Donna Roach's 3 ideal traits for IT leaders to shape the future

Technology has always been a fast-paced field, and transformation in healthcare accelerated over the last three years.

Rising IT leaders have the ability to shape the future of healthcare and the most effective leaders will embody three essential attributes, according to Donna Roach, CIO of University of Utah Health in Salt Lake City.

1. Leaders need to be agile. "Beyond mastering methodologies or frameworks, agile leaders embrace change as an opportunity," Ms. Roach told Becker's. "They're the compass during turbulence, steering teams toward innovation and adaptability. They can pivot easily while extending grace and confidence to others."

2. Authentic leaders will gain trust. "An authentic leader wears the same face at work and in the community," she said. "They don't mask or hide vulnerabilities. Instead, they acknowledge strengths and weaknesses openly. Authenticity fosters trust, a cornerstone for collaboration and growth."

3. Humility will strengthen teams. "Humble leaders don't hoard the spotlight; they illuminate others," said Ms. Roach. "Like a gardener nurturing a diverse ecosystem, they empower team members to flourish. Their respect for each person's journey cultivates a fertile ground for collective development."

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