Today's Top 20 Healthcare News Articles
  1. 7 things to know about Biden's global health worker initiative

    Using digital technology to improve healthcare, developing diverse and inclusive teams and increasing the sustainability of the workforce are the goals laid out by the Biden administration as part of its Global Health Worker Initiative. 
  2. 9 in 10 healthcare workers have seen or experienced violence, report says

    An overwhelming majority of healthcare workers have experienced or been in close proximity to workplace violence from patients and their caregivers, according to a new survey showing the far-ranging problem of workplace safety in hospitals and care facilities.
  3. Top teaching hospitals by net patient revenue

    NYU Langone Health Tisch Hospital in New York City is the No. 1 teaching hospital by net patient revenue, according to Definitive Healthcare. 

Case length accuracy: How OhioHealth solved case scheduling inefficiency

This is especially challenging for leaders allocating resources based on inaccurate case length scheduling requests from surgeons and clinics.
  1. Tech company that analyzes patient outcomes lands $20M investment

    A healthcare tech company that collects and analyzes patient data said May 12 it plans to double in size this year after securing a $20 million investment.
  2. Google to release smartwatch this fall

    Google plans to release its first smartwatch this fall.
  3. Overdose deaths up 15% in 2021, CDC data shows

    Overdose deaths have reached a new high in the U.S., with the latest CDC data showing a 15 percent increase in fatalities last year. 
  4. Bill would require hospitals to create workplace violence prevention plan

    U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin has introduced legislation requiring healthcare and social service employers to implement a workplace violence prevention plan to avoid and reduce workplace violence among employees.

6 tips to ensure integration platform success

Disconnected systems remain a key challenge for healthcare IT leaders. Click here to learn what's changing that.
  1. Johnson & Johnson names CEO of spin-off consumer health company

    Johnson & Johnson named Thibaut Mongon as CEO of its spin-off consumer health company. 
  2. FDA approves new indication for drug to treat severe COVID-19

    The FDA on May 11 approved Eli Lilly and partner Incyte's baricitinib, which goes by the brand name Olumiant, to treat COVID-19 in certain hospitalized adults. 
  3. 5 health systems opening hospitals

    Several health systems have recently opened hospitals, announced plans to do so or have advanced projects. Here are five reported on by Becker's since April 29.
  4. Couple donates $20M to Nuvance Health for new pavilion

    Nuvance Health has received a $20 million donation toward Norwalk Hospital's new patient pavilion, the Danbury, Conn.-based health system said May 12.

Is your clinical decision support system ready to help you combat staff shortages, understand new medication evidence and help address time management challenges?

COVID-19 isn't done with new demands for clinical decision support systems. Click here to make sure yours is up to par.
  1. Fauci: Cadence for COVID-19 boosters will be clearer this summer

    The nation's top infectious disease expert on May 11 said he expects data to inform how often COVID-19 boosters could be needed to maintain strong protection to be available by mid-summer. 
  2. Computer scientist pay by state

    Data scientists, a position increasingly in demand at hospitals, make an average of $108,660 annually, according to the latest data released March 31 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  3. 9 hospital, health system COO moves

    Nine hospital and health system COO moves have been reported on by Becker's since April 12.
  4. COVID-19 funding and Congress: No clear path forward

    Aid to boost the availability of COVID-19 tests, therapeutics and vaccines nationwide continues to dwell in a congressional logjam. 
  5. Labor actions among physicians intensify in California

    Citing a desire for the best possible patient care and strong worker protections, physicians in California have been involved in several labor actions this year.
  6. 'Evil empire' UnitedHealth schemes to underpay providers, Envision suit alleges

    Nashville, Tenn.-based Envision Healthcare is suing UnitedHealth Group, accusing the payer of scheming to underpay front-line healthcare providers and push organizations out of network. 
  7. Consumer expectations driving digital change, say 6 healthcare execs

    Six healthcare leaders from some of the largest corporations in the nation discussed how healthcare will change as technology advances and creates a digital-first system, reported Fortune May 12. 
  8. Hospitals' finances are hurting

    Many hospitals and health systems across the U.S. are feeling the effects of higher expenses and market volatility in the first quarter of 2022. 
  9. Imaging dye shortage means rocky 8 weeks ahead for hospitals

    A shortage of a key ingredient used for imaging services is forcing physicians to ration medical scans for only the most crucial cases, a challenge that will likely continue for the next six to eight weeks until supplies are replenished, The Washington Post reported May 11.

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