AI and the human experience: 3 healthcare takeaways from Press Ganey

During a featured session at Becker's 11th CEO + CFO Roundtable, two leaders from Press Ganey — Darren Dworkin, president and COO, and Patrick Ryan, chairman and CEO — discussed how artificial intelligence is helping to revolutionize the human experience of healthcare. 

Press Ganey recently announced a generative AI solution, Dynamic Conversations, which uses AI to accelerate the patient feedback collection by deploying large language models to make surveys more dynamic and intelligent. The panelists emphasized the importance of integrating patient experience, consumer experience, employee experience and safety data to drive improvements in healthcare delivery. They also highlighted the potential of AI in reducing administrative burden, improving care coordination, and enhancing patient and employee engagement.

Note: Quotes edited for length and clarity.

3 key takeaways + quotes:

1: AI can unlock the value buried within healthcare's data surplus and ultimately enhance the patient experience and improve healthcare outcomes.

Patrick Ryan: In healthcare, we basically have all the data we need — it's just hard to pull it all together. AI is going to help us do that, and machine learning is going to help us determine what to focus on.

2: Access to reliable and curated information is crucial for health systems to improve the human experience in healthcare.  

Darren Dworkin: We partner with health systems across the United States to gather, analyze, visualize and act on feedback from patients. AI will help us enable organizations to deliver better care, at a lower cost to patients. 

3: Transparency and data-driven insights must be acted on in order to drive actual improvements.

PR: Taking insights and putting them into action is what makes the difference. Health systems must focus on making that culture of execution a reality.

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