA to merge 2 Florida hospitals; Flu cost employers $21B last season; A third of MSSP ACOs may leave program under new rule, survey finds; AHA says payer consolidation, not hospital prices, raises healthcare costs; NewYork-Presbyterian CEO: 'We have to have universal coverage'; NYC Health + Hospitals debuts Epic EMR at 11 more facilities; Allscripts posts $36M net loss, 16% rise in revenue for Q3: 4 things to know; Navicent Health CIO wins CHIME's transformational leadership award; Mayo Clinic partners with AI firm to screen patients for heart conditions; Amazon, NIH partner to link biomedical researchers; BayCare rolls out retail locations that will sell healthcare wearables; Amazon unveils cloud, voice initiatives to address opioid addiction; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Biden Cancer Initiative join forces for cancer data nonprofit; Allscripts adds drug pricing tool to EHR solutions; WakeMed CMIO Dr. Neal Chawla's team goals for 2019: Training, analytics & patient functionality; Digital health VC deals top $3B in 2018, driven by analytics investments; Google creates AI to detect when breast cancer spreads; Anthem snags former Google leader to manage AI; LabCorp joins Apple's Health Records project, increasing patient access to lab resultsLabCorp joins Apple's Health Records project, increasing patient access to lab results; How Renown Health's Dr. Patrick Woodard ensures hospital technology improves human relationships; Duke launches Woo Center for Big Data and Precision Health; Penn Medicine researchers predict depression diagnoses from Facebook posts; Apple Heart Study hits 400K participants & 4 more updates; Cleveland Clinic: Top 10 medical trends, innovations in 2019; How a Novant Health hospital reduced infections by 70%; What keeps CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield up at night? Pandemic flu; Icahn med school professor tapped as Morgan Stanley's inaugural CMO; 9 physician specialties see jump in compensation; Partners HealthCare opens center of excellence for preventive care, chronic care; Apple's health clinic manager opens first San Francisco facility; 15 leaders on why hospitals should hire a chief wellness officer;Care concerns emerge from Missouri's 'assistant physician' licensure program; Cancer hospital ads mislead patients about survival chances, report says; Viewpoint: What hospitals can do to help EDs overwhelmed by psychiatric patients; Duke University Hospital to roll out AI system for sepsis; 3 ways health systems can better communicate data to physicians; FDA approves opioid 10 times stronger than fentanyl; How U of Tennessee Medical Center cut opioid use in half; Baylor St. Luke's replaces heart transplant program chief; UPMC hospital to face class-action suit over improperly cleaned equipment; 'Patient safety room of horrors' helps med students prepare for hospital mishaps; 11 executives share their best advice; Corner Office: Cook County Health and Hospitals System CEO Dr. John Jay Shannon on the importance of strong teams; Click here to download a PDF of this issue


November, 2018 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Walmart Is Changing How We Pay For Healthcare: 5 Things to Know; Fewer People are Dying from Gunshots in Chicago: Stroger Hospital Is A Big Reason Why; UCHealth's Dr. C.T. Lin On Crucial Skills For Aspiring CMIOs; 4 Questions With Yuma Regional Medical Center's Dr. Sarah Kramer; Cleveland Clinic May Grow to 15 Hospitals; Colorado Hospital Ousts CFO After 2 Months; Maryland Is Displaying Healthcare Costs on T-shirts; 6 Healthcare Leaders Discuss Their Hardest Day At Work; Mayo Completes Epic Transition; 11 Steps Hospitals Can Take to Improve EHRs by 2028; How the Nationwide IV Bag Shortage Helped Texas Health Boost Patient, Nurse Satisfaction; Kansas hospital to close by Dec. 31;Baylor, Memorial Hermann to form 68-hospital system; California hospital operator bankrupt after Anthem sues; Trinity Health forms new 5-hospital system ; CHS subsidiary to pay $262M to settle fraud probe ; 400% price hike for generic drug a 'moral requirement,' Missouri pharma CEO says; UnitedHealth warns hospitals it may drop Envision ER physicians from network; Dignity Health's timekeeping software denies nurses overtime pay, lawsuit alleges ; U of Kansas Health receives record-breaking $66M gift; AHA, CHA leaders fire back at emergency room cost op-ed; Advocate Aurora's operating income down 20%, in part due to Epic EHR implementation; Aging population, rising healthcare costs a dangerous mix for economy, Moody's says; U of California health system faces 'existential threat' if it doesn't adapt, health officials say; BCBS of Michigan to pay members up to $550 for healthcare shopping ; GAO: 10 things to know about the spike in rural hospital closures ; Physicians say BCBS of Georgia has denied hundreds of patients' ER claims: 'This puts patients in a terrible position'; Mark Zuckerberg to sell $13B in Facebook stock to help cure major diseases; Ex-New York hospital CEO’s severance package focus of criminal probe; 6 healthcare leaders discuss their hardest day at work; Netflix co-founder urges healthcare leaders to develop 'tolerance of risk'; LifePoint shareholders approve RCCH merger, reject $120M in payouts for top execs; Orlando Health hit with $100M defamation suit by fired physician; Hospital privacy curtains are breeding MRSA, study finds; EEOC sues Saint Thomas Health over mandatory flu shot policy; Why the world could see another flu pandemic; Paper towels spread less bacteria than air hand dryers in hospital bathrooms, study finds; Pennsylvania hospital makes escape room for sepsis staff training; How the nationwide IV bag shortage helped Texas Health boost patient, nurse satisfaction; FDA proposes antibiotic subscription plan for hospitals; Physicians' choice: Best hospitals for treating key conditions; 4 flu preparedness lessons from the 1918 pandemic; Most physicians burned out, overworked + 8 other survey findings; Summa Health denied bid to restart ER residency program; Texas hospital to offer free drive-thru flu shots; Flu lasts longer in larger cities, experts say; Tenet's Detroit Medical Center strikes deal with 300-member physician group; 70% of physicians unwilling to recommend their profession, survey finds; 3 Boston hospitals fined nearly $1M for letting 'Boston Trauma' film on-site, breaching HIPAA; Health plans increasingly cover telemedicine services, despite low adoption; Mayo completes Epic transition with Arizona, Florida go-lives; KLAS: 5 clinical documentation vendors, ranked by workflow efficiency; Cerner names physician 'all-stars' from MedStar Health, Dignity Health, more; Cerner President Zane Burke sells 283K shares after tendering resignation; Advocate Aurora Health unveils 1st project under Matter collaboration; Analysts: GE's removal of CEO could jeopardize spinoff of healthcare unit; Elon Musk suggests he's only months from 'merging' the human brain with AI; IBM says its new services 'open the black box of AI'; Colorado regional hospital to save $5M on Epic EHR after affiliating with larger system; Aspire Health hacked in phishing scheme, seeks to subpoena Google for more details; AI to save healthcare $150B by 2025: 5 report insights; Cyberattack forces Indiana hospital to cancel elective surgeries, divert ambulances; Robert C. Garrett: Redesigning medical education to create the physician of the future; How does Kaiser Permanente decide which public health causes to invest in? We asked CEO Bernard J. Tyson; Michael Dowling: The evolving relationship between hospitals and Big Pharma;Corner Office: Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital CEO Caitlin Stella on how payer, provider struggles hurt patients; Click here to download a PDF of this issue


October, 2018 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

100 great community hospitals | 2018; 10 MDs to FOLLOW on TWITTER; What to do if You're Laid Off: 3 Tips From 2 Ex-Hospital Executives; 8 Healthcare Leaders Share Their Physician Alignment Strategies;143 ACOs to KNOW IN 2018; Why 3 Health Systems Changed Their Names; CMS miscalculated MIPS payment adjustments: 4 things to know; Vanderbilt University Medical Center points to Epic rollout for 68% drop in operating income; Healthcare finance leaders share 7 cost-cutting strategies; Cleveland Clinic’s operating income plunges 80% in Q2; Michigan hospital blames ‘aggressive, direct competitor’ for financial troubles; Massive billing scheme spread to 10-hospital group, lawsuit alleges; California health system’s bankruptcy challenged by employee union; Nashville General has no documentation for $400K in credit card purchases by leaders, audit finds; Comcast is reinventing employee healthcare: 4 things to know; BCBS of Texas to stop reimbursing nonemergent ER visits; Vermont board won't weigh in on hospital CEO compensation after request to freeze pay; 57% of Americans have been surprised by a medical bill,most blame insurers; Why massive CEO, employee pay discrepancies aren't drawing much backlash; The healthcare job most likely to get a pay raise; 29 statistics on annual physician compensation by specialty; New $8B health system: Bon Secours, Mercy Health finalize merger; Tenet exits UK market after 3 years; Gundersen Health’s $50K knee replacement list price is 5 times what it costs; Pennsylvania man receives 2 echocardiograms at same hospital — one cost $170, the other $3,101; Partners Q3 operating income nearly doubles; Hospitals are investing in housing — Here's why; Academic medical centers generally behind counterparts in cost, quality, study finds; Medicare is driving ACO growth: 4 report findings; Tennessee health system files for bankruptcy, says it owes CHS $28M; Steward to close Ohio hospital, lay off 388; NYU makes medical school tuition free for all students; 450 hospitals at risk of potential closure, Morgan Stanley analysis finds; CHS, Quorum say investors weren't duped into buying stock at inflated prices; Oklahoma hospital, Aetna accuse management company of billing fraud; South Carolina hospital to close: 4 things to know; Mississippi hospital files for bankruptcy; Proposed payment changes likely to ding hospital margins; Houston hospital appeals loss of federal funding for heart transplants; Moody's: Margin contraction puts nonprofit hospitals on unsustainable path; Texas hospital lays off 40% of administrative staff amid financial troubles; Kaiser's net income dips 35% to $653M; 6-hospital Verity Health files for bankruptcy; Illinois hospital closes: 4 things to know; Texas microhospital forced to close due to sharp decline in reimbursement; Texas Children's operating income soars 448% in first 9 months of fiscal year; Highmark to pay ambulance companies for treating patients outside hospital; AMA releases 335 coding changes for 2019; Oscar Health to get $375M infusion from Alphabet; Molina posts $202M profit after major restructure; 8 things to know about CNO salary; Operator of 22 freestanding ERs files for bankruptcy; Americans rigging own medical safety nets as health plan costs climb; Sharp, Providence Health, MemorialCare collaborate with Aetna for regional health plan; The 2 work-from-home healthcare jobs with $85K-plus salaries; Orlando Health's operating income rises 51% in Q3; How Cleveland Clinic has been boxed out of Palm Beach; HCA now owns 53 hospitals in Texas; Ascension sells Washington hospital to for-profit chain; Northwestern, Centegra complete 10-hospital merger; For-profit hospital chain closes $78M deal for Washington health system; UMMC withdraws offer to affiliate with 208-bed hospital; Sanford CEO aims to announce merger plans with $1B Chicago system by year's end; Brown University joins Partners, Care New England deal; 93% of metropolitan hospital markets will be highly concentrated by 2019: 5 things to know; Hospitals close at 30-a-year pace: 3 things to know; Texas hospital reduces patient's $109K balance bill to $332 after media coverage; West Virginia University Health System looks to add 9th hospital; University of Kansas Health System acquires competing hospital; Shuttered Texas hospital strikes lease deal; Texas Health Resources' net income sinks 63% in first half of 2018; IU Health sees operating income jump 48% in first half of 2018; UPMC sees net income dip 69% as operating margin improves; Mission Health pledges $90M to rural communities if HCA deal closes; Private equity firms pouring millions into physician offices: 3 things to know; Hospital-led ACOs perform worse than those led by physicians, study finds; CJR shows early success; US News’ Best Hospitals 2018-19 Honor Roll; Georgia hospital CEO asks for buyout amid physician firings backlash; Ascension fires 75% of DC-based Providence Health System’s board; 12 healthcare leaders share their daily mantras; Central Maine Healthcare CEO speaks out amid EHR woes, physician backlash; ‘Mayo magic’: How Mayo Clinic built its reputation as a leading hospital; What Amazon’s success can teach healthcare execs: 4 takeaways; 11 healthcare leaders on the best, most efficient way to recognize employees; Cleveland Clinic taps permanent chief strategy officer: 5 things to know; Indeed: 25 best hospitals to work for in 2018; HCA Healthcare CEO to retire at end of the year: 7 things to know; Amazon's newest hire is a top cardiologist from Mass General; 47-hospital Adventist Health System changes name; Intermountain cuts 396 jobs, adds 107 in reorganization; UnitedHealthcare's CMO out weeks after taking role; Optum co-creator named COO of Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan venture; Why COO hire is a 'bold statement' for Amazon-JPMorgan-Berkshire venture; Geisinger, Dignity + 15 health systems join forces to improve Medicaid care; Healthcare – no easy answers: A quick commentary from Scott Becker; Healthcare turns to outside sources to lead marketing efforts; Mount Sinai launches its own TV show in NY; Healthcare job growth continues; hospitals added 8K jobs in August; ProMedica lays off 100 employees to cut costs; Drucker Institute: 22 most effectively managed healthcare companies; How Allina Health's CEO launched a fight against mental health stigma; Ex-Lutheran Health CEO seeks investors for private venture; California health systems form alliance to advise on climate change laws, regulations; Steward Health Care moves headquarters to Dallas; Google turns 20: Here are 7 ways it’s changing healthcare; All of US News’ top 20 hospitals use Epic; Hospitals with ‘basic’ EHRs keep physicians longer than those with ‘advanced’ EHRs, study finds; Apple is hiring for its health business; Northwestern lays off 60 IT workers after Epic EHR rollout; Epic, athenahealth & more offer app stores — Here’s how many apps they offer; Pew, AMA: 6 components to consider when assessing EHR safety, usability; Into the wild with health IT: 6 highlights from Judy Faulkner’s Epic UGM address; Central Maine Healthcare CEO says EHR woes contributed to high physician turnover; Dr. John Halamka cites 4 major barriers to healthcare interoperability; Data governance: 4 considerations for hospitals to balance; To address the physician shortage, Japan plans 10 ‘AI hospitals’ — Here’s what they will look like; IBM Watson Health refutes media reports that its product is failing: 8 things to know; DOJ charges North Korean programmer in WannaCry ransomware attacks; CISOs from 6 leading hospitals to create cybersecurity guidelines for vendors; 258K individuals affected in 5-year Wisconsin hack, possibly by elected official; Hospitals aren’t buying cybersecurity insurance, FICO survey finds; Philips issues another cybersecurity alert for some of its medical devices; CVS, Teladoc team up to bring telehealth to MinuteClinics; How to improve patients’ satisfaction with telehealth? Pair it with in-person care, survey suggests; 5 ways all generations — from millennials to seniors — are adopting virtual care; CHS faces investigation related to EHR incentive program; Cerner beats Epic on Forbes' best employers list: 9 health IT companies that made the cut; Most hospital, clinic execs agree Amazon will 'disrupt' healthcare more than Apple, Google; Bezos backs startup aimed at delaying age-related diseases; Mayo, GE, Deloitte join to expand personalized medicine; Cerner to take over IT department at Texas hospital; Cerner President Zane Burke to step down; Allscripts Q2 revenue up 23%: 5 things to know; 23andMe explores $749 'premium' service; Google is working to improve EHR note taking for physicians; Meditech's Q2 revenue up 7% from last year: 5 things to know; Ancestry, 23andMe draft privacy rules for sharing DNA data with third parties; Dr. Toby Cosgrove: AI is essential for healthcare; Healthcare facilities aren't implementing ONC's EHR safety guidelines, study finds; Cerner's bookings up 9% in Q2: 4 things to know; NIH awards consortium $6.5M to create predictive models for precision medicine; Vanderbilt researchers think this AI solution will help hospitals flag suicide risk; Defense Department hires 1st chief data officer; New ransomware strain masquerades as Barack Obama; Intel sold $1B in AI chips last year; New York City boasts highest concentration of AI jobs, finds; Google's newest sister company to tackle cybersecurity: 5 things to know; Analytics startups cinched $911M in funding in the first half of 2018; HIPAA through the years: 5 biggest fines since 2008; IBM takes steps to prevent algorithmic bias in AI; Here's why fax machines may be hackers' next big target; Intel finds another major security flaw in its microchips; 3M patient records breached in Q2: 6 things to know; Most medical device cybersecurity issues attributed to user authentication, report finds; FCC advances work on $100M telehealth pilot program; 'Internet of medical things' to propel home healthcare market, report suggests; Which IT trend is most promising? 29% of provider execs say telemedicine; Silicon Valley telehealth conference asks hospitals, vendors: 'What would Amazon do?'; St. Luke's Health System opens 35K-square-foot 'virtual hospital'; Famed Baylor St. Luke’s surgeon linked to 2015 heart transplant patient deaths; Poor healthcare kills 8 million people a year; New York VA hospital physician misreported patients’ surgical outcomes, investigation reveals; Last OHSU heart surgeon resigns days after program suspension; Social media hospital ratings don’t reliably predict clinical care quality, study finds; CMS survey reveals serious deficiencies at South Dakota hospital; CHOP sued after 23 infants contract, 1 dies from eye infection in 2016 sterilization breach; 50 states ranked by sepsis care quality; Viewpoint: Why discrimination against female physicians threatens patient safety; 20 US states with most & least female physicians; New York hospital severs 24-year tie with anesthesiology provider; Opinion: Why NYU ‘got it wrong’ with free med school tuition; Why physician burnout jumped to 54% over 3 years; What hospitals can learn from California EDs treating addiction on demand; Opioid epidemic does not influence unemployment levels, researchers find; Cities pushing for safe injection sites face federal pushback; ‘Post-hospital syndrome’ could be increasing readmissions for older patients; 8 ways hospitals are cutting readmissions; Bacterial contamination of 6 frequently touched hospital objects; New Hampshire hospital evacuated after 10 staffers mysteriously fall ill; US hospital birth complications jumped 45% from 2006 through 2015; Physician burnout doubles risk of patient safety incidents, study finds; Texas Children's Hospital fires nurse over Facebook post; Why the latest Ebola outbreak is worrying health officials; 4 ways hospitals can lower maternal mortality rates; Denver hospital closes residency program after nearly 50 years; Hospitals test whether dogs can sniff out C. diff; State OKs university's plan to build medical school in Texas; #DocsWithDisabilities campaign highlights diversity among healthcare professionals; Future physicians are cutting class: 4 takeaways; 1 in 4 residents say they're bullied during residency, survey finds; Almost 80% of med students are burned out, study finds; General surgeon shortage projected to worsen, study finds; California nurse practitioners face challenges in filling primary care gap, study shows; NYU makes medical school tuition free for all students; CMS targets children affected by opioid epidemic in new care model; Opioid prescriptions static since 2007 despite increased awareness of misuse; Postsurgery opioid overdose is 'rare'; Drug companies race to make opioid alternatives: 4 things to know; 72K Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017, CDC estimates; Massachusetts sees spike in HIV cases among opioid users; South Carolina bolsters rural care access by letting NPs travel farther; Why it's so difficult for hospitals to address active shooter threatsWhy it's so difficult for hospitals to address active shooter threats; Viewpoint: Mainstream media reports on disease outbreaks lack crucial information; Patients say Googling health symptoms improves communication with their physician; Nurses less likely than physicians to speak up to colleagues with poor hand hygiene; A new narrative for behavioral healthcare; UT Medical Center CEO Joe Landsman: Standardization is the answer to some of healthcare's biggest problems; America’s opioid problem is overwhelming. Here’s how I keep hope and urgency to act.; What if Jeff Bezos ran Sentara Healthcare?; Why Catholic Health Initiatives’ CISO says awareness training is pivotal in hospital cybersecurity; Living like a leader: A day with Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic; 3 most undervalued elements of care delivery; Corner Office: CHI Franciscan Health CEO Ketul J. Patel on connecting your mission to every level of the organization; Click here to download a PDF of this issue

September, 2018 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Summer reading: 10 books to become a better leader; Meet CMS' new leadership team: 3 things to know; Viewpoint: Why hospital mergers raise patient safety problems;Is your hospital short on hugs? How 'cuddler' programs help NICU patientsIs your hospital short on hugs? How 'cuddler' programs help NICU patients; New technology, ancient origins: How Epic, Cerner & more got their namesNew technology, ancient origins: How Epic, Cerner & more got their names; HCA turns 50: 7 facts about the hospital giant; CMS' final inpatient payment rule for 2019: 9 things to know; CMS pushes ACOs to take on risk with overhaul of MSSP: 7 things to know; Pennsylvania man drives to Canada for son's $15K medication. The US price? $50K; CHS sees net loss narrow to $110M, pursues $2B hospital divestiture plan; Georgia hospital allegedly involved in lab billing scheme closes; CMS terminates Idaho hospital's Medicare contract; California hospital will scale back services to cut costs; UHS sees jump in net income, ups reserve for DOJ investigation to $43M; Arizona hospital emerges from bankruptcy, lays off 60; Childhood cancer survivors often struggle financially, study finds; 2017 first year physician pay rose by less than 2% in decade, study says; Centene CEO: Physician acquisition spree not in playbook; LifePoint posts $52M profit as it seeks sale to private equity firm; Young people have the most medical debt, study finds; UNC Health offers 70% off outstanding bills ahead of hospital sale; Mon Health plans turnaround after losing nearly $27M in 2018; Most patients don't shop around before physician-recommended MRIs, researchers find; Only 43% of physicians know their compensation includes value-based pay; Amazon's newest hire is a top cardiologist from Mass General; 47-hospital Adventist Health System changes name; AHA applauds hospitals' efforts to cut health costs, challenges others; Former Mount Sinai, Google, Oscar Health leaders launch women's healthcare company; 58% of Americans say Trump now responsible for outcome of ACA; Meet CMS' new leadership team: 3 things to know; RWJBarnabas Health, Rutgers to form academic health system; Supportive managers linked to fewer absences among depressed employees, study finds; 68% of CEOs say they were not prepared for job; Summer reading: 10 books to become a better leader; Defense Department boosts Cerner contract by $1.1B; Apple is hiring for its new health clinics; OCR issuing fewer HIPAA penalties in 2018, report suggests; Allscripts seeks dismissal, arbitration in class-action lawsuit over January ransomware attack; eClinicalWorks fined $132K for failing to comply with DOJ settlement agreement; Hackers deface a Kaiser website; New technology, ancient origins: How Epic, Cerner & more got their names; UnityPoint breaches 1.4M patient's personal information after phishing attack; Teladoc revenue up 112%: 5 notes on the company's Q2 earnings; Banner Health's Tucson Cerner switch triggers reports of medical errors, state finds; Harvard, UPenn researchers use AI to predict mortality for cancer patients; Google, Accenture launch business group to help healthcare clients transition to cloud; Columbia University, IBM launch blockchain center to drive precision medicine research; Women in cybersecurity earn 8% less than men; HHS mulls changes to HIPAA; Athenahealth posts $323.3M in Q2 revenue: 4 things to know; US hospitals often fall short on childbirth care, USA Today investigation finds; Is your hospital short on hugs? How 'cuddler' programs help NICU patients; 20% of physicians prefer hospital employment, survey finds; Leapfrog updates hospital safety grade methodology; Independent primary care physicians are more productive, study finds; Viewpoint: Physicians aren't burning out; they're suffering from 'moral injury'; Johns Hopkins creates opioid guidelines for 20 common surgeries; Meet the West Virginia lawyer overseeing 400+ opioid lawsuits against drugmakers, distributors; Only 'most intensive' stewardship programs effectively lower total antibiotic use; Med tech job postings growing faster than RN postings; Dr. Anthony Tersigni: We must ensure value-based reimbursements continue to help, not hinder; Living like a leader: A day with CHI CEO Kevin Lofton; How one Mid-Atlantic health system put a Broadway spin on an Epic go-live; Michael Dowling: The anatomy of a difficult decision; Corner Office: Keck Medicine of USC CEO Tom Jackiewicz wants you to remember that the numbers are people; Click here to download a pdf version of the issue


August, 2018 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

How Microsoft is shaking up healthcare; Same-sex and cardiothoracic surgical teams are riddled with most conflict, study finds; White House releases extensive plan to reorganize HHS: 9 things to know; Mayo Clinic pulls off 25K-user Epic go-live: 3 questions with the consulting firm that helped them do it; University Hospitals launches bundled payment program with Walmart; Kansas hospital loses Medicare billing privileges, may be forced to close; Bankrupt Miami hospital fetches $30M bid; Georgia hospital closes; California hospital reverses $15,666 trauma fee for baby who napped, drank formula in ER; Former CEO of Sentara-owned insurer to hospitals: 'Don't think you can duplicate' Kaiser's health plan; WHO releases ICD-11: 5 things to know;Fitch: Minor headwinds coming for US children’s hospitals; Washington hospital avoids closure, saves 1,000 jobs; PwC: Efforts to curb healthcare utilization 'have run their course'; BCBS lets Mayo in on decision-making with 5-year contract; University Hospitals launches bundled payment program with Walmart; Anonymous donor pays tuition for entire inaugural class of Houston med school; Mississippi hospital shuts down ER, unable to pay employees; Bon Secours' operating income climbs 20% with boost from revenue cycle improvements; Atrium Health bumps pay for 9,000 nurses; Michigan hospital, 3 patient relatives must mediate Facebook post lawsuit; Memorial Hermann hit with $1M retaliation suit by former employee; Physician group to close dozens of clinics amid federal investigation into CEO; White House releases extensive plan to reorganize HHS: 9 things to know; New York hospital seeks new management contract within hours of CEO's sudden resignation; Hospital CEOs hold on to their jobs longer in these 17 states; Healthcare CEO gets prison time for role in $19.4M kickback scheme; 9 lesser known things about Dr. Atul Gawande; GE to spin off healthcare business: 5 things to know; UW Medicine allocates $180M to move to single EHR; How Microsoft is shaking up healthcare; Cleveland Clinic, 27 other hospitals join Apple's Health Records initiative; Mayo Clinic pulls off 25k-user Epic go-live: 3 questions with the consulting firm that helped them do it; Walmart patent proposes storing patient records on the blockchain; 13 statistics on never events; Survey: 8 in 10 nurses believe nonphysician practitioners play larger role in managing patient care; 10 things emergency department patients want during a hospital stay; Same-sex and cardiothoracic surgical teams are riddled with most conflict, study finds; Lawsuit accuses HCA hospital of covering up medical error that led to patient's death; Rhode Island Hospital to invest $1M in training after 4 patient errors in 4 weeks; Memo sheds light on tension between Massachusetts General physicians, Partners: 9 things to know; Cincinnati hospital nurses warn new CNO of staffing crisis, patient safety concerns; Op-ed: Why an inaccurate 'overworked nurses' report poorly reflects Hawai'i's nursing efforts; Montefiore CEO Dr. Steven Safyer believes young leaders should possess this trait; Michael Dowling: The urgency of change; Corner Office: Integris CMO Dr. Tommy Ibrahim on how burnout as a young executive made him stronger; Click here to download a pdf version of the issue


July, 2018 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

For-profit hospital operator M&A update: 13 latest deals involving CHS, Tenet, HCA and LifePoint; NYC Health + Hospitals embarks on inaugural physician recruitment initiative; FBI wants everyone to reboot their routers to avoid Russian-linked malware; Epic managers, consultants and trainers share 10 tips for a successful go-live;Cleveland Clinic looks to rein in costs as Q1 operating income dips 22%; Pennsylvania hospital accused of overbilling state by $9M; Aetna whistle-blower put on leave after accusing CVS Caremark of $1B billing scheme; CBO: Trump’s 2019 budget will reduce federal healthcare spending by $1.3T; Senator calls for federal investigation into Missouri hospital’s billing practices; 23-hospital system enters $14M settlement with feds over improper physician payments; Partners HealthCare, 1.2M-member health plan considering merger; Northwestern, Centegra seek to finalize 10-hospital merger; Advocate Children's, NorthShore University HealthSystem to partner: 3 takeaways; Blue Cross denied appeal in suit alleging it sank $40M hospital deal; 104-bed Alabama hospital to close; Banner Health's net income plunges 55% in Q1; Alaska hospital faces closure over $964k telecommunications bill; 8 things to know about Sutter Health's legal battles over prices; Vanderbilt University Medical Center points to Epic rollout for 60% drop in operating income; $1.6B in Medicare payment cuts likely to cripple struggling hospitals, S&P says; Dartmouth-Hitchcock records $58.1M turnaround in operating results; Houston surgical hospital abruptly closes after discovering accounting errors; Rising ER prices, more high severity cases spurred greater healthcare spending: 7 takeaways; Medicare readmission rates vary widely among BPCI Advanced conditions: 4 takeaways; Walmart names its latest bundled payment partner: New England Baptist Hospital; 17 of 120 hospitals couldn't provide price for hip replacement in 2012. That number more than tripled to 53 in 2016; Massachusetts businesses unite to cut healthcare costs: 6 things to know; New Hampshire officials, hospitals arrange 7-year deal over uncompensated care: 5 things to know; Cone Health, Randolph Health merger is off; Utah TV station raises donations to pay off $2.5M worth of medical debt; Healthcare antitrust enforcement remains a top priority for DOJ; St. Luke's Health Care swings to black in Q1; CHS divests 3 Tennessee hospitals; Bellin Health Systems nixes deal with Michigan system: 4 notes; 5 reasons fed-up physicians are dropping their health insurance; UnitedHealth CEO: 150M members will be in value-based care arrangements by 2025; 5 things to know about Kaiser's health plan; For-profit hospital operator M&A update: 13 latest deals involving CHS, Tenet, HCA and LifePoint; Private equity firm KKR inks $9.9B deal for Envision: 4 things to know; Essentia Health plans $800M expansion; World's 10 most expensive places to be hospitalized; Oscar Health quietly built its own claims processor to simplify physician payments; Louisiana health officials send Medicaid termination warnings to 37k beneficiaries; Tenet, Detroit Medical Center to sever ties with 300 physicians; CEO, CFO of Missouri hospital resign over inappropriate reimbursements; Klasko only healthcare exec among Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business for 2018; New York hospital reportedly pays CEO $660k to 'disappear'; San Francisco nurses demonstrate at hospital renamed after Mark Zuckerberg; Kindred, Massachusetts General Hospital to lay off 152 workers; Whistle-blower: Steward Health Care restricted referrals, compromised care to keep patients in network; Ex-employees sue shuttered Texas hospital for abrupt closure; Tenet continues leadership shakeup by appointing 2 new board directors; Erlanger CEO sued by physician claiming he ignored discrimination issues for 5 years; Market share trumps operational efficiency for teaching hospitals, study finds; HCA, Geisinger CMOs among MedPAC's new members; More executives may face timed, standardized tests in job interviews; 6 ways hospitals can improve the workplace for female physicians; 5 ways CEOs can improve their chances for success; Best place for interns? Kaiser Permanente, poll shows; Physicians at CHI St. Alexius Williston join Bismarck colleagues in call for Fargo leadership change; What barbershops can teach hospitals about healthcare delivery; CEO pay, performance rarely align; 40 healthcare companies in the 2018 Fortune 500; 5 components of great workplace culture; Healthcare job growth continues; hospitals add 6.2K jobs in May; 25 hospitals, health systems among 'America's Best Employers' 2018; Supreme Court says employers can force workers to use arbitration: 7 things to know; 12 healthcare jobs with most growth since 2007; Nurse awarded $28M in retaliation suit against Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Cerner fraudster dies in custody hours after conviction; KLAS: Which health IT consulting firms exceed hospitals' expectations?; Meditech posts 4% rise in revenue for Q1 2018: 4 things to know; IBM lays off at least 40 Watson Health employees, reports say; Health IT consulting firm touts success of Mayo Clinic's completed Epic go-live; Meet Epic's newly registered lobbying firm, Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas; Nurses rank Cerner No. 1: 7 survey findings on nurses' EHR satisfaction; Contractors bash firm hired to help with Mayo's Epic implementation; DOD's EHR isn't 'operationally suitable,' Pentagon report finds; Cerner president blames unnamed competitor for 'fake news' about DOD's EHR rollout; 23andMe sues 5 things to know; ONC's latest challenge offers $80k prize to making EHR safety reporting easier; Epic, Cerner maintain largest EMR market share among small hospitals; VA, Cerner strike $10B, 10-year deal on EHR overhaul; FBI wants everyone to reboot their routers to avoid Russian-linked malware; IBM bans employees from using flash drives, SD cards: 4 things to know; Epic managers, consultants and trainers share 10 tips for a successful go-live; The 4 types of AI Google says it won't develop; 'Stigmatizing' language in EHRs may negatively affect patient care for years; 1 in 3 healthcare organizations have suffered a cyberattack, 1 in 10 paid ransom: 6 things to know; Physicians were burnt out long before EHRs, according to this 2002 report; 7k patients file HIPAA violations in the past 5 years: 5 things to know; Sanford Health to offer genetic tests in primary care clinics; Data breach may have affected 500k+ patients, LifeBridge Health says; Minnesota mental health facility pays ransom to restore 6.5k patients' data; Geisinger to integrate DNA sequencing into routine clinical care; For first time, AI beats experienced dermatologists in detecting skin cancer; Intermountain expands precision genomics DNA test to all providers; Global telemedicine market to hit $48.8B by 2023; Emory Healthcare teams up with Australian hospital on remote ICU; SamSam strikes Indiana physician practice's computer network; EpicMD launches new mobile platform; Why Google renamed its research division 'Google AI'; New York City physician sues former patient for $1M over negative Yelp review; CMS gives 213 hospitals 5 stars for patient experience; Porter Adventist surgeon calls off spine surgery after discovering dirty instruments; Physician assistants organization considers revamping profession's title; Direct primary care group files for bankruptcy after abruptly closing clinics; Anesthesiology group files restraining order against Atrium Health, system's new service provider; NYC Health + Hospitals embarks on inaugural physician recruitment initiative; Kaiser Permanente to invest $2M in gun-violence research; 4 ways nurses can fight alarm fatigue; Inspection report faults Boston Children's for medication errors linked to patient death; FDA greenlights first nonopioid drug for opioid withdrawal; Researchers are working on tech to monitor handwashing in hospitals 24/7; AAMC: DO school enrollment up 163% since 2002; Congress 'too scared to take on the AMA' in fighting opioid crisis, senator says; Kaiser to invest $200M in community efforts to reduce homelessness; Georgia health system to pay $4.1M settlement over thousands of unaccounted opioids; Nearly 9 in 10 physicians feel unable to address chronic care patients' needs, study finds; A physician strategy that changed 5 times in 8 years left one health system losing $100M+ annually: 7 ideas to prevent this at your organization; Infection prevention programs may need up to 66% more staffing than current levels; CMS investigating Florida hospital where surgeons left needle in baby's heart; Why airlines hope physicians aren't on board during medical emergencies; Report: Majority of physicians trending toward independent, physician-led group practice; Penn State Health to acquire 112-member cardiology group; Decline in number of African-American male physicians called a crisis; What matters most to patients about their primary care physician: 10 findings; Online physician review websites may be offering distorted data; U of Buffalo medical school reintroduces radiology residency program after 12 years; UHS CEO Alan B. Miller on how George Washington influenced his leadership style; Innovative care models are new catalysts to transforming healthcare; 5 strategies that will define mergers of the future; The lone creative CEO in healthcare wants company: Dr. Stephen Klasko on the industry's underrated skill; Technology is the best prescription for advancing rural care; Michael Dowling: How a 'Shark Tank' approach can help organizations find the next big healthcare innovation; Corner Office: Dana-Farber CEO Dr. Laurie Glimcher on the issues facing academic medical centers and the joys of being a physician-scientist
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June 2018 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

10 Things to Know About the 2019 IPPS Proposed Rule; How IU Health Sets Its Systemwide Price Estimator Tool Apart; Fitch finds the biggest issues for nonprofit hospitals: 3 Takeaways; CMS terminates Kansas hospital’s Medicare billing privileges: 5 things to know; Tenet offers nurses up to $25k sign- on bonuses to solve shortage; Henry Ford's operating gains partially offset by Epic implementation costs, wage rate increases; CMS releases 2019 IPPS proposed rule: 10 things to know; Georgia hospital to close: 4 things to know; Tenet posts surprise $99M profit after expanding cost-cutting plan; Erlanger’s Q3 earnings set back from Epic rollout; Idaho hospital faces cash crunch after software glitch causes billing problems; Physicians: Is CHS 'a slow-motion train wreck?'; California hospital to close by mid-June, lay off 200 employees; A royal baby is cheaper to deliver than the average US baby; How IU Health sets its systemwide price estimator tool apart; HCA sees quarterly profit nearly double to $1.1B; Moody's: Preliminary nonprofit healthcare profitability margins at 10-year low; Texas church forgives $10.5M in medical debt; New York oncology practice files for bankruptcy following FBI raid; How some rural hospitals score huge paydays from insurance companies; Memorial Regional Health outsources billing and coding, 24 jobs cut: 5 things to know; Fitch identifies biggest issues facing nonprofit hospitals: 3 takeaways; UHS' net income up 8.6% in Q1: 4 things to know; HHS asks Supreme Court to review Medicare payments ruling: 7 things to know; Presbyterian Healthcare Services' net income nearly doubles; Texas hospital locks in 5-year deal with consulting firm after UHS backs out; Viewpoint: US can't trim healthcare costs without moderating job growth; Sentara Healthcare's annual net income nearly doubles; Fairview Health Services' annual net income more than doubles; CMS axes a Medicare Advantage star rating measure: 5 things to know; California hospital looks to boost finances after losing lucrative toxicology revenue; HCA TriStar, BCBS dispute generates $14M in balance bills; UnitedHealth's Optum completes acquisition of Reliant Medical Group for $28M; ProMedica eyes expansion into China; Ascension to sell Connecticut hospital to Hartford HealthCare; Quorum Health's net loss more than triples; Tenet defeats class-action lawsuit alleging overpayments: 8 things to know; With 8k more physicians than Kaiser, Optum is 'scaring the crap out of hospitals'; Colorado health system appoints interim CFO 2 months after ousting CEO, 2 execs; Express Scripts to lay off 456 employees: 3 things to know; 17 of the highest-paid CEOs in healthcare; CHS lays off more than 70 corporate employees; Ex-Best Buy CEO quits Mayo Clinic board: 4 things to know; Amazon vs. Walmart: Who has more power to change healthcare's landscape?; Lafayette General Health issues termination warning letters to 800 employees; Ascension charts new strategic direction: 4 things to know; The 9 men and 1 woman on CHS' board; Ballad Health to cut 150 positions; Ascension suspends controversial plan to scale back services at Milwaukee hospital; Virginia Mason launches hospital consulting company with rural emphasis; Kaiser Permanente among top 5 companies for work-life balance; Dignity Health chief HR officer on system's plan to create a self-funded HR department; FBI raids home of former CEO of Tulare Regional Medical Center, seizes items related to management of hospital; Plans ongoing for Pennsylvania microhospital after leaders terminated: 7 things to know; Viewpoint: This is how you mentor millennials in medicine; Partners, Mayo Clinic leaders are quietly advising Trump on VA care: 7 things to know; Kaiser CEO Bernard J. Tyson on mental health issues: 'Nobody wants to talk about it'; Time's '100 Most Influential People 2018' featured 4 healthcare individuals — here's who they are; The lesson hospitals may be able to teach police officers; 2 nurses allege race a factor in firing from Brigham and Women's; Indicted Broward Health board chairman resigns: 5 things to know; 60% of organizations think burnout will be worse in 2-3 years: 5 survey insights; AMGA: 8 statistics on medical group executive compensation; CMS renames ‘meaningful use’ to ‘promoting interoperability’ and changes ensue; Goldman Sachs leads $74M funding round for Doctor on Demand; Lawsuit: Apple under fire over its smartwatch’s heart sensor -6 things to know; Fitbit and Google team up to bring user data to the EMR; UnitedHealth’s Optum, Humana + 3 others launch pilot blockchain project to improve physician directories ; Disease detection, insurance & more — 8 ways Google may enter healthcare ; Athenahealth posts $329.4M revenue in Q1: 3 things to know ; GE to sell health IT assets to Veritas Capital in $1.05B deal ; Survey: 90% of hospitals investing in smartphones for clinical communication; KLAS: What EMR vendors are community hospitals looking to replace? ; MultiCare switches to Epic to sync EHR with other area hospitals; Apple’s health records beta feature now available at 39 health systems; Coast Guard picks Cerner, which matches the DOD’s EHR; Trinity Health chooses Epic as its next enterprisewide EHR; The top 3 reasons hospitals switch EHR vendors; Illinois state board finds conflict of interest in U of Illinois’ Epic contract; Ranked: Top EHR vendors for 15 specialties; Typical mHealth app costs $425k to develop, report finds; Viewpoint: 4 ways the EMR is an ethical disaster; Study: Hospital data breaches tied to thousands of additional patient deaths; Allina Health restores computer network after outage affects all 14 hospitals in the system; Symantec: A hacking group is targeting the health sector to steal intellectual property — 6 things to know; Teladoc sees revenue jump 109%, but posts net loss of $23.9M: 5 things to know; St. Jude launches public pediatric cancer genomics platform on the cloud; More hospitals use Cerner than Epic to attest to Medicare’s EHR Incentive Program ; 3 cities that recently suffered cyberattacks; Cerner’s Q1 earnings hurt by delayed VA contract: 4 things to know; Here’s how Allscripts recovered from its January ransomware attack: 12 takeaways; The cost of a data breach in healthcare averages $717k: 5 report findings; OIG: Practitioners billed $3.7M for telehealth services that did not meet Medicare requirements; Finger Lakes Health pays hackers’ demand, recovers from ransomware attack; MDLive nabs former Cerner exec for leadership role: 4 points; OCR considers compensating victims of healthcare breaches: 4 things to know; Lancaster General Health partners with private equity firm to launch $300M precision medicine fund; VA rolls out telehealth program to address PTSD in veterans; Telehealth tips, torn from the playbook of Intermountain’s massive virtual hospital; Telehealth grows up: 5 key trends in hospital-based telehealth programs; CMS makes Medicare Advantage encounter data available for first time ever CMS makes Medicare Advantage encounter data available for first time ever; Mayo Clinic uses ‘ambient intelligence’ to find actionable EHR data in ICUs: 5 things to know; Up to 40% of positive results in direct-toconsumer genetic tests are wrong, study suggests; Chan Zuckerberg Initiative awards genomics grant to Mount Sinai, UC Berkeley researchers; Intermountain Healthcare launches long-term Precise study to collect genomic data; Atrium Health releases 90 physicians looking to break away; Where are the 22 Leapfrog ‘F’ hospitals?; Where are the 49 Leapfrog straight-’A’ hospitals?; Jury awards $28M+ to 77-year-old former Cleveland Clinic physician alleging age discrimination led to firing; Here are IBM Watson Health’s top 15 health systems; Police investigate nurse accused of infecting patients with hepatitis C at Washington hospital; up 2.6k patients urged toundergo testing; 25 teaching hospitals with the most safety violations; NYC Health + Hospitals creates employee wellness program to combat emotional stress, burnout; 27 women at South Carolina hospital develop bacterial infection after surgery: 8 things to know; Penn State Hershey drops 2,100 neurology patients; 5 Joint Commission hospital requirements most commonly cited as 'not compliant' in 2017; Johns Hopkins All Children’s scales back on surgeries, pauses complicated procedures after baby discharged with needle in heart; 10 medical schools with the lowest acceptance rates; Study: Only 37% of physician care quality measures are valid; 1 in 3 CNOs admit nursing shortages are harming patient care; New Jersey court rules physician board, hospital can be sued separately: 4 notes; Study: 71% of endoscopes still contain bacterial growth after reprocessing; Nursing schools reject thousands amid shortage; Healthcare mega-mergers push primary care clinics ‘closer to extinction’: 5 takeaways; US sees largest drop in opioid prescriptions in 25 years; Poll: 52% of medical practices satisfied with their organization’s culture; Johns Hopkins ends tradition of short white lab coats for first-year residents: 5 things to know; Why men are considered a ‘diversity pick’ for some OB-GYN residency programs; Poll: 80% of New Yorkers blame physicians for opioid crisis; Why America’s physician shortage could top 120k by 2030: 5 things to know; California’s new rules for workplace violence prevention in hospitals take effect: 4 things to know; ACGME strips California hospital’saccreditation for surgical residency program; Medical group publishes 8-step charter to address physician burnout Medical group publishes 8-step charter to address physician burnout; 65% of ED physicians prescribe more opioids than they think they do; Survey: More than 80% of CNOs report difficulty in nurse recruitment; 5 hospitals jump from ‘F’ to ‘A’ rating on Leapfrog 5 hospitals jump from ‘F’ to ‘A’ rating on Leapfrog; McKesson creates foundation for opioid crisis with $100M donation; How Geisinger cut opioid prescriptions in half: 3 things to know; Scientists aredeveloping a vaccine to endaddiction:5 things to know ; JAMA: More practices rely on NPs, PAs; How young physicians find their first job and why they leave: 5 findings; Healthgrades, MGMA release analysis of 7M patient reviews:5 takeaways; Ex-Swedish Health surgeon sues Seattle Times over investigation published prior to resignation; Former Sparrow Carson executive claims she was fired for reporting substandard medical care; Banner Health CFO Dennis Laraway’s top piece of advice: Give back; The 56-second fix to reduce patient suffering: 5 questions with Press Ganey’s CNO Christy Dempsey; ‘It’s about gathering all the essential data so we can make qualified decisions’: Q&A with Porter Health Care System CFO Jeff Daneff; 5 questions with Mona Chadha, Dignity Health's Bay Area market chief strategy officer; 7 reasons organizations should be cultivating future nurse leaders; Corner Office: Debra Canales, Providence St. Joseph's chief administrative officer, on the rejuvenating powers of laser tag
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May 2018 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Why Hospitals are spooked by a Walmart-Humana Giant: 5 Reasons;How a sudden departure can affect your job prospects and what to do about it;Microsoft Sues CHS For Copyright Infringement, Breach of Contract; Highmark Health sees net income rise to $1.1B in 2017; Norton Healthcare’s net income climbs 40% in FY 2017: 4 things to know;Advocate, Aurora select 15 leaders for combined organization; Tenet reaches deal with Glenview,implementsadditional governance changes; Cerner implementation sparks delays at Connecticut health system; Microsoft sues CHS: 8 takeaways;Healthcare workers buy $882k radio ad to highlight high infection rates at Stanford University Medical Center; WSJ report spurs House oversight of hospital accreditation processes; CMIO musings: The ideal EMR — A wish list; How Novant Health CEO Carl Armato uses a blog to cultivate the organization’s culture. Click here to download a pdf version of the issue.


April 2018 Issue of Beckers Hospital Review

50 African American Leaders in Healthcare to know; Physician Recruitment & Retention How 2 Rural Hospitals are Overcoming the Challenge; Ascension’s operating income dips 78% in first half of FY 2018; $92M accounting error causes Edward-Elmhurst’s operating loss to widen; Are smartphones and tablets the next frontier for EHRs? Why this IT expert says yes.; 6 ways health systems can drive revenue and reduce costs through strong supplier partnerships; Your ACO just took on downside risk. Is your data strategy up for the task?; Can boards create the hospital of the future?; Top 10 value propositions for your medical group’s RCM partnership; Service line co-management: The silver bullet for physician hospital alignment?; CIN accreditation: A framework for financial, legal and operational success; Your hospital signed a direct-to-employer contract — 6 factors to help build a successful program; A question for hospitals: How healthy is your workforce?; No pay raise for CHS CEO Wayne Smith in 2018; UPMC CEO Jeffrey Romoff on ongoing feud with Highmark: ‘That’s what disruption is about’ — 5 things to know; Geisinger’s Dr. Alistair Erskine shares 5 elements of Apple’s Health records app; Why health IT experts think Apple will succeed where Google failed with medical records; 30 hospital and health system CXOs to know | 2018; Medtronic inks 5-year partnership with Lehigh Valley Health Network; Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue. Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.


March 2018 Issue of Beckers Hospital Review

100 Hospital & Health System CMOs to Know; Missouri Court Bans CMS From Using Medicaid DSH Rule, FAQs to Calculate Payments; Anthem’s Discretionary ED Policy Lands Patient With $12k Bill: 8 Things to Know; In Data We Trust: How to Align Around Facts and Improve Outcomes in Orthopedic Care; Community Bemoans Carolinas HealthCare's Rebranding, Says System 'Renamed to a Buzzword'; Former Apple CEO John Sculley on the Amazon-JPMorgan-Berkshire Hathaway Collaboration: ‘Finally, Corporate America Is Stepping In’; CIOs: Don't Let a Data Breach Shake Confidence in Your Hospital; Epic Introduces 3-Part Functionality for Data Collaboration; Apple Adds Medical Records to Its Health App; Highmark Declares 'War on Opioids': 3 Things to Know; How Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser and Others Are Handling High Patient Volumes Amid a Severe Flu Season; Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.


February 2018 Issue of Beckers Hospital Review

The Man Behind the Rankings: Reflections From Outgoing U.S. News Editor Avery Comarow; 105 Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know | 2018; How Opioid-Free Anesthesia & Multimodal Pain Management Can Improve Care & Address a Public Health Crisis; Rethinking Ambulatory Strategy: 6 Key Challenges; 4 Hospital Deals to Watch This Year; 17 ACOs Join the Next Generation Model; Microsoft WW Health CISO: Cyberattacks Should Be Framed as a Patient Safety Situation & 5 More Thoughts; To Curb Opioid Abuse: HCA & LifePoint Warn Patients They May Feel More Pain; What Physicians Like Most About Epic; Apple Adds Medical Records to the iPhone; The 1990s Called — They Want Your Hospital's Operating Model Back; 5 Things to Know About CMS' Updated Overall Hospital Star Ratings ; To Curb Opioid Abuse; 37 Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.

January 2018 Issue of Beckers Hospital Review

Geisinger CEO Dr. David Feinberg: Here's What Community-Driven Healthcare Looks Like; 6 Little-Known Ways Your Hospital May Accidentally Be Violating HIPAA; AI Will Force Up to 800M People to Find New Jobs by 2030; Lawsuit: Epic’s Software Double-Bills for Anesthesia Services; Results Are in for Essentia Health’s Mandatory Flu Shot Program; MIPS Predecessor Worsened Care Disparities, Study FindsHow Geisinger, Cleveland Clinic Respond to Negative Patient Reviews; Scripps Health Adopts Regional CEO Model to Trim $30M: 4 Things to Know;Why the CVS-Aetna Deal Could Push Walmart to Buy Humana; 25 Largest Gifts From Individuals toHealthcare Organizations in 2017; The State of Healthcare Under Trump: 3 Key Observations; Bridging the Knowledge Gap: 4 Questions with Microsoft's Geralyn Miller on Designing Genetics-Based Apps.19; AI for the Everyman — 2 Leading Microsoft Directors Demystify AI's Future in Healthcare;How Low-Code Platforms Are Driving Digital Transformation in Value-Based Healthcare; Improving the Quality, Outcomes and Economics for Sepsis Management Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.



December 2017 Issue of Beckers Hospital Review

California Hospital Suspends All Services, Notifies 524 Employees of Possible Layoffs; Insurers' No. 1 Worry Right Now: Consumer Confusion; Tenet to Close 232-Bed Phoenix Hospital; Los Angeles Hospital to Close, Lay Off 638 Employees; CVS Health Proposes to Buy Aetna for $66B: 4 Things to Know; Man Receives $52k Hospital Bill After His Backpack Was Stolen in San Francisco; Anthem Launches In-House Pharmacy Business With CVS Health After Express Scripts Fallout; Dignity Health's Operating Loss Widens to $66.8M With Loss of State Provider-Fee Revenue; Mission Health CEO Calls BCBS 'Unethical, Bullying Foe' in Internal Email to Senior Leadership; Family in Shock After Receiving a $10k, 26-Year-Old Medical Bill; Care New England to Close Hospital After Sale to Prime Healthcare Collapses; Cleveland Clinic CEO: Healthcare to Undergo 'Total Restructuring' to Accommodate Shift in Payment Models; Jefferson Health Announces Job Cuts; Freestanding ER Operators Want Google to Find Out Who Left Them 22 Bad Online Reviews; 8 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2018; Former Medtronic CEO: No Legislation Has Addressed the Nation's Biggest Healthcare Problem; Northwell Health to Lay Off 107 as It Winds Down Long-Term Care Plan; Aetna CEO: Successful Companies Manage People, Not Bottom Lines; Ascension to Rebrand Care Sites in 6 Additional Markets; How Congress, Hospitals and Lobbying Inflate Healthcare Costs; 5 Things to Know About CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo; Intermountain Healthcare to Restructure Internal Operations; What Trump's Opioid Declaration Means for Health IT; Study: Paper Records Outpace EHRs on Content Quality, Quantity; WSJ: Outcome Health Employees Allegedly Misled Advertisers With Inaccurate Reports; Meditech Product Revenue Jumps 33% in Q3: 4 Things to Know; Athenahealth Q3 Revenue up 10% From Last Year; Why the US Health System Still Prioritizes Fax Machines: 7 Things to Know; Health IT Investments on Track for Record-Setting Year: 3 Things to Know; Northwell Health Launches Amazon Alexa Skill to Help Patients Avoid ER Wait; Deloitte: 3 Ways Blockchain Might Improve Hospital Operations by 2027; UCSF Researchers Mine EHRs to Track 435k Patient Movements, Pinpoint Source of C. Diff; Allscripts Q3 Revenue Grows 15% From Last Year: 4 Things to Know; Inside Sources Say Apple Pursued Talks to Buy Medical Clinics; Anesthesiologist Shortage Causes Denver VA Hospital to Postpone Dozens of Surgeries; 10 States With the Most Overworked Nurses; CMS Rolls Out 'Meaningful Measures' Initiative to Curb Burden of Quality Reporting; Study: Medical School Acceptance Rates Are Declining; Get Ready for a DO Boom: 6 Stats on Osteopathic Providers; Florida Physician Caught on Video Cursing, Yelling at Patient Issues Apology; Patients Lack Access to Primary Care Follow-Up After ED Visit, Study Finds; Cloth Skullcaps Mitigate OR Contamination More Effectively Than Disposable Headgear; 66% of Patients With Chronic Conditions Would Pay for Support Between Physician Visits, Survey Finds; What Patients Really Want Physicians to do After a Medical Error; Daily 5-Minute Conversations Raise Patients Satisfaction Scores; 5 Things to Know About the Nursing Shortage Response Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.

November 2017 Issue of Beckers Hospital Review

Orlando Trauma Surgeon on Mass Shootings: ‘All Hospitals Need to Be Prepared; California Hospital Files for Bankruptcy After Missing Payroll; Geisinger's Operating Income Tumbles 34%; Tennessee Hospital Closes After Falling 94% Short of GoFundMe Goal; Ascension's Net Income More Than Triples to $1.8B; Tenet Shutters 4 Regional Management Offices to Cut Costs; 5 States With the Highest Out-Of-Pocket Healthcare Spending; CMS Revokes Physician's Medicare Billing Privileges Over $670 in Questionable; Charges;Michael Jordan Donates $7M to Novant Health; What CMS' New Medicare Cards Mean for Providers: 7 Things to Know; Edward-Elmhurst's Operating Income Plummets 90% in FY 2017; $200M Donation to UC Irvine for Alternative Therapy Meets Criticism; Hedge Fund Takes Over Adeptus Health; Dignity Health Hospital to Cover All of Las Vegas Shooting Victims' Medical Bills; Proposed Changes to CJR Model Will Cost Medicare $90M Over Next 3 Years; LifePoint Divests Georgia Hospital to Piedmont Healthcare; Brigham and Women's Implements $41M Cost-Cutting Initiative: 6 Things to Know; Lifetime Health Costs for Las Vegas Shooting Victims at Least $600M; MGMA: 5 Attributes of a Profitable Medical Practice; Long-Term Funding Uncertain for Teaching Health Centers in Underserved Areas: 5 Things to Know; Why Growing Worker Productivity Could be Bad for Hospitals' Medicare Rates;  Healthcare Spending Growth Drops Below 4% for First Time Since 2014; High-Volume, Low-Cost Services Reflect Most Unnecessary Medical Spending; Higher Coding Productivity Linked to a 25.4% Decrease in Accuracy; Moody's: Proposed Cuts to Medicare 340B Payments Would Hurt Nonprofit Hospital Margins; Physicians Call Anthem's New Imaging Reimbursement Guidelines 'Arbitrary and Unwise'; UPMC Expands International Operations With 50% Stake in Rome Hospital; Study Finds ACOs Still Focused on Early Stages of Care Redesign; Few Consumers Seek Healthcare Pricing Information; CMS' Proposal to Cancel Bundled Payment Models Draws Support From AHA;  Hartford HealthCare, Anthem Break Leaves Tens of Thousands Out-Of-Network; OIG: ACOs Reduced Spending by Nearly $1B, 'Show Promise'; KentuckyOne Health Transfers Ownership of Clinic for $0; Specialists Could See 16% Variability in Payments Under MIPS in 2018; Sponsored: How Memorial Hermann is Tackling Consumerism in the Digital Era; Steward Health Care Becomes Private Hospital Operator of 36 Hospitals Following Iasis Acquisition; Wisconsin Health System Blames Cerner Software for $16M in Losses; Allscripts Completes Acquisition of McKesson's Health IT Business; Analysis: Amazon Alexa's Biggest Healthcare Problem? It's Not HIPAA Compliant; An 'Epic' Win? 6 Highlights From Oral Arguments in Epic v. Lewis; 8 Digital Health Startups With $100M+ Funding Thus Far in 2017; 43% of CMOs Implementing Precision Medicine Program: 4 Survey Insights; Study: EMR Password not Protected by Majority of Medical Staff; Harvard, MIT Researchers to Develop 'Smart Tattoo' for Glucose Monitoring; UC San Diego, IBM to Launch 'Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Living' Center; Survey: 5 Healthcare Technologies Ranked by Patient Use, Interest; Change Healthcare Introduces Blockchain for Providers, Payers; 75% of Healthcare Organizations Cite Digital Innovation as Part of Long-Term Strategy; Average 6-Year-Old is Smarter Than Google's AI, Study Finds; GAO: 24 Agencies Have Weakness in Core IT Areas; St. Luke's University Health Network Goes Live on Epic: 4 Questions With Revenue Cycle VP Richard Madison; Outcome Health to Lay Off Employees After Announcing Plans to Add 2k; McAfee: Healthcare Accounts for 26% of North American Cybersecurity Incidents in Q2; Venture Capitalist: AI Needs a Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg; Baltimore IT Director's $250k Salary Surpasses Police Chief, Mayor; 56% of Hospital CIOs, CMIOs Struggle With Data Governance, Survey Finds ; How Telemedicine Improves Rural Pregnancies: 5 Things to Know; Google Research Expands Healthcare Team With UChicago Medicine Hire;  Survey: 55% of Healthcare IT Leaders say They Need More Visibility Into BYOD, Survey Finds; Telemedicine: A Force Multiplier in Fighting the Opioid Epidemic; Survey: 3 Common Ransomware Infection Vectors; Minnesota Hospital Notifies Patients of Breach After Failing to 'BCC' a Mass Email; Legacy Systems Rank No. 1 Among Federal IT Execs' Top Cybersecurity Challenges; Hospital Leaders Should Be Weary of Accidental Insider Mistakes, Better Prepare Employees; Startup Insider: 5 Questions With Edgility CEO Balaji Ramadoss on Situational Awareness; US Adds 3.2k IT Jobs in September: 4 Things to Know; Global Telemedicine Market to Experience 16.5% Annual Growth Rate Through 2023; 54% of Americans Think Their Data Is Safe From Hackers: 4 Survey Insights; Survey: Reimbursement Is No. 1 Barrier to Telehealth Expansion; Sponsored: Managing the Who, Where and When of Data — 3 Keys to Success in Value-Based Care; 10 Most Overused Medical Tests, Treatments; Study Finds Physician Satisfaction Not Associated With Better Quality Care; CVS Is Now Limiting Opioid Prescriptions; Chicagoland's Ever-Growing DuPage Medical Group Launches Resident Recruitment Program; Merritt Hawkins: 50% of Final-Year Medical Residents Received 100+ Job Solicitations During Training; 28% of Physicians Can't Keep Up With Patient Schedules, Report Says;This Wound Dressing Changes Color When Bacterial Infections Present; New York Medicaid Expansion Worsened Racial Disparities in Surgical Cancer Care Access;Integris Treatment Facility Aims to Combat Opioid Addiction;Why Having a Baby May Prevent Women From Pursuing Surgical Residencies;Residency Program Probation Lifted for Summa Health;Study: Online Physician Ratings Not Indicative of Care Quality;Viewpoint: Pressure to Reduce Readmissions Can Hinder Care Quality, Patient Safety;Arkansas VA Hospital Under Review for Not Updating Surgical Equipment Cleaning Processes;Hospital Food Can Carry MRSA, VRE;CMS Postpones October Hospital Star Ratings Update: 5 Things to Know;Hershey Medical Center Cited for Care Delays That Contributed to 2 Patient Deaths;Survey: 1 in 5 Americans Say They've Experienced a Medical Error;Study: Medicare Places Few Prescribing Restrictions on Opioids;Sepsis Initiatives May Hinder Antibiotic Stewardship, Boost C. Diff Rates;7 Things to Know About the History and Science Behind Opioid Addiction;Survey Finds Patients Want More Time With Physicians;70% of Physician Assistants Are Women, yet Gender Pay Gap Still Persists;88% of Healthcare Professionals Experience Workplace Violence;Physicians: 20.6% of Medical Treatment is Unnecessary + 4 More Survey Findings;National Quality Forum's New Roadmap Aims to Minimize Healthcare Disparities;Increasing Nurse's; Workload by 1 Patient Ups Odds of Patient Death by 7%;Malpractice Fears Are No. 1 Cause of Overtreatment, Physicians Say;40% of Physicians Don't Seek Mental Healthcare for Fear of Losing Their License; 10 Consumer Engagement Strategies, as Ranked by Healthcare Providers;10 Statistics on RN Compensation in 2016;Sponsored: Addressing Opioid Abuse? Payer-Provider Collaboration is Key, Says This Cigna CMO;Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.


October 2017 Issue of Beckers Hospital Review

Will the Healthcare Bubble Burst? 19 Key Perspectives; Steal This Idea From Intermountain CEO Dr. A. Marc Harrison; How Telehealth and EHR Integration Deliver Complete,Effective Care While Streamlining Provider Workflows; Measuring Value — How to Harness Data in an Outcomes-Driven Paradigm; Two-Sided Risk is Coming — Here's How Healthcare Providers Can Prepare; Q.What Single Strategy Will Drive the Bulk of OR Growth in the Next 10 Years? A. 360° Engagement; Hospitals and Health Systems Move Forward with Value-Based Payment Models Amid Uncertainty Over Healthcare Reform; Beyond the Numbers: Identifying the Right Partner Equals a Successful Post-Acute Care Partnership; Demystifying Data Analytics: How to Take Control of Longitudinal Data; Five Ways Successful Health Systems Reinvent Customer Relationships; The Next Step in Data Analytics: Getting from Historical Analytics to Actionable Analytics; MACRA: How to Prepare for a Moving Target; Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.

September 2017 Issue of Beckers Hospital Review

60 Critical Access Hospital CEOs to Know 2017; How Clinicians Can Come Out on Top in a MIPS World; HCA Sees Q2 Earnings Lag, Stays Ready for More Acquisitions; Northwell Health to Affiliate With John T. Mather Memorial Hospital; Bloomberg: UnitedHealth to Acquire Advisory Board’s Healthcare Arm; CMS Moves Forward With $43B in DSH Payment Cuts; CMS Cancels Cardiac Bundles, Scales Back CJR Model: 8 Things to Know; North Carolina Hospital to Close and Lay Off 76 Employees, Including Nurses; 4 M&A Questions With Crowe Horwath’s Warren Beck, Former CFO of Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Hospital Stocks Sink After HCA’s Earnings Stumble; RWJBarnabas Signs Letter of Intent With Rutgers to Form Academic Healthcare System; Some MUSC Physicians Refuse to Sign Employment Contracts Over Change to RVU-Based Compensation; Financial Concerns Prompt Johns Hopkins-Owned Hospital to Eliminate Staff Through Buyouts; Alabama Hospital’s #HairRaisingChallenge Campaign Aims to Garner Awareness, Funds for Preemies; ACOs Are Leaving $886M in Net Payments on the Table, Analysis Finds; Child’s $21M Medical Bill Underscores Medi-Cal Challenges; CHS Expects $137M Net Loss in Q2, Says Divestitures Will Continue; PwC: Healthcare Deal Volume Decreased 18% Since Q1 2017; DOJ Charges 412 in $1.3B Healthcare Fraud Sweep; 13 Hospital and Health System Executives on Successful Partnerships; 32 Hospital Executives Talk Care Quality Improvement in Times of Value-Based Care; IU Health CEO’s Systemwide Tour Takeaway: Managing Demand at Destination Hospitals a Consistent Challenge; KentuckyOne Fires Jewish Hospital President, CNO; Top 10 US Healthcare Firms, as Ranked by Business Review USA; CEO Turnover Increases as Hospital Losses Swell; Lutheran Health Network Physicians: CHS Isn’t Entitled to Profit at Expense of Communities’ Healthcare; Medicaid’s Future a Top Concern for 85% of Healthcare CEOs; Proactive Management — The Surprising Driver of C-Section Variation: 4 Questions With Harvard Researcher Dr. Neel Shah; HealthSouth to Undergo $30M Rebranding; Former South Dakota Hospital CEO Indicted for Making False Statement to HHS; Study: Healthcare Workers With Sense of Purpose More Likely to Thrive; Gallup Survey: 37% of Americans Are Confident in Medical System; Florida Hospital Marketing Campaign Centers on ‘Someday’; NYU Langone Medical Center to Rebrand; Word From the C-suite: ‘To Reform Healthcare, We Need More Female Leaders’; Creighton University Creates MBA for Clinicians in Leadership Role; Former CHI Hospital Administrator Indicted in Bribery Scheme; 75 Physicians Demand Leadership Change at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital; Albert Lea, a Minnesota Town of 18k, Digs in its Heels Against Mayo; Anthem: 18k Customers Affected in Email Breach; Amazon Reportedly Launched a Secret Healthcare Team Called 1492; Jefferies Advises Against Watson Investments: ‘IBM Appears Outgunned in the War for AI Talent’; Report: 10 Most-Clicked Email Subject Lines for Phishing Attacks; 41% of Healthcare C-Suite Execs Say 1st Reaction to Ransomware is to Pay: 4 Survey Insights; Jonathan Bush: athenahealth is Focused on ‘Intense Crisis Level of Reconstruction’; UChicago Medicine and Google — A Data-Driven Duo to Watch; Private Equity Firm to Buy WebMD for $2.8B; Meritus Health Invests $100M in Epic Rollout; Viewpoint: HIPAA Limits the Potential of Cancer Genomics; Penn Medicine Presents $565k in Precision Medicine Grants to 8 Research Teams; 7 Insights Into Remote Patient Monitoring; FCC to Hold 4 ‘Listening Sessions’ on Rural Broadband for CIOs, Policymakers & More; Cerner Revenue Increases 6% in Q2: 4 Things to Know; Dr. William Thornbury: Kentucky Needs Telehealth to Bring it Out of ‘Horse-and-Buggy Era’; Survey: US Consumers Not Concerned About Medical Record Theft; 54% of Patients Enjoyed Virtual Visits More Than In-Person Visits, Survey Finds; HIMSS Names Harold ‘Hal’ Wolf CEO: 4 Things to Know; Study: These Are the Things Patients Value Most About Having Access to Provider Notes; Is Apple Moving Into Healthcare? 4 Thoughts; Athenahealth Restructures Leadership, Jonathan Bush to Continue as CEO; OB Hospitalist Group Shares Industry Observations, Tips to Avoid Physician Burnout; NAHQ: 10k Professionals Now Certified in Healthcare Quality; Care New England, Lifespan Feud Over Decades-Long Policy Allowing Physicians to Call on Competitor for Help; Nursing’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’? Workplace Violence, Says 73-Year-Old Nurse; 73% of Neurology Residents Report Symptoms of Burnout; The 22 Hospitals Physicians Prefer Most, Ranked by Specialty; 3 Quality Measures That Most Influence Overall HCAHPS Scores; American Psychoanalytic Association: Psychoanalysts Should Offer Insight on Public Affairs; Exercise Caution on Public Figures; Olympus to Pay Virginia Mason $6.6M for Role in Superbug Outbreak: 7 Things to Know; HCA Poaches Half of Kansas Health System’s Cardiologist Team; Do Cellphones in the OR Jeopardize Patient Safety? 5 Thoughts; 10 Cities at 'High-Risk' of Experiencing OB-GYN Shortages; AMGA Survey: 77% of Physician Specialties Saw Median Compensation Increase From 2016 to 2017; 83% of Residents Say They Are Underpaid for Hours Worked; Lucile Packard Children’s Head of Patient Experience Answers 5 Questions on $1.1B Patient-Centered Expansion; 7 Waterborne Pathogens to Know; Manager Didn’t Enforce Sick Day Policy: Chipotle’s Explanation for Norovirus Outbreak; Press Ganey Releases First Quality Indicator to Measure Assaults on Nurses; America’s Essential Hospitals CEO Dr. Bruce Siegel on Healthcare Reform, Proposed Medicaid DSH Payment Cuts and the Safety Net; True Population Health Management Means Taking 'Custodial Responsibility' for Entire Communities of People: 5 questions with RWJBarnabas Health President and CEO Barry H. Ostrowsky; Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling: What I'd Like to See When Congress Resumes the Healthcare Debate; The Corner Office: Tenet Healthcare's President of Hospital Operations Eric Evans on the Importance of Work-Life Balance and How Healthcare is a Team Sport; Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.


August 2017 Issue of Beckers Hospital Review

100 Community Hospital CIOs to Know; 62 Critical Access Hospitals to Know; 62 Healthcare Leaders Under 40;CFOs: The New 'Executive Champions' of Patient Satisfaction;Joint Ventures and Collaborations Across Healthcare Services;Beyond the Walls of a Hospital — Formalizing a Post-Acute Care Strategy for Cross-Continuum Care;Dana-Farber Operating Income Plunges 66% on Unplanned Costs of CMS Review ;CHS Divests 9 Hospitals;West Virginia Hospital to Charge Upfront Co-Pays for Non-Emergency ER Visits;UHS Hospital in Oklahoma Faces Medicare Termination on Heels of Buzzfeed News Investigation ;300+ Hospital Executives Tell Their No. 1 Financial Strategy ;9 Hospital Bankruptcies in the First Half of 2017 ;Analysts: For-Profit Payers to Grow Medicare, Medicaid Businesses Regardless of Health Law ; Georgia Hospital Lands Last-Minute Buyer, Avoids Closure;4 Questions With Baylor Scott & White VP of Revenue Cycle Sarah Knodel; Change of Plan: Adventist to Close Washington Hospital, Medical Group; University of Iowa Health Care to Stop Accepting Checks, Cash July 1; Louisiana Hospital Overstated Expected Collections by $8.9M, Audit Finds; Colorado Healthcare Commission Calls for ‘Extraordinary Public Leadership; After CEOs Visit White House, Companies See Boost in Stock Returns; MD Anderson Eliminates EVP Roles ; Memorial Hermann to Cut Additional 350 Jobs; CHS Fires Lutheran Health Network CEO and CMO;Board Leaders Speak Out on Abrupt Firing of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital CEO: 8 Things to Know ;MedStar Hospital Lays Off 100 Employees in Attempt to Close Budget Shortfall ;Mississippi Health System Cuts More Than 100 Jobs ;35 Ways to Positively Affect Healthcare ;20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in America, as Ranked by Soliant ; Summa Health System to Cut 300 Jobs Due to $60M Operating Loss; 3 Health System CEOs With Highest Employee Approval Ratings ; Patient or Consumer? 9 Thoughts on Healthcare Semantics; 8 Healthcare Organizations Named Among 50 Most Community-Minded Companies; OIG: CMS Made $729.4M in Erroneous EHR Incentive Payments; Lawsuit Claims Houston Methodist Secretly Taped Patient Calls; West Virginia Hospital to Replace 1.2k Hard Drives After Ransomware Attack; VA Secretary Announces Cerner as Next EHR: 6 Things to Know; KLAS: Do Epic, Cerner Customers Stay Loyal for Interactive Patient Systems?; Penn State is Helping Sexual Assault Victims in Rural Areas — Here’s How; NATO researchers: Global cyberattack Petya likely caused by 'state actor'; Boston Security Researcher Discovers ‘Vaccine’ for Petya Ransomware; Global cyberattack 'Petya' may be worse than ransomware: 3 things to know; Frost & Sullivan: 5 key players in healthcare blockchain market; Medtronic Faces Global Computer Outage: 5 Things to Know; 83% of Life Science Execs Expect to Adopt Blockchain Within 5 Years; 66% of Physicians Say Health Tech Innovations Improve Quality of Life, Cybersecurity Remains a Concern: 5 Survey Insights ;Viewpoint: In Cybersecurity, AI Has its Limits;5 Questions With Imprivata CTO David Ting on Healthcare’s Cybersecurity Problem;Study: Quality Improvement Initiatives Reduce Readmissions, But May Not Save Money;CMS Won't Update Hospital Overall Star Ratings in July;To Up Patient Compliance With Hand Hygiene, Consider Ease of Use;OSHA investigates Minnesota hospital's ED in wake of patient sexual assault; The 19 double-5-star hospitals;The cost/benefit of employed physicians for 18 specialties;Hot or Cool: Water Temperature Does Not Impact Bacteria Removal During Hand Washing, Study Shows;4 Questions With Henry Ford Health System CIO Mary Alice Annecharico;5 Thoughts From Dr. Steve Allen, CEO of Nationwide Children’s Hospital ;Building a 'Nimble' Multi-State Health System: 5 Questions With Ascension CEO Dr. Anthony Tersigni;Michael Dowling: How to Gain Physician Trust? Get Back to the Basics ;The Corner Office: Rush University Medical Center President Michael Dandorph on Empowering Others to Take Risks; Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.


July 2017 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
100 Great Community Hospitals | 2017; BCBS of Georgia to Stop Covering ED Visits it Deems Unnecessary; USDA Withholds Funds From Rural Hospital Project, Cites Slow Financial Turnaround; Dallas Hospital Unexpectedly Closes; NY Cancer Center Avoids Medicare Reimbursement Cut After $250k Typo; Health System CEO Pulls Out $6M Check to Pay Debts During Budget Hearing; Study: 41% of Healthcare Spending Attributed to 12% of Americans; NYC Health + Hospitals Sees Operating Loss Nearly Double to $673M, Cuts 476 Management Positions; 'Save Copper Basin Medical Center!!': Rural Hospital Seeks to Raise $100k on GoFundMe; Hospitals Face Unprecedented Turnover, Attrition Rates: 4 Survey Findings; Baylor Scott and White Eliminates 100 Positions; UW Medicine Hospital Cuts 60 Jobs Including COO, VPs; CHS to Divest 5 Hospitals to Reading Health System; 30 Most 'Likable' Healthcare CEOs; Is Your Corporate Culture Holding You Back? Answer These 5 Questions; CEO Turnover for Misbehavior Up 36% Worldwide; The 3 Most Effective Words in Healthcare Ads; EHR Vendor, Executives to Pay $155M for Allegedly Misrepresenting Software's Capabilities; Molina Healthcare Fixes Hyperlink Flaw That Exposed ‘Countless’ Medical Claims Online; Children's Mercy Physician Exposes 5.5k Patients’ PHI on Unauthorized Website; Study: 82% of Electronic Patient Progress Notes Copied, Imported; 53% of Healthcare Orgs Don't Test Medical Device Security, Survey Finds; WannaCry Attack Infects Bayer Medical Devices in US Hospitals; 10 Hospitals With the Most Social Media Activity, as Ranked by Hyp3r; Startup Insider: 4 Questions With Kyruus CEO Dr. Graham Gardner; Study: Quality Improvement Initiatives Reduce Readmissions, But May Not Save Money; CMS Won't Update Hospital Overall Star Ratings in July; To Up Patient Compliance With Hand Hygiene, Consider Ease of Use; OSHA Investigates Minnesota Hospital’s ED in Wake of Patient Sexual Assault; The 19 Double- 5-Star Hospitals; The Cost/Benefit of Employed Physicians for 18 Specialties; Hot or Cool: Water Temperature Does Not Impact Bacteria Removal During Hand Washing, Study Shows; Scripps CEO Chris Van Gorder: Leaders Can’t Write a Memo to Change Culture; Ascension CEO Dr. Anthony Tersigni: Mental, Behavioral Health Crisis Deserves Our National Attention; Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling: The Health System's Role Amid Rural and Community Hospitals' Financial Crisis; The Corner Office: Children's Hospital Colorado CEO Jena Hausmann on 20+ Years Devoted to Fixing a Broken System. Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.


June 2017 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
CHS Records $199M Net Loss, Says Divestiture Spree is Over; LifePoint Eyes New Acquisitions as Profit Rises; Family Pays 35-Year-Old Hospital Bill by Selling Jewelry Collection; DOJ Sues UnitedHealth Over $1B+ in Medicare Claims; OIG Tags Arkansas Hospital for Incorrect Billing; Georgia Hospital to Close After Years of Financial Troubles; Brigham and Women's Offers Voluntary Buyouts to 1,600 Workers; The $12M Patient Who Drove Insurance Rates Higher in Iowa; US Drug Spending to Hit $610B by 2021; 9 Healthcare Bankruptcies So Far in 2017; Tenet Sees Net Loss Narrow to $53M, Inks Deal to Sell 3 Hospitals to HCA; RAND Study: MACRA Could Cause $250B Drop in Hospital Medicare Revenue by 2030; Study: High Prices Not Necessarily Indicative of Better Quality for Outpatient Services; Truven Names 15 Top Health Systems for 2017; Cleveland Clinic President and CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove Announces Plans to Step Down in 2017; HCA to Change Its Name — Again; Governor Orders New Hampshire Hospital CEO Bob MacLeod to Resign Over Staffing Deficiency; 6 Tips for Working With Someone Who Isn’t a Team Player; Be ‘Professionally Blunt’ — 4 Tips for Developing a Great Leadership Team; OSU Wexner CEO Resigns Over Faculty Concerns About Leadership; University of Utah Health Care CEO Dr. Vivian Lee Steps Down Post-Cancer Center Conflict; Study: Executives Who Flatter CEOs Most Also Develop Greatest Resentment for Them; Words From the C-Suite: Advice From 4 Executives; Epic, Cerner Hold 50% of Hospital EHR Market Share: 8 Things to Know; Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush: Trump, High Deductibles Played Role in Disappointing Q1; Vanderbilt University Medical Center Begins IT Overhaul, Epic Implementation; The 16 Tech Companies Paying Interns Most; Trump Establishes American Technology Council; CIOs Greatly Underestimate How Many Cloud Apps Their Organization Use; Report: 3 Cyberthreats Make Up 81% of Healthcare Breaches; Why Do Women, Minorities Leave Tech Companies? 4 Study Insights; 47% of Organizations Say Virus Bypassed IT System Designed for Malware; Lifespan Notifies 20k Patients of Privacy Breach From Stolen Laptop; HIMSS Analytics Unveils 2018 EMR Adoption Model Criteria; Health IT Regulations Are Too Burdensome for Physicians, Says Price; Cerner Impersonation Scheme Leader Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison; 8 Things to Know About Nurse Bullying; CDC Director Calls C. Auris Fungus a ‘Catastrophic Threat’; KentuckyOne to Cancel Contracts with 25 Employed Physicians; Trump Appoints Nurse to Serve as Acting Surgeon General; Survey: 70% of Nurses Report Burnout in Current Position; CDC Issues New Prevention Guidelines for Surgical Site Infections: 5 Things to Know; Dr. Peter Pronovost: This Unnecessary Regulation Doesn’t Benefit Patients and Costs $500M Each Year; 2 in 3 Medicare Clinicians Exempt From MIPS; 50 Cities With the Largest, Smallest Gender Wage Gaps for Physicians; Resignation of 3 Physicians Sparks Great Concern in Small Iowa Community; How Identifying High-Value PCPs Can Improve Profitability; 10 Best and Worst States for Nurses; Remembering Chuck Lauer; Chuck Lauer, in the Words of His Readers, Friends and Colleagues; Raising the Nation’s ‘Guts Quotient’ — 5 Thoughts on the Future of Healthcare From Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove; Michael Dowling: The Health System CEO's Affiliation Playbook — 5 Thoughts From a CEO Who Has Executed 50+ Agreements; Corner Office: Temple University Hospital CEO Dr. Verdi DiSesa on Fatherhood and Health System Leadership, Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.


May 2017 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
5 States With the Most Rural Hospital Closures; Arizona Hospital Falls Into Bankruptcy Less Than 2 Years After Opening; Mount Sinai Hospital's Operating Income Jumps 52%; Key West Commissioner: CHS Hospital’s Profit Margin 'Obscene and Unconscionable'; Inova’s Operating Income Plunges 92% as Investment Gains Boost Bottom Line 8 Pieces of Advice on Improving Claim Collection Rates; Uninsured Accounts Pay About 6% on the Dollar, Analysis Finds; Minnesota ‘Underdog’ Hospital System Mocks ‘Bad Billing’ in Branding Campaign; Quorum Health Continues Divestiture Spree With Sale of Alabama Hospital; SSM Health’s Operating Income Tumbles After Acquisition; Study: Chargemaster Prices Have ‘Limited Relationship’ to Hospital Quality at Best; 10 Largest US Health Systems Ranked by 2016 Revenue Change; 7 Things to Know About Medical Coding, Billing Specialists; CMS Releases Final Rule on Medicaid DSH Calculation: 4 Things to Know; Study: 20% of Americans Try to Compare Costs Prior to Care; Nebraska Hospital to Send 2 Types of Invoices to Address Patients’ Billing Concerns; Global Healthcare RCM Market Projected to Surpass $100B by 2024; Why Spring is the Optimal Time for Patient Collections; $1M Infusion Allows California Hospital to Avoid Closure — For Now; Partners HealthCare to Shutter Union Hospital in 2019; S&P: ACA Markets Likely to Stabilize This Year; Louisiana Long-Term Care Hospital to Close by June 3; Hospital Stocks Drop as GOP Tries to Revive ACA Replacement Bill; Fitch: Political Uncertainty Doesn’t Change Long-Term Outlook for Healthcare; Bankrupt Arizona Hospital Discloses Debts Owed to 34 ‘Critical Vendors’; Virginia Lawmakers Vote Down Proposed Medicaid Expansion; Study: Hospitals in Medicaid Expansion States Saw Average Revenue Increase of $5M Through 2015; Seema Verma Won’t Weigh in on Kentucky Medicaid Decision Due to Conflict of Interest; CMS Finalizes 2018 Medicare Advantage, Part D Rates: 4 Things to Know; Setting Lower List prices — A First for Pharma?; Hospitals Often Exceed Budget for Equipment Costs in Q2; Closure of US Retailers Hits Record Pace: Why Hospital Leaders May Want to Take Note; FTC Will Continue to ‘Aggressively Enforce’ Antitrust Law, Challenge Hospital Mergers Under Trump; 5 Guidelines for Small Urgent Care Centers to Follow When Negotiating Terms; 16 Phrases CEOs Never Want to Hear; CEOs Pursue More Acquisitions When They Don’t Win Awards; Trend: Making the CEO Part of Your Hospital’s Brand; 11 Health System CEOs Name Their Greatest Talent Outside of the C-suite; Why Healthcare Needs Inspirational Leaders and How to Become One; Automation Slashes 220 Jobs at Express Scripts; 7 Healthcare Professionals on Mayo Clinic’s Private Insurance Prioritization Policy; 5 Things to Know Before Becoming a Healthcare Consultant; 10 Thoughts on Hospitals and Health Systems in 2017; 5 Takeaways from the Demise of the AHCA; What Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson Learned as a Patient in His Own Hospital; 4 Symptoms of Strategic Inertia; Trios Health Cuts 95 FTEs to Improve Finances; 5 Biggest Concerns for Health System Executives in 2017; PeaceHealth Revises Number of Job Cuts in Oregon to 271; CHI Lays Off 484 Employees in Texas, North Dakota; Hackensack Meridian Health Unveils New Brand; Words From the C-Suite: Advice From 4 Executives; Can a Massive Hospital Learn From a Lean Startup?; 3 Ways MACRA Will Change Health Systems; Hospital Industry’s HighestPaid CEO Made More Than $51M in 2016; Poll: 75% of Americans Say Trump Should Try to Make the ACA Work; 9 Types of Malware That Should Be on a Hospital’s Radar; NC Officials Mistakenly Send Information for 1.2k Patients to Media Outlets; A Popular Ransomware Family Now Evades AI Detection; Report: Compromised Health Data Records Drop 75% in 1 Year; Philadelphia Physician Accused of Hacking Female Classmates’ Devices; 4 Trends Driving Telehealth; 4 Questions With Rush CIO Dr. Shafiq Rab; Penn Medicine Sets Sights on Yelp, Twitter Data to Drive Better Patient Care; 44% of Physicians Think Telehealth Programs Are ‘Poor’ or ‘Very Poor’; 30 Answers to 1 Question: What Should CIOs Cut From Their IT Budget Tonight?; 41% of Intel’s New US VPs Are Women, Minorities; Rural Hospitals Save $81k Per Year with Telemedicine; HIEs Have ‘Reached the Limits of Their Effectiveness,’ Says Chilmark; CMS: 10 Innovative Hospital Programs; Medical Specialties Ranked by EHR Use; Study: Physicians Spend 50% of Their Day on ‘Desktop Medicine’; AI in Healthcare: 6 Health IT Executives on What to Expect Over the Next 20 Years; 23andMe to Offer At-Home Genetic Tests for 10 Diseases; Cleveland Clinic Creates Venture Arm to Maximize Results of Spinoff Companies; No. 1 Cost of Ransomware Attack is Downtime, Survey Finds; 4 Notes on Using Blockchain for Healthcare Data; HHS mum on top ONC appointment: 5 things to know; Is Google Parent Alphabet Pivoting Toward Healthcare? 3 Notes; Healthcare Ransomware Attacks to Jump 4-fold by 2020: 5 Findings; 2 Types of Hospitals With the Highest Risk of Data Breaches; Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center to Implement Cerner’s EHR Platform; Epic Pranks Internet With Tinder-Style App; DOD Reveals Cerner Implementation Timeline; Appalachian Regional Healthcare to Implement Meditech EHR; CMS Investigation Into SC Hospital Prompted by Restrained Patient’s Death; Man Arrested for Impersonating a Nurse Practitioner at California Medical Clinic; 2 Patient Suicides in 8 Days Reported at Montefiore Medical Center; 51 Hospitals With the Lowest Heart Attack Readmission Rates; Sepsis Drug Shortage Linked to Increase in Patient Deaths; Jury Sides With Heart Surgeon in $6.4M Defamation Lawsuit Against Memorial Hermann; Hospitals Are Getting Physician Burnout and Engagement All Wrong — Here’s Why; Summa Health Stripped of Emergency Residency Program Accreditation After Appeal Denied; Study: Lean Primary Care Model Increased Physician Productivity By 5%; WHO Launches International Effort to Reduce Medication Errors; 10 Best and Worst States for Physicians; Leapfrog Safety Grades Penalize Hospitals for Transparency, Study Suggests; Can a Simple Congratulatory Text Message Up Hand Hygiene Compliance?; 7 Statistics on NP, PA Job Satisfaction & Salary; AMA: 92% of Millennial Physicians Cite Work-Life Balance as a Priority; 6-Year-Old Loses Leg After Strep Throat Complication; Patient Wait Times Increased 30% Since 2014: 5 Findings; Which Specialties Plan to Participate in MACRA in 2017?; 88% of Second Opinions From Mayo Physicians Result in Different or Refined Diagnosis; Significant Pay Gaps Persist Among Minority, Female Physicians; Maryland Hospital NICU Reopens 4 Months After Investigation into Bacteria Outbreak; 5 Things to Know About Specialist, Primary Care Pay in 2016; Surprise State Inspection Finds Linen Storage Issue at UPMC Shadyside; 7 Ways Hospital Design May Affect C-Section Rates; Icahn School of Medicine Works to Change its Academic Culture Following Dean’s Letter on Student’s Suicide; Almost Half of Physicians in Shared Savings ACOs Aren’t Aware of Their Downside Risk; Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice Laws in All 50 States & DC; Hospitals ‘Rushing’ to Obtain Accelerated Visas for Foreign Medical Students. Click here to download a pdf version of the Issue.

April 2017 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Despite Revenue Jump, UPMC Operating Income Falls 47% in Second Half of 2016; How CHS, LifePoint, UHS, Tenet and HCA fared in Q4; Dr. Toby Cosgrove: Drug Costs Contributed to Cleveland Clinic's Low Operating Income for FY 2016; Tenet's Net Loss Balloons to $192M in 2016; Texas Hospital Files for Bankruptcy After $51.4M Aetna Loss; CHI's Operating Loss Swells to $153.9M in Q2; Mayo Clinic's Operating Income Drops 9.8%: 7 Things to Know; CHS to Sell 25 Hospitals as Net Loss Swells to $1.7B in 2016; A State-by-State Breakdown of Hospital Adjusted Expenses per Inpatient Day; 5 RCM Metrics Hospitals Should Monitor to Improve Cash Flow; Blackstone Closes $6.1B Deal to Acquire TeamHealth; 4 Statistics on 2017 Pharma Price Hikes; 10 States With the Highest Rates of Past-Due Medical Debt in 2015; How Partners HealthCare's Errors Altered Medicare Payments Nationwide; Mayo Clinic to Give Preference to Privately Insured Over Medicaid, Medicare Patients; Swedish Health Services' CEO, Top Surgeon Resign After Investigation Into Medical Practices; How CEOs Should Address Contentious Politics: 4 Points to Consider; Iowa Hospital CEO Resigns Over Improper Travel Expenses; 10 Most Concerning Issues for Hospital CEOs; The Chief Compliance Officer's Paycheck is the Fastest Growing in the C-Suite; Scripps CEO Chris Van Gorder Volunteers Up to 1,000 Hours a Year to This Demanding but Needed Work; More Than Two-Thirds of Healthcare Leaders Would Pursue Their Career Again, MGMA Poll Finds; The American Health Care Act: 8 Things to Know; CBO Scores the AHCA: 5 Things to Know; Opinion: Why There Are so Few Female Supply Chain and Logistics Leaders; 12 Health System CEOs Recall the Most Memorable Piece of Advice They've Received; Only 20% of Physicians Are Engaged With Leadership, Survey Shows; Former Health System Leaders Launch Strategic Advisory Firm: 4 Things to Know; 4 Things Leaders Can Learn About Resigning From MD Anderson President Dr. Ron DePinho; CEO Confidence at Highest Point Since Recession: 6 Fast Facts; These 10 People Are Helping Create the Hospital of the Future; Vanderbilt UMC Notifies 3,000+ Patients of Data Breach; The Growth of Predictive Analytics — 7 Thoughts and Observations Epic to Develop 2 New EHR Versions NJ Couple Sentenced for Stealing 71 Mental Health Patients' Identities, Credit Card Information; 23 Ideas to Boost Cybersecurity at Your Hospital in the Next 60 Minutes; 16 Statistics on Current Salary, Benefits for Health IT Professionals; Cybercriminals Sell EHR Databases for $500k Underground; 81% of Healthcare Organizations Will Increase Cybersecurity Spending This Year; Which Cities Have the Happiest CIOs?; NIST: 'Copy and Paste' Function Can Lead to Errors in EHRs; 50 Things to Know About athenahealth, Cerner, Epic, McKesson & Meditech; Epic Unveils App Orchard for Third-Party Developers; 752% Ransomware Increase in 2016 — 3 Cyberthreat Trends to Know; On Ransomware, FBI Director James Comey Has 2 Pieces of Advice for Providers; Cerner's Innovations Campus is Officially Open; 10 Best States for Healthcare, as Ranked by US News; Hospital Floors Could Transmit Germs More Easily Than Previously Thought; Healthgrades Names 2017 Best Hospitals: 5 Things to Know; WHO Ranks World's 12 Most Dangerous Superbugs; Study: Burned-Out Physicians Less Likely to View Medicine as Their 'Calling'; Beware the Office Coffee Pot: 4 Everyday Surfaces Teeming With Bacteria; Survey: 24% of Hospital Staff Witness Expired or Recalled Product Used on a Patient; Rude Surgeons May Also Be Most Hazardous: 5 Study Findings to Know; 10 States With Highest & Lowest RN Salary; Physician-Rating Websites Have Serious Limitations, Study Finds; Surgeon Donates Kidney to Fellow Physician at Hoag; The Power of an Apology Post-Medical Error: 5 Key Points; An 'Eye-Opening' Experience: Canadian Physician Shadows Nurse for a Day; Joint Commission: 10 Most Common Sentinel Events of 2016; New Data Shows Potential 100k+ Shortfall of Physicians by 2030: 8 Things to Know; Former Michigan Health Official Sentenced to Probation for Role in Flint Legionnaires' Outbreak; 7 Lessons on Supply Chain Management From Intermountain's Richard Beach; The Measure of a True Leader; 5 Keys For Engaging the Millennials in Your Hospital's Workforce; 4 Questions With CHIME-HIMSS CIO of the Year Pamela Arora; The Corner Office: OSF HealthCare CSO Michelle Conger on Enhancing the Humanity in Health System Strategy. Click here to continue reading. 


March 2017 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
24% of Payers, Providers Planning Population Health Program, KPMG Survey Show; 12 Hospitals With the Most ER Visits | 2017; The Underrated Value of Coaching in Healthcare: 4 Thoughts From Population Health Expert Dr. William Appelgate; Only 17% of Healthcare Providers 'Very Ready' to Take on Risk; Brown Study: No Way to Predict Readmission Risk Under CJR; 4 Ways the Opioid Epidemic Changed in 2016; Meet the 28 New Next Generation ACOs; NYC Health + Hospitals Develops System to Manage Hard-to-Discharge Patients; 53 Hospitals With Best Organ Transplant Outcomes; 10 Statistics on Chief Information Technology Officer Salary & Bonus; Epic Named Overall Best in KLAS for 7th Consecutive Year; Report: 30% of Breaches Reported to HHS Can Be Attributed to Third Party Vendors; Physicians With EHR Access Order More Tests Than Those Without; 30% of CIOs Name IT Security as Top Concern for 2017; HHS Names New Chief Information Security Officer; The Most Common Reasons IT Pros Are Fired; 'Lesbianism' Listed as Problem in North Carolina Woman's Medical Record; 10 Things to Know About Epic; Pew Research Center: 64% of Americans Have Personally Experienced a Data Breach; Dr. Zeke Emanuel is Dubious of What Silicon Valley Can Do for Healthcare; 10 Things to Know About Cerner; 10 Things to Know About the CMS Medicaid Spending Report; HCA Profit Soars 58% to $920M in Q4; 7 Healthcare Takeaways From the CBO Annual Budget Outlook; 21 Hospital Closures in 2016; Florida Medical Group Files for Bankruptcy; 20 States With the Highest Medicare Waste; Erlanger Misses Budget Targets Due to Higher Labor, Supply Costs; CHS Shareholders Seek to Limit Executive Windfalls if Company is Sold; 25 Things to Know About RCM in 2017; Trump Administration Withdraws 340B Megaguidance: 6 Things to Know; Tenet Indictment Signals New Era of Healthcare Fraud Investigations; What Keeps CEOs Up At Night? 5 Survey Findings; The $5k C-Suite Physical: 5 Things to Know About Hospitals' Increasingly Popular Offering; Broward Health Hires Kaufman Hall Amid Financial, Leadership Troubles; Summa Health CEO Resigns Amid Physician Tension CEO Credibility at All-Time Low, Study Finds: 5 Findings; DMC Replaces CEO Joe Mullany; Sources Say Decision Linked to His Resistance to Job Cuts; Dr. Atul Gawande on the Heroism of Incremental Care; Study: 25% of CEOs' Time Spent on Work That Could Be Automated; Women More Likely to Shy Away From Executive Roles if They've Been Rejected in the Past, Study Finds; Banner Health to Restructure Operations; High-Level Jobs Affected: 5 Things to Know; Which Physician Specialties Are Happiest?; What PCPs Really Think About Repealing the ACA; CDC Updates Vaccine Guidelines for Adults: 4 Things to Know; Agencies Launch New Investigation of Detroit Medical Center's Central Sterile Department; CDC Will Not Further Investigate UPMC Mold Outbreak Despite New Report; This Physician Almost Died in Her Own Hospital: What She Learned From the Experience; Nevada Woman Dies of Superbug Resistant to All 26 Available Antibiotics; New Sepsis Treatment Guidelines: 5 Things to Know; 10k Patients Die Each Year Within 7 Days of Leaving a Hospital ER, Study Finds; Nearly 200 Employees, Patients Potentially Exposed to TB at Seattle Hospital; Physician Imposter Gains Access to 5 Brigham and Women's ORs; Full Physician-Hospital Integration Rose More Than 10% Between 2008 and 2013, Study Finds; 86 Scabies Cases Reported at Ohio Hospital; Mandatory Flu Shot Policies May Be Based on Flawed Research, Study Suggests; Your Hospital Isn’t Deliberate About Diversity in Leadership? Meet Antoinette Hardy-Waller, the Woman Out to Change That; 'We Have to be Done With Pilots' — 5 Questions With Geisinger CEO Dr. David Feinberg on the System's Radical New Population Health Model; Creating Health System Strategy When 'Policy Is Out of Our Control' — 5 Questions on ACA Repeal With Intermountain CEO Dr. A. Marc Harrison; Your Population Health Strategy Will Fail Unless You Do These 3 Things; The Corner Office: UCHealth CEO Liz Concordia on Zeroing in on the Patient Experience. Click here to download a PDF version of the issue.

February 2017 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review.

Past Issues: 6 Largest HIPAA Settlement Fines of 2016; Houston Methodist CEO: Technology to Blame for Escalating Healthcare Costs; Why the Phrase ‘Can I Ask You a Question?’ Drives athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush Nuts; The Growth of Telehealth: 20 Things to Know; US Supreme Court to Hear Epic Overtime Case; CHIME, HIMSS Names Children's Health's Pamela Arora CIO of The Year; McKesson, Change Healthcare Unveil Name of Newly Merged Company; Officials: No Hacker Skills Needed for Data Breach in NH Psychiatric Hospital; Intermountain Healthcare Leverages Telehealth for Infectious Disease Care; 2016 Averaged 1 Healthcare Data Breach Per Day; Global Precision Medicine Market to Soar to Nearly $173B by 2024: 8 Key Trends; Car Crashes Into a Pole, Bringing Down Epic EHR at Jefferson Healthcare; As Health Systems Take on More Risk, How Does Executive Recruiting Change? 4 Thoughts; Hospital Uncompensated Care Costs Fall to Lowest Level in 26 Years: 4 Things to Know; Cleveland Clinic: IBM Partnership Will Not Result in Mass IT Layoffs; Activist Hedge Fund Buys 8.3% Stake in The Advisory Board Company; The Thing About Organizational Culture Most People Get Wrong; AHA CEO Rick Pollack: How to Redefine the Hospital for the Future; Why People Skills Matter Again; Surgical Care Affiliates, OptumCare to Merge; Geisinger CEO Dr. David Feinberg: ‘I’d Like To Eliminate the Waiting Room and Everything It Represents’; 20 Health Conditions People Spent Most on in 2013 — and What the Bulk of Their Money Went Toward; UMass Memorial Points to Epic Implementation for Drop in Operating Income; A State-by-State Breakdown of 80 Rural Hospital Closures; UHS Loses 20% of Its Market Cap After BuzzFeed Investigative Report; Mayo Clinic to Give Delayed Pay Raises; Texas Hospital to File for Bankruptcy as Debt Mounts; CHS on Track to Overcome Financial Troubles, Says CEO; Where Are CMS' New Overall 5-star Hospitals?; Where Are CMS' New Overall 1-star Hospitals?; Bill Gates Says Next 10 Years Will Be High Risk for Antibiotic-Resistant Pandemic; Meet the Mesentery — the Newly Identified Human Organ; Female Cardiologists Experience 3 Times More Discrimination Than Male Counterparts; SK&A: 20 Medical Groups With the Most Physicians — Kaiser Permanente Medical Group Tops the List; FDA Bans Powdered Gloves: New Rule Took Effect Jan. 18; 49 Hospitals With the Lowest Readmission Rates; Geisinger Finalizes Medical School Partnership; 6 Thoughts on Leadership From Dr. Michael Ugwueke, President and CEO of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare; 5 Questions With Deanna Wise, CIO of Dignity Health; Remaining Independent and Competitive in Today’s Healthcare Environment: 5 Questions With Marin General CEO Lee Domanico; The CEO's Role in Tech and Cybersecurity; The Corner Office: Children’s Hospital of Orange County CEO Kim Cripe on the Value of Unfettered Curiosity. Click here to download a PDF version of this issue.

January 2017 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Trump names Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove to panel of business advisers; The 47-year-old Business Book Still Beloved by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates; 20 Women at Top of Healthcare Organizations Discuss Their Leadership Philosophies and Patient Engagement; Largest Hospital, Health System Layoffs of 201; The Repeal and Reevaluation of the ACA: 4 Key Points; Trump Picks Price, Verma as Heads of HHS, CMS: 9 Things to Know; 60 of the Most Powerful People in Healthcare; CHS Sells 2 Hospitals for $45M to Drive Down Debt; Texas and NY Hospitals Close ERs on Same Day; 3 Factors That Could Influence Hospital Bankruptcies in 2017; Texas Hospital Abruptly Closes After Failing to Make Payroll; Executives, Physicians at Dallas Hospital Indicted in Massive Kickback Scheme; CHI Records $483M Operating Loss as Labor Costs Grow, Patient Volume Decline; Henry Ford Director Says Payments Aren’t Truly Bundled Under BPCI Initiative; 12 Healthcare Startup Incubators and Accelerators to Know; IBM Watson Rolls Out Internet of Things Consulting Platform; CEO Email Scam Targets 17 US Healthcare Organizations in 2 Weeks; What Crises Stain a Hospital’s Reputation? Tech and Data Issues Top the List, Healthcare Executives Say; Mobile Health Market Projected to Reach $21.7B by 2022: 5 Things to Know; Duke Develops Robotic Nurse to Reduce Contact With Infectious Disease; Gartner Names Top 25 Supply Chains in Healthcare; Medicare’s Top 15 Costliest Drugs in 2015; Spearheading a First-of-Its-Kind Logistics Center: 5 Questions With Dennis Mullins, VP of Supply Chain for IU Health; 4 Threats to the US Blood Supply; More Than Two-Thirds of Hospital Leaders Expect to Boost Annual Supply Chain Investment Over Next 3 Years, Survey Finds; How Amazon Trains New Warehouse Workers in Just 2 Days; 7 Questions With MetroHealth CEO Dr. Akram Boutros; Thoughts on a More Motivated 2017: Drop the 'Mail It In' Attitude; 20 Years as Chief Nurse: Mass General’s CNO on What’s Next After Stepping Down; The Corner Office: Dignity Health CEO Lloyd Dean on What Drives His Commitment to Improve Healthcare Access


December 2016 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Trump's Top Priority? Americans Say It Should be Healthcare; CMS Releases Final OPPS Rule for 2017: 11 Things to Know Playbook; Media Blames Female CEOs More Than Male Counterparts for Company Trouble; 5 things Wildly Successful People Do Before Drinking Their Morning Coffee; The 'Woman's Touch'L: How One Baton Rouge Hospital Went to Work After the Flood; CEOs Underwent 'Generational Overhaul' After Economic Crisis: 4 Takeaways; HBR: Why Companies With Visionary leaders Rarely Have Visionary Successors; 12 Key Thoughts and Metrics on CEO Performance Evaluation; Dignity Health, CHI Ink Agreement to Explore Further Alignment; Layoffs Cost Baxter $10M: 7 Things to Know; Aetna CEO: Young Adults Rather Pay for 'Beer on Fridays and Saturdays' Than Health Insurance; New Mother Hit With $7k Delivery Room Charge After Giving Birth in the Parking Lot; Why These 4 Health Systems Abandoned Traditional Budgeting;Ascension Records $423M Net Gain on Higher Patient Volume: 5 things to Know;Blackstone to Acquire TeamHealth in $6B Deal; This Reporter Tried to Gather All His Medical Records in 72 Hours: Here's What Happened; Johns Hopkins Hospital Launches NASA- Inspired Command Center to Enhance Hospital Operations; Cerner CoFounder Neal Patterson: Why He Says 'God has a Sense of Humor"; The Future of Telehealth: 4 Questions with Teladoc's Dr. Alan Roga; 15 Under 15: How These Kids are Changing IT; NP Average Hourly Wage & Salary for All 50 States; British Physicians Draw Up List of 40 Procedures of Little to No Benefit; AMA Reveals Latest in Medical Education Reform: New Pillar of Study, New Textbook; Where are the 20 Leapfrog F Hospitals?; 6 Questions with New Intermountain Healthcare CEO Dr. A. Marc Harrison;Michael Dowling: Giving Thanks to Family, Friends, and the Privilege of Working in Healthcare; The Corner Office: MGMA CEO Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright on Becoming Part of the Solution. Click here to download a PDF version of this issue.

November 2016 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

50 Hospitals with Innovation Programs; Geisinger CEO Dr. David Feinberg Talks 1 Year of Patient Refunds; The MACRA Final Rule: 10 Things to Know; Top 10 Regional Health Law Firms Announced; Trump, Clinton's Healthcare Plans Would Achieve Opposite Results, Studies Find; Carolinas HealthCare CEO Gene Woods Launches National Search for COO; Want To Be a CEO? Diversify Your Experience, Study Says; Board of Allina-Run Hospital Votes to Dissolve; Former Mayo CEO Gene Mayberry Dies at 87; The Rise of 'Freelance Consultant'- 7 Things to Know; Providence Health Services Eliminates CEO Role at St. Mary to Reduce Overhead; A CEO's Job Interview Checklist: 5 Questions to Better Identify the Best Employer for You; 20 Financial Benchmarks for Hospital Executives; 20% of Physician Respondents are Familiar with MACRA: 5 Survey Takeaways; Parkland Memorial Hospital to Lay Off 108 Amid Budget Cuts; CMS Releases MACRA Final Rule: 10 Things to Know; 10 High-Spend Drugs Affecting Hospitals Most; CHS Adopts Short-Term Poison Pill to Protect Stockholders' Rights; Massachusetts Hospital Association Admits Price Variation 'Problematic'; What This Year's Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics Means for ACOs, Physician Compensation; Parents Charged $39 to Hold Baby After Birth, Itemized Bill Shows; KPMG Ends Contract with Broward Health Over Audit Dispute; Fitch: Change in Political Environment Could Disrupt Healthcare Business Models; Geisinger to Buy Medical School, Deal Will Close by 2017; Moody's: For-Profit Hospital perators Continue to Gain Scale Through M&A; Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lowers Layoffs to 84; Geisinger Gets Revenue Boost From Acquisitions; Tenet, Humana, Rift Affects 750k in South Florida; Down the Rabbit Hole at Epic: 9 Key Points from the Users Group Meeting; Physicians' Opinions of EHR Vendors: 8 Findings; Survey Indicates Half of Organizations Unprepared to Meet Health Data Security Standard; 6 Things to Know About Apple's Foray into Healthcare; CIOs Say Mobile Devices are Organizations' Weakest Cybersecurity Link; Boston Children's 2014 Hacker Explains Why He Did It; 5 Thoughts from HHS CTO Susannah Fox on Technology in Healthcare; The Best, Worst States for EHR Adoption, HIE, Interoperability: 4 Findings from ONC. Click here to download a PDF version of this issue.

October 2016 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

110 Physician Leaders of Hospitals and Health Systems;10 Things Keeping Health System CEOs Up at Night; Making the Transition to Population Health: Healthcare Leaders Share Challenges, Opportunities and a Roadmap for Success; Fortune-Telling in Revenue Cycle Management: Patient Personas and Propensities to Pay; Positive Patient Identification: The Key to Improving Revenue Cycle Efficiency and Reducing Denied Claims; The New Practitioner: 3 Health System Leaders on How Teams are Changing the Value of Care; How Identifying the Right Revenue Cycle Solutions Partner Can Save Hospitals Millions: A Case Study; Stark Law: The 27-Year-Old Act Killing Healthcare Reform Before It Can Begin?; Could ACOs Inadvertently Be Making Healthcare Disparities Worse?; 17 Hospitals and Health Systems with Unique Population Health Incentives; CMS Unveils 2015 Medicare ACO Quality, Financial Performance: 12 Things to Know; Weighing the Cost of Care: How Hospitals Accommodate Obese Patients; Interventions to Keep Chronic Illness Patients on their Meds Could Save Billions; Not Your Usual Hospital Ad: 'If Our Beds Are Filled, It Means We've Failed'; There are 4 Leadership Styles. What's Yours?; 32 Nurses Who Transitioned to Hospital CEOs; Power of Words- 9 Hospital Leaders Take the TED Talks' Stage; The Magic Number: How Many Partners Should a Health System Consider Before Merging?; CEOs Influence Employee Political Leanings: 4 Findings; Cleveland Clinic Files Plans for London Hospital; Geisinger to Hire 1,500; Business Strategy- a Focus on 5 Questions; CMS Says Providers Can 'Pick Their Pace' for MACRA: 6 Things to Know; A State-by-State Breakdown of 77 Rural Hospital Closures; Patients Desert Texas' Costliest Hospital Following Pricing Report; 7 Things to Know About Aetna's ACA Exchange Exit; 35 NJ Hospitals Sued Over Tax-Exempt Status; Indiana Women Released From Cancun Hospital After Paying $67k Toward Bill ;11 Recent Transactions and Partnerships; Why Billing After Death Is Complicated; MD Anderson POints to Epic Implementation for 77% Drop in Adjusted Income; 8 of the Most Memorable Quotes about Hospital Prices; 33 Health IT and Revenue Cycle Wiz Kids; Appalachian Regional Healthcare Back Online 3 Weeks After Cyberattack; Banner Health May Face 3 New Lawsuits After Security Breach; The 49 Hospitals Facing the Highest Readmission Penalties from Medicare;Why Are the Hospitals With 1 Star From CMS?; Pediatric Office Drops 8 Families After Negative Facebook Comments; 10 Things to Know about Hospitalists; Successfully Choosing New Hand Hygiene Products: 4 Key Points; Wayne State May Lose 37 Medical School Faculty Members; Ice Maker, Sinks Linked to UW Medical Center Legionnaires' Outbreak; 2 Dead; Intermountain's CNO on Maximizing Nurse Talent, Optimizing Care Transitions and More; Corner Office: Virginia Mason Health System Chairman and CEO Dr.Gary S. Kaplan on Relentlessly Fighting Waste and What He Learned Working in a Hardware Store; Michael Dowling: How to Make Population Health a Robust Strategy- Not a One-Off Project; Treating the Community: Cook County Health CEO Dr. John Jay Shannon Answers 5 Questions on the Opioid Epidemic. Click here to download a PDF version of this issue.

September 2016 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

100 Accountable Care Organizations to Know 2016; 50 Critical Access Hospital CEOs to Know 2016; 7 Key Areas to Address Under the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model; The Movement to Mobile: Evolving Patient Experience Methods in Revenue Cycle Management; CMS Termination Letter: What to Expect and How to Prepare; The Next Generation of Healthcare for the Next Generation; How to Diagnose, Intervene, and Succeed in Combating Physician Burnout; Top 61 Health System Markets; 400 Physicians Cut Ties with Partners for Crosstown Rival: Tufts; Taking the "Big, Scary Giant" Out of Healthcare Billing: 6 Questions with Zotec's T. Scott Law;We asked 13 Physicians What They Really THink of Their Hospital; Tenet Posts $44M Net Loss in Q2, Increases Reserve to Settle Kickback Allegations; Ozarks Community Hospital CEO Says Medicare Termination is 'Warning for Small Hospitals'; The Productivity Paradox: EHR's Need to be Tough Now to Gain Efficiencies Later; Banner Health Suffers Year's Largest Data Breach; 3.7M Affected; The New-Age CIO: 3 Leaders on HOw the Top IT Role is Evolving; 'Ever-Ready': 3 Nurses Discuss Orlando Regional Medical Center's Mass Shooting Response; CMS Releases Overall Hospital Star Ratings: 12 Things to Know; CMS' First 5-starts: Which 102 Hospitals Come Out on Top?; Former CDC Director Dr. Bill Foege on Why He Stands Behind Theranos, How to Build an Effective Coalition and What Presidential Candidates Must Address; The Corner Office: Dr. Susan Ehrlich ono Bridging Clinical, Executive, and Health Policy Leadership; 17 of the Most Interesting People In Healthcare. Click Here to Download a PDF Version.

August 2016 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review 

50 Critical Access Hospitals to Know 2016; 21 Noteworthy Statistics on Healthcare; 15 Largest Health Systems in the US; 12 Hospital Closures So Far in 2016; Top 10 Costliest Specialty Drugs for Insurers; 20 Most Costly Inpatient Conditions; The 25 Best and 5 Worst Cities for Physicians; 40 Statistics on Physician Compensation; 45 Largest Medical Groups in the US; Top 55 Hospitals Patients Would Definitely Recommend; 5th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable Conference Brochure; 5 Questions with Outgoing AtlantiCare CEO David Tilton; Do Hospital Affiliations Risk Becoming the Next Brexit?; Retiring CEO Bill Thompson Reflects on 36 Years with SSM Health; Merger of Equals: How Hackensack Meridian Health Landed on a CO-CEO Model; CHI to Exit Health Insurance Business; CMS Releases OPPS Proposed Rule for 2017: 12 Things to Know; 9 Things to Know about CMS' Oncology Care Model; 6 Proposed Changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule in 2017; Executive Briefing: How Identifying the Right Revenue Cycle Solutions Partner Can Save Hospitals Millions: A Case Study; How Big Data Helped Uncover the Largest Medicare Fraud Takedown; What EHR Audits Reveal About the PCP Experience; Carolinas HealthCare System Forms 2,300-Physician CIN; Mass Shootings Spur New Emergency Medicine Task Force: ACEP President Shares Details; 5 Reasons Your Physician Champion Will Fall; CMS Overall Star Ratings Have 'Several Shortcomings,' Analysis Finds; Michael Dowling: 10 Questions CEOs Should Ask Themselves Each Year; The Corner Office: Sharp Healthcare's Mike Murphy on Modeling a Classic- Yet Timeless - Piece of Advice. Click Here to download a pdf version.

July 2016 Becker's Hospital Review

Great Community Hospitals 2016; How One Health System Addressed 2,000 Patients’ Social Needs in 2 YearsHow One Health System Addressed 2,000 Patients’ Social Needs in 2 Years; UPMC Enters 3rd Partnership in China; Forbes: Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Now Worth Nothing, Company Worth $800M; From a Truck Repair Garage to the Hospital C-Suite: 5 CEOs Reflect on Their First Jobs; 8 Hospital, Health System Chief Transformation Officers to Know; Hospitals Claim the ACA Demands Mergers: Are Judges Warming Up to the Argument?; 20 Highest Paid Healthcare CEOs of S&P 500 Companies20 Highest Paid Healthcare CEOs of S&P 500 Companies; 3 Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Reasons Hospitals Close; California Hospital Closes After Attempt to Alter Facility Fails; Viewpoint: It’s About Time for More Urgent Care Options in Boston; Texas Hospital Closes, Lays Off 175 Before New Owner’s Takeover; Why Harvard and a Hong Kong Oyster Sauce Company Want Healthcare to Focus on Happiness;8 Recent Hospital, Health System Layoffs; Mount Sinai to Shutter Beth Israel Hospital; Milliman: Americans’ Healthcare Costs Have Tripled Since 2001; UnitedHealth Will Only Remain on 3 State Exchanges in 2017; Study: Hospitals That Deliver Superior Patient Experience See 50% Higher Margins; Bon Secours Launches Insurance Network; Texas Health Resources, Aetna to Launch Health Plan; To Stabilize Finances, Presence Health Secures $528.1M Loan; 13 Hospitals Planning Facility Upgrades, Expansions; NIH Awards $142M to Mayo Clinic for Precision Medicine Biobank; Feds Join Executive’s $50M False Claims Suit Against Prime Healthcare;Novant Health Sees Operating Income Jump 115.2%; 22 Hospital Outlook and Credit Rating Actions; 20 Most Costly Inpatient Conditions; CMS Issues Final Rule for Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs: 5 Takeaways; 8 Hospitals’ Finances Hurt by EHR Costs; What Comes After the Epic Go-Live? 6 Questions With MD Anderson CIO Chris Belmont; Judy Faulkner Ranks No. 3 on Forbes’ ‘America’s Richest Self-Made Women’ List; Kansas Heart Hospital Pays Ransom, Then Hackers Come Back for More; The State of Interoperability: 5 Statistics From the ONC; DOD’s Cerner EHR Go-Live Timeline ‘Not Realistic,’ Audit FindsDOD’s Cerner EHR Go-Live Timeline ‘Not Realistic,’ Audit Finds; Certified EHR Adoption ‘Nearly Universal’ in Acute Care Hospitals: 4 Statistics from the ONC; Thousands of NFL Players' Health Data Stolen From Trainer's CarThousands of NFL Players' Health Data Stolen From Trainer's Car; After Confusion, HHS Confirms HIPAA Was Not Waived After Orlando Shooting; Changing Healthcare Means Changing Organizational Culture: 3 Health System Leaders Weigh In; Healthcare's Second Curve: Is Your Clinical Documentation Ready?; 30 Things to Know About Balance Billing; 41% of Patients Use Payment Plans for Medical Expenses41% of Patients Use Payment Plans for Medical Expenses; 66% of US Citizens Would Struggle With a Surprise $1k Bill; Oregon Hospitals Pledge to Give Patients Price Estimates in 3 Days; Difficult Collections Force Struggling Calif. Hospital to Revise Revenue Projections;HHS Taps 6 Health Systems for Bill Advisory Panel; Mosaic Life Care approves $16.9M in Debt Forgiveness; Less Than 25% of Hospitals on Track to Hit CMS' Value-Based Payment Goal; Feds: Carolinas HealthCare Forced Steering Restrictions in Top Payer Contracts; How to Align Surgeons to Increase Productivity and Curtail Outmigration; An Epic Go-Live, the Opioid Crisis and More: Mass General’s CNO Weighs In; Which Female Physicians Earn Most?; CMS Officials to Hospitals: Stop Misusing HCAHPS Measures; Why are Physicians More Likely to Prescribe Antibiotics Later in the Day? 5 Things to Know; Primary Care Pay Grows Faster Than Specialties: 6 Findings; Untreatable Superbug Makes Its Way to US for First Time: 6 Things to Know; 50 States Ranked by the Share of Adults Who Went a Year Without Visiting a Physician; Intermountain, Stanford, Providence Form 79-Hospital Alliance to Share Cancer Data; CMS' Proposed Rule for Hospitals: Reduce Antibiotic Use or Exit Medicare; 4 Major Health Systems Announce New Marketplace for ‘Green’ Products; Cone Health Sees Operating Margin Fall as Supply Costs Creep Upward; 12 Healthcare Organizations Win ECRI Healthcare Supply Chain Achievement Award; Antidote for Heroin Overdose Sees Huge Price Spike; The Top Supply Chain Challenges of 2016; These Drug, Device Companies are Offering Money-Back Guarantees to Hospitals, Payers; Preserving Community Hospitals' Authentic Local Identities During Acquisitions; Corner Office: Greater Waterbury Health Network and Hospital CEO Darlene Stromstad on Excelling Despite Distractions; Hospital and Health System Executive Moves; Hospital and Health System Transactions. Click here to download a pdf version of the issue.

June 2016 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

7th Annual Meeting Recap; How Geisinger’s ‘Crazy’ Idea of Refunds Turned Into a Smart Business Strategy; A Lesson From the Past to Predict the Future: How Joel Allison Channels Abe Lincoln to Affect Change; Why Mayo Clinic is Picking Up the Check for Physicians to Dine Together; Bundled Payments, Regulation and Consolidation: 5 Health System Leaders Weigh In; 5 Thoughts on Navigating Healthcare’s Future Landscape From Michael Dowling, Nancy Howell Agee, Barry Arbuckle, Ken Kaufman and Howard Dean; Chris Van Gorder Runs a $3B Health System — and He’ll Never Miss Your Email; These 10 Hospitals Have the Biggest Surpluses — and They’re Mostly Nonprofit; CHS Sees Profit Plummet, Plans to Sell 10 More Hospitals to Drive Down Debt; Moody’s Preliminary Numbers Show Nonprofit Healthcare Profitability Margins at Multi-Year High; Weak Flu Season, Lawsuits Take Toll on LifePoint’s Bottom Line; Tenet Posts Unexpected $59M Loss in Q1; No 2 Prices the Same: 13 Findings on Healthcare Price Variation Across the U.S.; UHS Sees Profit Swell as Admissions Rise in Q1; Partners HealthCare’s Math Errors Could Cause 2,000 Hospital Layoffs Statewide; A State-by-State Breakdown of 71 Rural Hospital Closures; CMS’ 2017 IPPS Proposed Rule: 10 Points to Know; In the Midwest, Health Systems Go Big or Go Home: The New Reality of System Dominance; John Stossel: ‘My Hospital’s Customer Service Stinks’; 150 Hospital Benchmarks; Beating the Self-Pay Problem: How 3 Hospitals Developed Patient Loan Programs; ASC Revenue Cycle: By the Numbers; Rethinking Ambulatory Strategy Health systems have been developing their ambulatory platforms over the last several decades as technology and consumer demand has shifted from the inpatient to outpatient setting; Medical Errors — No. 3 Cause of Death in the US, Study Unveils; ACOs Flourish or Fail in These 27 States; SSM Health to Operate 27 Retail Clinics in St. Louis Walgreens; These 7 Surgical Procedures Account for Most Complications, Deaths and Costs; ‘A’ Grades Up, ‘F’ Grades Down in Leapfrog Hospital Safety Scores: 5 Things to Know; Stanford Embeds Clinic in Luxury Apartment Building; Medical School Enrollment Up 25%; 34% of American Adults Did Not See, Talk to a Physician in 2014; Wake Forest Baptist Acquires 300-Physician Group; The Most Common Surgery in the World is Often Unnecessary — and This Physician is Out to Fix That; Healthcare's Second Curve: Is Your Clinical Documentation Ready?; A ‘Simpler’ Version of Meaningful Use: 8 Things to Know About HHS’ Proposed MACRA Rule; What’s in Mayo Clinic’s Epic Implementation Name?; 7 Things to Know About Whaling, the Emerging Cybersecurity Threat; Cerner Quarterly Revenue Grows 14%, Profit Up 36%; EHR Replacements Causing More Harm Than Good, Survey Finds: 10 Key Findings; athenahealth Reports 24% Revenue Growth in Q1; Shared Credentials in Epic v. Tata Case: ‘Every CIO and CISO’s Nightmare’; McKesson Revenue Climbs 4%, Profit Falls 2% in Q4; Allscripts Achieves Record Q1 Bookings, Posts Revenue Increase; Not-So-Sensitive Data: The Case for Unprotected Health Information; Loyalty Rankings: Epic, MEDITECH Clients Feel ‘Trapped’; Cerner, athenahealth Clients ‘Most Loyal’; Beyond MU: The Value of Patient Portal Adoption; Michael Dowling: 4 Lessons I Learned Overseeing the Launch of a Health Plan; Don’t be the Borg: Listening is the First Step for Healthcare Leaders Involved in Changing an Organization’s Culture; Ask Chuck: This CEO's Health System Merged 2 Years Ago — But He Still Hears 'Us v. Them' Comments From Staff; The Corner Office: MemorialCare Health System Long Beach CEO John Bishop on the Unparalleled Value of Trust. Click here to download a pdf of the issue. 

May 2016 Issue of Becker's Hosptial Review

100 Great Hosptials in America | 2016; Market Domination is Everything + 7 More Thoughts on Strategy; To Pay for Note to Pay Ransom: A Tale of 2 Hosptialso Pay for Note to Pay Ransom: A Tale of 2 Hosptials; The Paradigm Shift in Healthcare – from Business to Consumer; Market Domination is Everything + 7 More Thoughts on Strategy; Worth the Weight: What 3 Hospital CEOs Gained From Losing; No Pay Raises for Community Health Systems CEO and CFO in 2016; Tenet CEO and CFO Compensation Slashed in 2015; Health System Executives' Primary Concerns Shift to Consumers; Hospital CEO Turnover Rate in 2015 Among Highest Reported in 20 Years; Intermountain’s Bad Debt Jumps 41% in 2015; $186M Operating Loss Leaves Presence Trimming Jobs; Trinity Health Records $27.1M Operating Loss: 4 Things to Know; Capella, RegionalCare to Merge Into New $1.7B Company: 10 Things to Know; Boston Children’s Operating Income Plummets 71% in Q1; CHS Spinoff Issues 2016 Financial Outlook; FTC Suspends Challenge of West Virginia Hospital Merger; Banner Health Operating Income Plummets 51.2%; Highmark Health Posts $565M Operating Loss in 2015: 9 Things to Know; ASC Revenue Cycle: Don’t Go it Alone; MACRA Roadmap: 9 Questions on a Post-SGR World, Answered; The New Healthcare Leader; Feds Seek Information on ‘Concurrent Surgeries’ at 20 Medical Facilities: 7 Things to Know; Camden Coalition Awarded $8.7M for National ‘Hot-Spotting’ Center; 8 Hospital, Health System CXOs to Know; Why Denver Health is Experiencing a Physician Exodus; FDA Recommends Banning Most Powdered Medical Gloves; Walgreens Partners With UnitedHealth’s Pharmacy Arm; Reporting Quality Measures is Costly, Not Useful for Physician Practices, Survey Finds; Hospitals: Is Your ED’s Length of Stay Costing You Millions?; Taking the Wheel: Transforming the Hospital OR to Drive Value; The Guide to Cringeworthy Health IT Conversations: 10 Leaders on the Terms They Dread Most; McKesson Cuts 1,600 Jobs, 4% of U.S. Workforce; Hospitals in Kentucky, Maryland Suffer Ransomware Attacks; To Pay or Not to Pay Ransom: A Tale of 2 Hospitals; Finding and Fixing the Leaks in Your Hospital’s Revenue Cycle; 7 Questions with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Dr. Craig Thompson; 7 Thoughts From CHI’s Michael Rowan; Ask Chuck: What’s a Hospital CEO to Do When His Team is Flat-Out Tired?; Analytics Can Help Hospitals Survive and Thrive in a Value-Based Reimbursement Environment; The Future of the Hospital is the Network; The Corner Office: Intermountain Healthcare’s Dr. Charles Sorenson on Making a Meaningful Impact; The Clinical, Financial & Emotional Benefits of Molecular C. Difficile Testing. Click here to download a pdf of the issue.

April 2016 Issue of Becker's Hosptial Review

150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare; 50 States of Population Health; The Rise of ‘Super Regional Systems’ and What it Means for Healthcare; Practitioner Credentialing in an Era of Heightened Employment, Consolidation; Spotting an Unengaged Employee: We Asked 3 Experts to Describe Red Flags; 15 Hospital, Health System Chief Diversity Officers to Know; ‘No Problem’ or ‘My Pleasure’? Why the Way You Say ‘You’re Welcome’ Matters; The New Look of Diversity in Healthcare: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed; 12 Healthcare Companies Named ‘World’s Most Ethical’; 10 Free (Or Very Inexpensive) Ways To Engage Staff A Quint Studer Classic; Building a Great Place to Work — Literally; Leadership Versus Management: The Differences CEOs-in-Waiting Need to Know; A Day in the Life of Scripps Health's Employee Crisis Concierge; Best Practices in Regulatory-Compliant Physician Compensation Plan Design; Tenet Posts $140M Net Loss in 2015: 6 Things to Know; Bad Debt on the Rise for Hospitals Nationally: 4 Takeaways; UPMC Gets Boost From 20% Spike in Health Plan Membership; CHS Reports Surprising $83M Loss as Admissions Fall; Cleveland Clinic Reports Record $481M Operating Income; The Rise of ‘Super Regional Systems’ and What it Means for Healthcare; 9 Questions on Strategy for Academic Medical Centers; Moody’s: Health Insurer Mega-Mergers to Disrupt Entire Sector; Louisiana Hospital Gives Up Charitable Status to Avoid Tax Penalties; Retail Clinics May Cause Healthcare Spending to Rise; Revolutionizing Transitional Care; Epic, Cerner Lead EHR Mindshare: This and 9 More Health IT Purchasing Trends; Anonymous Hacker Suspected of Boston Children’s Hospital 2014 Cyberattack Arrested; What Hospitals Can Learn from Hollywood Presbyterian’s Ransomware Run-in; IBM to Acquire Truven Health Analytics for $2.6B; nternal Medicine Residents Spend 5 Hours Per Day on EHR Data Entry; 7 Questions with AtlantiCare’s Outgoing, Incoming CEOs; 8 Questions With Epic CEO Judy Faulkner; Chuck Lauer: 32 Beliefs for a Good Life; Dr. Nick van Terheyden: Fighting a Shortage of Skilled Staff? Increasing Teamwork and Respect Is As Important as Increasing Salaries; Jonathan Bush: Retreating Toward a Purpose; Kenneth Kaufman: FTC Policies Are Big Trouble For Hospitals; Hospital and Health System Transactions; Hospital and Health Systems Executive Moves; The Corner Office: Northwell Health’s Michael Dowling on Constantly Raising the Bar. Click here to download a pdf of the issue. 

March 2016 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

100 Hospital & Health System CMOs to Know; 50 States of Population Health; Fighting an Epidemic with No Medical Cure; The Business of Optimizing Patients Prior to Surgery; How Hospitals Need to Help Fight Gun Violence: 3 Experts Weigh in on Chicago's Pressing Public Health Problem; Most Providers Lag in Implementing Population Health Management: 5 Findings; Ads Target Hospitals for Ties to Chickfil-A, Other FastFood Chains; Hawaii No. 1 for Well-Being in US; 15 Hospital, Health System Population Health Administrators to Know; 100 Hospital and Health System CMOs to Know; 100 Hospital and Health System CMOs to Know | 2016; The 2-Way Street to Patient Satisfaction; The Man Behind Oscar: 6 Questions With the CEO of a 'Hipster' Health Insurer; 673 Rural Hospitals Vulnerable to Closure: 5 Things to Know; 6 Common Characteristics of Hospitals Vulnerable to Closure; Baylor Scott & White to Close Facility as Services are Consolidated; Federal Appeals Court: Hospitals Can Be 'Rural' and 'Urban' at The Same Time; AHA's Fight Over RAC Backlog Gets New Life From Appeals Court; Duke University Health System Rakes in Record Operating Income in FY 2015; 15 Things for Healthcare Leaders to Know About Obama's 2017 Budget; Fourth UPMC Patient With Mold Infection Dies; Legionnaires Victims Sue McLaren Hospital Amid Flint Water Crisis; Top 10 Sentinel Events in 2015; Mythbusting the Modern MD: 4 Findings Fight Outdated Stereotypes of Physicians; Longer Surgical Resident Hours Don't Hinder Patient Care, Study Says; Practice Fusion Lays Off 25% of Workforce; 3M Decides to Hold Onto Health IT Division; Computer Glitch Slows Mountain States Health Alliance for 9 Days; Jackson Memorial Fires Employees for Inappropriately Accessing NFL Player's Medical Record; Patients Push for Transparency: OpenNotes at Northwest Permanente; Investment in 'Ubers of Healthcare' to Hit $1B By Year's End; Essential Elements of Care Redesign and Care Management; 7 Thoughts on Great Leadership; 7 Rules for CEOs to Live By, Whether at a Small Start-Up or Global Corporation; Waiting Hours in the ER Shouldn't Routinely Happen; The Key to Population Health: Know Your Chronic Disease Patients and Coach Them; The Corner Office: SSM Health’s Bill Thompson on the Power of Curiosity. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

February 2016 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

100 Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know; Johns Hopkins Puts Safety and Quality Data on Display; Are Epic and Cerner Healthcareís Apple and Android?; Johns Hopkins Puts Safety and Quality Data on Display; Are Epic and Cerner Healthcareís Apple and Android?; 8 Thoughts from Cleveland Clinic CIO Dr. C. Martin Harris on Decision-Making and Leadership; The Upside of EHRs: 3 Physicians on What They Get Right; The Stories Behind 5 Health IT Company Names; Breaking Up is Hard to Do: 6 EHR Vendor Switches in 2015; 10 Startups to Know for 2016; Epic's Young Physician User Base: What Does This Mean for the Future of EHR Vendors?; 10 Takeaways; Health IT Professionals Think They're Underpaid; IT Underused in Population Health Initiatives, Study Finds; The CIO's Role in Cost Improvement; Is Interoperability Getting Better or Worse? 6 Key Thoughts; Mayo Clinic Sells Data Center to Epic for $46M; How Billing and Collections Impact the Patient, and What Providers Can Do to Protect Their Bottom Line; 100 Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know; 7th Annual Meeting; Carolinas HealthCare Plans $3B in Capital Investments; Brigham Reports $53M Shortfall After Epic Transition; OSU Wexner's Operating Margin Cut in Half on CFO's Recommendation; Moody's: High Rate of Physician Employment Linked to Lower Profitability; Fitch Predicts Profitability Obstacles for US Hospitals in 2016: 5 Things to Know; Essential Skills of a Health System CFO: 3 Finance Chiefs Weigh In; NorthShore CEO: FTC Gerrymandered to Oppose System Merger; Nursing Rated Most Honest, Ethical Profession Once Again; Medicare Cuts Payments to 758 Hospitals for HACs: 6 Things to Know; 10 Things to Know About Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine; Do Physicians Drink Too Much Coffee?; Michigan Health System Fires 68 CRNAs Over Outsourcing Dispute; Data Where You Might Not Expect: Johns Hopkins Medicine Goes Performance-Transparent With Dashboards; Dr. Nick van Terheyden: EHRs are Like Junk Drawers — But There's a Way to Declutter Them; Why Interoperability Still Eludes Healthcare: Q&A With Dr. Charles Jaffe CEO of HL7; Retiring Memorial Healthcare CEO Frank Sacco Shares Advice From His 42-Year Career; The Physician-Patient Relationship: Should it be 'Warm Detachment' or Breaking Down Barriers?; The Corner Office: NYC Health + Hospitals Dr. Ram Raju on the 'Essentiality' of Public Hospital Systems; Hospital and Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

January 2016 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

100 Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know; Johns Hopkins Puts Safety and Quality Data on Display; Are Epic and Cerner Healthcareís Apple and Android?; 8 Thoughts from Cleveland Clinic CIO Dr. C. Martin Harris on Decision-Making and Leadership; The Upside of EHRs: 3 Physicians on What They Get Right; The Stories Behind 5 Health IT Company Names; Breaking Up is Hard to Do: 6 EHR Vendor Switches in 2015; 10 Startups to Know for 2016; Epic's Young Physician User Base: What Does This Mean for the Future of EHR Vendors? 10 Takeaways; Health IT Professionals Think They're Underpaid; IT Underused in Population Health Initiatives, Study Finds; The CIO's Role in Cost Improvement; Is Interoperability Getting Better or Worse? 6 Key Thoughts; Mayo Clinic Sells Data Center to Epic for $46M; How Billing and Collections Impact the Patient, and What Providers Can Do to Protect Their Bottom Line; 100 Hospital & Health System CIOs to Know 2016; Carolinas HealthCare Plans $3B in Capital Investments; Brigham Reports $53M Shortfall After Epic Transition; OSU Wexner's Operating Margin Cut in Half on CFO's Recommendation; Moody's: High Rate of Physician Employment Linked to Lower Profitability; Fitch Predicts Profitability Obstacles for US Hospitals in 2016: 5 Things to Know; Essential Skills of a Health System CFO: 3 Finance Chiefs Weigh In; NorthShore CEO: FTC Gerrymandered to Oppose System Merger; 7th Annual Meeting; Nursing Rated Most Honest, Ethical Profession Once Again; Medicare Cuts Payments to 758 Hospitals for HACs: 6 Things to Know; 10 Things to Know About Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine; Do Physicians Drink Too Much Coffee?; Michigan Health System Fires 68 CRNAs Over Outsourcing Dispute; Data Where You Might Not Expect: Johns Hopkins Medicine Goes Performance-Transparent With Dashboards; Dr. Nick van Terheyden: EHRs are Like Junk Drawers — But There's a Way to Declutter Them; Why Interoperability Still Eludes Healthcare: Q&A With Dr. Charles Jaffe CEO of HL7; Retiring Memorial Healthcare CEO Frank Sacco Shares Advice From His 42-Year Career; The Physician-Patient Relationship: Should it be 'Warm Detachment' or Breaking Down Barriers?; The Corner Office: NYC Health + Hospitals Dr. Ram Raju on the 'Essentiality' of Public Hospital Systems; Hospital and Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.


December 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

20 CEOs Name Healthcare's Person of the Year; 17 Winners and Losers Under the ACA; 10 of the Most Interesting Healthcare Transactions; Health IT in 2015: 10 CIOs on the highs and lows; 50 Best Healthcare Quotes of 2015; Misdiagnoses and diagnostic imaging: 2 hospital CEOs on subspecialty radiology's role; 1,800 hospitals see payment bump under value-based purchasing: 10 things to know; Study: Financial physician-hospital integration associated with higher prices; Moody's: Distressed public hospitals burdened by board turnover, regulations; Average point-of-service collections increase to $1.8M in FY 2014: 4 things to know; Tuomey dodges $237M false claims verdict by settling with DOJ: 10 things to know; The 'halo over nonprofits' is gone and 3 other takeaways from recent Stark Law settlements; 11 recent hospital bankruptcies and closures; Whistle-blower physician: 'We have got to get hospitals out of the business of hiring doctors'; 13% of rural hospitals vulnerable to closure: 5 things to know; A hospital worker has the most satisfying job in the world — You'd be surprised which one; 13 healthcare leaders named 'Best-Performing CEOs in the World'; 10 hospitals that get the most positive buzz on Twitter; What is a CEO's No. 1 source of worry?; Illinois Hospital Association, Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council to merge in January; The TeraMedica Division of FUJIFILM Medical Systems: A new power in the VNA market; Dartmouth-Hitchcock exits Pioneer ACO program: 10 things to know; 2 more Pioneer ACOs drop the program: 4 things to know; Opinion: Don't call physicians 'providers'; Medication errors occur in half of all surgeries: 7 study findings; 10 most common patient complaints, grievances with hospitals; Safety-net hospital patients have worse outcomes: Study suggests 'intrinsic qualities' are to blame; Number of 5-star hospitals decreases dramatically in CMS Hospital Compare update; Jumping ship: Why hospitals switch EHR vendors & how to handle the aftermath; A Year in EHR Contracts, Go-Lives; KLAS ranks top 10 EHR vendors by interoperability; 11 most innovative companies, according to the C-suite; Walgreens selects Epic EHR for healthcare clinics; Allscripts posts modest 3% revenue bump, 17% profit growth in Q3; Reality Check: Why it is Time to Address the Patient Identification Process at the Source to Stop Bleeding Money and Putting Patients at Risk; 5 questions with retiring Memorial Hermann Health System CEO Dan Wolterman; 6 questions with Dr. Mike Schatzlein of Ascension Health; Chuck Lauer: Do your homework on the effects of aging; The corner office: Dr. Rod Hochman of Providence Health & Services on preserving humility in leadership Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

November 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

The Two Words You Need to Say More in Your Hospital; 200 Hospital Benchmarks; Keeping Million-Dollar Projects From Bleeding Beyond the Budget; A State-by-State Breakdown of 57 Rural Hospital Closures; 10 hospital bankruptcies so far in 2015; Fitch: Capital spending will rise for nonprofit hospitals; Moody’s: More Nonprofit Hospitals to Offer Health Plans; Dignity Health's operating income jumps 47% as net surplus tumbles; Geisinger's operating margin improves as premium revenue increases; Carolinas HealthCare expansion efforts pay off in first half of 2015; 2 Kansas hospitals at risk of closing must look past 136-year-old rivalry for solution; New York hospital faces closure after buyer backs out; ACLU hits Trinity Health with lawsuit alleging EMTALA violations; Secure Texting — A Pathway to Clinical Collaborations; Words of appreciation: Thank-you notes from 8 health system CEOs; 15 hospital, health system population health administrators to know; And then there was one: 11 CEOs who moved up or out after mergers; Creating Change That Sticks— Lessons Learned From Years of Improving ORs; EHR implementation: Keeping million-dollar projects from bleeding beyond the budget; 25 quotes that show just how fed up physicians are with EHRs; Mayo Clinic CISO Jim Nelms resigns; ONC's final 5-year Health IT Strategic Plan: 10 things to know; 7 Steps to Achieve Physician-Hospital Alignment, Collaboration and Trust; How to combat the most common excuse in healthcare; What this physician thinks is wrong with quality benchmarking; Cleveland Clinic loses orthopedic surgeon over implant dispute; University Hospitals physician writes break-up letter to patient; HHS grants $685M to clinicians for patient-centered care: 8 things to know; Meet the 2016 family physician of the year; Solving staffing conundrums: A system-wide domino effect; Scripps’ CEO Chris Van Gorder on the Power of Inbox-Zero; 6 questions with Dr. Imran Andrabi, CEO of Mercy Health-Toledo; Quint Studer says we can heal physician burnout — and healthcare organizations can lead the way; 8 questions with Lynn Nicholas, CEO of Massachusetts Hospital Association; Chuck Lauer: The Patient Experience Revolution has arrived; The corner office: The Catholic Health Association's Sister Carol Keehan on having the courage to question; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

October 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

Success in the 'gray zone': Ascension Health CFO Rhonda Anderson on transitioning into a new healthcare model; Boston Medical Center CEO Kate Walsh on Her Best Boss and Cure for Busyness; American Diabetes Association CEO Kevin Hagan on 'a Big, Real American Problem; Chuck Lauer: A Thank-You to Gatekeepers Who Protect the Boss; The Corner Office: Cook County Health's Dr. John Jay Shannon on the 'National Embarrassment' of Healthcare Disparities; Hospital Innovation Centers Think Outside the Box to Solve Healthcare's Biggest Problems; The Art of Stopping: When Innovating Means Hitting the Breaks; Doing More With Less: Strategies for Competing on Price, Quality and Both at the Same Time; Bundling for the Best: Notes From the Field on Bundled Payment Design and Implementation; Pain Points of Innovation: It Take More Than a Good Idea; Here's an Idea: Ask Nurses How Your Hospital Can Do Better; Teaming Up: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Sports and Healthcare; 25 Companies Disrupting Healthcare Today; 40 Financial Benchmarks for Hospital Executives40 Financial Benchmarks for Hospital Executives; CBO: Federal Healthcare Spending Will Reach 6.2% of GDP by 2025; Moody's Revises Outlook for Nonprofit Healthcare to Stable From Negative; Hospitals Have 58% Overturn Rate When Appealing RAC Claims; Kansas Hospital to Close This Month; Illinois Hospital to Close, Replaced with Outpatient Center; 2 Georgia Systems Roll Out Massive Merger Plans: 5 Things to Know; AMA: Insurer Mergers Would Hurt Competition in 154 Metro Areas; 10 States With Least Competitive Commercial Health Insurance Markets; ICD-10 Aftershocks: 4 Challenges Every CFO Can Expect; Deconstructing the Enigmatic Hospital Chargemaster; 50 Critical Access Hospital CEOs to Know; 2014 Medicare ACOs: 10 Things to Know About Their Quality, Financial Results2014 Medicare ACOs: 10 Things to Know About Their Quality, Financial Results; The Latest ACO Results: 5 Leaders ReactThe Latest ACO Results: 5 Leaders React; Operating in the Public Eye: Life After the Surgeon Scorecard; What's Your Score, Star Rating, Wait Time? 5 Ways Patients Are Finding Out; 100 Accountable Care Organizations to Know; Hospital Pharmacy Improvements: The Success Story of Upper Allegheny Health System; Execs Fired as Cost of Epic EHR Rollout Grows at NYC Health and HospitalsExecs Fired as Cost of Epic EHR Rollout Grows at NYC Health and Hospitals; Half of Digital Health Startups Expected to Fail Within 2 YearsHalf of Digital Health Startups Expected to Fail Within 2 Years; 7 Takeaways From Epic's Annual Meeting and Why The CEO Dressed as Lucille Ball; Google, Alphabet & Healthcare: 7 Things to Know About the New Conglomerate; The Vendor's View of Interoperability: Thoughts From Greenway Health's Mark Janiszewski; Why Healthcare Cyberattacks are Getting Worse; 7 Steps to a Clinically Integrated Network: A Roadmap for Success; 'The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done' 12 Physicians, CEOs and Nurses Recall a Tough Professional Moment; The Story About a Janitor at Johns Hopkins: A Must-Read for Any Hospital Executive; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

 September 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

MetroHealth CEO Dr. Akram Boutros on healthcare in 2030; Meet the Stanford hospitalist-turned-rapper changing healthcare in Las Vegas; Chuck Lauer: Management by wandering around; Kenneth Kaufman: Can legacy providers afford to give up on low-intensity care?; The responsibility matrix: A strategy for stronger physician/administrator partnerships;
The corner office: Carilion Clinic CEO Nancy Howell Agee on a life well lived; CMS' final IPPS rule for 2016: 10 things to know; CMS delays enforcement of 'two-midnight' rule again;
10 things to know about the new healthcare spending projections; 38 CHS hospitals spin off as new company: 7 things to know; Leveraging technology to power transformation in today's healthcare environment; The path to ICD-10 readiness; 50 critical access hospitals to know | 2015; 2.5k hospitals penalized by CMS for high readmissions: 10 things to know; The 38 hospitals facing highest Medicare penalties for readmissions; Healthcare's silent shortage; Insurance megamergers limit nonprofit hospital negotiating power: 5 things to know; 10 things to know about Oscar Health Insurance: Will it be the Uber of health plans?; 11 most interesting developments in health IT this year; Cerner wins DOD contract to modernize military health records: 10 things to know; Providers Confused by Varying Telehealth Defintions, Policies: 14 Findings Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

August 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

The 7 Biggest Healthcare Issues in 2015 So Far; 8 Epic EHR Implementations With the Biggest Price Tags in 2015; 30 ACOs With the Largest Physician Networks; 25 Largest Hospitals in America; 50 Great Health Systems to Know; The 7 Biggest Healthcare Issues in 2015 So Far;10 Largest For-Profit Hospital Systems; 10 Largest Nonprofit Hospital Systems; Mid-Year Report: 9 Called-Off Hospital, Health System Deals; 8 Epic EHR Implementations With the Biggest Price Tags in 2015; 30 ACOs With the Largest Physician Networks; Physician Salary by Specialty: 16 Averages; 25 Largest Hospitals in America; 50 Great Health Systems to Know; CMS Proposes Changes to Physician Fee Schedule: 15 Things to Know; 3 Thoughts From athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush: What He's Reading, Who He Admires and What News He's Watching Like a Hawk; 3 Health System CEOs on Role Models, Nonnegotiables and Summer Reads; Take Your Vacation: Why Henry Ford CEO Nancy Schlichting Endorses Getaways; The Corner Office: Ascension CEO Dr. Anthony Tersigni on Cutting Through the Red Tape; Mega-Mergers Between Health Insurers: 5 Health System CEOs Get Candid; Merged and None the Wiser: What Keeps Hospitals From Gaining Economies of Scale?; When Should a Hospital CEO Give Notice?; Creating a Culture of Innovation: 6 Lessons From Edward Marx; Tuomey Healthcare Loses Appeal, Ordered to Pay $237M Judgment; 7 Hospitals, Health Systems Sue Feds Over Disproportionate Share Payments; Anthem Strikes Deal to Buy Cigna for $54.2B: 5 Things to Know; Aetna's $37B Acquisition of Humana: 5 Things to Know; NJ Hospital Stripped of Property Tax Exemption; St. Elizabeth's to Settle Alleged HIPAA Violation; DOJ Sues Michigan Hospitals for Alleged Antitrust Violations; How Are You Combating the "Weekend Effect?"; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital and Health System Rating Actions; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

July 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

The Community Hospital Survival Guide; The modern definition of a community hospital; Behind Closed Doors: The Lesser-Known Details of Mergers of Equals; 20 Pieces of Advice From Hospital CFOs; CMS Unveils Overhaul to Medicaid Managed Care: 10 Key Points; Nonprofit Hospitals Begin to See Financial Improvement; The Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Case: 13 Key Points; WellStar Calls Off Merger Talks With Emory; 8 Hospital, Health System Layoffs Affecting 100+ Employees; Study Lists 50 Hospitals With Biggest Markups: 11 Things to Know; Tax Breaks for Nonprofit Hospitals Soar to $24.6B: 5 Things to Know; CMS Pays $1.3B to Hospitals for Medicare Appeals; Tenet Completes USPI, Aspen Healthcare Transactions; 100 Great Community Hospitals | 2015; To Create a Positive Patient Experience in Only a Matter of Minutes, Understand What Patients Value Most; 15 Quotes From Healthcare Executives Reporters Knew They Had to Write Down; The Woman Who Runs the Oldest Hospital in America; Are Patient Satisfaction Surveys Doing More Harm Than Good?; Why Are COOs on the Decline? 3 Reasons; Becker’s Hospital Review CEO Roundtable + CFO/CIO Roundtable brochure; Outsourcing as a Solution to Your Credentialing Woes; Revamping Hospital RCM With Outsourcing, Insourcing or Something In-Between; Dartmouth-Hitchcock Outsources 340 RCM Division Jobs; 14 Hospitals, Health Systems Recognized for Revenue Cycle Performance; Premier Launches System to Track Financial Impact of Value-Based Care; 70% of Physician Practices Have Yet to Settle on RCM Technology; Hospitals and Nursing Schools: A Symbiotic Relationship; 3 Physicians From America’s Tiniest Towns Talk Patient Relationships, Rural Practice and the State of Healthcare; 10 Medical Schools With Highest Student Debt; Why is This Medical School Trying to Lure English Majors?; 11 Things to Know About the MSSP ACO Final Rule; Leavitt Partners, Brookings Institution Join for World’s Largest ACO Collaborative; 30 ACOs With the Largest Physician Networks; Dear Hacker: Here is Your Invitation to Attack Our Network; Partners HealthCare Launches Epic EHR for $1.2B; The Money Pit: Healthcare Spends Billions to Defend the IT That Cost Billions to Install; Epic’s Judy Faulkner Pledges 99% of Her Wealth to Philanthropy; Former Hospital CFO Receives 23-Month Sentence for Lying About Meaningful Use; EHRs and Physician Satisfaction: 10 Things to Know; Interoperability is an Ethical Issue; Protectionism is Not a Strategy; A Champion of Sport — and Life; The Corner Office: Temple Health’s Dr. Larry Kaiser on Knowledge of Wine and Healthcare; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

June 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

What If The Affordable Care Act Were Gone Tomorrow?; Creativity before capital: Health systems and frugal innovation; 5 important questions for healthcare leaders from North Shore-LIJ CEO Michael Dowling; The Strategic CFO’s Role in Cybersecurity, Population Health and Transitioning to Value-Based Pay; 3 Areas of Focus to Create a More Productive Operating Room; Checking In: Financial Updates From 5 Health Systems; Few Consumers Report Comparing Health Insurance Plans, Prices and Physicians; Healthcare Industry Had Highest CFO Turnover in 2014; 3 CEOs Forecast King v. Burwell Decision, Healthcare in 2017; 150 Hospital and Health System CFOs to Know | 2015; Patient Engagement: The Hospital Leader’s 3-Step Roadmap; How 4 CEOs Spend the Bulk of Their Time; 24 Thoughts from 5 Healthcare Leaders; Becker’s Hospital Review CEO Roundtable + CFO/CIO Roundtable brochure; How to Make the Hospital Revenue Cycle More Like That of Starbucks and the Ritz-Carlton; Bucking the Trend: Why Owning Your Patient Billing is Smart; The New Hospital Bill: 7 Things Consumers Want; Capturing the Lost Dollar: Finding Solutions for Uncompensated Care; How Patient Engagement Has Changed Revenue Cycle Management; Dr. Farzad Mostashari: His Startup’s Newest ACO Initiatives, Physicians’ Feedback and the Next Generation ACO Model; PQRS Participation Increases, but Nearly 470k Face Penalties; Which Physicians Feel Most Fairly Compensated?; The Two-Midnight Rule: Inching Toward Inpatient Status Clarification; The Future of MedAssets and Sg2: A Full-Scale Analytics Business; A Glimpse Inside IBM Watson Health; Epic to Waive Record-Sharing Fee; Where Are These 7 EHR Vendors Most Popular?; Going Green 101: No Longer an Elective for Hospitals; How Revision Knee Surgery Systems Can Improve OR Efficiency and Costs; Kenneth Kaufman: Beyond Healthcare’s Tipping Point; Corner Office: Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Marna Borgstrom on Going Into the ‘Family Business’; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

May 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

100 Great Hospitals in America; 30 Words That Changed Healthcare Forever — Or At Least For This Year; Hospital-Insurer Disputes: Are Things About To Get Ugly?; Bringing it Back to the Patient;First 100 Days in Office: The CEO’s Guidebook; The Advice Nobody Gave Me Before I Became a CEO: 3 Chiefs Weigh In; 9 of the Most Interesting, Intelligent Entrepreneurs in Healthcare Today; American Perceptions on What Shapes Health; 5 Healthcare Trends Inspired by Millennials; Checking In: Financial Updates From 5 Health Systems; 3 CFOs’ Best Practices for Running a Finance Team; Hospital-Insurer Disputes: Are Things About to Get Ugly?; Should More Health Systems Adopt Zero-Based Budgeting?; Why Provider-Driven Care is Best Equipped for Population Health Management; The Business Side of Caring; 5 Thoughts on Revenue Cycle Management; What Does the Perfect Hospital Bill Look Like?; Surviving the ‘New Normal’ for Orthopedic Practice in 2015; The High-Quality Care Conundrum; The Growth of Specialized Hospitalist Programs — A Valuator’s Perspective; The Next Generation ACO: Why CMS is Offering Higher Risks, Higher Rewards; Kaiser Permanente’s Secret Sauce; How Long is the Average Wait at a Physician’s Office?; 14 New Accountable Care, Shared-Savings Agreements; Taking Pay Cuts: Why Some Executives Leave Money on the Table; Male RNs Continue to Outearn Female RNs; Where Do Physicians Earn Most?; 15 Statistics on Health IT Salaries; How Tweener Hospitals Can Achieve Financial Stability; Dignity Health Sets Sights on Insurance Business; M&A in Health Insurance Sector Projected to Increase; 18 Insurers With Most Satisfied Members in Their Region; Blue Shield of California Stripped of State Tax-Exempt Status; UnitedHealth Profits Rising, Optum Revenues Up: 5 Key Points
How Some Health Systems are Keeping Their Investments ‘Under Good Watch’; From Bytes to Budgets: Why Hospital IT Teams are Getting Bigger and Broader; Big Hearts of Steel: Can Robots Reduce Work Burden in Hospitals?; A Guidebook to MU Stage 3’s 8 Objectives; The Proposed Rule for MU Stage 3: 9 Things to Know; Boston Children’s Experiences 6-Day System Outage; Responding to IT Failures: A Lesson from Antelope Valley Hospital; Homeland Security, Ticketless Travel and the Patient Experience; Physician Burnout Extinguishes Physician Engagement; Watch Out for These 7 Signs of Physician Burnout; Kenneth Kaufman: Healthcare Without Gatekeepers; Chuck Lauer: 7 Things CEOs Should Ponder Before Moving On; The Corner Office: Hospital for Special Surgery CEO Louis Shapiro on the Strength of Independence; Click here to view the featured storeis and download a pdf of the issue.

April 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review 

150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare 2015; The Way We Work; RadioShack’s Fall Highlights New Decisions for Hospitals; Kaiser Permanente Net Income Soars to $3.1B; Mayo Clinic Posts Highest Operating Margin in More Than 25 Years; Coming Soon: A Cleveland Clinic Health Plan?; Universal Health Services Q4 Net Income Soars 39% on Higher Volume; BJC HealthCare Operating Surplus Jumps 59%; Stagnation With a Chance of Decline: Healthcare’s 5-Year Forecast; Moody’s: PPACA Challenge Carries Significant Risk for Nonprofit Hospitals; How to Shatter the CFO Stereotype; How ‘Leaning’ Your EMR Improves Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance; The Year of 95 Hospital Transactions; Tenet, United Surgical Partners Form JV; Ascension to Purchase Michigan Health Insurer; Prime Healthcare Continues Aggressive Growth Strategy; 5 Hospital, Health System CIOs Discuss Talent Needs, Telemedicine, Goals and Challenges; The Healthcare CIO’s Hiring Playbook; EHR Market Share Varies by Hospital Size; Epic Decoded: Life and Corporate Culture at the Center of the Health IT World; Interoperability: The New Meaningful Use?; Top 10 EHR Vendors by Overall Market Share; Top 4 Reasons CIOs Get Fired (And How to Avoid Them); A Cheatsheet for 25 Health IT TermsAligning Your Workforce Strategy With Patient Outcomes; Ebola Nurse Nina Pham Sues Texas Health Resources; Physician Assistant Impostor Treated 137 Patients Before Caught; Aetna Hits ‘Hotel-Like’ Hospital With $120M Kickback Lawsuit; Government Recovers $2B+ in Healthcare False Claims Actions; HCA Faces False Claims Lawsuit Over Unnecessary Heart Procedures; Making the Case for Physician CEOs; The New Shortage Estimate: US Will Need Up to 90,000 More Physicians by 2025; How Hospitals Can Avoid Physician Impostors; Top 10 Medical Schools for Primary Care; Physicians With Bad News Perceived as Less Compassionate, Study Finds; Do Your Talent Strategies Support a Patient-Centered Culture? 4 Keys to Success; 5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Managing the Cultural Aspect of Health System Integration; Academic Medicine’s Gender Gap; Hospital CEO Turnover Down From 2013’s Record High; How 15 Hospital, Health System CEOs Revitalize Themselves; Notes from ACHE: 13 Skills Every Healthcare Leader Should Possess; 7 Strategies for Health Systems to Distinguish Themselves; RadioShack’s Fall Highlights New Decisions for Hospitals; Chuck Lauer: Give Nurses Some Help With Their Heavy Lifts; The Corner Office: Catholic Health Initiative’s Kevin Lofton on Dog and Pony Shows; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.   

March 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review 

The Hospital's Guide to Getting Hacked; CFO vs. CIO: Bridging the Gap in Perspective; EHRs and Big Data Take Medical Curriculum to School; CIO Roundtable: 5 Hospital, Health System CIOs on Interoperability, Information Security and Developing Technology; The Tests and Triumphs of Building a Hospital in the Age of Health IT; Solving the Revenue Cycle Paradox: What Options Do Struggling Hospitals Have?; 100 Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know; The Problem With EHRs: 5 Complaints From CIOsThe Problem With EHRs: 5 Complaints From CIOs; Mayo Chooses Epic; Hackers Break Into Anthem; Cerner Completes $1.3B Siemens Acquisition; Epic Leads 2014 Best in KLAS Awards; Getting More Out of Your EHR — A Look to the Future Software Apps Can Facilitate Workflow and Provide Clinical Decision Support to Optimize EHR Systems; 10 Pieces of Advice From Hospital CFOs; 20 Major Health Systems, Payers Pledge to Convert 75% of Business to Value-Based Arrangements by 2020; New HHS Goal: Make Half of Medicare Payments Under Alternative Models by 2018; Will the New IRS Rules Affect Competition Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Hospitals?; Want to Know How Much Insurers Pay Providers? There’s a Website for That; Building a Surgery Center Strategy Trends and Relevant Strategies for ASC Contracting; Why Advocate Joined the ‘75% by 2020’ Task Force; The New ‘ACO-Enabling Organization’ in Texas; The Most and Least Burned Out Physicians Broken Down by Specialty; ABIM: ‘We Got it Wrong’ With Maintenance of Certification Program Changes; Jefferson Health’s CEO Has Big Hopes for New Innovation Hub; 4 Questions All CEOs Should Ask Themselves Each Year; Staying Physically Fit While Excelling Professionally; Chuck Lauer: As Others Sell Their Practices or Walk Away, One Doctor Keeps On Truckin’; The Corner Office: Sinai Health System’s Karen Teitelbaum on Doing the Right Thing; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.    

February 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

200 thoughts on physician compensation | 2015; Healthcare strategy 2015-Back to basics: 12 key thoughts; What if we were wrong about the physician shortage?; 20 Statistics on Hospital, Health System Executive Compensation; Nurse Compensation Mostly Unchanged from 2013 to 2014;The Best Executive Compensation Packages: Attractive Yet Sensible;Financial Leaders Discuss Compensation Issues and Lessons Learned; The Ultimate Transaction Guidebook: How to Keep Your Hospital From Singing the Post-Merger Blues;5 Traits of a Good CFO in Healthcare;CMS Makes Changes to RAC Program; 2015 May Be Busy Year for Hospital Deals; Shifting Gears to Become a Strategic CFO: Q&A With Stanford Health Care CFO Daniel Morissette; Mayo Clinic Brings Expertise to China With New Joint Venture; 12 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Provider-Sponsored Health Plan; Tenet’s 2015 Financial Outlook Falls Below Expectations; Plans for Medicare Payment Overhaul Receive Mixed Reviews;MedPac’s Final Payment Recommendations to Congress: 5 Things to Know; What if We Were Wrong About The Physician Shortage?;New Physicians Overwhelmed by Job Opportunities; A Practical Approach to Population Health: Report From the Front-Lines of Healthcare Transformation; What Concerns Physicians About Value-Based Care?; In 10 Years, Nurse Practitioners Nearly Double; 40-Practice Physicians Association to Drop Out of MSSP; Waiting on the ROI: 3 Lessons From Health IT Investments; 25 Health IT Data Points on EHRs, MU, mHealth and Big Data; 6 Data Breach Predictions;257,000 Clinicians Face Meaningful Use Penalties in 2015;The Problem With EHRs: 5 Complaints From CIOs;Surprised Nobody Wants to Use Your Hospital’s Patient Portal?;Healthcare Strategy 2015 — Back to the Basics: 12 Key Thoughts;Do Good, and Don’t Complain: Q&A with Dr. Steven Gabbe, CEO of OSU Wexner Medical Center;10 Most Concerning Issues for Hospital CEOs; With 275 CEO Departures, Healthcare Again Leads in CEO Turnover; Sizing Down: Why One Health System Executive Created a Strategy Team “as Small as Reasonably Possible; Proving it Takes a Village: José R. Sánchez and Norwegian American’s Remarkable Turnaround; Chuck Lauer: A Hero’s Advice on Helping Others; From the Editor’s Desk: When It Comes to Party Politics, Some CEOs Put on More of a Poker Face Than Others; The Corner Office: Raji Kumar of Dallas Medical Center on the Competitiveness and Complexity of Healthcare;Hospital & Health System Executive Moves;Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

Janauary 2015 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

10 challenges and opportunities for hospitals in 2015; Succeeding at population health without an ACO; 10 smartest things people in healthcare do; Publisher’s Letter; 50 of the Most Powerful People in Healthcare; 4 CEOs Define Their Challenges and Resolutions for 2015; Is the Physician Shortage Real?5 Things to Consider; 10 things to know about the 89 new MSSP ACOs; Hospital CFOs' top concerns for 2015; To Build or Not to Build?; 10 Largest Donations From Individuals to Healthcare Organizations; 11 hospitals & health systems making health IT work for population health; In transition to value, CIOs must buy services — not software; 8 EMR mistakes hospitals make; 10 statistics on the current use of telemedicine in hospitals, health systems; 5 core management mistakes in health systems: Key causes of failure and business erosion; The leadership competency test; The problem to be solved; Can your hospital survive as an independent hospital? 9 questions to ask; Chuck Lauer: Simple, Timeless Insights Into the Art of Negotiation; From the Editor’s Desk: Healthcare's foggy and forgettable names; The Corner Office: Dr. Howard Grant of Lahey Health on the Passion and Intellect of Boston; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue


December 2014 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

The top 14 healthcare stories of 2014; A Year in Review; Will Bundled Payments Hurt Healthcare Innovation?; Publisher’s Letter; 11 CEOs: Why I Chose Healthcare; Becker’s CEO Roundtable: 12 Healthcare Leaders Compare Notes on Their Jobs and Their Industry; Universal Viewers: The Future of Image Viewing; 100 Hospitals and Health Systems With Great Heart Programs; The Accomplishments and Challenges of 2014; Hospital Closures and Bankruptcies; Largest Hospital, Health System Layoffs; A Year of Mixed Results, Continued Growth For ACOs; Identifying Trends in False Claims Act Enforcement; Department “Teams” Deliver Results; Simple and strategic: The next generation of executive benefits; Life After Healthcare: Why CIOs Do, and Don’t, Leave The Industry; Managing Cultural Change When Moving From Fee to Value: 11 Healthcare Leaders Respond; Patient Experience Affects Us All: Q&A With Cleveland Clinic CFO Dr. James Merlino; Chuck Lauer: Honoring One of Healthcare’s Finest; The Corner Office: Dr. Richard Afable of St. Joseph Hoag Health on Knocking Down Barriers, One by One; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

November 2014 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
200 Hospital Benchmarks; The Burdens of Benchmarking; Hospital Credit Ratings: What the Shift From Inpatient to Outpatient Means for Performance Measurement; Health System CFOs on Their Changing Roles, Challenges and the Most Important Thing CFOs Can Do Today; ACOs in Pioneer Model, Shared Savings Program Improve Quality, Generate Savings; Dr. Farzad Mostashari: Why Hospital Leaders Should Embrace One of the PPACA’s Most Promising Provisions; More Pioneer ACOs Exit Program; 10 ACOs Earning Largest First-Year Performance Bonuses; The Ultimate CFO Dashboard: Metrics to Watch to Succeed in a Shifting Healthcare Industry; Do Automated Valuation Tools Realize Their Value Proposition?; Key Management Behaviors That Keep Enhancing the Value of Mature ASC Joint Ventures; Lonely at the Top: Why CIOs Rarely Become CEOs; Improving OR Performance With a Partner; Serve Locally, Govern Nationally: Board Recruitment Goes Borderless; From the Editor’s Desk: Peter Drucker’s Brilliant 47-Year-Old Idea Could Transform Healthcare; The Corner Office: Dr. Stephen Klasko of Jefferson Health System on Passion, Creativity and His “New Math”;Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

October 2014 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
20 Investment Niches in Healthcare; 3 Things the Most Innovative Health Systems Do; Is This the End for Hospital Charity Care?; 6 Steps to Health-System Success in the New Reimbursement Landscape; 100 Hospitals and Health Systems With Great Oncology Programs; Untangling Innovation, Regulation and Competition in Healthcare; The New Normal: 6 Keys to Optimizing Alternate Care Supply Chain; 4 Health System Leaders Define Their Top Priorities, Challenges and What is Most in Need of Innovation in Healthcare; Are Hospitals Really Serious About Patient Safety? 6 Things We Can Learn from Other Industries; What the ‘Father of Modern Sociology’ Can Teach Hospitals About Physician Engagement; 15 Things to Know About the Physician Shortage; ACO Leader Roundtable: 3 Leaders on ACO Difficulties, Mistakes; The 10 Most In-Demand Clinician Specialties; 22 Pioneer ACOs Remain After Sharp Healthcare Drops Out; Physicians’ Top 10 Considerations for New Job Opportunities; Patient Blood Management Improves Outcomes, Lowers Costs; Has Maryland Found a Solution to the U.S. Healthcare Cost Crisis?; Finding the true cost of care: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta takes on activity-based costing; Moody’s: Nonprofit Hospital Revenues, Cash Flow Hit Record Low in 2013; Average Cost Per Inpatient Day Across 50 States; Has Your Surgery Department Lost Business to ASCs?; How 3 Startups Found Success in the Current Digital Health Market; Cleveland Clinic, Medstar, Others Begin to Monetize Their Innovation; Where Hospital IT Departments Are Adding Staff; The Conflicting Views on Epic’s Interoperability; How to Put Critical Access Hospitals in Positions of Strength; The Most Important Thing a CEO Does: 17 Healthcare Leaders Weigh In; Rising Stars: 25 Healthcare Leaders Under 40; Who Are You Hiring for Your C-Suite? 10 Statistics; The Growing Influence of For-Profit Pay Practices on Nonprofit Executive Pay; Chuck Lauer: EHRs Seem Like More of a Problem Than a Solution; From the Editor’s Desk: Uber’s 3 Innovation Lessons for Healthcare; Corner Office: Dr. Ronald DePinho of MD Anderson Cancer Center on His One and Only Mission; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

September 2014 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
10 Concerns and Trends Facing Hospitals Right Now; Health City Cayman Islands: Where Your Patients Might Be Headed For Healthcare; Does More Value Mean Less Profit? How to Keep Pay-for-Performance From Hurting Hospital Income; Publisher’s Letter; 100 Accountable Care Organizations to Know; Population Health: Why the Hottest Term in Healthcare is Getting Problematic; What Are the Most Expensive Cities for Primary Care?; Dr. Farzad Mostashari on His Career, His New Startup and Closing Gaps in the Healthcare System; Patient-Centered Analytics for Population Health Management; Chief Executive Officer Strategy Roundtable Conference Brochure; Providers Consider an Uncertain Market: Will Accepting PPACA Exchange Plans Hurt Academic Medical Centers?; Hospital Outpatient Prices Much Higher Than Independent Physicians’ For Same Services; Additional 4,122 Healthcare Providers to Explore Bundled Payments; Healthcare Spending Slowdown to Reverse in 2014; Community Hospital Affiliation Strategies; 15 Things to Know About the Deal Between Partners HealthCare, Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley; Ascension, Dignity, Tenet to Enter Into Joint Venture; Consolidation in Healthcare: 3 Statistics; 5 Key Drivers of Acquisition and Affiliation Strategy; Integrating Value into Physician Employment Compensation Models; 26 of the Most Controversial People in Healthcare; 3 CMIOs on Their New and Changing Role; A New Approach to Healthcare Innovation: Hospital-Hosted Hackathons; How I Became a Healthcare CIO: 10 CIOs, 10 Different Career Paths; How 25-Bed Cottage Hospital Reached MU2; Study: Patients More Likely to Lie When Physicians Use EHRs; What Can Traditional Health Systems Do To Build Market Relevance?; CEO Succession Planning: How to Use Incumbents to Help, Not Hurt, an Executive Search; Wal-Mart’s Lessons for Reinventing Hospitals; Chuck Lauer: The Most Controversial Man in Healthcare? Why Arnold Relman is Sorely Missed; From the Editor’s Desk: Is Walgreens Doing More for Population Health Than You?; The Corner Office: Dr. David Pate of St. Luke's Health System on the Work Cut Out for Hospitals; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

August 2014 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
How Some of America's Largest Companies Are Poised to Shake Up Healthcare; What Hospital Leaders Need to Know for Successful Direct Contracting With Employers; Health IT and Liability: How to Protect Your Hospital When Software Fails; Publisher’s Letter; 50 Largest Nonprofit Hospitals in America; 50 Largest For-Profit Hospitals in America; 50 Top-Grossing For-Profit Hospitals; 50 Top-Grossing Nonprofit Hospitals; 15 Largest Nonprofit Health Systems; 13 Largest For-Profit Hospital Operators; Executive Roundtable: A High-Level Look at Hospital Affiliations; CIO Roundtable Healthcare CIOs: Past, Present and Future; 10 Things to Know About Rising Hospital Charges; 10 of the Biggest Rivalries in Healthcare; What Narrow Networks Mean for Providers and Patients: 6 Things to Know; New Reimbursement Models to Eclipse Fee-for-Service by 2020; Financial Need is No Longer Leading Driver in Healthcare Acquisitions; Bundled Payment Program Progress: 6 Insights; 10 Top-Performing Healthcare Payers; ACOs by the Numbers: 8 Recent Statistics and Findings; 5 Key Provisions in a Successful Physician Employment Contract; Dr. Farzad Mostashari Launches Startup to Help Independent Physicians Form ACOs; Boeing to Contract With Providence-Swedish, UW ACOs for Employees; Building the Patient-Centered Hospital Home; How is Medicaid Expansion Affecting Healthcare Providers So Far?; 5 Things to Know About the Merger of Health Systems and Insurance Providers; Dignity Health’s Google Glass Success; 10 States With Highest, Lowest EHR Adoption; Apple Partners With Epic, Mayo on New Health App Platform; 4 EHR Issues That Can Compromise Patient Safety; 10 Key Findings from HHS' Latest Data Breach Report; 15 Things to Know About Google Glass in Healthcare; Optimizing Your Information Management Strategy During Mergers & Acquisitions; The Great Pay Debate: Should Nonprofit Hospital Board Members Receive Compensation?; Reinventing Healthcare: 5 Strategies for Successfully Leading Change; CEO Compensation in Healthcare: 10 Key Thoughts; The 5 Pivotal Decisions in a Leader's Career; Chuck Lauer: Don’t Take a Jet to the Grocery Store; The $9B Company About to Revolutionize Healthcare, And You've Probably Never Heard of It; The Corner Office: Dr. Stephen Mansfield of Methodist Health System on the Swagger and Generosity of Dallas; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue


July 2014 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
The Outpatient Payment Rate Debate: What Lower Reimbursement Would Mean for Hospitals; Integrated Chaos: Health Systems and the Aftermath of Defensive Physician Acquisitions; Too Small to Fail: Why Letting Community Hospitals Die Isn't an Option; Publisher’s Letter; ; Population Health Lessons From Hospitals in the U.S.' Healthiest Counties: 3 CEOs Share Successes;  Population Health Lessons From Hospitals in the U.S.' Healthiest Counties: 3 CEOs Share Successes; 5 Things to Know About Co-Management Agreements; CEOs: Population Health Experience is Hardest Skill Set to Find; 10 States With the Fewest Primary Care Physicians by Population; Making Costs Clear: How Hospitals Can Help Drive Price Transparency Tool Development; 3 Key Findings on the Newly Insured; Moody's: Hospitals That Invest in IT, Outpatient Will Win; Tracking and Trending: How Hospitals Should Handle the Rise in Commercial Audits; Community Hospital Innovation; Doing More With Less: Forgoing and Simplifying in Health IT; NewYork-Presbyterian, Columbia Pay Largest-Ever HIPAA Fine;The CEO's Guide to Getting Fired; 7 Things CEOs Can Do Today to Advance Their Careers; 10 Things to Know About Henry Ford Hospital; 10 Things to Know About the Federation of American Hospitals; 10 Things to Know About Carolinas HealthCare System; 10 Things to Know about the American Medical Association; 4 Traits of "Invisible" People — And Why Your Organization Needs Them; Top 7 Strategic Priorities in the Hospital C-Suite; The Ethics of a Good Night’s Sleep; for Healthcare? Yes, Please; The Corner Office: Ruth Brinkley of KentuckyOne on Human Connections; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

June 2014 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
What if Medicare Were the Only Payer?; Building Brands and Networks: What Clinical Affiliations Mean for Providers and the Healthcare Industry; “My Best Investment”: 9 Hospital Executives Reflect; Publisher’s Letter; Our Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2014 Becker’s Healthcare Leadership Awards; Hospitals Feeling the Squeeze: 4 CFOs on Today's Most Pressing Financial Issues; CMS Data: 25% of Physicians Account for Most Medicare Spending; The Costs of 10 Top Medicare Readmission Conditions; Moody's: Nonprofit Hospital Expenses Still Growing Faster Than Revenues; 4 Key Recommendations for Improving Healthcare Price Transparency; OIG: Medicare Should Reduce HOPD Surgery Payments to ASC Rates; The Truth Behind Variation in Episode Payments; AHA: Changes Need to Be Made to Medicare ACO Programs; Study: Majority of Patients Veer Outside of ACO Networks for Specialty Care; Total Number of ACOs Tops 520; Fewer Hospitals Acquiring Physician Groups; Dr. Toby Cosgrove: The Concepts Behind Cleveland Clinic's Success; 7 Tips on Avoiding, Resolving Hospital-Physician Conflicts; Does CEO Tenure Affect the Value of Hospitals?; Why Some Health Systems Aren't "Systems" at All: Q&A With Dr. John Toussaint, CEO of ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value; 8 Keys to Successful Health System Strategic Planning; 6 Remarkable Quotes From Medical School Commencement Speeches; 9 Things for Hospital Boards to Consider in Transactions; 20 Statistics on Hospital Transactions by Bed Count; FTC Blocks the ProMedica-St. Luke's Merger: 5 Things to Know; UPMC Sells Irish Hospital; Maximize the Value of Population Management Programs With Advanced Analytics; 12 IT Positions With the Largest, Fastest-Growing Salaries; 10 Things to Know About Epic; MU Attestation Not Associated With Care Quality, According to Brigham and Women's Hospital Study; 3 Insights From the First Industrywide Cyberattack Drill; Kaiser, Legacy Health, Others Join OpenNotes Initiative; 32% of CEOs Don't Think Their C-Suite is Built to Achieve Strategic Goals; In Hospitals, "Management by Walking Around" Can Do More Harm Than Good; Notes on Leadership: 15 Insights from Hospital & Health System CEOs; Improving Patient Collections at Children's Hospital Oakland; 10 Things to Know About HCA; 10 Things to Know About UPMC; 10 Things to Know About Mayo Clinic; 10 Things to Know About the American Hospital Association; 3 Essential Steps for Hospitals to Turn Around Their Surgery Centers; 5 Surgery Center Joint Venture Models; For a Look at the Future, Look to the Caymans; Is Your Hospital a Great Workplace? To Get the Answer, Look in the Middle; You Only Need to Do 4 Things to Be a Great Leader, Study Finds; The Corner Office: Alan Channing of Sinai Health System and His Favorite Audacious Notion; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue 

May 2014 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
8 of the Most Interesting Developments in Healthcare; Meet the Winners and Losers of Accountable Care; Troubled Transactions: Why There's Still Hope for Financially Struggling Hospitals; Publisher’s Letter; Which Physicians Would Choose Their Specialty Again?; Employed, Independent Physicians Equally Satisfied; Shortage of 1,500 Oncologists Slated to Hit by 2025; What it Takes to Build a High Performing Medical Group; CMO Roundtable: 5 CMOs on the Challenges, Opportunities of Leading Physicians in an Era of Healthcare Reform; Pay Gap Between Specialists, Primary Care Physicians Diminishing; 10 IT Jobs With Climbing Salaries; How are Employed Physicians Paid?; OIG to Analyze Limits on Hospital Executive Compensation; 5 Observations on Hospital-ASC Joint Ventures; 5 Recent Hospital & ASC Joint Ventures; 10 Things to Know About Cleveland Clinic; 10 Things to Know About Kaiser Permanente; The Growing Movement Toward the OB-ED; Top Advice From Top CIOs; Better Together: Building Productive Working Relationships Between IT and Informatics Executives; Hospitals' Predicted ROI for MU2: 9 Statistics; Intermountain to Skip MU Attestation in 2014; How to Position Community Hospitals for Future Success; Moody's: Most Hospitals Will See Less Revenue Under Two-Midnight Rule; The Decline of the Inpatient: 5 Observations; 54 Statistics on Hospital Medicare Margins; 4 Characteristics of Poorly Performing Hospitals; OIG: Incorrect Clinic Claims Rampant at Hospitals; How Pay-for-Performance Compensation Plans Can Facilitate Physician Alignment; When Pay for Performance Hits Hospital Employee Paychecks; Operation Population Health: Cultural and Process Changes Facing Hospitals Today; Stay the Course, CEOs; 10 Free (Or Very Inexpensive) Ways To Engage Staff; The Corner Office: Dr. Vivian Lee of University of Utah Health Care on Where She Finds Optimism; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue    

April 2014 Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
10 Key Healthcare Transaction Trends; Post Your Price: It's Not So Simple for Hospital Executives; The Google Approach: How Hospitals Can Create Cultures That Drive Employee Engagement, Satisfaction; Publisher’s Letter; CEO Roundtable: The Evolution of the C-Suite; Shaping the Future of Healthcare: How Physicians Make a Difference by Leading Hospital Initiatives; Are We Trading Happy Physicians for Efficient Ones?; 5 Observations on ACOs; ACO Success Rates on Quality Measures Vary; Study: Patient-Centered Medical Home Model Ineffective; Transforming the OR: Surviving the Big Squeeze; How to Make Population Health Management Personal; What Organizations do Hospitals Partner With for Population Health?; Top 20 Costliest Surgical Procedures Performed in Hospitals; Becker’s Hospital Review 5th Annual Meeting; Raising the Bar for Raising Dollars: Do's and Don'ts for Today's Hospital Philanthropy; Do Checklists Work in Healthcare? Patient Safety, Behaviors and Organizational Culture; Washington State Hospital Association Sues State Over New Certificate of Need Policy; IT Staff Recruiting: How to Lure Employees Who Could Work Anywhere; 16 Regional HIOs Partner to Address Data Exchange Challenges; Epic, Walgreens, UnitedHealth, Kaiser Partner to Share Patient Data; 10 States With the Most HIMSS Stage 6, 7 Hospitals; Connecting with Hearts and Minds: A Set of Qualities and Skills Every Leader Needs; HealthCare Appraisers' 2014 ASC Valuation Survey: Statistics on Valuation Multiples, Management Fees; Creating a Foundation for Actionable Analytics; 12 Insights Into Great Leadership; The Corner Office: Joel Allison of Baylor Scott & White Health on Finding the Calling; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

March Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
The Great Pay Debate: 5 Hospital Executive Compensation Trends for 2014; The Cost of Price Transparency; Is Academic Medicine As We Know It DOA?; Publisher’s Letter; 200 Statistics on Physician Compensation; CFO Roundtable: How Will 3 Major Changes for the Year Ahead Impact Finances?; Stretching the Primary Care Continuum: Retail vs. Urgent Care; Pioneer, Shared Savings ACOs Save Medicare $380M; 9 Rural Providers in Michigan, California and Indiana Form ACO; ACOs Take $4M of Startup Capital, Survey Finds; Challenges and Opportunities of Forming ASC Joint Ventures; Becker’s Hospital Review 5th Annual Meeting; The Times Are Changing, But the Values Remain the Same; Coding Crunch: 7 ICD-10 Lessons From Cedars-Sinai; 7 Common ICD-10 Errors for Hospital Coders; 74% of Physicians Have Not Started ICD-10 Prep, Survey Finds; Focusing on the Patient, Not the Condition: What Hospitals Need to Know About Avoiding Medicare Readmission Penalties; AHA: Hospital Medicare, Medicaid Payments Cut by $113B Since 2010; CMS Extends Transparency Movement to Physician Payment; The Growing Bottom Line: 16 Statistics on Profits by Hospital Bed Count; The Virtual Primary Healthcare Revolution: What Health Systems Need To Know; For CIOs, It’s About More Than Money; Measuring the Ripple Effect: Calculating the ROI of Health IT; A ‘Disruptive’ Model: How Implant Partners is Shaking Up the Orthopedic Device Model; 50 Rural Hospital CEOs to Know; How Disruptive Change is Blurring the Lines Between Providers and Payers; The Corner Office: Dr. Mike Schatzlein of Saint Thomas Health on Music and Modern Medicine; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

February Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Health IT Implementation: How Complex Systems Turn Action Into the “Most Difficult Thing In the World”; EHRs and Health IT Projects: Are They Battering Hospitals’ Financial Profiles?; Meaningful Use Outside of the Metropolis: The Challenges of Rural Health IT Adoption; Publisher’s Letter; 100 Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know; 5 Things to Know About the MU Extension; Health IT Employment Snapshot: EMR Technicians; Bipartisan Legislation Would Create Federal Definition of Telehealth; ONC: The Most Commonly Used MU2-Ready EHR Vendors; Keeping With the Fortune 500; It’s Not Easy to Engage Patients — Even for ACOs; CMS Names 123 New Medicare Shared Savings ACOs; 10 States With the Most Physicians 60 or Older; Survey: Number of Providers in ACOs to Double by 2016; Transforming ACO Physician Practices Into Patient-Centered Medical Homes; Up Your ICU Management Game with a Tele-ICU Program; S&P Overhaul of Credit Ratings Could Affect 20% of Its Hospital Base; Top 5 Most Expensive Inpatient Conditions by Payer; Study: Lower-Price Hospitals Trigger Price Reductions at Other Hospitals; Fitch: 2014 Does Not Look Good for Nonprofit Hospitals; AHA: Providers Like Tuomey Should Not Be Penalized for Trusting Attorneys’ Advice;  Judge: Halifax Violated Stark Law With Bonuses to Oncologists; ACLU Sues Catholic Bishops Over Directives for Catholic Hospitals; DOJ Recovers $2.6B From Healthcare False Claims Act Cases; Doctors, First Heal Thine Manners; The Corner Office: Quick Thoughts From Dr. David Bailey of Nemours; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

January Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
10 Challenges and Opportunities for Hospitals in 2014; The Future of Hospitals: Visions of the Healthcare Landscape in 2035; Staying Strong Under Pressure: Nonprofit Hospitals Discuss the Year Ahead; Publisher’s Letter; Salaries for Health System CEOs Increase 4% in 2013; 50 of the Most Powerful People in Healthcare; Becker’s CEO Roundtable 2013: 12 Leaders on the Biggest Healthcare Challenges Today; Incorporating Pharmacists Into ACOs: The Next Step for Cost Savings; CMS: 1,451 Hospitals Penalized in 2014 Value-Based Purchasing Program; OIG: High Hospital Charges Lead to Excessive Medicare Outlier Payments; Clinical Executives’ Crucial Role in Health IT Implementation; 100 Hospitals With Great Heart Programs; 8 Truths on Health Reform; The Corner Office: Quick Thoughts From Randy Oostra of ProMedica Health System; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue


December Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
The 10 Biggest Hospital Stories of 2013; More Employee Responsibility, More Unpaid Bills?; Remember When it Was Called a “Hospital System”?; Publisher’s Letter; 300 Hospital and Health System Leaders to Know; 3 Factors Associated With ACO Formation;  Study: Patient-Centered Medical Homes Have Higher Operating Costs, Revenues; Study: 5 Drivers of Physician Satisfaction; Accountable Care Organizations and Market Share: Could Care Coordination Drive Monopolization?; Countdown to the Biggest Year of Healthcare Reform: AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock Discusses Challenges, How Hospitals Will Adjust; 5 Steps for Reducing Inappropriate Hospital Readmissions; Becker’s Hospital Review 5th Annual Meeting Brochure; Q3 Healthcare Merger and Acquisition Activity Up 20%; Moody’s: 5 Key For-Profit Hospital Consolidation Trends; Tenet Closes on $4.3B Vanguard Acquisition; 7 Key Components of Employee Leasing Arrangements; 3 Observations About the EHR Market in 2013 and Beyond; The New World of Visual Healthcare Enterprise and Regional Imaging Optimizes the EHR; CFOs as “Chief Flight Officers”: CHE Trinity Health’s Ben Carter on Financial Leadership Today; Lowe’s, Wal-Mart Strike Deal With 4 Hospitals for Hip, Knee Replacements; S&P: Financial Profiles of Lower-Rated, Small Hospitals Will Weaken; The Financial Risks of Transitioning to ICD-10: Key Considerations for Hospitals and Health Systems; The Power of Priorities: How Hospital Leaders Can Regain Control of Their Time; Chuck Lauer: Why Workplace Incivility Isn’t Just a Problem for HR; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

November Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Opening Up: How Pricing Transparency Will Change Hospital Benchmarking; Safety-Nets: Can They Go From “Last Resort” to “Hospitals of Choice”?; Physician Compensation: 10 Core Legal and Regulatory Concepts; 200 Hospital Benchmarks — 2013; Restructuring for Future Success: Q&A With SSM Health Care’s Chris Howard; Reducing ACO Patient Leakage Begins With Education; Despite Increases in Hospital Employment, 53% of Physicians Are Self-Employed; 3 Steps to Ensure Physician Alignment, Performance and Career Satisfaction; From Sprints to Marathons: How to Help Hospital Leaders Cope With Continuous Change; Big Data and HIEs are Paving the Way to Meaningful Population Health Management; Keeping Healthcare Local: Why Some Providers Choose Non-Ownership Collaborations Over Mergers; Rural Healthcare Amidst Reform: Are Critical Access Hospitals Endangered?; Study: Highest-Priced Hospitals Have Charges Up to 60% Higher Than Competitors; CMS Issues Final Rule Cutting $1.1B in Medicaid DSH Payments; 14 Statistics on Healthcare CEO Severance Packages; 60 Statistics on Physician Compensation by Specialty; My 20 Life Lessons; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

October Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
5 Things the Most Innovative Health Systems Do Differently; 50 Things to Know About the Hospital Industry; Market Matters: How Major Hospitals Mergers Have Avoided Antitrust Issues; Rising Stars: 25 Healthcare Leaders Under 40; How Ideas Become Innovations: Roundtable With Healthcare Innovation Leaders From UCLA, Ohio State; The Time Is Now: 4 Steps to Help Providers Succeed in a Value-Based World; Keys to Success as an ACO: Model Physician Relations Maintaining Entrepreneurial Incentive and Self-Direction; Independent Physicians Slow to Accept ACOs, Survey Finds; Medicare ACO Growth Outpaces Commercial ACOs; At the Forefront: How Hospitals Can Be on the Cutting Edge With Payers; S&P: Hospitals Had Stable 2012, But Financial Ratios Likely to Weaken in 2013; 9 Major For-Profit Hospital Companies Record $600M in Quarterly Earnings; State Law Now Requires North Carolina Hospitals to Post Prices for 140 Procedures; OIG: Medicare Could Save Millions by Reassessing Critical Access Hospitals; Moody’s: 132 Statistics on Nonprofit Hospital Medians; Preparing for ICD-10’s Impact on Your Revenue Cycle; Stop the Noise: How Hospitals Can Provide Physicians With Meaningful Feedback; Maximize the Contact Center and Bridge Patient Communication Gaps in a New Healthcare Setting; Becker’s Hospital Review 5th Annual Meeting Brochure; Phoebe Putney Won’t Have to Sell Palmyra Hospital in FTC Settlement; 9 Considerations for Developing a Long-Term Acute-Care Hospital; Sacred Heart Hospital Paid $5.5M to Companies Owned by Former CEO; Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Must Refund $538k; Northwestern University to Pay $2.9M to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Over Cancer Research Funds; The Supply Chain’s Role in Making or Breaking Hospitals’ Margins, Competitive Edge; Preparing for Health Exchanges: 14 Questions to Assess Your Organization’s Readiness; 50 of the Greenest Hospitals in America; Chuck Lauer: Accountability; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue


September Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
How Much Should We Expect Healthcare to Mimic Other Industries?; Hospital Layoffs on the Rise: 4 Best Practices for Hospitals Facing the Last Resort; Consolidation Nation: Where Will the Hospital Industry Stand After the Tenet-Vanguard Merger?; CFO Roundtable: 4 CFOs Discuss Changing Healthcare Economics; Coordinating Care and Incentives: Q&A With Cleveland Clinic CFO Steve Glass; 100 Accountable Care Organizations to Know; 9 Digital Patient Engagement & Hospital Marketing Strategies to Improve Patient Acquisition and Retention; 7 Common Reasons for Hospital Transactions; 9 Pioneer ACOs Plan to Leave the Program, Despite Quality Improvement; 67% of Physicians Report No Personal Financial Benefit From ACOs; 70% of Physicians Get at Least 3 Calls Per Week for New Practice Opportunities; Hospital CEO, CFO Compensation: 54 Statistics; Stop Paying for Paltry Performance: 5 Tips For Hospital Leaders; Moody’s: Hospitals Will See “Eroding Profits” in Move to New Payment Models; Study: Larger, Investor-Owned Hospitals Typically Have Higher Charges; Number of Providers With Risk-Based Contracts More Than Doubles Since 2011; As Hospitals Rapidly Expand Into Ambulatory Care Sites, How Can They Better Manage Supply Chain?; Updated Fraud Self-Disclosure Protocol: 5 Considerations for Healthcare Providers; FTC Releases New Guidance for Red Flags Rule; A Public-Private Enterprise: Why Intellectual Property is a Mainstay at Academic Hospitals; From ICUs to PCMHs: Addressing Quality Across the Continuum of Care; The Value of Time in Healthcare; How Investments in Community Health Pay Off; Chuck Lauer: The Patient is Your Boss; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue


August Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
10 Things the Most Progressive Hospitals Do; Positive Hospital-Union Relationships: Open Communication is Key; Da Vinci Robots: Minimally Invasive Miracle or Costly Conundrum?; Publisher's Letter; Keeping the Patient at the Center: Q&A With Beaumont Health System CEO Gene Michalski; Zero to $6.8M: Cook County Health System CEO Says Medicaid Expansion Pilot Funds Population Health; 25 Largest Nonprofit Hospitals in America; 25 Largest For-Profit Hospitals in America; 25 Top-Grossing For-Profit Hospitals; 25 Top-Grossing Nonprofit Hospitals; 25 Largest Nonprofit Hospital Systems; 13 Largest For-Profit Hospital Operators; The Hospital CEO's Ultimate Dashboard: What to Check Daily, Quarterly and Yearly; Survey: Number of Hospital-Employed Physicians Up 6%; ACOs and Shared Savings Agreements: 16 Statistics; Report: 36% of Physicians Plan to Leave Medicine Within 10 Years; Shifting the Health System's Value Equation From Provision of Assets to Capabilities; On-Call Coverage for Surgical Specialists Drops 10% in 2012; Report: Quality, Patients Will Have Bigger Role in Physician Compensation; Rural Hospital CEO, CFO Compensation: 24 Statistics; 7 Forecasts on Hospital Inpatient, Outpatient Volumes; 11 Statistics on Hospital Debt-to-Capitalization Ratios; S&P: Cost of Hospital Services Mildly on the Rise; Healthcare Emotional Intelligence: Its Role in Patient Outcomes and Organizational Success; Private Equity and Nonprofit Hospitals: Strange Bedfellows or Saving Grace?; What Hospital CEOs Need to Know About Surgical Services: 4 Strategies for Protecting OR Revenue; 5 Key Ways Specialty Hospitalists Help Hospital-Physician Relationships; A Look Into the Pressing Need for Health IT Talent; Report: Telemedicine Patients More Likely to be Urban, Affluent, Educated; Chuck Lauer: Teaching Doctors How to Sell; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

July Issue of Becker's Hospital Review 
Hometown Healthcare Isn’t Dead: Why (Most) Smart Community Hospitals Can Still Thrive; San Antonio’s Children’s Hospital Boom: How Alamo City Competitors Are Battling for Pediatric Patients; Hospitals, Insurers Devote More Attention to the Cost of Cancer Care; 100 Great Community Hospitals; Nuclei of Local Healthcare: 5 Steps for Community Hospitals to Become Great; Community Hospital Roundtable: 3 Leaders Weigh-In on Challenges, Opportunities; Aggregate, Assimilate and Integrate: Successfully Building an Employed Physician Group; Study: 5 Ways to Improve Physician Satisfaction; 12 Specialties With the Most Burned-Out Physicians; 3 Tips for MSSP ACO Application Success; Health Plan Survey: ACOs to be Most Widespread Value-Based Model; Implementation of Value-Based Payment Models to Begin With Employee Group Plans, Study Says; 55% of Hospital Execs Say Their Organizations Plan to Participate in an ACO by Year’s End; Physician Salaries vs. Hospital Revenue Generated: 51 Statistics; 4 Objectives Hospitals Must Pursue to Shift Successfully to Value-Based Care; Top 7 Strategies for Non-Profit Hospitals to Mitigate Pension Plan Risk: Moody’s; IRS Cuts Non-Profit Hospitals Slack,Adds Requirements on Community Needs Assessments; Increased Transparency Necessitates Chargemaster, Revenue Integrity; Urgency Emergency: 5 Ways CEOs Can Cure Complacent Hospitals; Comprehensive Healthcare Transformation Requires Comprehensive Change; Chuck Lauer: Look Me in the Eye; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue
June Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
ACOs: The Least Agreed-Upon Concept in Healthcare?; Price Transparency: Why It’s an Issue & Where Hospitals Fit in; What’s Behind the Rash of New Hospital Brands?; Survey: Majority of Physicians Unfamiliar With ACOs, PCMHs; Medicare ACO Results Expected Soon; Keeping Employed Physicians Profitable; Adding Employed Practices to Your Organization? 6 Ways to Getting Buy-in From the Practice; Physician Turnover at All-Time High; Executing Population Health Strategy: Q&A With Dr. Mike Schatzlein, CEO of Saint Thomas Health; Creating Regional Health Networks: Q&A With LifePoint Hospitals CFO Jeff Sherman; Community Hospitals: Why Their FuturesAre More Flexible Than You Think; How Did Hospitals Post Positive Fiscal Years in 2012? 5 Hospital CFOs Respond; Should HealthcareAbandon ICD-10?; Healthcare Transportation as an IntegrationAgent; 5 Tips on Moving Away From RVUs for Physician Compensation; 5 Factors Used in Physician Production-Based Compensation Plans; Pittsburgh v. UPMC: LegalArguments Behind the Tax-Exempt Challenge; Chuck Lauer: First Things First: Treat Employees Well; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue
May Issue of Becker's Hospital Review 
100 Great Places to Work in Healthcare; Developing a Culture- Based Workforce: Top Healthcare Workplaces Share Best Practices; Point-Counterpoint: Is the Rush to Hospital Consolidation Rash?; Publisher's Letter May 2013; 100 Great Hospitals in America; A Need for Flexibility and Agility in Healthcare Leadership: Q&A with CEO Robert Garrett of Hackensack University Medical Center; Helping Turn Around an Essential Safety Net: Q&A With Grady Health System CFO Mark Meyer; Specialty ACOs: The Next Step in Accountable Care; 5 Most Referred-to Specialties by Primary Care Physicians;8 Top Drivers of Physician Satisfaction; 39 Statistics on Moody’s A-Rated Hospitals; 7 Bad Habits of Hospital CFOs That Need to Be Broken; Where Critical Access Hospitals Fit in Healthcare Reform: Q&A With West Park Hospital CFO Pat McConnell;Strategically Positioning Health Systems in a Dynamic Environment; 5 Retail Principles for a More Effective Hospital Market Share Strategy; 4 Strategies to Drive Patient Engagement in Health Outcomes;Rewards, Community Involvement Build Patient Engagement at Jersey City Medical Center; Cleveland Clinic, CHS Form Strategic Partnership; Fitch: U.S. Hospital Consolidation Activity Highest in Decade, Spurred By Healthcare Reform;Healthcare Emotional Intelligence: Its Role in Patient Outcomes and Organizational Success; The Future of Anesthesiology: 3 Key Observations; A Comprehensive Communication Plan to Streamline Care Coordination Improves Patient & Physician Satisfaction; Chuck Lauer: Gratitude; Hospital & Health System Transactions May 2013; Hospital & Health System Transactions May 2013; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

April Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Is Bigger Always Better? Exploring the Risks of Health System Mega-Mergers; Is Center of Excellence Investment the Silver Bullet Healthcare Has Been Looking For?; 9 Ingenious Ways to Cut Costs at Your Hospital; Transforming Healthcare: A Conversation With Presence Health CEO Sandra Bruce & St. Joseph Health CEO Deborah Proctor; Key Specialties Roundtable: What’s in Store for Service Lines and Their Leaders in 2013?; Strategic Physician Onboarding: 7 Tactics for Minimizing Losses on Employed Medical Practices; Financial Modeling: Predictive Insight into Value-Based Care Success; 28 Statistics on Providers and ACO Development; Moody’s: Record $20B of Non-Profit Healthcare Debt Downgraded in 2012; Better Care, Greater Value: New Partnership Opportunities for Health Systems, Insurers and Physician Practices; Supreme Court Sides With FTC in Phoebe Putney Case; Only 1.8% of Hospitals Are Paperless With a Full EMR; Report: More Than Half of Data Breaches Since 2009 Resulted From Theft, Loss; Cerner, Epic Rate Highest in ICD-10 Preparedness, According to Providers; 5 Things the Most Extraordinary Hospital CEOs Do; 6 Tips to Engage, Retain and Recruit Physicians; Physician Engagement: 20 Survey Findings; Chuck Lauer: Trust; Incentivizing Physicians for Quality Through Data, Compensation and Cultural Redefinition; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

March Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Hospital and Health System Executive Compensation in 2013: 8 Trends to Monitor; Health Reform in 2013:What’s Happened, What’s Left & What It Means for Providers; What Makes a Hospital Attractive to Employers?; Publisher’s Letter; Strong Culture Can Lead to Lasting Change: Q&A With Randy Oostra, CEO of ProMedica; Finding Value in Your Organization: Q&A With Baylor Health CFO Fred Savelsbergh; 100 Hospitals and Health Systems With Great Oncology Programs; 200 Statistics on Physician Compensation; 7 Trends in Hospital-Employed Physician Compensation; The 7 Components of a Clinical Integration Network; Providers Becoming Payors: Should Hospitals Start Their Own Health Plans?; 4 Things Executives Should Know Prior to a Hospital-ASC Joint Venture; 10 Hospitals Planning or Opening Surgery Center Joint Ventures; Have You Assessed Your Reform Readiness? 6 Tips to Enhance Your Care Continuum; Staying Nimble, Saving Money: Considerations for Outsourcing HR; Chuck Lauer: The Shameful State of Our Hospitals; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

February Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare: Examples From 3 Top Health Systems; The Rise of Big Data in Hospitals; Opportunities Behind the Phenomenon: How Can Retail Health Help Hospitals Meet Health Reform Goals?; Publisher’s Letter; Vendor Neutral Archiving: Putting Healthcare Back in the Data Driver's Seat; Health IT Roundtable: What Are the Biggest Health IT Issues Going Into 2013?; If Interoperability is the Future of Healthcare, What’s the Delay?; 9 Ways Hospitals Should Prepare for HIPAA Audits; Medical Device Interoperability Presents Patient Safety Challenges, Opportunities; 9 Best Practices For Hospital Data Security in a "Bring Your Own" Era; How Does the Rise of Computers in Exam Rooms Impact Patient Care?; 100 Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know; Talent Wins – It's That Simple: 6 Ways to Ensure You Have the Team to Succeed; How Has the Rise of Physician Employment Changed Hospitals’ Recruitment Strategies?; 10 Steps for Hospitals to Follow to Recruit New Physicians; Leadership is Central to Healthcare System Reform; 5 Areas Where Hospitals Can Spend Smarter; Which Insurer is Most Willing to Offer Performance-Based Contracts?; 9 Strategies for Robust Healthcare Due Diligence; 6 Cornerstones of Operating Room Efficiency: Best Practices for Each; 10 Latest OR Expansions; Chuck Lauer: Keep it Simple; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

January Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
8 Key Issues for Hospitals and Health Systems in 2013; The Year Ahead: 10 Challenges That Will Shape Hospital Strategy; 11 Ways Hospitals and Health Systems Can Increase Profitability; Publisher’s Letter; 50 of the Most Powerful People in Healthcare; 10 Ideas That Hospital and Health System CEOs Need to Ditch; Finding Context Through a Mentor: Q&A With Gary Mecklenburg and Larry Goldberg; Hospital Operators on ACOs: Lay the Groundwork, or Wait and See?; Charity Care and Property Taxes: Why They Are Now Inseparable; Moody’s: Obama’s Second Term is Credit Neutral for Non-Profit Hospitals; Uncompensated Care Costs Could Top $53B by 2019; Chuck Lauer: What Makes a Great Mentor: 10 Traits of True Leadership; Hospital & Health System Transactions (Jan 2013); Hospital & Health System Executive Moves (Jan 2013). Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue


November/December Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
The 12 “Biggest” Hospital Stories of 2012; Managing the Transition to Value-Based Reimbursement: 8 Core Strategies to Mind the Gap; Pension Management Predicaments? 3 Dominant Hospital Pension Strategies; Publisher’s Letter; 2012 CEO Strategy Roundtable; 200 Hospital Benchmarks; Mastering the Matrix of Healthcare: Q&A With Syd Bersante, President of St. Joseph Medical Center in Washington; Passionate Physician Leader: Q&A with Dr. John McCabe, CEO of Upstate University Hospital; The Emergency Department is Overflowing With Opportunity; 6 Steps to Encourage Patient Safety Innovation at Hospitals; 5 Compensation Options for ACO Physicians; U.S. Physician Shortage to Reach 130,000; NCQA Releases ACO Measures; Providing Specialty Care Across the Country: NorthShore CEO Mark Neaman & Mayo Clinic Network Medical Director Dr. David Hayes Discuss Their Collaboration; 5 Questions to Discover Cultural Compatibility in a Hospital Transaction; HHS Finalizes One-Year Delay of ICD-10 to 2014; Hospitals, Providers to Lose $11.1B From Medicare Sequestration Cuts; Cardiology & Medical Necessity: How Your Hospital Can Avoid Heart-Related Investigations; Providers Can’t Challenge Year-Old RAC Audits, Court Rules; California AG Investigates Hospital-Physician Deals for Antitrust Violations; 3 Major Trends for Call Coverage, Medical Direction; 13 Statistics on Daily Stipends and On-Call Physician Compensation; 104 Statistics on Hospital Executive Salary Growth; Chuck Lauer: An IT Boondoggle?; 4 Strategies to Boost Hospitals’ HCAHPS Scores; Hospital & Health System Transactions (Nov/Dec 2012); Hospital & Health System Executive Moves (Nov/Dec 2012). Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

October Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Hospital and Health System Strategy in 2012: 6 Key Initiatives; What Can Healthcare Learn From Other Industries? 5 Lessons; Credit Downgrades: How Could They Impact a Hospital’s Capital Structure?; Publisher’s Letter; 101 Hospitals With Great Orthopedic Programs; Facing Challenges With Meaningful Affiliations: Q&A With The Mount Sinai Medical Center CEO Dr. Kenneth Davis; Unafraid to Change Her Mind: Q&A With Dr. Melinda Estes, CEO of Saint Luke’s Health System; Ideas Into Action: 3 Hospital CEOs Talk Strategy Going Into 2013; Overworked and Exhausted: How to Alleviate Nursing Resources Through Employee Engagement and Recognition; 5 Questions for Building Physician Engagement; 5 Compensation Options for ACO Physicians; The New Competitive Edge for Hospitals and ACOs: Employee Health; It’s Time for CEOs and Boards to Come Together on Compensation Issues to Ensure Profitability; Raising Hospital Value Multiples: 5 Best Practices; Transparency is the Key: 3 Tips to Manage Physician Opposition to a Transaction Finance & Revenue Cycle; 8 Tips to Improve Your Hospital’s Operating Margin; 4 Key Legal Issues for ACOs; Carolinas HealthCare System’s CMO Dr. Roger Ray: Embracing Transparency to Drive Quality; Moving Beyond Traditional Hospital Operations: The Value of Integrating Service Lines Health Information Technology; CMS Releases Final Rule for Stage 2 of the EHR Incentive Program; 6 Steps for Hospitals to Achieve Interoperability; Chuck Lauer: Greater Awareness of HAIs Has Not Translated Into Action; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves (Channels – Leadership & Executive Moves). Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

September/October Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Has Healthcare Reform Brought the End to “Hospital Systems?”; 5 Observations on the State of Hospital Credit Markets; Publisher’s Letter; 10 Considerations for Hospitals in the Aftermath of Supreme Court’s PPACA Decision; 300 Hospital and Health System Leaders to Know; 100 Great Community Hospitals; Protecting and Preserving the Community Hospital — Immediate Actions for Future Success; What the Health? How Hospital Leaders Can Prepare Their Systems for Reform; How a Banker Turns Around a Struggling System: Q&A With Carlos Migoya, CEO of Jackson Health System; 25 Largest Non-Profit Hospitals in America; 25 Largest For-Profit Hospitals in America; 25 Top Grossing Non-Profit Hospitals in America; 25 Top Grossing For-Profit Hospitals in America; 15 Largest For-Profit Hospital Operators of 2012; 25 Largest Non-Profit Hospital Systems; Advancing Accountable Care: 5 Hospital ACO Leaders Share Insight; 6 Characteristics of High-Performing Healthcare Organizations; Healthcare M&A Activity: Key Trends for Transactions, Valuation of Ambulatory Services; Moody’s: Supreme Court Ruling “Credit Neutral” for Hospitals; Feds Propose Rules to Control Collection Practices at Non-Profit Hospitals; Adding Value to Healthcare by Eliminating Waste: Q&A With Virginia Mason Medical Center CEO Dr. Gary Kaplan; 5 Cornerstones of a Culture of Compliance for Hospitals; Congress Asks GAO: Are Medicare Audit Contractors Duplicative?; HCA: U.S. Attorney’s Office Requested Information on Medical Necessity of Interventional Cardiology Services; Healthcare Reform After the Supreme Court: Where Do We Go Now; 5 Responses to Healthcare Reform That Can Ensure Perioperative Success; Chuck Lauer: 10 Observations on the Affordable Care Act and Our Future; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive; 6 Trends in an Era of Consumer-Driven Healthcare. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

July/August Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Is the Community Hospital a Dying Model, or is it the Future of Healthcare?; 7 Things Hospitals Should Know About Professional Services Agreements; Are You an Old or New Era Hospital Leader?; Publisher’s Letter; The Chief of Change: Q&A With Dr. Ralph de la Torre, CEO of Steward Health Care; Reinventing a Hospital’s Philosophy: Q&A With Dr. Ronald A. Paulus, President and CEO of Mission Health; 100 Physician Leaders of Hospitals and Health Systems; Community Hospital CEO Panel: 3 Leaders Share Insights on the State of Community Hospitals; Examining the Crossroads of Culture, Engagement and Patient Satisfaction Physician-Hospital Relationships & ACOs; Who Will Be on Your Team? Acquiring a Physician Practice Requires Multi-Faceted Due Diligence; Physician Engagement: 20 Survey Findings; Six Sigma, 10 Years on: Was “the Promise” Realized?; Don’t Fear Clinical Integration: One Reason Community Hospitals May Have an Edge; 11 Best Practices for Commercial Payor Negotiations on New Payment Models; Moody’s: The 5 Most Prominent Areas of Focus in High-Performing Hospitals; AHA Supports Postponing ICD-10 Until 2014; 10 Steps to Increase the Value of a Hospital or Surgery Center; Community Hospitals Must Lead With Experience, Close With Compassion; Performance of Rural Healthcare Under the Affordable Care Act; Chuck Lauer: Why We Need to Keep Our Community Hospitals Strong; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

June Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
11 Hospital, Health System Executive Compensation Trends; The Future of the American Hospital: Role and Relevancy in the Next Decade; 8 Biggest Mistakes an ACO Can Make; Publisher's Letter; 80 Accountable Care Organizations to Know; A “Lean” Vision Drives Stanford Hospital & Clinics’ Performance: Q&A With CEO Amir Dan Rubin; Surgically Remodeling a Hospital: Q&A With Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, CEO of Vanguard’s Weiss Memorial Hospital; Compensation Manifesto: 11 Steps for Hospital CEOs and Compensation Committees to “Get it Right”; 200 Statistics on Physician Compensation; Physician-Generated Hospital Revenue vs. Salary: 48 Statistics; 28 Statistics on Highest On-Call Coverage Per Diem Payments; 7 Steps to Navigate Payment Allocation Under ACOs; Physician Strategy as the Foundation to Improving Community Health; Hospital CFO Panel: How Are You Approaching Your Fiscal Strategy Right Now? Finance & Revenue Cycle Issue; CMS Releases FY 2013 IPPS Proposed Rule: 12 Points to Know; Moody’s: 2012 Shows Even Mix of Hospital Upgrades, Downgrades; Fitch: Patient Admissions, Pricing Trends Mixed at For-Profit Hospitals; An Overview of Recent Challenges to Hospital Transactions: Is the FTC Really More Aggressive?; Community Health Needs Assessment: 5 Phases to Compliance; OIG Claims Georgetown University Hospital Overbilled Medicare by 659K; The OR Efficiency Game Plan: Using Daily Huddles to Streamline Care; The Next Iteration of Hospital-Physician Alignment: Making Medicare Profitable; What We Need to Do if the Supreme Court Strikes Down the Healthcare Law; Hospital & Health System Transactions June 2012; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves June 2012. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

May/June Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
10 Pillars of Success for Top Healthcare Workplaces; Primary Care Strategy: The Most Important Decisions Hospitals Can Make; 7 Strategies to Help Hospitals Break Even on Medicare; Publisher's Letter; 100 Great Hospitals; 100 Great Places to Work in Healthcare; Secrets for Success in the Current Healthcare Climate: Q& With UW Medicine CEO Dr. Paul G. Ramsey; Putting Employees First: How to Improve Patient Experience, Profitability; Creating an Environment of Excellence: Q&A With Henry Ford Health System CEO Nancy Schlichting; Constructing a Strategic Roadmap Ensures Specialist Employment Decisions are “Investment Grade"; 9 Ways Better Data Can Drive Hospital Bundled Payment Initiatives; Healthcare Analytics Takes Supply Chain From The Delivery Dock to the C-Suite; Anesthesia Involvement in Hospital Strategy, Leadership Crucial to Department, Facility Success; MedPAC: Hospital Payments Should Increase by 1%; Recipe for Growing Market Share Through Data Optimization; Crafting Successful ASC Joint Ventures in 2012: Q&A With Jeff Peo, Donna Greene & Brandon Frazier of ASCOA; 10 New Surgery Centers Planned or Developed by Hospitals; Hospital-Payor Contracting: Antitrust Concerns Surround Exclusive Contracts & Most-Favored Nation Clauses; CHS, West Tennessee Healthcare Settle Long-Term Antitrust Dispute; FTC Requests Supreme Court Review of Georgia Hospital Sale; Navigating the Care Continuum: The Next Frontier for Providers; 3 Steps for Adding a Perioperative Specialist to Your Surgical Process; Perioperative Efficiency Study: 8-Step Process May Improve OR On-Start Times Executive Briefing: Real-Time Health Reform; "Real-Time” Health Reform: Using capacity more efficiently may be the fastest way to generate hospital revenue; 6 Benefits & Challenges in CMS’ Meaningful Use Stage 2 Proposed Rule; Employee Engagement No Longer a “Soft” Science: 3 Steps to Cultivate More Committed Employees; 10 Factors in Creating a Positive Work Environment; Hospital & Health System Transactions May/June 2012; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves May/June 2012. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

March/April Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Healthcare Reform: Two Years Gone, Now What's on the Horizon?; 7 Steps for Building a Top-Tier Cancer Center; Despite Distressed Assets, Private Equity Firms See Value in Healthcare; Publisher's Letter; 70 Hospitals and Health Systems With Great Oncology Programs; Turning Challenges Into Opportunities: Q&A With Brigham and Women’s Hospital President Dr. Elizabeth Nabel; 5 Hospital and Health System CEOs: What “Top Performance” Looks Like to Me; “Everyone Rowing Together”: Q&A With Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute Executive Director and CMO Dr. Keith Churchwell; This is the Worst Time for Healthcare CEO Paralysis; Bridging the Gap Between Fee-for-Service and Value-Based Care Starts With Physician Feedback; 7 Best Practices for Hospitals Implementing a Health Information Exchange; Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Meeting Conference Brochure; A Culture of Continuous Improvement is Necessary for Success Under Value-Based Care; CBO: Most Demonstration Projects Don’t Curb Medicare Costs; Survey Suggests Joint Ventures With Physicians Most Popular Alignment Strategy, Among Other Findings; Common Ailments With Physician Practice Valuation; St. Vincent’s HealthCare CFO Mark Doyle: 3 Burning Questions Right Now; 7 Best Practices for a Smooth Hospital Tax Process; 7 Ways Hospitals Can Trim Their Labor and Operational Costs; The War Over ICD-10; Faster, Better, Stronger: Reinforcing Ties Between Hospitalists and Emergency Medicine; 11 Evolving Issues in Healthcare and Business; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.

February Issue of Becker's Hospital Review

The Future of Healthcare: 9 Capabilities for Post- Reform Success; Spurring Innovation in Healthcare Delivery: 5 Best Practices of Health System Leaders; 8 Issues Hospitals Consider Before an Integration or Sale; Publisher's Letter; 9 Leading Hospital, Health System CIOs Share Top Goals; Speaking a Common Language: Q&A With Rex Healthcare President David Strong and CIO Novlet Bradshaw; Ahead of the Meaningful Use Curve: Q&A With CEO Chuck Sted and CIO Steve Robertson of Hawaii Pacific Health; Is Your EHR Implementation in Trouble? 10 Things to Check; 10 Best Practices for Implementing Telemedicine in Hospitals; 5 Legal Issues Surrounding Electronic Medical Records; The Care Management Imperative; 32 Health Systems, Physician Groups to Participate in Pioneer ACOs; Survey: 55% of Payors Plan to Participate in ACOs Over Next 3 Years; CMS Issues Correction to OPPS Final Rule, Payments Decrease 0.1%; IRS Issues 2011 Form 990; CMS Shelves RAC Prepayment Review Demonstration; 9 Things Healthcare Organizations Should Do Now to Prepare for ICD-10; Don’t Let Fears About Healthcare IT Mire You in the Past; Using HIT to Drive Clinical Integration, Patient and Physician Engagement; 61 Integrated Health Systems to Know; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue. Click here to view this issue's CMO Supplement.

January Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
The Year Ahead:12 Challenges and Opportunities for Hospitals in 2012; 10 Ways for Hospitals and Health Systems to Increase Profitability in 2012; 40 of the Most Powerful People in Healthcare; Publisher's Letter; 11 Leading Health System CEOs Share Top Goals for 2012; A Relationship Checklist for Hospital CEOs: 7 Behaviors to Ace; Building on a Legacy of Exceptional Care: Q&A With Mass General Hospital President Dr. Peter Slavin; Hospital Leadership is a Culture, Not a Person: Q&A With LifePoint Hospitals CEO Bill Carpenter; Leadership Lessons From “Little” Failures: Q&A With Health Management Associates CEO Gary Newsome; 10 Challenges Healthcare CEOs Can No Longer Ignore; Patient Engagement’s Critical Role in Post-Reform Success: 6 Steps to Improve Patient Centeredness; Assessing Leadership in the New Era of Healthcare Delivery: 5 Key Questions to Ask Hospital-Physician Relationships & ACOs; 7 Ways to Improve Accountability for Care; CMS to Invest Up to $1B for New Healthcare Delivery, Payment Models; Finances in the Era of Population Health: Q&A With Kevin Lang and Steve Mohr of Loma Linda University Medical Center; Not a Merger, Not an Acquisition: When and Why Strategic Partnerships Make Sense; A Partnership That Breaks the Mold: Q&A With Leaders From Washington’s Providence, Swedish Health; 4 Common Mistakes in Determining Fair Market Value for Physician Compensation; Hospital, Health System Salaries Increase Moderately in 2011; 6 Strategies for Improving OR Performance Through a Hospital- Employed Anesthesiology Model; 25 Benchmarks for Anesthesiology Practices; Hospital & Health System Transactions January 2012; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves January 2012. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue.


November/December Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
10 Biggest Hospital Stories of 2011; From Treating the Sick to Managing Community Health: Hospitals' New Role in Managing Population Health; From Cop to CEO: Q&A With Chris Van Gorder of Scripps Health; Publisher's Letter November 2011; 200 Hospital Benchmarks; Opportunities in the New Bundled Payment Initiative; Redesigning Healthcare Delivery Through Bundled Payments for Care: Q&A With Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s Valinda Rutledge; 56 Women Hospital and Healthcare Leaders to Know; Shattering Glass Ceilings: Women in the Hospital C-Suite; 7 Trends for Non-Profit Hospital Executive Salaries; 7 Reasons Hospitals Struggle to Align With Physicians; 4 Best Practices for Supporting Employed Physicians’ Independence; Hospitals Acquiring Physician Practices: 9 Recent Transactions; Survey: 65% of Employers Interested in ACO Model; Only 9 Percent of Physicians Feel Ready for “Business Side” of Medicine; Study Finds Weak Correlation Between Financial Incentives, Improved Quality of Care; NEJM Analysis of Physician Group Practice Demo Results Questions ACOs’ Success; Physicians Fight to Keep the Word “Doctor” to Themselves; 42% of Primary Care Physicians Say Their Patients Receive Too Much Care; Physicians Focus on Various Factors When Referring to Colleagues; Calling It Off: Why Some Hospital Mergers Fail and Others Don’t; The Ins and Outs of Successful Hospital Insurance Negotiations and Service; ICD-10: Will It Kill a Hospital’s Productivity?; 9 Recommendations for Hospital Health IT Staffing and Training; 12 Elements to Support a Viable Health IT and Telehealth Infrastructure; ONC Releases Federal Health IT Strategic Plan for 2011-2015; Report: Healthcare Organizations Under-Prepared to Protect Patients’ Information; Study: Providers May Not See Improved Outcomes From Meaningful Use Until Stage 2; Avoiding “Stupid” in Healthcare Leadership: Q&A With Glenn Fosdick, CEO of The Nebraska Medical Center; 8 Untraditional Ways to Retain the Best and Brightest in Healthcare; From Nurse to CEO: Q&A With Marina Del Rey CEO Fred Hunter; Looking Ahead in Healthcare: Finding Optimism in Change; Quint Studer: Mastering the Fine Art of Follow-Up; 5 Communication Strategies for Hospital CEOs; 70 Hospitals With Great Cardiology Programs; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Physician Executive Compensation: How Are Top Physician Leaders Paid?. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue. Click here to view this issue's CMO Supplement.

October Special Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Looking Back to Move Ahead: Leading Hospitals Through Fast-Paced Change; False Claims Based on Unneeded Procedures: 4 Strategies for Compliance; Non-Profit Hospitals Taking More Aggressive Stance Toward M&A, But Deals Aren’t Always Easy; Publisher’s Letter October 2011; Becker’s Hospital Review Annual CEO Strategy Roundtable; Big Pain or Big Gain? Important Factors for Hospitals Considering Partnerships With Retail Clinics; Creating an Outcomes-Based Culture: How to Engage Front-Line Staff in Process Improvement; 56 Women Hospital and Healthcare Leaders to Know; Shattering Glass Ceilings: Women in the Hospital C-Suite; When Physician Employment Doesn’t Make Sense: How to Turn Away Physicians Seeking Employment; Study: Push for Market Share Trumps Clinical Integration in Hospitals’ Rush for Physician Employment; Survey: Most Medical Practices Operating at a Loss; 6 Ways Hospitals Can Survive the Onslaught of Medicare Cuts; CMS Issues Final IPPS Rule, Net Medicare Reimbursements to Increase 1.1%; 5 Ways to Improve a Hospital’s Bottom Line Through the Revenue Cycle; Survey: Roughly 7 out of 10 Hospitals Collect Less Than 30% of Payments at Point of Service; HHS Announces New Bundled Payment Initiative; The Case for Making Anesthesia the “Face” of Surgical Services; The One Change ORs Should Make to Improve Efficiency: 5 Responses; HHS Review Could Impact Physician Supervision Requirements for Anesthesia Care; Private Equity Investing in Healthcare — 13 Hot and 4 Cold Areas; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

September/October Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
The Quiet Takeover: Insurers Buying Physicians and Hospitals; Patient Experience: An Increasingly Critical Hospital Indicator; Changes Ahead: Medicare IPPS 2012 and What It Means for Hospitals; Publisher’s Letter; 291 Hospital and Health System Leaders to Know; 60 Hospitals With Great Orthopedic Programs; A CEO Walks Into a Patient Room: Q&A With Dr. David Feinberg, CEO of UCLA Health System; 25 Largest Non-Profit Hospitals in America; 25 Largest For-Profit Hospitals in America; 25 Top Grossing Non-Profit Hospitals in America; 25 Top Grossing For-Profit Hospitals in America; 15 Largest Non-Profit Hospital Systems; 15 Largest For-Profit Hospital Systems; A New Approach to Ambulatory Services; Orchestrating Four Generations in Your Hospital; How to Achieve Accountable Care While Avoiding Downfalls of Medicare ACOs; Survey: 33% of Hospital Executives Plan to Join ACOs, But Less Than 7% Believe ACO Model Improves Quality; 5 Foundational Questions for Hospitals Acquiring Physician Practices; Pennsylvania’s Divine Providence Hospital Settles Improper Payment Allegations; Federal Investigation Looks for Stark, Anti-Kickback Violations at Broward Health; Community Health Systems Receives SEC Subpoena; Florida’s St. Luke’s Hospital Faces False Claims Allegations; 6-Year-Old Whistleblower Suit Against IASIS Healthcare Alleging Kickbacks is Dismissed; 12 Decisions That Can Cripple a Surgery Center; Key Issues Plaguing Physician-Hospital Joint Ventures; 50 Surgery Center Benchmarks; How Healthcare Reform is Affecting Hospital Leaders’ Compensation; On-Call Coverage Payments Increased 4% in 2010; Independent Hospital CEOs Beat Integrated Health System CEOs in Total Cash Compensation Increases; 5 Considerations on Health Information Exchanges; Mayo Clinic Constructs Pioneering Health Information Exchange; Number of Health Information Exchanges Up 9% Compared to Last Year; Dr. John Caruso: Becoming a Champion of Change in Healthcare; Hospitals and Patient Centered Medical Homes: A Practical Pairing; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

July/August Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
10 Predictions on the Future of Hospital Executive Compensation; Hospital Tax-Exempt Status: Considerations Regarding Maintaining Exempt Status; Sophisticated and Powerful Consumers: How Transparency Will Change Hospitals; Publisher’s Letter; Hospital and Health System Executive Compensation: Statistics to Know; 5 Trends Affecting the Future of Physician; Trends in Physician-Generated Revenue From 2002-2010; 5 Trends Impacting Physician On-Call Compensation; Medical Directorship Compensation Varies Based on Specialty; 100 Statistics on Physician Compensation; 9 Leading Hospital CEOs Share Advice for Fellow Hospital Leaders; 65 Great Community Hospitals; 8 Out-of-the-Box Ways Hospitals Can Cut Costs; Growing Future Hospital Leaders: 6 Thoughts From Poudre Valley Health System CEO; Rulon Stacey; As Interest in ACOs Wanes, It’s Time to Do the ‘Next Right Thing’; What New Healthcare Leaders Should Know; Key Issues and Strategies for Physician Integration; Optimizing a Hospital-Physician Joint Venture: 4 Tips for a Culture of Partnership; Essential Primer: Pioneer ACOs and Proposed Advance Payment Initiative; Study Shows ACO Start-Up Costs Can Soar Up to $26.1M; Not Ready to Form an ACO? Three Value-Based Alternative Models; 10 Stark, False Claims and Kickback Lawsuits Involving Hospitals and Health Systems; 5 Questions to Determine if Your Independent Hospital Should Sell, Partner; 5 Changes That Can Increase a Hospital’s Value; Why Hospitals Need to Start Getting Ready for ICD-10 Now; 10 Recent Survey Findings About ICD-10; AAPC Suggests 16 Steps for Successful ICD-10 Implementation; Directory Lists Software for Physician ICD-10 Conversion; Report: EMR Market Expected to Top $6B by 2015; Proposed HIPAA Change Would Allow People to Learn Who Accessed Protected Health Information; 17 States Launch Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs; ONC Meaningful Use Workgroup Recommends Pushing Back Stage 2 for Those Attesting in 2011; Running an Academic Medical Center: Q&A With Johnese Spisso, Chief Health System Officer of UW Medicine; Academic Health and Hospital Operator Partnerships: Q&A With Dr. Bill Fulkerson and Bill Carpenter of Duke LifePoint Healthcare; Quint Studer: Raising HCAHPS Is About More Than Better Service... It’s About Better Quality; Hospital & Health System Transactions; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

June Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
13 Legal Issues for Hospitals & Health Systems; Private Equity Funds Are Changing the Face of U.S. Hospitals; As Denials Rise, Hospitals Working Harder to Fend Off RACs; 13 Key Questions for Hospital-Physician Relationships — Assessing Legal Compliance; Overcoming Healthcare’s Most Pressing Challenges: Q&A With Methodist Health System CEO Stephen Mansfield; Creating a Growth-Oriented Hospital: Q&A With Mark Newton, CEO of Chicago’s Swedish Covenant Hospital; The Challenge of Non-Profit Status in an Era of Accountable Care; Physician-Hospital Contracting: A Compliance Approach: 11 Key Concepts; Male Physicians Still Out-Earn Female Physicians in Almost Every Specialty; Physician Group Type, Size Affect Level of On-Call Compensation; Should Your Hospital Form an ACO? 5 Considerations; Should Specialists Join ACOs?; Post-Acute Care Networks: The Key to Success in Accountable Care; The Gentle Art of Listening; Understanding Technology’s Role in Accountable Care Organizations; Six Building Blocks of a Technology Framework for ACOs; How to Gain Stakeholder Support for Transactions; Overall Healthcare M&A Spending Up, Volume Down; 7 Traits of a Great Hospital CEO; 5 Problems That Hurt a Hospital-Physician ASC Joint Venture — and How to Avoid Them; 5 Key Legal Issues Affecting Surgery Center Joint Ventures; 10 Most Frequently Provided Ambulatory Surgery Center Services; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Executives Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

May/June Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare; 12 Best Practices for Hospitals Great Places to Work; 50 Things to Know About the Proposed ACO Regulations; Publisher’s Letter: May/June 2011; Finding the Model Healthcare Executive; Physician Integration: Hospital Medical Leaders Share Challenges, Strategies; Physician Integration May Be “Tipping Point” for Success of ACOs; 5 Opportunities for Physicians and Hospitals to Realign in Preparation for ACOs; ACO Pioneers: Q&A With Leaders From The Nebraska Medical Center and Atlantic Health; 10 Recently Formed ACOs; 5 Ways to Improve Pay-for-Performance; 8 Steps to Building a Truly Transparent Hospital; Consumer Access to Hospital Data Places High Expectations on Facilities; Involving Anesthesia in Transparency and ACOs: Q&A With Somnia Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rob Goldstein; Putting Communities in Charge of Hospitals’ Future; An Examination of Ownership Models of ASC JVs; 8 Problems Surrounding Meaningful Use; Federal Meaningful Use Workgroup Goes to Work on Stage 2 Deadlines and Requirements; 8 Steps to Smoothly Achieve Meaningful Use; 4 Predictions on the Switch to ICD-10; Squeezing Water From a Stone: How to Get More From Existing Capacity and Add More to Your Bottom Line; 5 Strategies to Improve Patient Flow in a Busy Hospital; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Executives Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

March/April Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
50 Best Hospitals in America; One Year Since Healthcare Reform: 5 Thoughts From Healthcare Leaders; 5 Common Hospital Problems — and Suggestion for How to Fix Them; Publisher’s Letter: March 2011; Planning for an Uncertain Future: Q&A With Gene Michalski, CEO of Michigan’s Beaumont Hospitals; Shifting From a Hospital-Based to Community-Based Mindset: Q&A With Valinda Rutledge, CEO of CaroMont Health; 5 Ways to Put People First in an ACO; 4 Points on Exclusivity, Market Power and Transparency in ACOs; Almost Half of Physicians Don’t Know What an ACO Is; 45% of Employers Want ACOs; Physician Hospital Integration Efforts: 4 Key Concepts; The Physician Hospital Enterprise: Physician Leadership Forges New Alliances; Engaging Physicians With IT; 10 Lessons From Leaders Who Have Merged or Acquired Hospitals; Hospital M&A Continued to Grow in Second Half of 2010; 5 Common Mistakes Hospitals Make When Investing in Surgery Centers with Physicians; 3 Current Trends Impacting ASC Transactions; ASC Transactions and Pricing During 2010: 4 Key Concepts; 4 Best Practices to Reduce Costs in Hospital-Owned ASCs; 7 Points on Developing Surgery Centers in Highly Regulated States; 10 Big Anti-Kickback and Stark Cases Involving Hospitals; 24 Statistics on Specialty Physician Compensation; 20 Statistics on Employed Physician Revenue vs. Salary by Specialty; Hospital-Employed Physician Salaries Could Jump 2.3% in 2011; 6 Predictions on Stage 2 Meaningful Use; Lessons for Hospital Leaders From ‘Undercover Boss’; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Executives Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

February Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
8 Mistakes Your Hospital is Making Right Now; 5 of the Biggest Hospital Employment Trends; Physician Employment & Beyond: The Current State of Physician Integration; Publisher's Letter: January 2011; 7 Keys to Developing a World Class Oncology Program; 15 Rising Stars: 25 Healthcare Leaders Under Age 40; System Integration in 2011: Q&A With Gary Campbell, President and CEO of Centura Health; 8 Points on Hospital-Physician Integration; 10 Recently Launched ACOs; Quint Studer: 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Hospital's Performance; Creating Stronger Physician-Hospital Alignment; Strategies to Provide Patients With Superior Customer Service; 8 Insights Into Successful Hospital-ASC Joint Ventures; 5 Best Practices for a Profitable ASC; 10 New ASCs Opened or Under Development by Hospitals and Health Systems; 3 Ways Surgery Center Physicians Can Increase Case Volume; 10 Traits of High-Earning Hospital CEOs; 5 Points on Designing a CEO Incentive Compensation Plan; 15 Statistics on Healthcare Executive Compensation; 3 Questions to Ask When Designing an Employed Physician Compensation Plan; Justice Department Alleges Mayo Clinic Falsely Billed Medicare; St. John's Mercy Health System and St. John's Health System Settle Fraud Allegations for $2.2M; Obama Makes Physicians' Exemption From Red Flags Rule Official; 4 Things to Consider Before Putting Your Hospital on the Market; 5 Ways to Make Your Hospital More Attractive to a Buyer; Redefining Healthcare Finance: Time to Move Beyond the Long-Term Debt Crunch; 5 Hospitals That Closed Their Doors in 2010; CMS Releases Proposed Rule on Value-Based Purchasing; 5 Best Practices for Implementing Health IT Across a Large Health System; Crisis Communication During a Data Breach: 5 Best Practices; HIMSS: 22% of Hospitals Can Meet at Least 10 of 14 Core Measurements of Stage 1 Meaningful Use; 15 Statistics on Physician-Hospital Alignment; Healthcare Reform's Impact on Hospital Emergency Departments: 6 Considerations; Study Finds Shortage of On-Call Specialists Plaguing ERs; Researchers Assess Accuracy of Radiology Readings in EDs; Rapid Medical Screening Process Improves Patient Flow in EDs; Hospital & Health System Executive Moves; Hospital & Health System Executives Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

January/February Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
The Year Ahead: 10 Key Trends for Hospitals in 2011; 9 Strategies for Maintaining Profitability in 2011 and Beyond; 10 Ways to Improve Your Hospital's Heart Program; Publisher's Letter: January 2011; 10 Ways to Cope in This Anxious Time of Healthcare Reform; Top CEOs of Hospitals and Health Systems Share Goals for 2011; 52 Women Hospital & Healthcare Leaders; 40 Hospital Benchmarks; 7 Steps Hospitals Must Take to Embrace ACOs: From Kevin Brennan at Geisinger Health System; ACOs: One System's Approach Toward Accountability and Success; Should Your Hospital Develop or Join an ACO? 5 Questions to Ask; Accrediting Body Issues Proposed Standards for ACOs, Asks for Comment; 7 Factors to Assess the Sustainability of a Hospital: Assessing a Hospital's Viability, Its Financial Situation and the Severity of the Threats it Faces; 10 Successful Hospital Turnarounds; 8 Things to Know About Medicare's Bundled Payment Pilot; Bundled Pricing Opportunities & Challenges: Q&A With Baptist Health System's Michael Zucker; The Case for Shifting More Services to Midlevel Providers; 9 Key Considerations for Healthcare Internal Investigations; Maryland's St. Joseph Medical Center to Pay $22M to Settle False Claims, Kickback Allegations; CHRISTUS Health in Houston to Pay $1M Settlement in Medicare Fraud Lawsuit; Ohio's Marion General Pays $1.2M to Settle Stark Violations; Simi Valley Hospital Settles Medicare Fraud Lawsuit, Agrees to Pay $5.15M; 6 Things Health Systems Look For When Acquiring a Hospital; University of Louisville to Merge With CHI, Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's; Michigan Attorney General Approves Detroit Medical Center Sale; Caritas Christi Sale Finalized; New For-Profit System Plans ACO; 4 Factors That Determine Hospital Executive Compensation; 5 Factors Affecting Physician Compensation; 5 Top-Paid Medical Specialties; Physician Compensation and Revenue Differs Based on Hospital Ownership; 11 Best Practices for Maximizing Healthcare IT Incentive Payments; CCHIT to Launch EHR Certification for Hospitals; CMS in Final Stages of Testing Incentive Management Systems; Changes to HIPAA in the Interim Rule and Best Practices for Maintaining Compliance; 7 Best Practices for Installing Real-Time Location Systems in Your Hospital; Case Study: Implementing RTLS at Texoma Medical Center; For-Profit Hospital Operators 3Q 2010 Financial Results; Hospital & Health System Executives Moves (January 2011); Hospital and Health System Transactions. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue


November/December Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Top 10 Hospital Stories of 2010; 3 Best Practices for Bundled Pricing; Hospital Strategies and Transactions: Healthcare Reform and Market Evolution; Publisher’s Letter: November/December 2010; The Implementation of New Models of Care: Q&A With Iowa Health System CEO Bill Leaver; 256 Hospital and Healthcare Industry Leaders to Know; 5 Best Practices to Prepare Hospitals for Accountable Care; Is Your Organization Ready For Accountable Care? How to Implement a Readiness Assessment and Establish Priorities; 5 Key Regulatory Concerns for ACOs; To Run ACOs, Hospitals Need to Change Their Business Model; ACOs May Cause Healthcare Cost Inflation Rather than Savings; 10 Tips to Creating a Physician-Led Integrated Care System With Advocate Health’s Mark Shields; 3 Medical Specialties Most Pursued for Employment by Hospitals; 10 Best Practices for Creating Hospital Group Practices; 7 Key Provisions for Successful Physician Employment Contracts; CMS Issues Stark Act Voluntary Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol — 9 Key Concepts; OIG’s Increased Scrutiny on Heart Stents and ICDs: What It Means For Your Hospital; Government to Intervene in Mayo Clinic False Claims Investigation; California’s El Centro Regional Medical Center to Pay $2.2M to Settle Medicare Fraud Allegations; 18 Florida Hospitals Under Investigation for Improper Medicaid Billing; Georgia’s WellStar Health Systems Settles Medicaid Billing Investigation for $2.7M; New York’s North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System Settles Fraud Investigation for $2.95M; 10 of the Biggest Hospital and Health System Transactions of 2010; Is a Statutory Hospital Merger a Bona Fide Sale?; 4 Ways Community Hospitals Can Align With a Health System, Short of Acquisition; Boston’s Caritas Christi to Close Two Hospitals if Cerberus Deal Fails; Florida’s Broward Health Plans to Transition to New Community Not-for-Profit Corporation; University of Michigan Health, Two Other Systems Launch Pennant Health Alliance; 8 Ways Hospital Executives Can Increase Their Earning Power; Physician Incentive Plans on the Rise; 4 Trends in Non-Profit Hospital Executive Compensation Over the Next 5 Years; 10 Statistics About Compensation of Healthcare Executives; 5 Ways Hospitals Will Change Over the Next 10 Years; The Entrepreneurial Small Practice Is Not Going Away; Hospitalists, the Fastest Growing Specialty, Meet Demands of Healthcare Reform; Study: Hospitalists With Lower Base Salaries Are More Productive; Markedly More Surgery Patients Now Co-Managed by Hospitalists; 4 Tips on Implementing a Surgicalist Program at Your Hospital; Society of Hospital Medicine President Dr. Jeff Wiese Responds to Four Criticisms of Hospital Medicine; 5 Best Practices for Improving Your Hospital’s Revenue Cycle; 4 Ways to Gain Leverage in Payor Contract Negotiations; 8 Points on Improving Collections of Outstanding Balances From Patients; Billing Clinics Improve Collections at Wisconsin’s Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare; What Makes or Breaks A Successful ACO: Q&A With Dartmouth Brookings Pilot Participant Monarch Healthcare’s COO Ray Chicoine; 10 Statistics Your Hospital Should Track; HHS Starts Talks on 2013 Measures for Second Stage of Meaningful Use; National Health IT Coordinator David Blumenthal Hints More Complex Requirements for 2013 Stage 2 Meaningful Use; HIMSS Launches State HIT Dashboard, Alerts Healthcare Providers of Health IT-Related News; New Government Health IT Panel to Set Road Rules for Nationwide Health Information Network; GOP’s New ‘Pledge to America’ Puts $19B in HIT Stimulus Funds at Risk; 4 Steps to Creating a Great Hospital Marketing Campaign; 3 Ways Hospitals Unintentionally Waste Money; Developing a Culture of Execution: A Precursor to Success Under Health Reform; 25 Largest Hospitals; 25 Top Grossing Hospitals; Hospital & Health System Executives Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

September/October Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
5 Best Practices for Hospital Employment of Physicians; Roles and Compensation of Physician Leaders Growing; 30 of the Most Powerful People in Healthcare; Insights From the Model for ACOs: Q&A With Harold Dash of Everett Clinic on the Medicare Physician Group Practice Demonstration Project; The Future of Healthcare Delivery and Your Hospital: Q&A With John Hopkins Medicine CEO Dr. Edward Miller; 40 Leading Non-Profit Health Systems; 20 Largest Non-Profit Hospitals in the United States; 15 Leading For-Profit Hospital Chains; 20 Largest For-Profit Hospitals in the United States; Top 20 Grossing Non-Profit Hospitals in the United States; Top 20 Grossing For-Profit Hospitals in the United States; Independent Medical Practice: Does Healthcare Reform Mark the Beginning of the End?; Strategies for Hospital Leadership – Identifying Strengths, Allocating Hospital Resources and Focusing on Profitable Niche Leadership; 6 Key Trends in Compensation of Hospital-Based Physicians; Hospital Takeovers: Will Your “Golden Parachute” Protect You?; 3 Trends in Cardiology Compensation and Workload; Hospital Executive Salary Growth Slows; Building an Accountable Care Organization; 15 Fraud and Abuse Cases Making Headlines in 2010; Monitoring Your Hospital’s Revenue Cycle: Six Metrics to Review Each Month; 4 Trends in Hospital Revenue Cycle Management; Six Revenue Cycle Inefficiencies: Key Learnings From Abbeville Area Medical Center; 5 Tips on Preparing to Meet Meaningful Use Regulations; CMS Launches Official Website for EHR Incentive Programs; Survey Shows CIOs Feel Unprepared To Meet Meaningful Use Requirements; Two EHR Giants to Merge, Anticipating Federal IT Payments; Chuck Lauer: 10 Points on Leadership; The Current State of Infection Control; Using Automated Systems to Reduce Infection and Contamination Risk in Your Hospital; Electronic Infection Monitoring Shown to Improve Adherence to Infection Prevention Best Practices; APIC Study: Hospitals Still Struggle With Infections; Michigan Hospitals’ Infection Control Program Spreading to Other States; PHA President Brett Gosney: The Future of Physician-Owned Hospitals; JAMA Article Suggests Many Physicians Fail to Report Impaired Colleagues; High Readmission Rates Not Necessarily Connected to Poor Hospital Quality; One-Quarter of Hospital Patients Readmitted Within Two Years; HHS Adds Hospital Outpatient and ED Quality Data to Public Websites; Medical Errors Cost $19.5B in a Single Year; Study Finds Financial Incentives and Public Reporting Improve Quality of Care; 6 Key Issues and Trends Impacting Outpatient Services and Physician-Owned Facilities; 10 Simple Ways to Contain Costs: How Sacred Heart Hospital Saved $5M; Hospital & Health System Executives Moves; Hospital & Health System Transactions. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

July/August Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Hospital Income From Employed Physicians Represents 5-10 Times Their Salaries; Physician-Generated Revenue and Average Salaries by Specialty; Hospital and Health System CEO and CFO Compensation From 2005-2009; Publisher’s Letter: July 2010; Average Daily On-Call Compensation by Medical Specialty; 8 Statistics About Urologist Compensation; 15 Statistics About Anesthesiologist Compensation; 15 Statistics About General Surgeons’ Compensation; 8 Statistics About Ophthalmologist Compensation; 8 Statistics About Orthopedic Surgeon Compensation; 6 Statistics About Gastroenterologist Compensation; Renewed Hospital M&A Activity May Drive Surge in Joint Ventures; 6 Key Practices for Community Hospitals; Statistics on Independent vs. Affiliated Community Hospitals, 1999-2008; Getting Ready for Meaningful Use: Positioning Your Facility to Meet the Guidelines; 20 Top-Grossing Community Hospitals With 100 or Fewer Beds; Steve Ronstrom: Hardwiring Mission and Values Into the Hospital Culture; AHA Report: Bundled Payments Could Reduce Spending, Spur Quality Improvement; University Hospital Alliance Launches Program to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections; Insurers Push Las Vegas Hospitals to Improve Quality; More Than One-Third of California Inpatients Readmitted Within a Year; Failure to Correctly Code Catheter-Associated Infections May Affect Medicare Payment Policy; 6 Reasons Why Health Reform Law Won’t Reduce ED Overcrowding; ED Best Practices Can Help Ease Transitions Under Healthcare Reform; How to Turn Around a Bankrupt Hospital: 4 Lessons From South Hampton Community Hospital in Dallas; As AMA Embraced Health Reform, Membership Fell 3.5% in 2009; How Accountable Care Organizations Will Operate Under Healthcare Reform; 19 States Refuse to Create High-Risk Pools Despite $5B in Federal Funding; Lawsuit Challenges Ban on Physician-Owned Hospitals in Health Reform Law; Aligning Physician and Hospital Goals Through Financial Incentives: Advocate Health’s Clinical Integration Program; Quint Studer: Using HCAHPS to Drive Patient Satisfaction; A Review of OIG Self Referral and Antikickback Cases: 6 Categories of Non-Compliant; Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati, Christ Hospital Pay $108M to Settle Federal Kickback Accusations; Nine Hospitals Agree to Pay More Than $9.4M to Resolve Kyphoplasty-Related False Claims Allegations; Brett Gosney: 4 Ways to Improve Your Hospital-Based Orthopedics Program; Hospital and Health Systems Transactions; 12 Steps for Hospitals to Comply With Core Measures From Keith Granger, Former CEO of Flowers Hospital; Hospital and Health Systems Executive Moves. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

May/June Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
America’s 30 Best Hospitals; What Health Reform Will Mean for Hospitals and Physicians; 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare; Publisher's Letter: May/June 2010; Brief Analysis on How Healthcare Reform Impacts ASCs and Physician-Owned Hospitals – 10 Observations; David Fox: 5 Approaches to Improve Advocate Good Samaritan’s Outpatient Satisfaction; Challenges Facing 10 Hospital Service Lines; Hospital and Health System Executive Moves; Hospital and Health System Transactions; 15 Key Factors Affecting Hospitals’ Longer-Term Outlook. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

March/April Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
14 Biggest Trends and Events for Hospitals and Health Systems in 2009; Chris Van Gorder: Working Closely With Physicians Key to Turning Scripps Health Around; 20 Best Community Hospitals in America; Steve Ronstrom: Strategic Performance Improvement Amid Cost Cutting; Chuck Lauer: 8 Reasons Why Health Reform is Running out of Steam; 8 Top Hospital and Health System Trends of the Past Decade; Brett Gosney: 5 Tips for Maintaining Orthopedic Implant Costs; David Fox: Transparency as the Key to Improvement; Becker’s Hospital Review Announces Hospitals and Health Systems: Improving Profitability and Business and Legal Issues Conference (April 13-14, 2010, Chicago; Mark Laney: Bridging the Generation Gap — the Art of Managing Multiple Generations; Quint Studer: Four Best Practices for Improving Emergency Department Results; Hospital and Health System Executive Moves; Hospital and Health System Transactions; Marie Sinioris Explains the Goals of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership; CEO Robert Allen of Park City Medical Center Shares Lessons Learned in Opening a New Hospital. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

January Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Becker's Hospital Review Names America's 10 Best Hospitals for 2009; 9 Ways Hospitals Can Still Make Money; Publisher’s Letter; Advocate Good Samaritan CEO David Fox Discusses Challenges and Opportunities for Community Hospitals, Keys to Success; Hospital CEO Stephen Ronstrom’s Plan for Success in a Rapidly Changing and Challenging Economy; 2009 Median Compensation for Hospital Executives; 2009 Median Compensation for Health System Executives; Becker's Hospital Review Names the 32 Best Physician-Owned Hospitals in America; 30 of the Best Physician Leaders of Hospitals and Health Systems; Chip Kahn, President of the Federation of American Hospitals, Looks at Health Reform 17 Years After 'Harry & Louise'; Assessing Alignment, Action and Accountability Within Your Hospital With Quint Studer of the Studer Group; Hospital and Health System Executive Moves; Hospital and Health System Transactions; 10 Hospital CEOs Age 40 or Younger; Attack on Physician-Owned Hospitals in America: History, Current Efforts and the Impact on the Future of Healthcare; Amy Floria, CFO of Goshen Health System, Shares Goals of 2010. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue


October Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
Current Trends in Hospital and Health System CEO Compensation; 58 Hospital and Health Industry Leaders; 12 Best Practices for a Successful Hospital Neurosurgery Program; Publisher's Letter; 18 Hospitals With Great Neurosurgery Programs; Total U.S. Costs for the Top 10 Most Frequent Principal Diagnoses; Hospital CEO Spotlight: Q&A With Jane Keller of Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital; Finding Dollars in Unexpected Places: 4 Best Practices for Hospitals From Studer Group’s Stephanie Baker; Hospitals Make CEO, CFO Changes Across the Country; New Heartland Health CEO Brings Physician’s Perspective; 4 Trends in Hospital Financing: Discussion With Claudia Gourdon of Healthcare Finance Group. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

July Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
10 Best Practices for Increasing Hospital Profitability; Hospitals and Health Systems: The Best of Times and the Worst of Times 2009; 15 Hospitals and Health Systems With Great Cardiovascular Programs; Publisher’s Letter; Hospital Cardiology Leaders Offer Practical Guidance for How to Make it to the Top of the Quality Ladder; Statistics on the Compensation of Physicians; Becker’s Hospital Review Names Its Hospital CEO of the Year and Runner-Ups; 10 Statistics About the Economic Impact on Hospitals; Hospitals Across the Nation Announce CEO, CFO Changes; Physician-Owned Hospitals and Physician Owners Must Disclose Ownership to Patients; 20 Physician-Owned Hospital CEOs to Know. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

April Issue of
Becker's Hospital Review
12 Best Practices for Successful Hospital Oncology Departments; 11 Key Concepts From the Stark Law; 20 Physician Leaders of Hospitals to Know; Publisher’s Letter; Hospital and Health System CEO and CFO 2008 Median Base Salary Figures; Despite Rate Changes, Oncology Still Profitable: Hospitals Respond To Evolving Market Dynamics; 11 Hospitals With Great Oncology Programs; Oncology Salary Statistics by Region; Developing Centers of Excellence — Key Concepts, Strategies and Tactics; Centers of Excellence Achieved by Focus, Sweat and Determination; 8 Ways Hospitals Can Prepare for Recovery Audit Contractors; Hospital Employment of Physicians: What Works and Does Not is Very Clear. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

January Issue of
Becker's Hospital Review
Top 10 Hospital Stories of 2008; 15 Hospitals with Great Orthopedic and Spine Programs; 5 Key Concepts from the William Blair & Company Survey of Hospital Administrators; Hospital Real Estate and Financing Q&A With Mike O'Keefe of Navigant Consulting; Top 10 States With More Hospitals Than Surgery Centers; Quint Studer Discusses 5 Important Issues Facing Hospital Leaders; 5 Factors Influencing a Hospital’s Value; 4 Critical Concepts From the Latest Stark Act Regulation; National and Regional Benchmarks for Hospital Profit Margin and Cash-to-Debt Ratio; 22 Investor-Owned Hospital Companies to Know; Will the Federal Government Shut Down Surgery Centers and Physician-Owned Hospitals?; Top 10 States With More Surgery Centers Than Hospitals; 15 Healthcare Trends and Observations; Kenneth Hawkins Discusses 3 Key Capital Partner Issues for Community Hospitals; Serious Recession Could Greatly Harm Hospitals — And Not Just Because of the Uninsured; 6 Insights on Physician/Hospital Surgery Center Joint Ventures From Dick Hanley of Health Inventures; Distribution of Hospitals and Surgery Centers by Population Levels; Revenue Per Case by Specialty in Surgery Centers. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue


September Issue of Becker's Hospital Review
24 Hospital Leaders to Know; Minimal to Maximum Integration Models; Hospital Leader Shares Insight on Current State of Hospitals and Health Care; 10 Ways to Improve Your Hospital’s Orthopedic Program; Letter from the Editor: Five Evolving Trends for Health Systems; Hospital Physician Specialists: To Hire or Not to Hire; Recapturing and Growing Your GI Business. Click here to view the featured stories and download a pdf of the issue

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