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  1. The Impact of the Election on Healthcare, Scott Becker Gives 20 Thoughts

    Scott Becker shares thoughts on how the election will impact healthcare at large.

  2. Teledentistry 101: The Basics All Dental Leaders Should Know

  3. How DSOS Can Improve Practice Acquisition, Grow in Times of Uncertainty

  4. 10. The Logistics of Running a Successful Dental Practice Amid the Pandemic

  5. 9. Teledentistry, the oral-systemic link, and more with Dan Burke

    This episode features Dan Burke, the CESO at Pacific Dental Services. Dan shares insights on new challenges that have arisen due to Covid-19, the oral-systemic link, and much more.

  6. 6. Paul Bernard, Senior Vice President of Finance & Process Excellence at Smile Brands

    This episode features Paul Bernard, Senior Vice President of Finance & Process Excellence at Smile Brands. Here, he discusses how COVID-19 has changed dentistry, dental industry consolidation, and more.

  7. 5. Bob Fontana, Founder and CEO of Aspen Dental

    This episode features Bob Fontana, Founder and CEO of Aspen Dental. Here he discusses the origins of Aspen Dental, how the pandemic has affected DSOs, and more.

  8. 4. Teledentistry - Key Thoughts and What Can and Can't be Done

  9. 3. Can Dentistry Survive in a COVID-19 Era?

    This episode features a session from Becker's Dental + DSO Review Virtual Event: Can Dentistry Survive in a COVID-19 Era?The conversation include insight from the following speakers:- Timothy J. Quirt, DDS, MBA, and Heartland Dental s Vice President of Clinical Operations, Heartland Dental- Paul Bernard, Senior Vice President, Finance and Process Improvement, Smile Brands- Kevin Mosher, Chief Executive Officer, ClearChoice Management Services- James Nick, Chief Revenue Officer, Dental Care Alliance- Moderated by Scott Becker, Founder , Becker's Healthcare

  10. 1. Bart Walker, Partner at McGuireWoods

    In this episode features Bart Walker. Bart is a Partner at McGuireWoods focusing on Healthcare and one of the nation s leading experts on Dental Services Organizations. Here he discusses the DSO market and the business around DSOs/Dentistry.

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