• Praveen Thadani, CEO of Priority Health

    Tune in as Praveen Thadani, CEO of Priority Health, shares insights into the organization's involvement in expanding patient navigation services through the Biden Cancer Moonshot initiative. Learn about the unique opportunity to discuss the initiative with First Lady Jill Biden and gain valuable insights into the support provided to cancer patients through patient navigation services. Gain a deeper understanding of Priority Health's role in enhancing healthcare access and support for those battling cancer.
  • Optum reportedly enacts layoffs + more

    Tune in for today's industry updates.
  • Bridging Mental Health Barriers: Insights from Rula's Chief Commercial Officer

    Join Jay Meyers, Chief Commercial Officer of Rula, as he discusses how Rula is tackling the mental health crisis, particularly for adolescents and young adults. Gain insights into the challenges of accessing quality mental healthcare with insurance and learn how Rula collaborates with the current ecosystem to facilitate easier access to high-quality mental health services.
  • Lawmakers blast UnitedHealth over Change attack + more

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  • Dr. Joel Nelson, President of UPMC International

    Join us as we sit down with Dr. Joel Nelson, President of UPMC International, for a captivating discussion on the current landscape of healthcare. Dr. Nelson shares his insights on the biggest issues shaping healthcare in 2024, his excitement for upcoming developments, and the essential qualities for effective healthcare leadership in the years ahead. Tune in for valuable perspectives from a prominent leader in the healthcare industry.
  • Unlocking GLP-1 Success: Insights from Noom's Chief Medical Officer

    Join Dr. Linda Anegawa, Chief Medical Officer at Noom, as she delves into why the success of GLP-1 therapy hinges on lifestyle changes. Discover insights into Noom's clinical support for payers in treating obesity, including managing GLP-1 medications, and learn about the integration of medication management with lifestyle modification techniques for optimal health outcomes.This episode is sponsored by Noom.
  • NYT investigates MultiPlan + more

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  • Dr. Adam Myers, former Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

    Join us as Dr. Adam Myers, former Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, shares his expertise and insights. Discover the pressing healthcare issues of 2024, Dr. Myers' excitement and concerns, and the key attributes essential for healthcare leaders to thrive in the coming years.
  • Beyond Maternity Closures: Personalized Care for a Changing Women's Health Landscape

    In this episode Dr. Senan Ebrahim, Founder and CEO of Delfina, dives into the critical landscape of women's health, particularly maternal care. We explore the challenges of maternity service closures and evolving regulations, alongside the opportunities presented by personalized healthcare. This episode is sponsored by Delfina.
  • Prepay Claims Review: A Strategy for Reducing Healthcare Costs

    Payer executives are increasingly focusing on claims management to cut costs. Prepayment review offers a proactive approach compared to traditional post-payment methods, allowing payers to identify and address potential issues before claims are processed.This episode is sponsored by CERIS.
  • Navigating the Future of Medicare Advantage: HEI and Social Risk Factors

    This podcast discusses the upcoming Health Equity Index (HEI) replacing the Reward Factor in Medicare Advantage Star Ratings with Dr. Ashwin Patel, the Chief Medical Officer at Pyx Health. Learn how this impacts plans in 2024-2025 and what steps they can take to prepare for the HEI shift. We'll also explore how Pyx Health helps identify and address member needs related to social risk factors and the HEI.This episode is sponsored by Pyx Health.
  • CMS finalizes 2025 MA rates + more

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  • Biden cracks down on junk plans + more

    Tune in for today's industry updates.
  • Lawmakers set date for UnitedHealth CEO hearing + more

    Tune in for today's industry updates.
  • Unlocking Growth: How Insourcing Credentialing Drove Surprising Benefits for Humana

      Tune into this episode featuring Rehan Mirza , Chief Growth Officer at Verifiable, and Dara McDaniel, Associate Director of Credentialing at Humana. Dara and Rehan share insights on credentialing outside of patient safety and compliance, new approaches to leverage technology and much more.   This episode is sponsored by Verifiable.  
  • AI-Driven Engagement: How Tech is Transforming Member Care Navigation

    In this episode, we explore how member engagement and care navigation are crucial for value-based care, population health, and member satisfaction. We discuss the challenges health plans face and the opportunities presented by AI technology. Our guest, Amanda L. Bury, MS Chief Commercial Officer at Infermedica, shares how AI tools can drive member engagement and improve care journeys. She also dives into real-world examples and the positive outcomes health plans can achieve through this approach.This episode is sponsored by Infermedica.
  • Part 2 - Supporting Complex Diabetes Care in 2024: Challenges, Opportunities, and a Look Ahead

    In this episode, Dr. Bloom returns to discuss the specific challenges and opportunities in supporting preventive care for patients with complex diabetes. We explore how value-based care models can align with best practices in this area, and what future shifts we can expect as chronic disease prevalence rises. Dr. Bloom also shares his insights on exciting developments in caring for this population.This episode is sponsored by Podimetrics.
  • Taming the Tide: How Payers Can Leverage Care Management for Chronic Disease

    The rising tide of chronic diseases threatens healthcare costs. In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Sam Toney, CEO of Toney Healthcare, as we explore how payers can leverage care management programs to address this challenge. We discuss the opportunities technology presents to enhance patient care, the importance of psychosocial determinants of health and looking at each patient uniquely, and offer insights into the future of care management for payers.This episode is sponsored by Toney Healthcare.
  • Unlocking Payer Growth: Overcoming Barriers and Embracing Tech

    Payers are on a mission: boost growth and improve member experiences. But navigating new technologies and reducing costs can be tricky. This episode dives into the top challenges and opportunities payers face, plus expert advice on how to streamline operations, leverage exciting tech advancements, and ultimately, empower members.This episode is sponsored by EXL.
  • Star Strategies: Improving Medicare Ratings with Provider Data

    Join Nate Maslak, CEO of Ribbon Health, as he hosts health plan leaders Will Shrank and Jill Hummel for a discussion on strategies to improve Medicare Star Ratings using provider data. Delve into the significance of Star Ratings for health plans, the impact on revenue, enrollment, and retention, and the crucial role of accurate provider data in improving ratings. Tune in for valuable insights from two health plan executives on how to prioritize Star Ratings and optimize for more positive member experiences and healthcare outcomes. This episode is sponsored by Ribbon Health.    This episode is sponsored by Ribbon Health.  

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