• It's time to 're-embrace strategic growth': 3 Qs for hospital CEOs

    With hospital margins on the rise and financial position slowly improving for many organizations, top executives are mulling near- and long-term growth strategies.
  • Be 'an idealist without illusions,' says 1 health system CEO

    President John F. Kennedy once said, "I'm an idealist without illusions." His philosophy — striving for greatness within the margins of reality — could benefit health system leaders today, one executive told Becker's. 
  • Can hospitals save middle management? How 1 president strives to

    Between the demands of the C-suite and the realities of the front lines, middle managers are relentlessly squeezed. 
  • 10 top issues for CEOs in 2024: Survey

    This year, CEOs in the U.S. and globally are most worried about a recession and inflation, according to a survey from The Conference Board.
  • The advice CEOs put to use in their 1st year on the job

    A number of hospitals and health systems appointed new CEOs early last year. Though these CEOs were new to the role and maybe even to the organization, they brought with them past experiences and lessons learned from others, which they were able to use to be a part of meaningful change during their first months on the job. 
  • HHS partially rescinds Trump-era 'conscience' rule for healthcare workers

    HHS issued a final rule Jan. 9 that partially rescinds a 2019 rule that bolstered rights of healthcare workers to refuse to provide services such as abortions, gender-affirming care and contraception based on moral or religious beliefs. 
  • Where automation can help improve patient care

    A featured panel discussion at the Becker's 11th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable revolved around the implementation of automation in healthcare to drive clinical efficiencies and help improve patient care.
  • Turnover makes its way to boards

    The end of the year brought an exodus of board members from several hospitals. While each situation involves varying factors, they all come at a time when governing bodies are increasingly feeling burnout and the strain involved in their responsibilities.
  • Ending the silence on healthcare violence

    I began my career at the University of Vermont Medical Center as an emergency department physician over 30 years ago, and I now serve as the President and Chief Operating Officer. Over my three decades here, I have seen the hospital, the practice of medicine, and the world in which we provide care continually evolve. I can say it has never been more challenging or more dangerous for caregivers to do their jobs than it is right now — and this is especially true for my emergency department colleagues. 
  • 2 Hennepin Healthcare board members resign after oversight tightened

    Hennepin (Minn.) Healthcare lost two board members last month after county commissioners placed more oversight on the health system's budget and management decisions, according to a Jan. 9 report from the StarTribune.
  • Walgreens CEO touts a 'leverageable asset': Trust

    Tim Wentworth, CEO of Walgreens, acknowledged the company's recent store closures in a Jan. 8 interview with CNBC. But he said the company has a "leverageable asset" that will set the foundation for its health services business, well beyond its brick-and-mortar storefronts: consumer trust. 
  • 'Cream rises to the top': How 5 hospital executives identify budding talent

    With CEO exits at an all-time high, succession planning is top-of-mind for many hospital C-suites. 
  • The perks of rural nursing, per 1 chief nursing officer

    Robin Tice, BSN, RN, started her nursing career as a licensed vocational nurse at Eastland (Texas) Memorial Hospital about 14 years ago. Today, she serves as chief nursing officer of the facility. 
  • HHS names 1st chief competition officer

    On Jan. 8, HHS appointed Stacy Sanders to serve as its inaugural chief competition officer. The newly created role is part of the Biden administration's larger efforts to lower healthcare and drug costs.
  • The patient feedback that's stuck with UNC Health's Jeff Lindsay

    Days after starting his new role as president and COO of Chapel Hill, N.C.-based UNC Health, Jeff Lindsay is already seeing the good around him. 
  • How Nicklaus Children's CEO collaborates with adult health systems

    Strategic discussions that hospitals and health systems have been having over the past few years — coupled with the easing of economic headwinds faced in 2022 — led to a 27% increase to 75 announced merger and acquisitions in 2023, according to a report published Jan. 2 by Cain Brothers, a division of KeyBanc Capital Markets.
  • What 2 health system CEOs are optimistic about in 2024

    Two health system CEOs recently shared with Becker's what they are most optimistic about in the new year, from adjusting to long-term changes to addressing maternal mortality: 
  • Healthcare awareness calendar: Key months, weeks and days in 2024

    Here are the days, weeks and months set aside to raise awareness or recognize healthcare conditions and workers.
  • The 'small things' will transform healthcare, says Swedish Health Services CEO

    Elizabeth Wako, MD, began her career in healthcare as a bedside nurse for behavioral health patients. What she learned during those days has shaped her leadership style as she became a physician, administrator and, in November, president and CEO of Swedish Health Services in Seattle, an affiliate of Providence.
  • Physician alignment + service expansion: How health systems are uncovering hidden opportunities through data and predictive analytics

    Many healthcare systems seek to offer new services and increase patient volume to support their contribution margins. Financial pressures are coming from multiple directions, including mergers and acquisitions, the continued closure of critical access hospitals, the shift to outpatient care, and more.

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