Behind the Curtain: Using Customized Technology to Synergize Patient Care

America’s large and well-trained health workforce, with its wide range of high-quality medical providers, produces many of the best medical outcomes in the world.  

Behind the scenes, however healthcare systems struggle with inherent inefficiencies that detract from the primary goal of providing exceptional patient care. Time spent coordinating patient movement, equipment & supply management, cleaning operations and ensuring a safe environment for optimal healing diverts caregivers’ attention away from their primary focus: the patients. Innovative software can streamline every aspect of healthcare operations to minimize the burden on staff and empower caregivers to focus on quality care. By embracing software technology, healthcare teams can unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency while improving patient outcomes.

While almost all healthcare providers are now using Electronic Health Records (EHR), this is only the first step on the journey to building streamlined and efficient systems.  Understanding how to leverage complementary technology is where organizations will realize the biggest impact.  

Do you know which care groups consistently underutilize technology to coordinate care?   If you guessed Support Services, you are right! Using innovative software solutions to enhance collaboration between caregivers and support services staff improves both patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. 

Here are 4 of the key areas of support services that can be streamlined using software.

Coordinating Patient Movement

Healthcare professionals spend crucial clinical time coordinating patient movement throughout facilities.  Managing admissions, scheduling, transporting patient to and from procedures and ancillary services, and discharging patients are essential components of quality care.   Improving patient movement flow by optimizing technology minimizes the impact on caregivers while maximizing their patient care time.  

Equipment and Supply Management

Seeking and gathering equipment can be an arduous and time-consuming process for health providers.  Not understanding where equipment is located, whether equipment is available, and whether adequate supplies are on a unit takes time away from patients and creates unnecessary stress.  Utilizing efficient healthcare technology, patient care teams can view inventory, and request the most appropriate equipment & supplies effortlessly at a patient’s bedside, rather than spending valuable patient care time searching around the unit. 

Cleaning Operations

Cleanliness and Infection Control are critical within healthcare facilities, but managing the process can become a responsibility that caregivers often undertake out of necessity.  Software solutions that are linked with Support Services personnel provide cleaning protocols, cleaning compliance tracking, cleaning status, and bed turnover rates to ensure adherence to rigorous facility cleanliness standards.  Reducing the administrative burden of care providers through the efficient utilization of technology allows support staff to fill essential gaps to better meet patient needs. 

Ensuring a Safe Environment

Patient safety and compliance is always at the forefront when it comes to delivering top level care.  Auditing and rounding by utilizing effective software provide valuable real-time data that can be used as a teaching tool for staff, positively impacting care delivery.  Systems that actively monitor safety and compliance will help ensure that patients, visitors, and staff feel protected without compromising quality of care.  

Software solutions maximize caregiver time by bridging efficiency gaps in health operations.  By establishing seamless interoperability between different healthcare providers and support departments, healthcare systems eliminate inefficiencies, improve patient outcomes, and create a high-quality healing environment that thrives on compassion, innovation, and excellence.  As the healthcare industry strides confidently into the digital age, the optimization of technology is pivotal to effective, consistent and patient-centric care. 

Synergy builds and customizes software products focused on enhancing patient care and support operations so that healthcare providers can focus on what they do best - providing care.

For more information about Synergy Hospitalware Solutions and software solutions that can streamline hospital operations, please visit the Synergy website: . You can also email them at

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