• 10 healthcare names get Shkreli Awards for bad behavior

    Ten individuals and organizations are recognized in the name of a "pharma bro" with the release of Lown Institute's Shkreli Awards. 
  • States with the highest, lowest number of transplants performed

    California performed the most transplants in 2023 while Vermont performed the fewest, according to Organ Procurement & Transplant Network data.
  • 15 states with the healthiest, least healthy populations

    West Virginia is the state with the least healthy population, while Hawaii has the healthiest residents, according to a Forbes Advisor analysis released Jan. 8.
  • A new framework for measuring RCM success — Insights from Denver Health

    RCM optimization isn't cheap — but what hospitals really can't afford is sticking to the status quo. Discover how this safety-net hospital is advancing digital transformation in RCM here.
  • The most-Googled health conditions in the US

    People around the world turn to the internet for answers to their healthcare questions. A recent analysis of Google search trends gives insight into what, exactly, patients are curious about. 
  • Where active lifestyles thrive in the US

    Cities that promote a healthy way of life are located in various regions of the U.S., according to an analysis released Jan. 5 by WalletHub, a personal finance website. 
  • 15 best, worst cities for jobs

    Scottsdale, Ariz., is the best city to find a job in 2024 and Newark, N.J., is the worst, according to a WalletHub analysis released Jan. 4.  
  • Top 10 affordable online RN-to-BSN programs

    Seven of the 10 most affordable online RN-to-BSN programs are based in Florida, according to a Jan. 1 ranking from Forbes Advisor. 
  • 15 best diets for heart health, per US News

    U.S. News & World Report released its 2024 best diet rankings Jan. 1, which includes best diets overall and best heart-healthy diets. 
  • 15 wealthiest counties in the US

    California and Virginia are each home to four of America's richest counties, according to a recent ranking from U.S. News & World Report. 
  • States ranked by physician communication

    Hospitals in South Dakota have the highest physician communication scores, while hospitals in Nevada have the lowest, CMS data shows.
  • 20 US cities with the highest income gains

    Between 2021 and 2022, the median income in major U.S. cities increased by an average of 8.1%; however, in some cities, gains exceeded 20%. 
  • States ranked by nurse communication

    Hospitals in Montana and South Dakota have the highest nurse communication scores, while hospitals in the District of Columbia have the lowest, CMS data shows.
  • 10 'neediest' cities

    Half of the neediest cities in America are located in Texas and Mississippi, according to a recent analysis from WalletHub. 
  • 25 healthiest US cities

    Arlington, Va., is the healthiest city in the U.S., according to the American College of Sports Medicine's American Fitness Index rankings.
  • Top hospitals for patient safety, according to women

    The Women's Choice Award has released its annual list of the Best Hospitals for Patient Safety, recognizing 510 hospitals with a low incidence of surgical errors and infections. 
  • 20 states where the most workers are quitting

    States in the Southern U.S. are among those with the most workers quitting their jobs across industries, according to one analysis.
  • Women's Choice Award names 2024 Best Hospitals

    The Women's Choice Award released its annual list of best hospitals Dec. 18, recognizing thousands of facilities nationwide for exceptional women's healthcare. 
  • 25 largest health systems by physicians

    Assessing a health system's size through its physician workforce can provide a more holistic view of its capacity and scope. 
  • The year that redefined hospital rankings

    In November 2022, six prominent law schools — including Harvard, Yale and Stanford — withdrew from U.S. News and World Report's esteemed university rankings. A domino effect ensued, leading medical schools, hospitals and health systems to question the various systems that grade complex organizations — especially the one that, until this year, would crown a single institution the "best." 
  • 10 best, worst states for Gen Z

    The best states for Generation Z are spread across the U.S., from New Hampshire to Washington, while Southern states, including Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia, score least favorably, according to one analysis.

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