• Clinical Pathways in Oncology: How City of Hope Delivers Optimal Cancer Care Coast-to-Coast

    Linda Bosserman, M.D., joined City of Hope in Los Angeles nine years ago as a medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer and value-based care.
  • 'Healthcare is not investment banking': At Cleveland Clinic, patient experience is everyone's job

    All members of the Cleveland Clinic team are referred to as "caregivers," because every employee should be focused on patients regardless of their position. In fact, part of every person's job is to help deliver the highest quality care and provide the best patient experience, Stephanie Bayer, senior director of patient experience at Cleveland Clinic, told Becker's.
  • How Cleveland Clinic's pours its HEART into patient experience

    Recently named to the No. 2 position on Newsweek's "2023 Best Hospitals" list, Cleveland Clinic leaders know full well that their efforts to constantly improve patient experience are always under a microscope.
  • 40% of patients say healthcare wait times are 'unreasonable': Survey

    While timely access to care is important when it comes to outcomes and patient satisfaction, findings from an April national survey released July 11 by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners show 40 percent of 1,029 respondents said they have experienced "longer than reasonable" wait times in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. This percentage increased over 2022 survey findings.
  • Northwell food goes from 'disgusting' to delicious, patient satisfaction rises from 9th to 90th percentile

    Hospital food has been the butt of jokes forever — at a significant cost to healthcare systems. Long after patients are discharged, they remember their poor experiences three meals a day, often just in time for the Press Ganey survey to arrive in their mailbox.
  • The Benefits of Leveraging Online Chat in Healthcare to Deliver Advanced Patient Access

    Although widely used in many other industries, online chat is just beginning to take off in healthcare. In fact, as healthcare leaders increasingly prioritize patient access, chat’s success in other businesses has spurred the rapid onboarding of chat solutions to help address healthcare-specific engagement and accessibility challenges.
  • How Cleveland Clinic triages patient complaints in real time

    All hospitals are focused on improving patient experience, a priority that has been proven to not only affect HCAHPS scores, Press Ganey survey ratings and CMS reimbursement policies, but also leads to improved quality and outcomes.
  • Why Health System Success Relies on Preventing Violence Against Nurses

    As a recently retired system chief nursing and quality officer, I am deeply passionate about championing nursing professionals as the backbone of healthcare delivery. Unfortunately, there is a pervasive threat that directly jeopardizes nurses’ ability to provide the highest quality care possible: workplace violence. With 44% of RNs reporting physical assault and 68% reporting verbal abuse according to the AHA, this mounting crisis must be addressed quickly and completely for the sake of caregiver wellbeing and organizational success at large.
  • Patient experience is finally recovering. Is your organization ready?

    At the close of 2021, I wrote that we were in a patient experience crisis. With the pandemic grinding on and omicron surges hitting most of us, the outlook was grim. My colleagues and I had never seen patient experience metrics drop so rapidly, and this development was a critical concern for the operations leadership and boards of many health systems. At the end of 2022, I wrote that, although some improvement had been seen, national indicators were still trending flat to negative. 
  • Ozempic could lower patients' 'food noise'

    Novo Nordisk's popular Type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic has noted numerous odd results, from faces deflating to bizarre dreams, and its patients are seeing another strange side effect: less "food noise."
  • How Cleveland Clinic innovates experience — with help from former patients  

    With an eye on constant innovation — especially when it comes to patient experience and satisfaction — Cleveland Clinic is growing its Healthcare Partners program by continuing to invite former patients and members of their families to advise on new hospital initiatives.
  • 7 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Deliver More with Intelligent Scheduling

    Long-term obstacles negatively impacting performance loom large for most healthcare groups and providers. Organizations in the marketplace consistently struggle with how to address one or more of the following:
  • Veterans hospitals top private care in patient satisfaction, Medicare survey says

    When it comes to HCAHPS survey scores, the Veterans Health Administration beat out its private healthcare counterparts across the country in all 10 patient satisfaction categories, according to a nationwide Medicare survey released June 14. The report is based on discharge data collected between July 2021 and June 2022.
  • When patients feel gaslighted, it's time to find another physician, says Northwell Health leader 

    Almost by definition, the concept of medical gaslighting might be easy for some clinicians to brush off, but physicians have joined the conversation — #medicalgaslighting — on TikTok to raise awareness that dismissing a patient's healthcare concerns is not only short-sighted, but it's bad medicine.
  • Why #medicalgaslighting is trending on TikTok

    Patients are turning to social media and using the hashtag #medicalgaslighting to express their discontent over lackluster healthcare interactions that leave them feeling unheard, Fox News reported June 1. 
  • 5 ways hospitals are working to improve patient experience

    Hospitals across the country have launched new initiatives to boost their patient experience ratings, The Wall Street Journal reported May 28.
  • The Most Effective Ways Experts Avoid Patient No-Shows

    No-shows not only lead to the loss of anticipated revenue, they pose risk to the quality of healthcare service and patient outcomes. Patients who fail to show up for their appointments often require more expensive care later.
  • KeyBank’s patient payments system is tackling healthcare’s most challenging pain points

    Healthcare organizations are realizing the benefits of digitizing the payments experience.
  • New radiology tech cuts MRI exam time by half

    Hartford, Conn.-based Jefferson Radiology announced May 16 that its new technology has cut traditional MRI exam times in half. 
  • How U of Maryland Medical Center is boosting HCAHP scores

    They don't teach empathy in medical school. A physician's bedside manner evolves through experience and is inspired by one's personal ability — and desire — to read a patient's emotional cues. Some have a knack for it; others focus on the medicine without an interest in connecting on a personal level with patients. 

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