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Patient Satisfaction

Process Improvement


Workforce Management




Process Improvement

Large healthcare companies deliver thousands of items every day to an ever-expanding delivery network. And while not every item is critical in a life-and-death sense, they are collectively vital to operational efficiency and the consistent delivery of safe and high-quality care. Combined with advanced technology, sophisticated intra-company logistics drive standardization, centralize and streamline operations, eliminate fragmentation and redundancies, limit risk and liabilities, reduce down-time; and even reduce overall energy use.

The lesson is simple: When health companies get transportation right, they save time and money while improving performance.

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The trend of shifting financial risk from payers to providers through value-based reimbursement models — accountable care organizations, bundled payments and capitation — is driving healthcare organizations to engage in clinical practices that improve patient health at the population level. As volume continues to increase in the ambulatory care setting, organizations must ensure the right provider is performing appropriate care at the right place and at an affordable price for the patient, while also documenting the encounter at the time of service to support full reimbursement.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Clinical documentation and risk adjustment practices in the ambulatory setting;
  • Why organization's can't simply transplant hospital CDI into ambulatory facilities;
  • And how automated intelligence can improve clinical documentation and physician satisfaction at the point of care.

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Title: Best Practices for a EHR Go-Live

Source: Leidos

The launch of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) may mark the end of a large technology initiative to modernize a hospital’s IT system, but it can also mark the launch of a disruptive period for staff, clinicians, and patients. After a significant investment of time, money and effort, it is time to drive user adoption of the EHR to enhance patient care and provide financial return on investment.

Read about go-live strategies to help ensure go-live success:

  • Ensure a smooth transition for a go-live support team
  • Avoid common go-live challenges
  • Drive and streamline EHR adoption by clinicians, patients, and staff

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Source: Spok

Electronic health records (EHRs) have proliferated across the U.S. over the past decade. While EHRs have enabled caregivers to make well-informed treatment decisions more quickly and more safely, they do not solve the challenges of one critical area of care: clinical communication and collaboration. This ebrief explores six reasons why healthcare organizations need a complementary system to the EHR that enables messaging and collaboration among all members of the care team to support the real-world communication needs of physicians, nurses, and the organization overall.

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selectinternationalTitle: A Looming Leadership Talent Crisis

Source: Select International 

Effective leadership today requires a unique mix of skills – mostly behavioral, including high levels of emotional intelligence, relationship-building, communication, strategic thinking, and change management. Healthcare can learn from the progressive leadership talent strategies used in other industries, starting with defining the skills required today, and tomorrow, and then measuring and developing the most important behavioral skills, in candidates and incumbents. This paper also explores the characteristics of successful succession planning efforts. 

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Healthcare IT logoTitle: Recruit, Hire and Retain an Epic-Skilled IT Team

Source: Healthcare IT Leaders

With Epic Systems at the center of your patient care strategy, you want to hire the best to build and operate your software. But where do you find them, what should pay them, and how can you retain them? Our eBook has the answers with expert advice from hiring managers at Scripps Health, UC Irvine and other leading Epic hospitals. Find tips to:

  • Build a Detailed Epic Hiring Plan
  • Benchmark Epic Compensation
  • Fill Gaps with Skilled Consultants
  • Recruit Tough to Fill Epic Roles
  • Retain Key Personnel

Our guide is ideal for C-Suite, IT and HR executives and anyone with responsibility for recruiting and hiring Epic professionals.

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Title: Clinically Integrated Networks: A Framework for Clinical and Financial Success

Source: URAC 

This whitepaper interviews St. Vincent’s Health Partners, Phoenix Children’s Care Network, Seattle Children’s Care Network, Monument Health, and Advanced Health Select to reveal how these organizations tackled the challenges, decreased costs, and improved care coordination and patient access. Learn how these clinically integrated networks: 

  • Engage physicians to help reduce unnecessary ER visits
  • Show strong commitment to collaborating with and supporting physicians
  • Use a centralized approach to improving patient access
  • Enable data analysis across the network to identify treatment and utilization trends, barriers to access, and cost trends
  • Ensure alignment with FTC regulations
  • Leverage URAC accreditation to negotiate with payers

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Title: Better ROI for Emergency Psychiatric Services

Specialists on Call Logo

Source: Specialists On Call

This whitepaper explains how Specialists on Call (SOC) psychiatrists have helped increase reversals of involuntary commitments, further reducing costs and improving outcomes for our partner hospitals. SOC psychiatrists have conducted more than 75,000 consults as of July 2017, with a response time to video averaging 65 minutes. Consider that:

  • One in eight ED patients has a mental health or substance abuse problem
  • Nationwide average ED boarding times 8-34 hours
  • Average boarding costs alone are $2,264
  • Shortage of psychiatrists worsening

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Title: HIPAA Compliance: Important Fundamentals You Need to Know

Source: Atlantic.Net

This e-book is essentially a Mega-Guide on HIPAA Hosting, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. First, we take a broad look at the basics of HIPAA; the roles of covered entities and business associates; and the related issue of HITECH compliance. Second, we discuss actionable steps to achieve compliance – closing with a straightforward and practical checklist.
  • Learn about the HIPAA Hosting Fundamentals
  • Get a free HIPAA E-book
  • HIPAA Compliant Hosting checklist included

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Title: ASCs at a Tipping Point: The New Reality of Surgical Services for Health Systems

Source: ECG Management Consultants

This white paper outlines the key issues driving change in the surgery landscape and movement toward the ASC model, and offers three high-level strategic options to consider as hospital-based surgery continues to be threatened by a combination of regulatory, financial, and competitive forces.

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IAC logoTitle: Lowering the Burden of Adult Disease, One Shot at a Time

Source: Immunization Action Coalition

The National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit's white paper, "Lowering the Burden of Disease, One Shot at a Time," examines barriers hospitals and health systems face when trying to increase adult immunization rates as well as opportunities for advancements, such as data transparency and immunization measures.

This report outlines:

  • Contributors to the low U.S. adult immunization rate;
  • Industry expert insight into key challenges pushing adult vaccination programs to the wayside;
  • Examples of three health systems boosting adult immunizations; 
  • And opportunities for accelerating vaccination efforts, with six action items for healthcare systems to leverage to boost adult immunization rates.

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Title: Real-world Insights & Economic Considerations in Type 2 Diabetes

Source: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

Large claims databases offer a unique opportunity to examine year-to-year trends in diabetes population management. Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc., sponsored a study conducted by Milliman, a well-known source of actuarial expertise to the healthcare industry, to develop this whitepaper, which highlights the relationship between glycemic control and medication adherence.

Download the paper to discover:

  • Trends in HbA1c and diabetes drug adherence
  • Challenge of sustaining glycemic control and diabetes drug adherence over time
  • Association between healthcare costs and HbA1c levels
  • Correlation between glycemic control and medication adherence, including drug therapy characteristics

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Title: How Telehealth and EHR Integration Deliver Complete, Effective Care while Streamlining Provider Workflows


Source: American Well

 In this whitepaper, Dr. Shayan Vyas, medical director at Nemours Children’s Health System, discusses how telehealth and EHR integration helps Nemours deliver more complete, effective care to patients while streamlining the provider workflow. Nemours introduced its telehealth service, CareConnect, through a partnership with American Well and integrated CareConnect with its Epic system in 2016.

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Title: An Evidence-based Approach to Implementing UVC Disinfections in your Facility

TRU D 2995 C large (2)

Source: Tru-D

Now that continuous UVC disinfection robots have been validated by a randomized clinical trial to minimize the risk of infections, we invite you to learn how to deliver better outcomes for your next patient and reduce the incidence of multidrug-resistant pathogens through successful UVC implementation.

In this whitepaper you will learn the following: 

  • The benefits of enhanced UVC room disinfection
  • How Tru-D can improve patient outcomes
  • Tru-D’s scientific validation

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Title: Achieving Interoperability: Charting the course for a more connected future

RelayHealth Full Color Logo (1)

Source: RelayHealth

Healthcare needs data exchange that is truly interoperable, beyond the limitations of what many providers now experience. We must move from our silos and combine clinical, financial and operational data so clinicians and patients can receive information that is relevant and timely.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Person-centered interoperability
  • Interoperability as a culture
  • Signs of a stronger future

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Workforce Management

Title: Impacting Financial Outcomes with Workforce Management Initiativesge monogram primary blue RGB

Source: GE Healthcare

Research from a recent survey of 75 healthcare finance executives sheds light on Workforce initiatives as a leading strategy for impacting financial outcomes. With nearly 3/4 of respondents saying that ‘managing labor costs’ was the top financial concern keeping them up at night, staffing strategies are quickly moving to the top of their priority list.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • What finance executives are expecting from Workforce Management
  • 5 common staffing challenges and how health systems are addressing them
  • How leveraging data to optimize staffing decisions impacts cost and quality

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spok hor 3D 4C BK

Source: Spok

Thirty percent of malpractice lawsuits cite communication as a contributing factor. Communication is also cited as a root cause in 21 percent of sentinel events. Learn how you can improve your hospital’s communications in these three key areas and stop making patient pay the price for communication failures and breakdowns:

  • Care team coordination 
  • Managing alarms 
  • Situational awareness of key events

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Source: Healogics

Today, one percent of patients account for more than 20 percent of the nation’s healthcare expenses, and the top five percent account for nearly half. One of the lesser known and more complex segments within this high-need patient population are individuals who suffer from chronic wounds. In the U.S., chronic wounds affect approximately 6.7 million individuals and an excess of $50 billion is spent annually on treatment. The prevalence of chronic wounds are increasing in tandem with the growing aging population and incidences of chronic diseases more common in older adults such as, diabetes and peripheral artery disease (PAD). According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 20 years the percent of the total U.S. population age 65 or older is expected to increase to 21 percent. PAD for example, a circulatory disease commonly associated with non-healing wounds, affects about 8 million Americans and 12-20 percent of Americans age 65 and older.

Because the management of chronic wounds crosses many clinical specialties and extends into social and behavioral services, this paper demonstrates, by the Medicare numbers, the critical need for strategic attention and active cross-sector collaboration in the name of chronic wound healing.

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Title: The Future of Healthcare Security

Source: Patientory

Recent ransomware cyber-attacks have exposed a vulnerable global healthcare IT infrastructure. Personal health information is now at risk. Unfortunately, legacy systems administrate personal health info across siloed database networks. Fragmented electronic health records (EHRs) create cumbersome access points and data exchanges are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Download this whitepaper to learn: 
  • What is blockchain 
  • How to improve patient outcomes with blockchain 
  • Educating your staff on blockchain infrastructure  and use cases 

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Title: Process, Analytics, and Trust Makes Legacy AR Project a "Walk in the Park"

MedAssist logo CMYK 2

 Source: MedAssist

Any Revenue Cycle leader will tell you the danger in the work-down of legacy accounts receivable can be the difference between financial stability and insolvency for a hospital. Yet with the right process, analytics, and people, achieving the best results was recently described by one leader of a large regional healthcare system as “a walk in the park”.

See how a partnership with MedAssist made it possible to...
• Focus their team and resources on, and achieve, success in the transition of technology from a legacy accounting system to Epic
• Preserve cash and financial stability in the revenue cycle

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CapioLogoTitle: How is the Revenue Cycle in Healthcare Changing?

Source: Capio Partners

RCM systems were designed to optimize the processing of federal, state, and commercial healthcare claims. In particular, with the onset of consumerism in healthcare; this has required the industry to be more "patient centric.” The new revenue cycle model has forced healthcare industry leaders to revisit the patient financial experience. In theory, healthcare modeled the patient experience from a clinical perspective. In the last few years healthcare providers have recognized that it extends far beyond the patients care but into the challenging world of finances.

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