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  100 Great Hospitals in America 
Becker's Hospital Review is pleased to announce its 2015 list of "100 Great Hospitals in America." Click here to Continue >>
30 Words That Changed Healthcare Forever — Or At Least For This Year
Day after day and week after week, many of the same tired phrases are used when discussing healthcare. Click here to Continue >>
  Hospital-Insurer Disputes: Are Things About To Get Ugly?
Several high-profile disputes between health systems and insurers made headlines in recent months, with some of those disagreements leading to contracts expiring without a new one in place. Click here to Continue >>


Publisher’s Letter

CXO Roundtable 

Bringing it Back to the Patient
Five hospital and health system chief experience officers share some of their most influential patient encounters, what patients have taught them, how their own experiences as customers guide their efforts to improve the patient care experience and the biggest challenges they face. Click here to Continue >>

Leadership & Strategy  

First 100 Days in Office: The CEO’s Guidebook
Franklin D. Roosevelt faced the calamity of the Great Depression when he took office in 1933. Click here to Continue >>

The Advice Nobody Gave Me Before I Became a CEO: 3 Chiefs Weigh In
Becker's Hospital Review asked three leaders from around the country to share the advice nobody told them before their first day as hospital and health system CEOs. Click here to Continue >>

9 of the Most Interesting, Intelligent Entrepreneurs in Healthcare Today
In an era where words like "innovation" and "disruption" are used to the point of exhaustion, some healthcare leaders stand out as true examples of entrepreneurial intelligence. Click here to Continue >>

American Perceptions on What Shapes Health
Nearly one-third (31 percent) of Americans report being very concerned about their health and the broad range of issues that impact health, according to a report from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston. Click here to Continue >>

5 Healthcare Trends Inspired by Millennials
As purchasing power shifts from the baby boomers to millennials, they will have a growing impact on healthcare technology trends, according to a recent consumer survey from PNC Healthcare. Click here to Continue >>

Financial Management 

Checking In: Financial Updates From 5 Health Systems

3 CFOs’ Best Practices for Running a Finance Team
Hospital and health system CFOs are increasingly taking on more responsibility at their organizations as many of them are transitioning to become a strategic partner who works side-by-side with the CEO. Click here to Continue >>

Hospital-Insurer Disputes: Are Things About to Get Ugly?
Several high-profile disputes between health systems and insurers made headlines in recent months, with some of those disagreements leading to contracts expiring without a new one in place. Click here to Continue >>

Should More Health Systems Adopt Zero-Based Budgeting?
Pete Pyhrr's concept of zero-based budgeting was adopted by his company, Texas Instruments, at the time of its inception in the early 1970s, and soon after by Jimmy Carter while he was governor of Georgia and then president. Click here to Continue >>

Executive Briefing: Population Health Management 

Why Provider-Driven Care is Best Equipped for Population Health Management
Effective population health management is a critical aspect of hospitals' and health systems' efforts in transitioning from volume- to value-based models of care in which reimbursement becomes more and more closely related to outcomes, readmissions and other quality indicators. Click here to Continue >>

Revenue Cycle 

The Business Side of Caring
Heard about "patient payment clarity" yet? If not, you'll hear more soon. Click here to Continue >>

5 Thoughts on Revenue Cycle Management
Revenue cycle is the financial pulse of any business, and how those processes are managed determines that business's financial health. Healthcare is no exception, but the dramatic changes in the industry are altering how its leaders will approach the revenue cycle. Click here to Continue >>

What Does the Perfect Hospital Bill Look Like?
While recovering from an illness, most hospital patients will gladly go through a test or procedure if they believe it will help them feel better.  Click here to Continue >>

Executive Briefing: Practicing Orthopedics in a Bundled World

Surviving the ‘New Normal’ for Orthopedic Practice in 2015
From the vantage of an orthopedic surgeon, healthcare in the U.S. has seemingly been experiencing some volatile shifts over the past five to 10 years as it relates to three large areas: practice overhead (Meaningful Use, medical liability costs, Stark Law, etc.), physician reimbursement trends (30 percent drop from 1992 to 2010, or 68 percent when factoring the inflation differential), and most importantly the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Click here to Continue >>

CMO Roundtable

The High-Quality Care Conundrum
Hospitals, health systems and healthcare providers have always been evaluated on the quality of care they provide. Click here to Continue >>

Executive Briefing: The Value of Specailist Hospitalist Support

The Growth of Specialized Hospitalist Programs — A Valuator’s Perspective

Physician Affairs

The Next Generation ACO: Why CMS is Offering Higher Risks, Higher Rewards
On March 10, 2015, CMS Innovation Center unveiled the latest in accountable care organizations, this time testing to see if a high-risk, high-reward model can successfully improve health outcomes and reduce costs for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries. Click here to Continue >>

Kaiser Permanente’s Secret Sauce
The 4 Traits of Successful Integrated Managed Care Models. Click here to Continue >>

How Long is the Average Wait at a Physician’s Office?
When Americans goes to their physicians' office, they spend an average of 19 minutes and 16 seconds waiting to see their clinician, according to Vitals' annual "Physician Wait Time Report." Click here to Continue >>

14 New Accountable Care, Shared-Savings Agreements
The following list includes recently announced, new or expanded accountable care organizations and collaborative care agreements, beginning with the most recent. Click here to Continue >>


Taking Pay Cuts: Why Some Executives Leave Money on the Table
When times get tough, some hospital executives end up taking a pay cut, whether they want to or not. Click here to Continue >>

Male RNs Continue to Outearn Female RNs
Male registered nurses earn, on average, more than $5,000 more than their female counterparts, according to a study published in JAMA. Click here to Continue >>

Where Do Physicians Earn Most?
Physician compensation trends are unusual compared to other industries, according to data from physician social networking site Doximity. Click here to Continue >>

15 Statistics on Health IT Salaries
Salary is the second most important factor to health IT workers considering a full-time position, according to a survey from Greythorn. Click here to Continue >>

Executive Roundtable: Tweener Hospitals

How Tweener Hospitals Can Achieve Financial Stability
Tweener hospitals, defined by the American Hospital Association as those too large to be considered critical access hospitals and too small to be rural referral hospitals or thrive under the Medicare hospital prospective payment systems, are typically found in smaller communities. Click here to Continue >>

Payer Issues

Dignity Health Sets Sights on Insurance Business
San Francisco-based Dignity Health has filed an application with the California Department of Managed Health Care for a limited HMO license, according to a Sacramento Business Journal report. Click here to Continue >>

M&A in Health Insurance Sector Projected to Increase
Merger and acquisition activity is expected to grow in the near term, according to Atlantic Information Service's Health Plan Week. Click here to Continue >>

18 Insurers With Most Satisfied Members in Their Region
Overall health plan member satisfaction is up in 2015, according to the annual J.D. Power Member Health Plan Study. Click here to Continue >>

Blue Shield of California Stripped of State Tax-Exempt Status
The California Franchise Tax Board has revoked Blue Shield of California's state tax-exempt status, something the state's third-largest health insurer had enjoyed since it was founded in 1939, according to a Los Angeles Times report. Click here to Continue >>

UnitedHealth Profits Rising, Optum Revenues Up: 5 Key Points
United Health Group, the largest health insurer in the U.S., released promising numbers for the first quarter of fiscal 2015. Click here to Continue >>

Executive Briefing: Hospital Investment Management

How Some Health Systems are Keeping Their Investments ‘Under Good Watch’

Health IT

From Bytes to Budgets: Why Hospital IT Teams are Getting Bigger and Broader
As rules and regulations in the healthcare industry expand, so does the hospital C-suite. Click here to Continue >>

Big Hearts of Steel: Can Robots Reduce Work Burden in Hospitals?
UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, part of the University of California, San Francisco, is filled every day by 4,000 employees, staff, students and patients and 25 robots. Click here to Continue >>

A Guidebook to MU Stage 3’s 8 Objectives
CMS released its proposed meaningful use stage 3 requirements on March 20. Click here to Continue >>

The Proposed Rule for MU Stage 3: 9 Things to Know
On March 20, CMS released its proposed rule for meaningful use stage 3, which is open for public comment through May 29. Click here to Continue >>

Boston Children’s Experiences 6-Day System Outage
Last Friday, Boston Children's Hospital's system experienced an outage that affected portions of the electronic system for patient care. Click here to Continue >>

Responding to IT Failures: A Lesson from Antelope Valley Hospital
Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, Calif., suffered a data system disconnection at the end of February due to a hardware failure, but responding to the failure was less chaotic than one might expect. Click here to Continue >>

Becker's Hospital Review CEO Roundtable + CFO/CIO Roundtable Brochure

Take a sneak peek at our sessions & speakers! Click here to Continue >>

Executive Briefing: Healthcare Strategy & Design

Homeland Security, Ticketless Travel and the Patient Experience
Over the last 30 years, the airline industry has increased passenger volumes by 300 percent while decreasing the average inflation-adjusted ticket cost by 40 percent. Click here to Continue >>

Executive Briefing: Alleviating Physician Burnout

Physician Burnout Extinguishes Physician Engagement
The healthcare industry is seeing unprecedented levels of physician burnout. Click here to Continue >>

Watch Out for These 7 Signs of Physician Burnout
Burnout is a widespread issue among today's practicing physicians. One survey found 65 percent of clinicians have thought about changing careers because it is no longer rewarding for them. Click here to Continue >>

Kenneth Kaufman: Healthcare Without Gatekeepers
Consumers have long experimented with ways to access healthcare without going through physicians, from home remedies to alternative medicine. Today, however, powerful new forces are motivating and enabling access to healthcare along a path that does not include a physician gatekeeper. Click here to Continue >>

Chuck Lauer: 7 Things CEOs Should Ponder Before Moving On
Too often, top healthcare leaders decide that enough is enough and they want to move on, either to new challenges or retirement. Click here to Continue >>

The Corner Office: Hospital for Special Surgery CEO Louis Shapiro on the Strength of Independence
I would like to see a massive reduction in the number of cumbersome and unneeded regulations, and then I would like to see Americans taking massive responsibility for their health. No smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthy and eradicating obesity. Click here to Continue >>

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