• Amazon's hubris, strategy debates snarled healthcare moves, insiders say

    Once designated as a threat to healthcare's legacy stakeholders, Amazon has lost time and edge in its healthcare foray due to overconfidence and internal debates over strategy, a number of insiders told Bloomberg. 
  • What OpenAI's fight says about boards

    When OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was forced out at the company he helped found, it brought scrutiny to a part of business — in healthcare and across industries — that often evades attention: the board.
  • Amazon's pay for 17 healthcare jobs

    Amazon, which released its newest healthcare service in early November, continues to hire for its push into the industry.
  • Amazon debuts free AI classes

    Amazon has launched a program called "AI Ready" to train at least 2 million people by 2025 on artificial intelligence skills, according to a Nov. 20 report from The Wall Street Journal.
  • GE HealthCare consolidates Wisconsin operations

    GE HealthCare is moving its Wauwatosa, Wis., and Milwaukee locations to Waukesha, Wis., Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Nov. 17.
  • Hospital leaders primed for competition with Amazon

    Health system executives told Becker's they weren't surprised by Amazon's latest healthcare inroad, One Medical for Prime, but said their own virtual care potential extends beyond what the tech giant offers.
  • Optum's recent layoffs, closures

    From laying off nurses at a chain of its urgent care clinics to closing down clinics in Florida and Minnesota, some aspects of Optum are shrinking even with total revenue in the third quarter up 22% year over year.  
  • 5 hospitals partnering with Best Buy

    Retail giant Best Buy has created a sizable healthcare presence through its remote patient monitoring partnerships with hospitals and other digital health services. The company has partnered with large health systems in Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York.
  • Why CVS was 'sold immediately' on Oak Street Health

    CVS Health CEO Karen Lynch said she was "sold immediately" on Oak Street Health, as the primary care provider's use of technology, data and its value-based care model impressed her, Crain's Chicago Business reported Nov. 7.
  • Walmart: Friend or foe to hospitals?

    When Walmart founder Sam Walton declared the retailer's healthcare ambitions in 1991, he had harsh words for hospitals.
  • The US healthcare experience is 'frustrating,' Amazon CEO says

    Amazon President and CEO Andy Jassy said the U.S. healthcare experience should be easy, but it isn't, which is what inspired the company to offer more affordable and convenient options for consumers. 
  • Amazon launches One Medical for Prime

    Amazon Prime members can now get healthcare for an extra $9 a month.
  • Walmart expands healthcare reach

    In recent weeks, retail giant Walmart has expanded its in-house healthcare options for its massive workforce and made moves to create a lasting brick-and-mortar healthcare presence.
  • 3 Microsoft healthcare job openings

    Microsoft recently posted three job openings related to its health business. Below are the open positions as of Nov. 3:
  • 5 hospital, retail disruptor partnerships

    Hospitals are partnering with retail and tech disruptors such as Walmart, Walgreens, Instacart, CVS Health and One Medical to expand access to care at retail locations.
  • Why Apple never got into health clinics

    Tech giant Apple had aspirations to get into health clinics, Bloomberg reported Nov. 1. 
  • Apple's plan to reshape the healthcare industry

    Apple's attempt to integrate health monitoring and disease prevention into its top-selling products is how the tech giant aims to strategically position itself in the healthcare industry, Bloomberg reported Nov. 1.
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance names new CIO

    Walgreens Boots Alliance has named Neal Sample as its new CIO and executive vice president. 
  • GE HealthCare reports increased revenues

    GE HealthCare reported revenues of $4.8 billion, 5% year-over-year growth, for the third quarter ending Sept. 30.
  • Retailers are flocking to the virtual care market

    Disruptors are turning to virtual care offerings to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to consumers. 

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