Today's Top 20 Healthcare News Articles
  1. Cut CEO pay, not jobs, to boost customer loyalty: Study

    Companies that slash costs by reducing CEO pay rather than headcount might enjoy a "larger, more lucrative customer base," according to the University of Houston. 
  2. Senator to HSHS CEO: Consider delaying Wisconsin hospital closures

    Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin told Hospital Sisters Health System CEO Damond Boatwright she is disappointed in the "abrupt announcement" of two hospital closures in the state and that the Springfield, Ill.-based system should consider a delay. 
  3. Needle-moving innovations from 86 health system execs 

    Becker's asked C-suite executives from hospitals and health systems across the U.S. to share their organization's areas of growth for the next few years. 

Preparing your health system for success and safety in the age of artificial intelligence

More clinically-facing AI uses are coming. See how early adopters can avoid common pitfalls here.
  1. WellSpan taps virtual care company for primary care, behavioral health

    York, Pa.-based WellSpan Health has tapped KeyCare, an Epic-based virtual care company, to help expand its virtual primary care and behavioral health services.
  2. Pennsylvania physician sentenced in patient death

    A Pennsylvania physician was sentenced to 22 years in prison for overprescribing controlled substances that resulted in the death of a patient.
  3. Judge rules Harvard not responsible in stolen human remains case

    A Suffolk Superior Court judge has dismissed families' lawsuits against Boston-based Harvard Medical School related to its morgue scandal involving the theft of human remains from bodies donated for medical research, multiple media outlets reported.
  4. HCA realigns C-level chains of command

    HCA Healthcare is changing reporting structures and hierarchies among its senior executives. 

Overcoming the collections crisis: How ASCs can leverage data to boost patient collections + loyalty

ASCs are seeing an explosion of uncompensated care. Learn how rethinking collections can boost revenue + patient retention here.
  1. Big systems have a responsibility to reach rural patients, pediatric heart leader says

    For Shelley Miyamoto, MD, there were two reasons to become a cardiologist: The mentors she encountered during residency who inspired her and the physiology of the heart.
  2. BJC HealthCare chief revenue officer retires

    Tracy Berry has retired from her position as vice president and chief revenue officer of St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare, she said in a LinkedIn post. 
  3. How Baptist Health boosted the patient experience

    In a bid to elevate the patient experience and cultivate a patient-centered culture, Louisville, Ky.-based Baptist Health Medical Group introduced a new model to improve service quality and optimize patient outcomes.
  4. Providence names chief administrative officer

    Renton, Wash.-based Providence has shifted Alison Santore to the role of chief administrative officer. 

Clinician onboarding 2.0: How tech can streamline the process + drive savings and retention

Clinician retention starts on day 1. Learn how proactive hospitals are streamlining onboarding to save costs + delight new employees here.
  1. 'DEI' becomes 'IED'

    The sentiments surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are changing — as are the words used to describe them, according to a recent report from The New York Times. 
  2. Why being the 'best' isn't Hartford HealthCare's top priority

    There is an urgent need for a radical reimagination of the healthcare system, Jeffrey Flaks, president and CEO of Hartford (Conn.) HealthCare, told Becker's. 
  3. What sets the 'most admired' companies apart

    The Apples, Microsofts and Amazons of the world are admired for many reasons, but one supersedes all: financial stability, according to Korn Ferry. 
  4. 'It doesn't wow us anymore': Experts on what healthcare needs more of as cancer strikes younger

    For many, recent headlines on cancer rates rising among younger adults have been jarring. But those working in oncology have had their eyes on worrisome trends for more than a decade.  
  5. Judge temporarily blocks Beth Israel closure

    A New York judge has temporarily blocked New York City-based Mount Sinai Health System from closing Beth Israel Hospital until arguments are presented in court. 
  6. Association of Black Cardiologists enlists clinicians for new hypertension certification

    The Association of Black Cardiologists is recruiting clinicians for a new certification program it launched in December related to hypertension management. The aim is to increase culturally conscious care for patient populations that are more likely to be diagnosed with the condition and experience adverse outcomes from it. 
  7. Why investors are picking providers over payers in 2024

    Providers are a better investment than payers for the first time in a decade, TD Cowen analyst Gary Taylor said. 
  8. Acute care hospitals must join safety network by July or risk losing CMS funds

    Acute care hospitals have until July 1 to join the National Healthcare Safety Network. Membership with the network will now be required for acute care hospitals to receive federal funding from CMS. 
  9. 26 most sleep-deprived cities

    New York City might be nicknamed "the city that never sleeps" — but when it comes to the right amount of shuteye, many American cities are doing worse. 

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