• Managing Increased Cost Pressures for Health Systems So You Can Achieve More

    .full-article-wrapper a { word-break: break-all; } When it comes to navigating a complex market, the stakes have never been higher for health systems. New payment models and a focus on patient-centered care show real promise to fundamentally change the way care is delivered. At the same time, the current cost pressures threaten the financial viability of hospitals and systems large and small. 
  • Healthcare's newest C-suite roles

    Unprecedented times call for unprecedented C-suite titles. 
  • Inside SSM Health's Wisconsin leadership realignment

    In today's healthcare environment, organizations are focused on making adjustments to ensure long-term success. This includes realigning leadership structures. 
  • Making Financial Benchmarks Actionable with DRG Performance Insights

    Benchmarking and distributed data sets have been available for years, yet many healthcare teams continue to struggle with adoption and usefulness of this data.
  • Healthcare uppermost in voter minds but not necessarily politicians'

    Voters may be restless over healthcare issues, but politicians, especially at the potential presidential level, aren't paying enough attention, Paul Keckley writes in his latest report.
  • So many challenges for healthcare execs, but some stand out more

    The opioid crisis, adoption of telehealth and better use of data are just some of the issues uppermost in healthcare executives' minds, as well as the ever-present labor crisis and bringing innovation into everyday practices.
  • Sustainability, DEI and health equity — How 3 health systems are advancing healthcare's social mission

    Hospitals and health systems sit at the intersection of many of today's most pressing social challenges. In the wake of a pandemic that exposed and preyed upon long-standing societal issues, patients, staff and boards are increasingly pushing for hospitals to become drivers of social change.
  • Health systems can be disruptors too, says Banner Health CEO

    Peter Fine has led Phoenix-based Banner Health, a nonprofit system including 33 hospitals and other services in six states, since 2000.
  • The case for growing healthcare in the middle of nowhere

    Rural healthcare can be a headache for leadership, one many systems won't entertain. But for Wausau, Wis.-based Aspirus, it's the whole model; it's the growth plan. 
  • In their own words: 91 healthcare executives discuss their mid-2023 priorities

    Becker's asked C-suite executives from hospitals and health systems across the U.S. to share their organization's areas of growth for the next few years. 
  • Where 17 CEOs are focused for the rest of 2023

    Becker's asked C-suite executives from hospitals and health systems across the U.S. to share their organization's areas of growth for the next few years. 
  • CEO exits at 21-year high

    Companies announced 1,104 CEO exits in the first seven months of 2023, with 100 occurring in hospitals.
  • Jefferson continues leadership revamp

    Philadelphia-based Thomas Jefferson University, which is integrated with Jefferson Health, has selected a new medical school dean, continuing a revamp of top management at the organization, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Aug. 23.
  • In rough waters, some CEOs are dropping anchor

    As health systems face financial challenges, some are turning focus to the top — finding places to cut, combine or redesign positions on their leadership teams. Others are sticking to the status quo. 
  • The most important tech investments hospitals are making and why

    Amid today's extremely challenging financial environment, hospitals are focused on adopting technology that can drive efficiency, provide return on investment and strengthen team cohesion and buy-in.
  • SSM Health Wisconsin realigns hospital leadership structure

    SSM Health, a 23-hospital health system based in St. Louis, is rolling out a newly aligned leadership structure in Wisconsin.
  • Michael Dowling: Burnout wins when we get vague

    Precise diagnoses and actionable treatment plans are essential when it comes to one's health. In healthcare, we often find ourselves at odds with both for one condition: burnout.
  • Attorney, nurse, COO: Meet UChicago Medicine's Krista Curell

    Krista Curell, RN, may be new to the role of chief operating officer, but she's no stranger to the University of Chicago Health System. She's been with the organization for more than two decades — most recently serving as its chief integration and transformation officer — and brings an abundance of experience to her new role. 
  • 5 questions boards should be asking about workplace violence: AHA

    Hospital and health system boards must play an active role in addressing rising violence against healthcare workers, the American Hospital Association said in an Aug. 21 boardroom brief.
  • Hawaii hospital fires 3 top managers in leadership restructure

    The Hawaii State Hospital, a publicly funded, state psychiatric hospital in Kaneohe, is firing three top-level managers as part of a leadership restructure amid patient overcrowding and workforce shortages, local media outlets reported over the weekend.

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