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  1. Ascension's operating income triples as its footprint expands

    St. Louis-based Ascension saw revenues and operating income increase in the first quarter of its fiscal year 2019, which ended Sept. 30, according to recently released financial documents.  By Ayla Ellison -
  2. Reimbursement No. 1 challenge for healthcare firms, 72% of workers say

    Nearly three-fourths, or 72 percent, of healthcare workers cite reimbursements and payments as the biggest challenges for management teams in the healthcare service industry, according to a Carl Marks Advisors survey.  By Morgan Haefner -
  3. $63B: The amount ageism costs the US health system each year, Yale study suggests

    During a given year in the U.S., prejudice directed at elderly people — known as ageism — contributed to $63 billion in excess health costs, according to a Yale School of Public Health study.  By Morgan Haefner -

Without a hitch: 8 tips for a seamless AI implementation

There are a number of considerations for healthcare organizations when implementing an artificial intelligence solution.
  1. ER physicians at 3 Pennsylvania hospitals work weeks without pay

    At the end of October, Ontario, Calif.-based Prime Healthcare ended its contract with the staffing firm that employed the physicians who worked in the emergency rooms at its three Pennsylvania hospitals. Last week, the staffing firm failed to pay the ER physicians, according to The Philadelphia Tribune.  By Ayla Ellison -
  2. 10 hospitals seeking CFOs

    Below are 10 hospitals and health systems that posted job listings seeking CFOs during the past week.  By Ayla Ellison -
  3. Geisinger surgery pilot cut lengths of stay in half

    Danville, Pa.-based Geisinger Health System's surgical redesign program, ProvenRecovery, has cut hospital stays for some surgery patients in half since the pilot launched, the health system said.  By Morgan Haefner -
  4. How Virginia hospitals are changing psychiatric care guidelines

    Virginia's hospitals, emergency physicians and the state's behavioral health agency have developed guidelines for evaluating psychiatric patients to ensure they are admitted to the appropriate facility, according to the Staunton News Leader.  By Megan Knowles -

How Connecticut Children’s Medical Center improved ED operational efficiency

Learn how they improved communication, staff development, and patient flow in the ED amid rising volumes.
  1. 32 sickened in new E. coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce

    The CDC is urging Americans to avoid eating any form of romaine lettuce amid a new outbreak of E. coli infections, according to a Nov. 20 alert from the CDC.  By Mackenzie Bean -
  2. Merit Health Wesley selects new CEO: 4 notes

    Merit Health Wesley in Hattiesburg, Miss., named Matthew Banks, BSN, MSN, CEO.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  3. West Virginia-based St. Mary's Medical Center appoints CEO: 5 things to know

    Huntington, W.Va.-based St. Mary's Medical Center tapped Todd Campbell to serve as president and CEO, effective Jan. 1, 2019.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  4. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a new 'shadow' adviser — Here's what that means

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a new "shadow" adviser, a highly coveted position at the company, two people familiar with the matter told CNBC.  By Jessica Kim Cohen -

Bridge the gap and assure true interoperability with an enterprise imaging solution

Learn the breakdown of of bottom-line considerations.
  1. Many pharma apps won't be regulated under proposed FDA framework

    The FDA proposed a new framework Nov. 19 that details its plan to regulate digital tools developed by pharmaceutical companies, such as apps that offer medication reminders.  By Jessica Kim Cohen -
  2. Diversity is a party, inclusion is a dance — 4 experts on minority representation in healthcare

    As the U.S. becomes increasingly diverse, healthcare organizations must evolve to best serve the needs of their patients and the next generation of leadership.  By Shayna Korol -
  3. Pennsylvania hospital nurses asked to cancel one-day strike

    Indiana (Pa.) Regional Medical Center is asking unionized nurses to cancel their plans to strike next week, according to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report.  By Kelly Gooch -
  4. Maryland may create its own health insurance mandate

    Maryland lawmakers are weighing a proposal to establish a state individual mandate to buy health insurance, The Baltimore Sun reports.  By Emily Rappleye -
  5. Medicare prepayment reviews could save billions lost to billing errors, advocacy group says

    The improper payment rate for Medicare fee-for-service fell from 9.51 percent in fiscal year 2017 to 8.12 percent in fiscal year 2018, the lowest rate since 2010, CMS revealed.  By Kelly Gooch -
  6. Congress considers bill to protect nurses from workplace violence

    House Democrats introduced a bill Nov. 16 to protect healthcare and social service employees from violence on the job.  By Emily Rappleye -
  7. Perspective: Addressing gun violence is 'professional, moral and ethical duty' of healthcare providers

    As frontline responders to gun-related shootings and deaths, healthcare providers have an obligation to talk about gun violence and advocate for more research and policy-based prevention strategies, according to a blog in Health Affairs.  By Emily Rappleye -
  8. House panel to examine Justice Dept. decision not to defend ACA

    U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., told the Justice Department that the House Judiciary Committee expects to look at the department's decision not to defend the ACA during the next congressional session.  By Kelly Gooch -
  9. 'Identify the areas that bend the curve': Challenges & opportunities in healthcare cost accounting

    Cost accounting in healthcare is complicated because service costs are highly variable. Healthcare can bring in cost-accounting models from other industries to streamline the process.  By Shayna Korol -

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