• States ranked by CLABSI rates

    Alaska has the highest rate of central line-associated bloodstream infections, while South Dakota has the lowest, federal data shows.
  • 5 most loved healthcare workplaces: Newsweek

    Newsweek's 2023 ranking of the most loved workplaces in America includes five health systems. 
  • Most racially inclusive hospital, by state: Lown Institute

    A new report from the Lown Institute, an independent healthcare think tank, measures how well more than 3,100 U.S. hospitals serve people of color in their surrounding communities. 
  • A new framework for measuring RCM success — Insights from Denver Health

    RCM optimization isn't cheap — but what hospitals really can't afford is sticking to the status quo. Discover how this safety-net hospital is advancing digital transformation in RCM here.
  • 10 most, least diverse states in the US

    California is the most diverse state in the U.S., while West Virginia is the least diverse, according to personal finance site WalletHub.
  • 10 cities where retirees are most financially secure

    Retirees who don't live near a coastline are most financially secure, according to a recent analysis from SmartAsset. 
  • Hospital staff flu shot rates, by state 

    Hospitals in Maine and Massachusetts have the highest rate of staff members vaccinated against flu, while hospitals in Florida have the lowest, federal data shows. 
  • 20 universities with the greatest salary impact

    Ivy League universities do offer graduates a bang for their buck, according to a new analysis from The Wall Street Journal and College Pulse. 
  • 10 most racially inclusive hospitals: Lown Institute

    A new report from the Lown Institute, an independent healthcare think tank, measures how well more than 3,100 U.S. hospitals serve people of color in their surrounding communities. 
  • 26 health systems preferred twice as much as competitors

    WebMD has honored 167 health systems in its 2023-24 Choice Awards — including 26 systems that patients and providers prefer 2:1 over competitors. 
  • US News' 22 best BSN programs for 2023-24

    The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and Duke University in Durham, N.C., tied for the top spot in U.S. News and World Report's Best Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs rankings.
  • States with highest, lowest 'left before being seen' rate 

    Nationwide, 3 percent of patients left emergency departments before being seen in 2021, up from 2 percent in 2020 and 2019, CMS data shows. 
  • 10 most entrepreneurial cities: LinkedIn

    There are many places to start a business, but there are 10 metropolitan areas where there has been significant growth in people doing so, according to a new analysis. 
  • ED visit times, by state

    Patients in Washington, D.C., had the highest median time spent in the emergency department, while patients in North Dakota had the lowest, CMS data shows.
  • World's top specialized hospitals by specialty, per Newsweek

    American hospitals ranked highly in Newsweek's 2024 "World's Best Specialized Hospitals."
  • World's best healthcare companies: Time

    Time and Statista have released their list of the 750 "best" companies, including eight healthcare and health insurance organizations. 
  • The world's 20 'smartest' hospitals, per Newsweek

    The U.S. dominated the top 20 of Newsweek's latest "World's Best Smart Hospitals" list, published Sept. 13.
  • 10 best, worst states for provider claims payment

    During the first six months of 2023, providers in Louisiana achieved the most success collecting claims from payers while providers in South Carolina struggled the most, according to a report published Sept. 11 by Crowe, a public accounting, consulting and technology firm. 
  • 20 best business schools, per Bloomberg

    Bloomberg has released its annual ranking of the best business schools, in which it measures 110 full-time MBA programs internationally for participants' satisfaction with learning, networking, career opportunities and more. 
  • States with the highest, lowest well-being scores

    For the third consecutive year, Massachusetts received the title of the "healthiest state in the nation" according to the latest Sharecare Community Well-Being Index.
  • 10 happiest, least happy states in America

    Utah is the happiest state in the U.S. and West Virginia is the least happy, according to an analysis released Sept. 12 by personal finance website WalletHub. 

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