• Unlocking the Potential of Healthcare IT Outsourcing

    In the healthcare IT landscape, optimizing technology to enhance patient care while safeguarding sensitive data is paramount. 
  • No place for workplace violence at Penn Medicine

    Kevin Mahoney, CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System in Philadelphia, has made it his mission to address and find solutions for the ongoing workplace violence concerns in healthcare.
  • 17 quick notes on healthcare

    1. Healthcare has a simple math problem.
  • From good to great: How to strengthen the CEO-CFO relationship

    Even when the going gets tough, Dixon, Ill.-based Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital CEO David Schreiner, PhD, and CFO Austin B. Frazier Jr. have successfully collaborated to evolve and develop strategies, with a little bit of laughter, to strengthen their working relationship.
  • Former Iowa hospital president, CEO dies

    James (Jim) Tinker, former president and CEO of Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Mercy Medical Center, died April 21. 
  • Hospital CEOs ask patients to receive care at home

    Hospital executives are making the push to move more care, specifically recovery rooms and exams, out of the hospital and into patient homes, to potentially save money and improve finances as the country continues to move out of the pandemic, Politico reported May 11.
  • Truveta appoints Dr. Rod Hochman board chair

    Truveta, a 30-plus health system collective focused on digital transformation, named Rod Hochman, MD, its new board of directors chair.
  • Former CEO of New York-Presbyterian dies at 89

    Herbert Pardes, MD, a psychiatrist and leader who helped oversee the merger of the two medical centers that became New York-Presbyterian Hospital, died of aortic stenosis April 30 at age 89, The New York Times reported May 9.
  • National Hospital Week begins May 12: 5 things to know

    National Hospital Week — which aims to recognize and celebrate hospitals, health systems and the people who work at them — begins May 12 and runs through May 18. 
  • Bill could slow dissolution of Minnesota system board

    A last-minute bill drawn up by the Minnesota House Finance and Policy Committee could create another roadblock for ongoing efforts to dissolve the Hennepin Healthcare System board of directors' oversight of Minneapolis-based Hennepin County Medical Center, the Star Tribune reported May 8. 
  • Why HealthPartners is going hybrid to meet consumer expectations

    Imagine you’re on vacation, enjoying a good beach read while waves roll up the sandy shore. As you finish a chapter, your stomach rumbles. You open an app, order some groceries to pick-up on your way back to the rental. Thinking about the rental reminds you to pay-off the remaining balance on the credit card you used to book the trip, all before you leave the comforts of your umbrella-covered towel. What if healthcare were this easy?
  • To Improve Retention, Invest in Frontline Staff Early

    In last month’s column, I wrote about how leader development is shifting. Many have traditionally used foundational group training (LDIs) as the center of their leader development. Now, more organizations are viewing LDIs as a valuable starting point; however, they’re then moving on to develop people in tailored, personalized ways. At Healthcare Plus Solutions Group®, we call this approach Precision Leader Development™ (PLD), and it’s just one of the methods and practices that organizations are looking to rewire in response to a rapidly shifting environment.
  • Why hospitals need chief surgical officers: Viewpoint

    The operating room is a complex environment that requires seamless communication between healthcare providers and coordination across departments. Given surgical care accounts for a critical portion of overall healthcare delivery, hospitals should consider appointing chief surgical officers to serve as key leaders, overseeing decisions that affect OR operations, David Etzioni, MD, proposed in a May 8 article published by the American College of Surgeons. 
  • A thoughtful exit from the C-suite

    Stepping away from the C-suite takes many forms, and hospital and health system executives leave for a variety of reasons, including to retire or to take on new challenges. However, each individual must consider that transition from a business, emotional and personal perspective.  
  • What health systems need to 'win in every market'

    Healthcare is becoming a consumer-based industry as patients have more freedom to choose when and where they receive care. Hospitals are adjusting their operating models as a result.
  • Achieving Excellence in Hospital Operations: Q&A with Rob Allen, President & CEO, Intermountain Health

    As part of the Transform Hospital Operations Summit at Becker’s 14th Annual Meeting in April 2024, LeanTaaS Founder and CEO Mohan Giridharadas sat down with Rob Allen, President and CEO of Intermountain Health to discuss his journey and how they’re investing in AI to reduce healthcare costs, improve staff and patient experience, and achieve excellence in their hospital operations.
  • 100 top influential leaders in health, per Time

    Time released its inaugural TIME100 Health — a list recognizing the 100 most influential individuals in health.
  • The health system board's job gets complicated

    Boards of health systems face an expanding range of concerns, decision-making and subjects, and they are evolving in many ways based on today's governance priorities and challenges. 
  • Advocate CEO responds to North Carolina officer shooting

    Charlotte, N.C.-based Advocate Health CEO Eugene Woods extended his condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of four law enforcement officers who were killed during a shooting in Charlotte.
  • New York health system dedicates campus to former CEO

    Rochester, N.Y.-based St. Lawrence Health has dedicated its administrative campus to former CEO David Acker, ABC50 reported April 30. 

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