• Health systems revamp the COO role

    The COO has had a tough year.
  • Healthcare executives consider the assumption problem

    "One of the biggest mistakes" healthcare leaders can make is misreading the motivations of their employees, Sachin Jain, MD, wrote in an Oct. 31 LinkedIn post. 
  • Sobering, disturbing, but not surprising: Jefferson Health's president on industry financial woes

    Twelve percent of U.S. clinicians, care delivery leaders and healthcare executives do not believe their organization's financial health will ever recover to pre-pandemic levels. 
  • Driving surgeon engagement through AI technology

    By Ashley Walsh MHA, SVP Client Services, iQueue for Operating Rooms Physicians who are highly engaged in the financial and operational performance of their healthcare organization, as well as their own clinical spheres, have proven to be critical stakeholders in transformation initiatives. 
  • CEOs and marketing chiefs don't see eye to eye

    There's a disconnect between CEOs and chief marketing officers, and it could be costly, according to research McKinsey and Co. published Oct. 26. 
  • Where boomerang CEOs fall short

    Bosses can boomerang too — but that doesn't mean they should, Bloomberg reported Oct. 26. 
  • CEOs and the magic of mornings

    A love of mornings might as well be a qualification for CEOs. 
  • SmarterDx AI Solution Earns Rave Reviews for Revenue and Quality Impact

    A new report from KLAS Research highlights the ability of SmarterDx's clinical AI software to deliver rapid revenue cycle improvements for hospitals and health systems. The report, titled "SmarterDx 2023 –– Driving Revenue Cycle Outcomes through Proprietary Clinical AI," sheds light on the remarkable impact of SmarterDx's technology, with feedback from customers indicating a 100% satisfaction rate.
  • The new House speaker's healthcare record: 3 notes

    Mike Johnson was elected as the 56th speaker of the House Oct. 25 after the post remained unfilled for more than 20 days.
  • CEOs' Great Resignation

    "The Great Resignation" once described an exodus of workers as they leveraged their upper hands in the post-COVID talent market. Now, the tide is turning: workers are staying put as CEOs enter the churn. 
  • Fading maternity wards, winter on the way: Why this hospital CEO is planning ahead

    Deborah Browning, MSN, RN, is the new CEO of USA Health's Children's and Women's Hospital in Mobile, Ala. As birthing services dissolve and the busy pediatric season looms, her sights are set on growth, she told Becker's. 
  • 49% of CEOs say their role should be automated: Survey

    Nearly half of CEOs believe most or all of their role should be automated or replaced by AI, according to a recent report from edX. 
  • Questions hospital CEOs want answered — and why

    Hospital and health system CEOs have a lot of issues dominating their thoughts, including questions about navigating financial, operational and workforce challenges in the industry.
  • CEOs' deception is not fooling AI

    A new data-driven machine-learning model allows AI to discern when CEOs are lying or using deceptive language. 
  • Michael Dowling: Where are the role models?

    It's no secret that Americans are increasingly being exposed to rising levels of rudeness, hostility, a lack of civility and decency in our day-to-day lives. 
  • How one health system CEO wards off mediocrity

    After leading Houston Methodist through a pandemic, CEO Marc Boom, MD, is committed to fighting off another threat: complacency. 
  • Sutter leaders partner in dyad model

    Sacramento, Calif.-based Sutter Health has a new dyad leadership structure in which market presidents and chief medical officers will jointly be responsible for one of five consumer-based markets.
  • 'Streamlining' efforts reach the CEO

    Health systems are increasingly focused on their regional structures, reorganizing leadership to provide oversight most effectively. On Oct. 23, those changes hit the corner office. 
  • Massachusetts workers petition CEO over 'precarious' staffing levels

    Berkshire Visiting Nurse Association nurses and healthcare professionals, represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association, delivered a petition to Berkshire Health Systems CEO Darlene Rodowicz Oct. 23 as they continue negotiations for a new labor contract.
  • Making sense of an insensible healthcare talent landscape

    Healthcare is no stranger to turnover within its workforce, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a regular part of operating models. To better define the widening gap between leadership strategies and results, Huron interviewed 718 healthcare leaders and workers.

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