• Pay for 8 fastest-growing healthcare occupations

    Nurse practitioners are projected to be the fastest-growing occupation in healthcare and the second fastest-growing occupation in all industries from 2022 to 2032.
  • Strategies to simplify insurance discovery

    Coverage for all claims is possible. Stabilize your revenue with this no-nonsense plan. More information here.
  • 10 states with the largest dips in travel nurse pay

    The average weekly travel nurse pay in August in the U.S. was $2,430.33, down 9.56 percent from $2,687.13 in the same month in 2022, according to a report from Vivian Health, a national healthcare hiring marketplace.    
  • 20 cities where a graduate degree pays off

    It's common for top healthcare executives to obtain some sort of graduate education. But where will that degree translate to dollars? 
  • Wage floor rises as wealthy's fortunes sink

    The rich may be getting poorer, but Americans' pay expectations are only gaining steam. 
  • The 20 highest-paid S&P 500 healthcare CEOs

    A number of healthcare and pharmaceutical company CEOs are the highest earners among organizations in the Standard & Poor's 500 index, according to data from research firm Equilar provided to Becker's on Aug. 25.
  • 9th state passes pay transparency law

    On Aug. 11, Illinois became the ninth state to pass a pay transparency law. 
  • Physician starting pay surges after COVID

    Supply and demand economics are driving a significant rise in physician salaries, according to a report from AMN Healthcare's Physician Solutions division.
  • The starting salary slowdown

    Big pay hikes that came with job changes in recent years are beginning to flatten or fall across many industries — a signal for healthcare employers that the bidding wars for talent spanning industries are cooling down.
  • PA pay, by specialty

    The average income for physician assistants in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery is the highest among specialties tracked in the "2022 Statistical Profile of Board Certified PAs by Specialty," a report on 24 specialties and primary care published by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.
  • Physician contracts are changing

    Shorter contracts, noncompete agreements and increased emphasis on value-based components are among the shifts occurring in physician contracts as hospitals and medical groups build recruitment pipelines and offer incentives to retain physicians. 
  • Women's unpaid caregiving labor is worth $627B

    A common scapegoat for the gender wage gap now has numeric value: U.S. women would collectively make an additional $627 billion per year if paid for their caregiving work. 
  • 12 physician specialties with starting pay increasing

    Average starting salaries increased in 12 specialties tracked in AMN Healthcare's "2023 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives" for which there were year-over-year comparisons.
  • Average pay for 20 most-recruited physicians and advanced practice providers 

    Orthopedic surgeons have the highest base salaries in 2023 among the most-recruited physician specialties and advanced practice providers, according to a report published Aug. 14 by AMN Healthcare.
  • 20 healthcare companies with the smallest CEO-worker pay gaps

    Pharmaceutical S&P 500 companies — including major vaccine manufacturers like Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — have smaller CEO-to-worker pay gaps than many other healthcare companies. 
  • 20 healthcare companies with the widest CEO-worker pay gaps

    At Align Technology — the San Jose, Calif.-based orthodontics manufacturer responsible for Invisalign — the CEO makes 1,026 times what the median worker brings in. 
  • Why America's best-paid physicians are in South Dakota

    America's top-earning physicians practice in some unexpected pockets of the country. 
  • Reddit users decry hospitals' bonus systems

    The verdict is in: Workers prefer money, not pens, when they serve a health system for five years. But if they are going to receive an anniversary check, there are certain dollar amounts that remain "insulting[ly]" low, according to a popular post on Reddit.
  • Amidst lazy girl jobs and quiet quitting: An area where Gen Z isn't slacking

    Generation Z has earned a reputation as work-averse, namely due to trends they circulate on TikTok. 
  • What the 6 University of California hospital CEOs made in 2022

    The University of California has released 2022 wage data for every employee on its payroll, including the CEOs of its six highly ranked academic health centers.
  • 'Doctors are not saints': Physicians are tired of being blamed for their paychecks

    Physicians make a lot of money, according to an Aug. 4 article in The Washington Post. Physicians know this, according to social media — and they believe the scrutiny of their paychecks is misguided. 

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