• Nurse tenure in 20 major cities

    The average tenure for registered nurses nationwide is 5 years, an ADP Research Institute report found.
  • What's stopping your hospital from advancing innovation efforts?

    Share top opportunities + barriers in this brief survey.
  • Nurse practitioner burnout tied to higher levels of ED use: Study

    Older adults with chronic conditions who seek care where nurse practitioners report high levels of burnout are more likely to be hospitalized or seek care at an emergency department, according to a study published Dec. 25 in PubMed Central. 
  • Students caught in nurse degree sham were encouraged to test in certain states, officials say

    Investigators found students from an illegal nurse-licensing scheme were encouraged to take their national nurse board exam in states that allow unlimited attempts, the Iowa Capital Dispatch reported Jan. 8.
  • Questions of quality surround a for-profit nursing college seeking expansion

    The Arizona College of Nursing, a for-profit school based in Phoenix with additional campuses across 11 states, will soon open two locations in a 12th: Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Jan. 5. However, not everyone is keen on its expansion into Wisconsin.
  • 7 nursing jobs with 6-figure salaries

    Certified registered nurse anesthetist is the top-earning position in nursing, with a median annual salary of $203,090 in the U.S., though there are several other jobs in the field where nurses can earn six-figure salaries. 
  • Nurse practitioners' key focus areas in 2024

    The nurse practitioner profession is the fastest growing profession in the U.S. As it continues to expand in 2024, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners has named 5 critical trends it is paying particular attention to.
  • Debate grows as more people pass the nursing exam

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage of students who passed the national licensure exam for nurses fell from 88.2% to 79.9%, but the trend is reversing after the release of the latest nursing exam, Medpage Today reported Jan. 1.
  • The state of the nursing workforce: 9 figures to know

    Many of the struggles that strained the nursing profession in years prior continued to do so in 2023, perhaps unsurprisingly to some. Multiple surveys on the profession this year highlighted continued staffing issues, burnout, nurses wanting to leave the profession, lacking feelings of support from hospitals and a range of other issues.
  • Florida's rebound from nurse shortage at risk

    A waning supply of nurse educators could impede Florida's success in resolving its shortage of nurses, according to a new report. 
  • The biggest staffing lessons Mercy learned in 2023

    Granting nurses more flexibility was worth it at the end of the day for Mercy. 
  • 4 ways to strengthen the nurse talent pipeline: AHA

    Hospitals and health systems are buttressing workforce pipelines through new programs focused on health disparities and engaging high schoolers, according to the American Hospital Association. 
  • What 'meaningful recognition' looks like for nurses

    A plethora of research has linked a favorable work environment to less turnover and higher job satisfaction, and according to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, recognizing nurses' contributions to their organization is a key pillar for maintaining a healthy work environment. 
  • Will rising nurse pay mean higher healthcare costs? It's complicated 

    The year 2023 was full of labor union wins — in healthcare and beyond. Now hospitals nationwide must grapple with higher nurse salaries, teeing up further tensions with insurers, employers and the potential for increased premiums.
  • Address the nursing crisis by transforming nursing care model

    The nursing shortage in the US continues to be fueled by an aging population in need of care, baby boomer retiring nurses, and new entrants in the nursing profession, many of whom leave the workforce after a short period of time. These three components cause additional stress on nursing professionals and challenge the need for adequate nursing resources to provide necessary patient care. 
  • LPNs make hospital comeback

    The primary places of practice for licensed practical nurses are often outpatient clinics, nursing homes and other ambulatory care settings. Throughout the past few years, however, LPNs have made a hospital comeback as a growing number of health systems embrace nursing team models that aim to ensure registered nurses are able to work at the top of their licenses. 
  • Former Kaiser nurse awarded $41M in retaliation lawsuit

    A Los Angeles jury awarded $41.49 million to a former nurse who said Kaiser Permanente's hospitals and health plan retaliated against and eventually terminated her for raising issues with patient safety and care quality, MyNewsLA reported Dec. 12.
  • Nurse career satisfaction & frustration: 6 findings from Medscape's 2023 report

    Medscape's 2023 report on nurse satisfaction found most would follow the same educational path if they could do it over again. Still, a significant portion of respondents pointed to serious workplace issues that, if left unresolved, could push some to pursue other roles within or outside of nursing. 
  • 128 organizations launching or expanding nursing programs

    Here are 128 organizations launching or expanding nursing programs:
  • AACN empowers nurses to create healthier hospital workplaces

    The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses is empowering hospital nurses to develop initiatives that promote healthier work environments through its Clinical Scene Investigator Academy.
  • 2023 is record year for nurse visas — but predictions show 2024 as dismal

    In 2023, there were twice as many healthcare employees applying for work visas compared to 2022, but a decline is likely after a six-year climbing trend, according to a report released Dec. 6. 

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