• The most-Googled health conditions in the US

    People around the world turn to the internet for answers to their healthcare questions. A recent analysis of Google search trends gives insight into what, exactly, patients are curious about. 
  • Where active lifestyles thrive in the US

    Cities that promote a healthy way of life are located in various regions of the U.S., according to an analysis released Jan. 5 by WalletHub, a personal finance website. 
  • 15 best, worst cities for jobs

    Scottsdale, Ariz., is the best city to find a job in 2024 and Newark, N.J., is the worst, according to a WalletHub analysis released Jan. 4.  
  • A new framework for measuring RCM success — Insights from Denver Health

    RCM optimization isn't cheap — but what hospitals really can't afford is sticking to the status quo. Discover how this safety-net hospital is advancing digital transformation in RCM here.
  • Top 10 affordable online RN-to-BSN programs

    Seven of the 10 most affordable online RN-to-BSN programs are based in Florida, according to a Jan. 1 ranking from Forbes Advisor. 
  • 15 best diets for heart health, per US News

    U.S. News & World Report released its 2024 best diet rankings Jan. 1, which includes best diets overall and best heart-healthy diets. 
  • 15 wealthiest counties in the US

    California and Virginia are each home to four of America's richest counties, according to a recent ranking from U.S. News & World Report. 
  • States ranked by physician communication

    Hospitals in South Dakota have the highest physician communication scores, while hospitals in Nevada have the lowest, CMS data shows.
  • 20 US cities with the highest income gains

    Between 2021 and 2022, the median income in major U.S. cities increased by an average of 8.1%; however, in some cities, gains exceeded 20%. 
  • States ranked by nurse communication

    Hospitals in Montana and South Dakota have the highest nurse communication scores, while hospitals in the District of Columbia have the lowest, CMS data shows.
  • 10 'neediest' cities

    Half of the neediest cities in America are located in Texas and Mississippi, according to a recent analysis from WalletHub. 
  • 25 healthiest US cities

    Arlington, Va., is the healthiest city in the U.S., according to the American College of Sports Medicine's American Fitness Index rankings.
  • Top hospitals for patient safety, according to women

    The Women's Choice Award has released its annual list of the Best Hospitals for Patient Safety, recognizing 510 hospitals with a low incidence of surgical errors and infections. 
  • 20 states where the most workers are quitting

    States in the Southern U.S. are among those with the most workers quitting their jobs across industries, according to one analysis.
  • Women's Choice Award names 2024 Best Hospitals

    The Women's Choice Award released its annual list of best hospitals Dec. 18, recognizing thousands of facilities nationwide for exceptional women's healthcare. 
  • 25 largest health systems by physicians

    Assessing a health system's size through its physician workforce can provide a more holistic view of its capacity and scope. 
  • The year that redefined hospital rankings

    In November 2022, six prominent law schools — including Harvard, Yale and Stanford — withdrew from U.S. News and World Report's esteemed university rankings. A domino effect ensued, leading medical schools, hospitals and health systems to question the various systems that grade complex organizations — especially the one that, until this year, would crown a single institution the "best." 
  • 10 best, worst states for Gen Z

    The best states for Generation Z are spread across the U.S., from New Hampshire to Washington, while Southern states, including Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia, score least favorably, according to one analysis.
  • Health systems ranked for best company culture

    Three health systems have been praised for their company culture, putting them on workplace culture and corporate brand reputation platform Comparably's 2023 list of the 200 best company cultures. 
  • 25 most affordable, fastest-growing cities in America

    Multiple cities in Texas are attracting residents with affordable housing prices and moderate living costs, according to a Dec. 15 analysis from GoBankingRates.
  • 25 largest health systems by hospital beds

    Hospital bed counts can provide a granular measurement when assessing health system size.

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