• The unique perspectives of healthcare leaders under 40

    Leaders of all backgrounds bring varying styles and perspectives to roles at hospitals and health systems. This includes the next generation of healthcare leaders, who bring their own approaches to the issues they focus on each day, including philanthropy, technology and culture.
  • 'Incivility' comes through healthcare's doors every day, Inova CEO says

    The healthcare workforce is dealing with challenges that are more severe than they were even two or three years ago, Inova Health CEO J. Stephen Jones, MD, recently told Becker's. 
  • CEO of American Health Care Association, National Center for Assisted Living to retire

    Mark Parkinson, the CEO of the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living, will step down in 2025, the organizations announced Feb. 20.
  • How MetroHealth's safety chief uses engineering to boost medicine

    Joseph Golob, MD, went to college to become an engineer because he loved working with standardization. It did not take him long to realize he could apply the same passion to medicine.
  • The key link between mission, margins + growth: Lessons of bold leadership & steadfast commitment to healthier communities

    Every successful strategic plan is framed by an organizational mission and strong leaders as the guidepost. However, delivering on these plans and fulfilling these missions has become more challenging for many hospital and health system leaders. Margins are razor thin and workforce challenges persist. In the current environment, bold leadership is a must.
  • Viewpoint: Steward CEO's yacht 'symptom of a deeper problem'

    The CEO of Steward Health Care has come under fire for purchasing a $40 million yacht as his health system owes approximately $50 million in rent, and Massachusetts officials grapple with the possibility of sudden hospital closures. According to one Massachusetts General Hospital leader, that yacht only tells a fraction of the story. 
  • How to leverage the value of conflict in healthcare

    In the complex and dynamic field of healthcare, conflict is as omnipresent as it is multifaceted. From the recent record-setting healthcare strike at Kaiser Permanente, involving over 75,000 employees, to everyday disagreements over treatment approaches and administrative decisions, the presence and impact of conflict are undeniable. This paper endeavors to explore and synthesize diverse perspectives on understanding and leveraging conflict, with a focus on transforming conflicts from obstacles into opportunities for innovation and improvement.
  • Why every CEO should write a book, per 1 bestselling author

    CEOs have a lot on their minds as they face challenges within their respective organizations and industries, and one initiative they should make time for is publishing a book.
  • C-suite roles that lead to 'CEO'

    Health systems have varying priorities when choosing to promote a CEO from within, from clinical or financial experience to tenure length.
  • 5 considerations for modernizing your health IT infrastructure with the cloud

    From enhanced clinical productivity to better operational management and the ability to predict IT spend more accurately, modernizing your health IT infrastructure through the cloud can enable significant enterprise-wide advancements and benefits. However, migrating sensitive patient data and critical systems is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of healthcare alongside expertise in cloud services and solutions.
  • 'We can not afford the status quo': What systems aren't talking about enough

    Leaders across healthcare are working to improve their system in a variety of ways, but some parts of care and delivery are being overlooked, leaders told Becker's.
  • Former Hackensack Meridian co-CEO John Lloyd dies

    John Lloyd, former co-CEO of Edison, N.J.-based Hackensack Meridian Health, has died, according to a Feb. 16 news release shared with Becker's.
  • California hospital CEO addresses its 'poor image'

    El Centro (Calif.) Regional Medical Center had a rough 2023. Recently, its CEO spoke out to address community concerns. 
  • How new CEOs play tough hands

    It's a rare CEO that doesn't dream of a seamless transition. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is riddled with seams. 
  • 'A never-ending battle': 2 systems take new approach to behavioral health

    Mental health is a crisis for many communities.
  • Leaders keep kicking the same healthcare cans down the road

    Healthcare is stuck in a rut, with many of the same daily events and problems stemming from long-standing systemic issues that are sorely in need of urgency, attention and insistence for improvement.
  • 5 Steps for Using Healthcare Data Analytics to Guide Growth Strategy

    Use case example of a health system looking to expand cardiology and Cath lab services.
  • Epstein-Barr virus discoverer dies at 102

    Michael Anthony Epstein, a British pathologist who was one of the discoverers of the Epstein–Barr virus, has died at 102, The Washington Post reported.
  • Introvert CEOs poised to thrive

    Historically, extroverts have been promoted to leadership roles at higher rates than their peers. But in the post-pandemic C-suite, a new leadership style is taking hold — one better suited to introverts. 
  • Health system CEOs head to Northwell for gun violence forum

    Northwell Health is hosting its fifth annual Gun Violence Prevention Forum on Feb. 27, featuring healthcare, government, business and community leaders and former U.S. President Bill Clinton. 

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