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How Some of America's Largest Companies Are Poised to Shake Up Healthcare
Of the top 50 companies on the Fortune 500, 14 are traditional healthcare organizations that have found continued success in a rapidly changing industry. Click to continue »

What Hospital Leaders Need to Know for Successful Direct Contracting With Employers
Cleveland Clinic has entered into a number of direct contracting agreements with employers through its Program for Advanced Medical Care. Click to continue »

Health IT and Liability: How to Protect Your Hospital When Software Fails
Disputes between healthcare organizations and IT vendors are becoming more common with increased use of technology, such as electronic health records. Click to continue »

Publisher’s Letter

50 Largest Nonprofit Hospitals in America 
Here are the 50 largest nonprofit hospitals in America, listed by number of beds. Click to continue »

50 Largest For-Profit Hospitals in America
Here are the 50 largest for-profit hospitals in America, listed by number of beds. Click to continue »

50 Top-Grossing For-Profit Hospitals 
Here are the 50 top-grossing for-profit hospitals in the United States based on gross revenue, according to CMS cost report data analyzed by American Hospital Directory. Click to continue »

50 Top-Grossing Nonprofit Hospitals
Here are the 50 top-grossing nonprofit hospitals in the United States based on gross revenue, according to CMS cost report data analyzed by American Hospital Directory. Click to continue »

15 Largest Nonprofit Health Systems
Here are 15 of the largest nonprofit hospital systems in the U.S., based on number of short-term, acute-care hospitals, as of June 2014. Click to continue »

13 Largest For-Profit Hospital Operators
Here are the 13 largest for-profit hospital operators based on number of short-term, acute-care hospitals as of June 2014. Click to continue »

Executive Roundtable: A High-Level Look at Hospital Affiliations
Hospital mergers, acquisitions and affiliations are popping up across the country as the nation's healthcare leaders react to their industry's changing landscape. Click to continue »

CIO Roundtable Healthcare CIOs: Past, Present and Future
With the number of healthcare mergers and acquisitions continuing to grow, it's hard to keep up with the various affiliations and partnerships between providers. Click to continue »

10 Things to Know About Rising Hospital Charges
Last week, CMS provided its first annual update to the Medicare hospital charge data the agency originally released last year. Here are 10 things to know about the data and what it revealed about the growth of hospital charges. Click to continue »

10 of the Biggest Rivalries in Healthcare
Marketshare. Physician recruitment. Clout with payers. Click to continue »

What Narrow Networks Mean for Providers and Patients: 6 Things to Know
Looking to appeal to consumers with lower premium prices, some health insurers selling policies through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act health insurance exchanges have turned to narrow provider networks.Click to continue »

New Reimbursement Models to Eclipse Fee-for-Service by 2020
Payers and hospitals both expect fee-for-service to dramatically decrease over the next five years, according to a new study commissioned by McKesson and conducted by ORC International. Click to continue »

Financial Need is No Longer Leading Driver in Healthcare Acquisitions
A new study released at the Healthcare Financial Management Association's 2014 National Institute in Las Vegas has found acquisitions and affiliations in the healthcare industry are being driven more by strategy than by financial need. Click to continue »

Bundled Payment Program Progress: 6 Insights
As healthcare providers and payers face seek to move from fee-for-service to value-based payment, a considerable number of them are implementing bundled payment plans. Click to continue »

10 Top-Performing Healthcare Payers
The 2014 PayerView Report from cloud-based software services provider athenahealth leverages the company’s data to provide insight into provider-payer relationships, ranking healthcare insurers based on metrics such as days in accounts receivable, first-pass resolution of claims, denial rate and provider collection burden. Click to continue »

ACOs by the Numbers: 8 Recent Statistics and Findings
The following statistics or study findings about ACOs help paint a picture of the model today, in terms of prevalence but also in function. Click to continue »

5 Key Provisions in a Successful Physician Employment Contract
The increasing employment of physicians by hospitals and health systems has heightened the importance of understanding physician employment contracts for providers. Below are a few areas of importance in every physician employment agreement. Click to continue »

Dr. Farzad Mostashari Launches Startup to Help Independent Physicians Form ACOs
Farzad Mostashari, MD, the former National Coordinator for Health IT, has launched a new company designed to help independent primary care physicians form and join accountable care organizations. Click to continue »

Boeing to Contract With Providence-Swedish, UW ACOs for Employees
Boeing selected two Seattle-based accountable care organizations — one affiliated with Providence Health & Services and Swedish Health Services, the other with UW Medicine —for its new Preferred Partnership option for employees. Click to continue »

Building the Patient-Centered Hospital Home
Hospitals across the country are looking for innovative ways to improve the delivery of healthcare to lower costs, increase patient satisfaction and enhance patient outcomes. Click to continue »

How is Medicaid Expansion Affecting Healthcare Providers So Far?
As a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more than 8 million people have signed up for health plans through the new exchanges. Click to continue »

5 Things to Know About the Merger of Health Systems and Insurance Providers
Traditionally, healthcare delivery and health insurance existed as two separate types of business, but there is a new trend in the healthcare industry of hospitals and health systems buying insurance companies. Click to continue »

Dignity Health’s Google Glass Success
"Historically, a lot of the technology we've asked physicians to adopt seems to have created inefficiencies along with the benefits," says Davin Lundquist, MD, CMIO of Dignity Health in San Francisco. Click to continue »

10 States With Highest, Lowest EHR Adoption
More and more hospitals and health systems are slowly going live on electronic health records, though implementation is uneven across the country. Click to continue »

Apple Partners With Epic, Mayo on New Health App Platform
In June, Apple introduced HealthKit, a mobile platform that combines data from other health-tracking apps and displays composite information in a dashboard format through a new app, simply called Health. Click to continue »

4 EHR Issues That Can Compromise Patient Safety
A recent RAND report discussing various innovations within the healthcare industry points out that while electronic health records have been shown to improve patient care, they are also a new source of medical errors. Click to continue »

10 Key Findings from HHS' Latest Data Breach Report
HHS has released its latest data breach report to Congress, summarizing breaches of unsecured protected health information for 2011 and 2012. Click to continue »

15 Things to Know About Google Glass in Healthcare
Google Glass is a voice-controlled, wearable computer implanted in eyeglasses that projects images into the user's field of vision. Click to continue »

Optimizing Your Information Management Strategy During Mergers & Acquisitions
With the number of healthcare mergers and acquisitions continuing to grow, it's hard to keep up with the various affiliations and partnerships between providers. Click to continue »

The Great Pay Debate: Should Nonprofit Hospital Board Members Receive Compensation?
What's the difference between a nonprofit hospital board member and a nonprofit hospital board member who gets paid? Click to continue »

Reinventing Healthcare: 5 Strategies for Successfully Leading Change
The playbook for hospital and healthcare leadership has fundamentally changed. Integrated hospital systems, academic medical centers, freestanding hospitals — no provider is immune from the need to transform its delivery model to align with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and broader industry reforms. Click to continue »

CEO Compensation in Healthcare: 10 Key Thoughts
How much leaders of hospitals and health systems are paid is a nuanced topic. Click to continue »

The 5 Pivotal Decisions in a Leader's Career
In her new book "Pivot Points," Julia Tang Peters examines the five pivotal decisions every successful leader must make. Click to continue »

Chuck Lauer: Don’t Take a Jet to the Grocery Store
Ever since I have been in business, one of the best but least-heeded aphorisms has been, "Keep it simple." Click to continue »

The $9B Company About to Revolutionize Healthcare, And You've Probably Never Heard of It
Fortune recently profiled 30 year-old Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos — a company you probably haven't heard of yet, but should. Click to continue »

The Corner Office: Dr. Stephen Mansfield of Methodist Health System on the Swagger and Generosity of Dallas
Stephen Mansfield, PhD, has led Dallas-based Methodist Health System as president and CEO since 2006. Click to continue »

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