• NYC Health + Hospitals study shows 'concerning' Klebsiella trends

    New research from NYC Health + Hospitals shows concerning changes in the prevalence and epidemiology of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae infections.
  • Incorporating the 'why' into sterile processing department training programs

    An A+ training program is critical for any sterile processing department's success. Learn how zeroing in on the "why" during training can transform department operations.
  • The many forms of hospital masking

    With masking policies now left in the hands of individual hospitals and health systems to decide, one thing is clear: There is no one-size-fits-all approach for the infection control measure this fall. 
  • Penn Medicine tests experimental Lyme disease vaccine

    Penn Medicine researchers created an experimental mRNA vaccine that could protect against Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.
  • This HAI isn't spread in the way previously believed: Study

    Ann Arbor-based Michigan Medicine researchers found Clostridioides difficile infections have more to do with patient characteristics than hospital transmission and that the infection may not be spreading the way previously believed.
  • Wyoming reports 1st-ever human case of leptospirosis

    Wyoming reported the state's first-ever human case of leptospirosis Sept. 15.
  • Admissions, symptoms and origins: 6 COVID-19 updates

    COVID-19 hospital admissions and deaths have risen for the eighth consecutive week, according to the CDC's most recent data tracking these metrics through Sept. 2. 
  • Healthcare workers urge CDC to reconsider proposed mask guidance

    Concern is mounting among healthcare workers over draft CDC infection control guidance that puts surgical masks on par with N95 masks. Nurses and other clinicians are urging the advisory committee to reconsider the proposals to prevent "disastrous" effects on patient and healthcare worker safety, KFF News reported Sept. 16.
  • Patients with hepatitis C should test for hepatitis B protection: Study

    Patients with hepatitis C should consider being vaccinated again for hepatitis B, a study found.
  • Flesh-eating bacteria kills 6 along East Coast

    Within three months, the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus has killed six people along the East Coast and one in the Midwest.
  • 5 infection prevention guideline updates to know

    The CDC and medical associations have released several new guidelines on infection prevention and control this year.
  • Some hospitals hold off on mandatory masking

    As COVID-19 cases rise and respiratory virus season begins, some hospitals have already begun to bring back mask mandates — but others are watching trends and waiting to make that determination. 
  • First of its kind sepsis detection tool is a 'needed roadmap' for patient care

    One month after Baton Rouge, La.-based Our Lady of the Lake Health deployed a new diagnostic tool capable of detecting sepsis within 10 minutes, physicians told Becker's it has already helped clinical teams prioritize faster care for 15 at-risk individuals. 
  • This virus could be a treatment for antibiotic-resistant bacteria infections

    Researchers used a virus to treat patients with an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection and found good clinical outcomes in 86.6 percent of patients.
  • When to adopt COVID-19 admissions testing: Study

    A new study suggests hospitals should test all patients for COVID-19 upon admission as an infection control measure to prevent hospital-onset cases when community infection rates are high. 
  • Hospitals get new CAUTI guidance

    A group of five medical societies released new recommendations aimed at preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections in acute care hospitals Aug. 25.
  • CDC unveils hospital sepsis program: 7 notes

    CDC Director Mandy Cohen, MD, detailed the agency's launch of a new hospital program focused on enhancing sepsis care and improving patient outcomes, during an Aug. 24 CDC press call. 
  • Hospitals enter uncharted territory on masking

    This fall will mark the first virus season since COVID-19 emerged in which hospitals and health systems must independently determine when and how to implement universal masking, if at all. 
  • Kaiser hospital latest to reinstate masking

    Kaiser Permanente is reintroducing a mask mandate at its facilities in Santa Rosa, Calif., amid an uptick in patients testing positive for COVID-19, according to a statement obtained by The Press Democrat. 
  • 500 patients potentially exposed to tuberculosis at Indiana hospital

    Clark Memorial Health in Jeffersonville, Ind., is notifying patients of a potential exposure to tuberculosis after one of its employees recently tested positive for the disease, the News and Tribune reported Aug. 22.
  • Nurses urge CDC to bolster infection control rules

    Nurses are calling on the CDC to strengthen its infection control guidance for hospitals, which has not seen revisions for 16 years, because of concerns the agency might state surgical masks are equal to N95s in infection control measures.

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