• Bonus pay available to Minnesota healthcare workers

    Minnesotans who worked on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic can now apply for bonus pay.
  • Becker's Hospital Review 10th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable

    Whether your expertise lies with strategy, leadership, execution or finance, you'll learn something new at Becker's CEO + CFO Roundtable. Join former NBA player Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal and former President George W. Bush this November!
  • What to do about broken nurse pay?

    The nurse workforce fragility hospitals are experiencing is one result of the dysfunctional incentives for the employment of nurses in the U.S., Vox contends in a policy deep dive. 
  • IT executive pay by state

    Computer information and systems managers, a position that includes hospital CIOs, make an average of $162,930 annually, according to the latest data released March 31 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Changes in physician median total compensation, by provider type and region

    From 2019 to 2021, primary care providers and advanced practice providers in the Southern and Western U.S. regions experienced pre-pandemic boosts in compensation, according to new data from the Medical Group Management Association.  
  • Moderna CEO the most 'undervalued' of Fortune 500 

    Stéphane Bancel, Moderna's CEO, was named the most "undervalued" CEO of Fortune's 500, the publication said May 29.
  • Young workers are receiving the biggest pay jumps from the Great Resignation

    Gen Z and millennial job jumpers are reaping the financial benefits of the current labor market according to a report released May 24 by the Bank of America. 
  • States where physicians are paid the most and the least, by provider type

    Primary care physicians earn the most in Mississippi, with about $102,000 more in total median compensation than their counterparts in Arizona, who earn the least, according to new data from the Medical Group Management Association.  
  • Physician compensation grew most for these 5 specialties

    Compensation for most physician specialties reached or exceeded pre-pandemic levels last year, according to new data from the Medical Group Management Association.
  • Moderna's CFO for 1 day gets $700K severance, pending investigation

    Former Moderna CFO Jorge Gomez will be paid a $700,000 severance, despite departing the company within one day of taking the role, according to a federal filing.   
  • Sentara to give employees 3% merit pay increases

    Norfolk, Va.-based Sentara Healthcare is implementing a 3 percent merit pay increase for eligible employees, up to and including the director level.
  • Executives are getting big bonuses to stay

    Big corporations are doling out big bonuses and compensation packages to keep high-performing executives, The Wall Street Journal reported May 17. 
  • Top-paying metro areas for 4 healthcare careers

    The metropolitan areas where healthcare workers in multiple careers earn the highest annual mean wage are concentrated in California, according to the latest data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Computer scientist pay by state

    Data scientists, a position increasingly in demand at hospitals, make an average of $108,660 annually, according to the latest data released March 31 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Democrats, Republicans agree CEOs are overpaid

    The majority of Democrats and Republicans believe CEOs of America's largest companies are paid too much, according to Reuters.
  • Is sharing salary taboo? Younger workers don't think so

    Younger workers, including Generation Z and millennials, are more likely to share their salaries with co-workers than their older counterparts, a recent survey suggests. 
  • Physician assistant median annual base salary, by state

    The median base salary for physician assistants in the U.S. was $113,000 in 2021, compared to $110,000 in 2020, according to the 2022 American Academy of PAs salary report.
  • 7 healthcare CEOs make $20M or more

    The CEOs of Pfizer and Walgreens Boots Alliance are among the highest-paid chief executives of the largest U.S. companies. 
  • 17 physician specialties ranked by average incentive bonus

    Orthopedic physicians have the highest average incentive bonus compared to other specialties, according to Medscape's "Physician Compensation Report 2022." 
  • HCA moved the CEO bonus goalpost

    Many companies are lowering performance goals and adjusting numbers they use to determine executive bonuses, making it more likely their leaders will get bonuses no matter how the business performs, according to Bloomberg. 
  • Respiratory therapist average annual wage in 50 states

    Respiratory therapists in the U.S. make an average of $68,190 annually, according to the latest data released March 31 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

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