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Number of COVID-19 hospitalizations, state by state

States ranked by COVID-19 test positivity rates

States where COVID-19 is spreading fastest, slowest

States ranked by confirmed COVID-19 cases

October 23: US sees 75K+ new cases in 1 day; FDA approves 1st COVID-19 treatment — 5 updates

October 22: 16 states see record COVID-19 hospitalizations; CDC expands definition of 'close contact' — 6 updates

October 21: Cases rise in nearly every US region; death rate falling for hospitalized COVID-19 patients — 6 updates

October 20: GAO to probe political interference at health agencies; FDA panel to review COVID-19 vaccines — 5 updates

October 19: Hospitalizations rise in 39 states; Pelosi sets Oct. 20 deadline for relief bill — 6 COVID-19 updates

October 17: US reports most new COVID-19 cases since July — 4 national updates

October 16: Cases up in 41 states; remdesivir has little effect on survival, WHO study finds — 4 COVID-19 updates

October 15: Sen. Harris halts travel after 2 staffers test positive; 'regional COVID storm' hits rural US — 8 updates

October 14: 20 states record COVID-19 highs; Redfield warns of emerging threat — 4 updates

October 13: COVID-19 hospitalizations hit 6-week high; J&J pauses vaccine trial over 'unexplained illness' — 9 updates

October 9: World sees 1M cases in 3 days; Trump no longer poses transmission risk, physician says — 4 COVID-19 updates

October 8: COVID-19 cases rise in 25 states; Trump may resume public events Oct. 10 — 8 updates

October 8: 34 COVID-19 cases tied to White House; Wisconsin to open field hospital amid surge — 5 COVID-19 updates

October 7: 7 states see record hospitalizations; CMS gives hospitals 14 weeks to report COVID-19, flu data — 9 updates

October 6: Top officials push back on FDA vaccine standards; Trump isolates at White House — 7 COVID-19 updates

October 5: What we know about President Trump's treatment, hospitalization + 5 more COVID-19 updates

October 2: Trump tests positive; Wisconsin sees record death increase — 5 COVID-19 updates

October 1: Cases rise in 25 states; kids make up 10% of all cases — 7 COVID-19 updates

September 30: COVID-19 cases up 55% among college-aged adults; NYC to fine people who refuse to wear masks — 6 updates

September 29: Global death toll hits 1M; House unveils $2.2 trillion relief bill — 4 COVID-19 updates

September 28: Test positivity rate exceeds 20% in 2 states; kids may have different immune response to COVID-19 than adults — 5 updates

September 25: Young adults make up 1 in 5 US cases; male healthcare workers more likely to die from COVID-19 — 5 updates

September 24: Trump administration set to aggressively enforce data reporting requirements; COVID-19 transmission debate divides health systems — 5 updates

September 23: FDA to tighten vaccine approval requirements; face shields alone don't reduce virus spread, study suggests — 8 COVID-19 updates

September 22: NIH staffer to depart after anonymous posts criticizing agency; vaccine for kids may not be ready by fall 2021 — 5 COVID-19 updates

September 21: CDC removes new guidance on COVID-19 transmission from website: 3 updates

September 18: HHS changed testing guidelines despite CDC experts' objections; health workers account for 14% of global cases

September 17: Warp Speed officials to distribute vaccine within 24 hours of approval; CDC director touts benefits of universal masking — 5 COVID-19 updates

September 16: Virus has killed at least 121 children, teens; 'pre-COVID' life won't return before 2022, WHO expert says — 6 updates

September 15: World sees record case increase; judge overturns Pennsylvania's virus restrictions — 6 COVID-19 updates

September 14: Midwest cases skyrocket; HHS aides tried to 'water down' CDC reports, emails show — 9 COVID-19 updates

September 11: COVID-19 may have been in LA as early as December; virus deaths tied to air pollution — 4 updates

September 10: Trump admits to downplaying COVID-19; nearly half of Americans have misconception about virus — 6 updates

September 9: HHS will permit pharmacists to give COVID-19 vaccines, surgeon general says: 4 pandemic updates

September 8: US sees fewest daily cases in nearly 3 months; LabCorp test can detect flu, COVID-19 + RSV — 7 updates

September 4: 'Very low chance' vaccine will be ready in October, Warp Speed leader says; virus causes 'carnage' in lab-grown heart cells — 4 COVID-19 updates

September 3: Prepare for vaccine distribution as soon as late October, CDC says; US redirects WHO funds to vaccine efforts — 4 COVID-19 updates

September 2: US cancels contract for more ventilators; plasma shouldn't be standard of care for COVID-19, NIH says — 5 updates

September 1: Pandemic will be controlled in 6 months, most Americans predict; CDC shares data on healthcare worker infections — 5 COVID-19 updates

August 31: Pediatric deaths, hospitalizations rising faster than adults; FDA may consider emergency vaccine approval — 6 COVID-19 updates

August 28: 3,000 health departments push back on revised testing guidance; Hurricane Laura may boost infection rates, experts say — 5 COVID-19 updates

August 27: Testing czar defends guideline changes; DOJ may probe nursing home deaths in 4 states — 6 COVID-19 updates

August 26: CDC waives testing recommendation for people without symptoms: 5 COVID-19 updates

August 25: Flu may worsen testing delays, experts warn; US sees 'rolling hotspots' — 4 COVID-19 updates

August 24: Plasma wins emergency approval; 1st case of COVID-19 reinfection confirmed — 5 updates

August 21: Children may be more infectious than adults; deaths should fall next week, CDC director says — 6 COVID-19 updates

August 20: Cases fall nationwide for 4th week; Chinese government uninformed of COVID-19's true dangers for weeks, US finds — 5 updates

August 19: Pandemic won't be contained until June, half of physicians say; FDA withholds emergency approval for plasma — 5 COVID-19 updates

August 18: COVID-19 is 3rd leading cause of death; HHS reporting process is temporary, Birx says — 5 updates

August 17: Testing rates fall for 1st time; new research points to lasting immunity — 7 COVID-19 updates

August 14: Vaccine won't have copay, HHS says; Congress to investigate Operation Warp Speed — 7 COVID-19 updates

August 13: US sees deadliest day of summer; major labs cut testing turnaround times — 6 COVID-19 updates

August 12: HHS data lags by week or more, experts say; preventive nasal spray in the works — 5 COVID-19 updates

August 11: US may block citizens with COVID-19 from reentry; Russia approves vaccine — 6 updates

August 10: Pediatric cases up 40% since mid-July; researchers find racial bias in formula for hospital aid — 4 COVID-19 updates

August 7: LA may cut power on large gatherings; Fauci cautiously supports in-person classes — 7 COVID-19 updates

August 6: These 9 cities are seeing case increases, Birx warns; experts call for testing overhaul — 7 COVID-19 updates

August 5: 6 states form testing pact; 34 AGs urge US to boost remdesivir supply — 5 COVID-19 updates

August 4: White House walks back comments that virus is 'extraordinarily widespread': 3 COVID-19 updates

August 3: COVID-19 'extraordinarily widespread' in new phase of pandemic, Birx says: 6 updates

July 31: Providers to be paid for promoting self-isolation after COVID-19 test; HHS data system plagued by delays, analysts say — 7 updates

July 30: White House creates new hot spot strategy; young adults may be fueling uptick in COVID-19 patients over 65 — 6 updates

July 29: 4 states at risk of new surges; 21 need stricter measures to contain virus, White House says — 5 COVID-19 updates

July 28: Cases flattening in hot spots; masks may lessen severity of symptoms — 6 COVID-19 updates

July 27: New cases stabilize; more young people dying in South — 5 COVID-19 updates

July 24: HHS renews public health emergency; 5 states see record daily increases — 4 COVID-19 updates

July 23: COVID-19 in the US: New mask mandates, 7 state records, 11 cities urged to take 'aggressive' steps to manage virus spread

July 22: Pandemic will likely 'get worse before it gets better,' Trump says; US inks deal for 100M vaccine doses — 4 COVID-19 updates

July 21: US records smallest daily case increase in 1 week; 7 states see record hospitalizations — 5 COVID-19 updates

July 20: White House tries to block testing, tracing funding in relief bill; 57,000+ Americans hospitalized with COVID-19 — 7 updates

July 17: 3 states see record death counts; Georgia governor sues to stop mask mandate — 5 COVID-19 updates

July 16: Russian hackers target vaccine research; Georgia governor reverses local mask mandates — 8 COVID-19 updates

July 15: 7-day case average hits record high; clinicians asked to prioritize COVID-19 tests for sickest patients — 6 updates

July 14: 3 states account for 18% of world's cases; more COVID-19 therapies may be available in fall — 6 updates

July 13: NYC reports zero COVID-19 deaths; Florida sees 15K cases in 1 day — 6 updates

July 10: COVID-19 death rate resumes climb; current surge worse than spring — 9 updates

July 9: 28 states where COVID-19 is spreading fastest, slowest: July 9

July 9: US cases jump 72% in 2 weeks; PPE shortages reemerge — 5 COVID-19 updates

July 8: WHO acknowledges evidence of airborne spread; US sunbelt is new global epicenter — 9 COVID-19 updates

July 7: US nears 3M cases, still 'knee-deep' in 1st wave, Fauci says: 4 COVID-19 updates

July 6: More than 5,000 hospital-acquired COVID-19 cases reported since mid-May, CDC says

July 6: 5 states see record hospitalizations; scientists question WHO's stance on indoor transmission — 6 COVID-19 updates

July 2: Young adults in Alabama throwing COVID-19 parties with payout for first person infected

July 2: US sees 5th record increase in 8 days; 19 states pause, roll back reopenings — 6 COVID-19 updates

July 2: 26 states where COVID-19 is spreading fastest, slowest: July 2

July 2: Where new COVID-19 cases are rising, falling, staying the same — July 2

July 1: US could see 100K COVID-19 cases daily, Fauci warns; HHS likely to extend emergency declaration — 7 updates

June 30: COVID-19 activity by region - June 30

June 30: 'Worst is yet to come,' WHO chief says; Hospitalizations up in 7 states — 6 COVID-19 updates

June 30: 25 states where COVID-19 is spreading fastest, slowest: June 30

June 30: California hits single-day high for new cases; 60% of Houston Methodist COVID-19 patients under 50: 10 headlines from states experiencing COVID-19 surges

June 29: Where new COVID-19 cases are rising, falling and staying the same — June 29

June 29: Contact-tracing 'not going well,' Fauci says; remdesivir gets price tag — 4 COVID-19 updates

June 26: Daily US cases hit new high; White House reconvenes task force — 6 COVID-19 updates

June 25: 'People have completely let their guard down,' Houston Methodist CEO says; US cases hit all-time high — 5 COVID-19 notes

June 24: White House to end funding of 13 testing sites; 7 states see record hospitalizations — 5 COVID-19 updates

June 23: COVID-19 backlash is pushing health officials to resign; 26 states see jump in cases — 6 updates

June 22: White House preps for 2nd wave; AHA calls for emergency declaration extension — 4 COVID-19 updates

June 22: 11 states with fastest, slowest spread of COVID-19

June 22: 5 regions where COVID-19 cases are rising

June 19: Adults in 20s, 30s driving COVID-19 surges in some states: 5 updates

June 18: COVID-19 surge strains Alabama hospitals; employers can't require antibody testing, EEOC says — 7 updates

June 17: Future COVID-19 vaccine to be free for some, White House says; 9 states see record increases — 6 updates

June 16: Common steroid cuts COVID-19 deaths 35%; virus 12 times more deadly with underlying conditions — 6 updates

June 16: COVID-19 activity by region: Cases rise in South, West

June 15: Cuomo threatens to lock down NYC again; race may be key indicator of COVID-19 mortality — 5 updates

June 12: Houston may revive lockdown after record jump in cases & 6 other COVID-19 updates

June 11: FEMA plans call for PPE reuse through summer; J&J moves up COVID-19 vaccine trial — 5 updates

June 10: COVID-19 is 'worst nightmare,' Fauci says; cases rise in 19 states — 6 updates

June 9: Global peak could be months away; 24 states not reporting probable cases — 4 COVID-19 updates

June 8: Cases jump in 23 states; 30K more deaths may occur in June, CDC estimates — 8 COVID-19 updates

June 5: 2 major COVID-19 studies retracted; HHS to track race, ethnicity data — 4 updates

June 4: Top 5 vaccine candidates selected; global cases rise at quickest pace yet — 6 COVID-19 updates

June 3: 100M vaccine doses may be ready by 2021; CMS boosts infection control fines for nursing homes — 5 COVID-19 updates

June 2: Testing sites close amid unrest; 1 in 4 virus deaths tied to nursing homes — 5 COVID-19 updates

June 1: Minnesota hospitals on 'verge of being overrun' amid protests, pandemic — 4 COVID-14 updates

May 29: Remdesivir sent to hospitals without eligible patients + 4 more COVID-19 updates

May 28: 2nd wave 'is not inevitable,' Fauci says; CDC clarifies message on virus transmission — 5 COVID-19 updates

May 27: 48% of Americans delayed care amid pandemic; antibody tests may be wrong half the time — 5 updates

May 26: FDA veteran reassigned to vaccine efforts + 4 more COVID-19 updates

May 22: US won't shut down amid possible 2nd wave, Trump says; 35% of COVID-19 patients asymptomatic — 5 updates

May 13: 27 million people likely lost health coverage; $100B for hospitals, medical providers in new relief proposal — 6 COVID-19 updates

May 6: White House walks back task force phase-out: 5 COVID-19 updates

May 5: Model predicts 200K new cases daily by June; toxic shock-like symptoms may be tied to COVID-19 — 5 updates

May 4: Pandemic may last 2 years; remdesivir approved for emergency use — 8 COVID-19 updates

May 1: CMS loosens more regulations; CDC drafts reopening guidelines + 3 other COVID-19 updates

April 30: National social distancing measures expire today; nursing home cases soar — 5 COVID-19 updates

April 29: NIH study backs remdesivir's benefits; COVID-19 tests will be widely available for patients by June — 7 national updates

April 28: White House unveils COVID-19 testing plan + 5 more updates

April 27: CDC adds 6 symptoms; young COVID-19 patients dying from strokes — 8 updates

April 24: Georgia's reopening, remdesivir's efficacy & COVID-19 care costs: 5 national updates

April 23: More Americans believe 'the worst is behind us' — 4 COVID-19 updates

April 22: 2nd COVID-19 wave may be worse; Senate passes $484B aid package — 7 updates

April 21: $450B relief package held up over testing; White House may suspend immigration — 6 COVID-19 updates

April 20: CMS calls for gradual return to elective procedures: 6 national COVID-19 updates

April 17: COVID-19 peak dates: Updated projections for each state

April 17: White House calls for 3-phase reopening; vaccine may be ready by fall — 6 COVID-19 updates

April 16: Federal plan to reopen states expected today; Vaccine may be ready earlier than thought — 6 COVID-19 updates

April 15: White House freezes WHO funding, unveils ventilator-sharing program: 9 COVID-19 updates

April 14: HHS to secure 35K+ ventilators by June 1; Governors create joint reopening plans — 5 COVID-19 updates

April 13: 70 vaccines in progress; antibody testing begins — 7 COVID-19 updates

April 10: White House eases more provider regulations, considers cloth gowns: 4 COVID-19 updates

April 9: National PPE stockpile depleted; CMS updates infection control guidelines — 9 COVID-19 updates

April 8: Some physicians reconsider widespread ventilator use; DEA boosts production quotas for high-demand drugs — 6 COVID-19 updates

April 7: White House taps 3M for 166M face masks; Fauci 'cautiously optimistic' US can avoid worst projections — 6 COVID-19 updates

April 6: OIG outlines hospitals' COVID-19 needs; US death toll nears 10,000 — 5 updates

April 3: COVID-19 sickens 1M+ globally: 4 updates

April 2: When will COVID-19 peak? A state-by-state analysis

April 2: New York City's public health system to convert all facilities into ICUs + 20 other updates from the 6 hardest hit states

April 2: US deaths jump 1K in 1 day; 2K+ ventilators in stockpile unavailable — 8 COVID-19 updates

April 1: HHS permits ventilator-sharing; Trump warns of 'very painful' 2 weeks ahead and 4 other COVID-19 updates

March 31: CMS makes sweeping regulatory changes; COVID-19 is 3x as infectious as flu — 5 outbreak updates

March 30: 200,000 Americans could die from COVID-19; Trump extends social distancing guidelines and 9 other updates

March 27: US reports most COVID-19 cases in world; White House reconsiders $1.5B deal for 80K ventilators

March 26: COVID-19 deaths pass 1,000 in US; 2nd virus cycle 'inevitable,' Fauci says

March 25: Senate agrees on $2 trillion aid deal; FEMA secures 60K tests without wartime law & 7 other COVID-19 updates

March 24: Defense Production Act to be used; 'The pandemic is accelerating,' WHO head warns

March 23: CMS halts quality reporting; FDA takes action on ventilator shortage — 10 COVID-19 updates for Monday

March 20: National COVID-19 response: US raises health alert to highest level and 9 other notes

March 19: US prepares for 18-month pandemic; 52% of COVID-19 patients are younger than 55 — 8 key updates

March 18: Physicians can practice across state lines; CMS urges hospitals to stop elective procedures — 9 key coronavirus updates

March 17: Trump says COVID-19 outbreak may last into summer; Lockdowns begin in California

March 16: US coronavirus cases near 4,000; White House boosts nation's testing capacity


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