• Why 'softer CEOs' are a good fit for healthcare

    A November article in Fortune shed light on the demand for softer CEOs. The crux of the article, which focuses on companies across various industries, is that in a post-pandemic world, recruiters are focusing less on administrative, financial and technical hard skills in CEO searches and more on empathy, humility and self-awareness. This raises the question: What does a "softer" CEO look like in healthcare? 
  • Leapfrog, Costs of Care name 'outstanding healthcare CEO'

    Charles Holland, CEO of St. Bernard Hospital in Chicago, is the recipient of this year's Steven Schroeder Award for Outstanding Healthcare CEO — an award created by The Leapfrog Group and Costs of Care to recognize hospital and health system leaders who have addressed quality and healthcare affordability for the communities they serve. 
  • Why today’s infusion centers are hubs for innovation and “impossible” solutions: A Q&A with Ashley Joseph, LeanTaaS vice president of client services, infusion centers

    In a recent conversation, Ashley Joseph, an expert in using AI solutions to optimize infusion center operations, discussed the recent “impossible” accomplishments centers have made in adapting their resources to do more and the potential for transforming how infusion care is delivered in the future.
  • LeanTaaS Announces Landmark Achievement, Now Serves Over 1,000 Hospitals and Centers Across the U.S. as Demand for AI-Powered Hospital Operations Management Solutions Increases

    LeanTaaS experiences 170% revenue growth year to date over the last three years, including over 50% growth year over year for iQueue for Operating Rooms. Customer base grows to 185 health systems with 54% of its customers on Epic Systems’ EHR and 20% on Oracle Cerner’s EHR. 
  • Cultivating loyalty and engagement: How leading health systems are using their data 'gold mines' to unlock patient satisfaction + growth

    Consumerism is reshaping healthcare. With greater access to information, patients are becoming increasingly active and empowered in their healthcare decisions, as well as selective in where and how they receive care. This shift is prompting health systems to use proactive, intentional and data-driven programs that foster patient engagement and loyalty.
  • ChristianaCare names vice chair of surgical quality

    Newark, Del.-based ChristianaCare has selected Marcin Jankowski, DO, as its new vice chair of surgery, according to a Dec. 4 news release.
  • 'You want to fail and you want to fail fast': Tampa General CEO's plan for self-disruption

    Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and others are challenging the traditional healthcare system by designing new ways to coordinate and deliver patient care. But disruption doesn't have to come from outside the industry.
  • CEO influencers on welcoming new leaders into the fold

    New leaders who join a hospital or health system not only navigate a new role, but also a new organizational culture. In today's challenging healthcare climate, culture — and smoothly integrating new leaders into it  —  is becoming even more crucial in terms of talent management and ensuring a robust workforce to ensure high-quality care. Integrating new leadership is too important to leave to chance. 
  • Congress' health policy brain drain

    Several health policy leaders will retire from Congress in the near future, taking with them decades of experience, according to Politico.
  • Discover the “Magic Equation” to Generate ROI from AI at the Sixth Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit

    The opportunity for health systems and hospitals to leverage AI-powered technology to improve operational efficiency and financial sustainability is enormous.
  • 1 'key assumption' in lean management, per UI Hospitals' new CEO

    When it comes to lean management, Bradley Haws, the new CEO of the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and associate vice president of UI Health Care, offers a "key assumption": don't assume. 
  • Healthier outcomes: Keeping patients at the center of care

    Early in my career, I treated a young patient with uncontrollable asthma. Instead of being in school or playing sports with his friends and classmates, he was often in the hospital. My only goal was for this patient to get his asthma under control so he could live the life he and his parents imagined. Thankfully, a chance run-in fifteen years later confirmed that we were successful. All those years after the last time I saw the patient in the clinic, I saw him in the bleachers at a high school football game. He shared with me about his job and all that he’d gone on to accomplish in his life. 
  • 2023: The year that changed the CEO role

    The CEO role at hospitals and health systems continues to evolve as organizations navigate industry challenges. This evolution is often part of short-term and long-term strategy. 
  • Why mission integration belongs in the C-suite, per Trinity Health's newest executive

    Corinne Francis is the new executive vice president and chief mission integration officer of Livonia, Mich.-based Trinity Health. Becker's recently connected with her, drawing upon her 22 years of experience in healthcare mission integration work to illuminate the role's purpose and pain points in an ever-changing industry. 
  • Louisiana hospital's board ousted

    The Ascension Parish Council voted to replace the board of Donaldsonville, La.-based Prevost Memorial Hospital on Nov. 21 after raising concerns about the board's activity over the last 10 years, according to The Advocate.
  • A short-lived CEO argued his job could be automated

    Emmett Shear led OpenAI for three days, between founder Sam Altman's exit from and return to the role. It was a 72-hour tenure for a CEO who is ambivalent about the role's future. 
  • CEOs play the long game when it comes to future planning

    From expanding healthcare access to innovation, health system CEOs have a lot on their minds as they think about the next year, as well as the next five or 10 years.  
  • Softer CEOs are in demand

    For decades, hard skills have dominated the CEO search. In the post-pandemic world, recruiters are digging for something softer, Fortune reported Nov. 16. 
  • Health system CEO orders 'phone jail' to set boundaries

    Benjamin Anderson is headed to the helm of Hutchinson (Kan.) Regional Healthcare System — but not without precautions in place, he shared via LinkedIn. 
  • Who should fix the broken healthcare system?

    Americans' confidence in the healthcare system is waning, and they aren't sure who — if anyone — can repair it, according to a recent poll. 

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