Today's Top 20 Healthcare News Articles
  1. Health systems undergoing rebrands

    In highly competitive markets, hospitals and health systems are rebranding to differentiate themselves and stand out from competitors.
  2. Minnesota hospital could transition to state's 1st rural emergency facility

    Mahnomen (Minn.) Health Center has submitted plans to the state department of health to transition it to the state's first rural emergency hospital. 
  3. Walgreens pharmacists plan Chicago-area demonstrations

    Nearly 900 pharmacists are planning to demonstrate at 46 Walgreens locations in the Chicago area over the next month. 

The present and future of patient marketing is personalization

4 factors guiding one health system's success here.
  1. Researchers explore 9 more diseases GLP-1s could treat

    Researchers are expanding horizons for the diseases and disorders that GLP-1s such as Ozempic, Mounjaro and Wegovy could treat.
  2. 10 hospitals, health systems looking for CFOs

    Here are 10 hospitals and health systems that are seeking CFOs and assistant CFOs in recent job listings.
  3. Experts call for more data on weight loss meds as fertility drugs

    Physicians and researchers say more data is needed on pregnancy outcomes in patients taking GLP-1s as a growing number of women turn to the class of weight loss medications in hopes of reducing their risk of pregnancy complications or increasing their chance of conceiving, Bloomberg reported April 18. 
  4. How Mercy accelerated rare disease diagnoses in rural areas

    Children's Mercy Kansas City (Mo.) researchers found a way to reduce the time to diagnosis for rare disease by 5.5 months.

Overcoming the collections crisis: How ASCs can leverage data to boost patient collections + loyalty

ASCs are seeing an explosion of uncompensated care. Learn how rethinking collections can boost revenue + patient retention here.
  1. 1st-of-its-kind law protects 'neural data'

    With the increasing number of technologies that track brain activity, a new Colorado law aims to protect people's "neural data" from falling into the wrong hands, The New York Times reported.
  2. How the Change Healthcare hack affected patient care

    While the financial impacts of the Change Healthcare hack have gotten a lot of attention, the cyberattack has also harmed patients, health system leaders say.
  3. Why the former Allscripts is banking on AI

    The company formerly known as Allscripts plans to turn its fortunes around by using generative artificial intelligence to find insights in its decades' worth of patient data, Forbes reported April 18.
  4. HCA California hospital faces pushback on trauma center closure

    Local stakeholders are pushing for the state of California to stop the planned summer closure of trauma services at Regional Medical Center in San Jose, The Mercury News reported April 18.

Clinician onboarding 2.0: How tech can streamline the process + drive savings and retention

Clinician retention starts on day 1. Learn how proactive hospitals are streamlining onboarding to save costs + delight new employees here.
  1. 40% of physicians ready to use gen AI in patient care

    Forty-percent of U.S. physicians said they are prepared to use generative artificial intelligence during patient interactions at the point-of-care, an April 16 survey from Wolters Kluwer found. 
  2. South Carolina hospital investigating patient record mishandling

    Conway (S.C.) Medical Center is conducting an internal investigation regarding accusations of mishandling of confidential patient health data, The Sun News reported April 18.
  3. The cities at the bottom of US News' list of best places to retire

    Multiple cities in California ranked toward the bottom of U.S. News & World Report's list of Best Places to Retire in the U.S.
  4. Allina hit with credit rating downgrade

    Fitch Ratings has downgraded Minneapolis-based Allina Health's long-term ratings on bonds from "AA-" to "A+" with its rating outlook at stable. 
  5. The rise of 'social prescribing'

    Nature walks. Dance classes. Volunteering. These are among the social activities being prescribed across at least 30 programs in the U.S. Social prescribing — or the practice of connecting people with nonclinical activities that target underlying concerns such as isolation, stress and access to healthy foods — is a well-known concept in Britain and is increasingly stirring interest in the U.S., experts told The New York Times in an April 17 report. 
  6. HHS OIG turns down 300-400 'viable' healthcare fraud cases each year

    HHS Inspector General Christi Grimm said her office has a "pressing need" for more funding to combat healthcare fraud, waste and abuse. 
  7. Why health system AI predictions can fail

    Health systems are exploring a variety of applications and use cases for artificial intelligence and generative AI, but the success or failure of projects depends on much more than the technology.
  8. 50 things to know about HCA, Tenet, CHS and UHS

    HCA Healthcare, Community Health Systems, Tenet Healthcare and Universal Health Services are among the largest for-profit health systems in the country. Each system has a unique backstory and commands an extensive network of facilities and physicians.
  9. R1 RCM names VP of physician revenue cycle operations

    R1 RCM has named Steven Blaine, PhD, vice president of physician revenue cycle operations, according to an April 17 post on his LinkedIn page. 

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