• 8 C-suite roles to watch

    In the past year, more than 40 health systems have taken a closer look at their leadership teams — adding, subtracting, redesigning and combining roles to position their C-suites for the future. 
  • 'Be a game-changer': Insights on leadership for Black History Month

    In honor of Black History Month in February, Becker's Hospital Review asked what it means to be a Black leader in healthcare.
  • Penn Health CEO: 'Health systems should not be an insurance company'

    Kevin Mahoney, CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, part of Philadelphia-based Penn Medicine, sat down with the Philadelphia Business Journal's John George on Feb. 5 during the publication's 2024 Economic Forecast event to discuss an array of topics. Among the topics was health systems and health insurers linking up or healthcare providers joining the insurance business.
  • A 30-year CFO's secrets to a long career

    Healthcare CFOs' tenures last an average of 4.7 years, according to a 2023 report from Crist Kolder Associates. Sid Sczygelski, meanwhile, has served as the CFO of Wausau, Wis.-based Aspirus more than six times that average.  
  • How 7 leaders are shifting their leadership strategies

    In 2024, leaders said they are focused on improving their adaptability and connection in order to build stronger teams.
  • Florida bill seeks to replace hospital district board

    If Florida's HB 739 is inked, much could change for the Titusville-based North Brevard County Hospital District.
  • Hospital C-suites get serious about health equity

    Health equity is transitioning from an idea into tangible change as health system C-suites are investing in projects and initiatives to move the needle for patients.
  • 5 things to know about HATCo CEO Dr. Marc Harrison

    Fitch Ratings recently called venture capital firm General Catalyst's proposed acquisition Akron, Ohio-based Summa Health adds an "unusual wrinkle" in a "make-or-break" year for nonprofit hospitals. 
  • Overcoming EHR Messaging Limitations: Why Your Emergency Department Needs a Real-time Communication Solution

    Healthcare is a team sport.
  • The most important qualities in a CEO

    There's no "right" way to be a health system CEO. Often, the role requires multitudes: the board might need a numbers whiz, executive teams might need a sense of direction, employees might need a good listener. But when it comes down to it, which traits are "nonnegotiable" for the person at the helm? 
  • How 8 healthcare executives would advise a current presidential campaign

    Executives from payers, health systems, FQHCs and more have weighed in on a simple question: "If you were advising a presidential campaign right now on healthcare, what would you put at the top of the agenda?"
  • How one exec tackles staffing issues ahead of hospital opening

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's upcoming Arthur M. Blank Hospital was first imagined in 2015. Now, Linda Matzigkeit, chief administrative officer, has been thinking outside the box about staffing strategies ahead of the new hospital's opening.
  • How to apply AI to population needs and cost savings — 4 takeaways

    In an interactive session at the Becker's 11th CEO + CFO Roundtable, Alex Kleinman, global leader of Genpact's healthcare business, discussed the application of analytics and AI in transforming population health and achieving cost savings and other clinical performance goals. Genpact, a professional services firm focused on delivering outcomes that transform business, serves various sectors, including healthcare.
  • Being CEO can take its toll

    The CEO role provides the opportunity to play a role in shaping organizational culture and comes with various advantages. However, the challenges and pressures associated with the position can also be hazardous to the individual's health, Callum Borchers argues in a Jan. 31 column in the The Wall Street Journal.
  • Meet the 24-year-old running a Colorado hospital

    At age 22, Aidan Hettler didn't expect to get the job.
  • The most 'overrated' CEOs, per CEOs

    A cross-industry survey of CEOs conducted by Fortune pinpoints the leaders who they feel receive too much or too little credit. 
  • The No. 1 problem still keeping hospital CEOs up at night

    Hospital CEOs ranked workforce challenges as their No. 1 concern in 2023. Financial challenges, which held the top spot for 16 consecutive years prior to 2021, were listed the second-most pressing concern in the American College of Healthcare Executives' annual survey. Behavioral health and addiction issues ranked third. 
  • Investing in Impact: Orphan Drug Strategies to Maximize Business Performance and Improve Patient Outcomes

    Despite obstacles, health systems are exploring the powerful potential of orphan drugs for their critical benefits.
  • Cleveland Clinic's chief of staff on the dynamic role

    Beri Ridgeway, MD, is familiar with the variability and intensity of the chief of staff role. 
  • Michigan's newest health system sends a message: 'We matter'

    Angie McConnachie, the CEO of Marlette, Mich.-based UnitedHealthcare Partners, is the daughter of a farmer. She married a farmer. Her husband comes from a family of farmers. And one thing about farmers, Ms. McConnachie told Becker's: They're not going to take a day off work. 

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