• Understanding patient preferences & needs — 3 takeaways on streamlining tech

    At the 8th Annual Becker's Health IT + Digital Health + RCM Meeting, Kristen Jacobsen, vice president of marketing and product management at RevSpring, led a discussion on the challenges and opportunities in digital healthcare strategies.
  • Improving Care Coordination in the Face of Staffing Shortages

    The ongoing shift to value-based care has placed a significant emphasis on provider performance and outcomes. But with clinical staffing shortages near all-time highs, delivering the right care at the right time – which is the essence of effective care management – is more challenging than ever.
  • How real-time data can propel growth and enable better business decisions in healthcare

    Healthcare and human services organizations are grappling with intense competition for direct care providers amid increasing financial pressures. As entities confront hard talent recruitment and retention choices, leaders depend on data to help make the best business decisions. However, those decisions are often delayed due to incomplete or inaccurate data, or cumbersome collection and analysis processes.
  • Transform Your Hospital Operations: A Virtual Summit

    See how your peers are reimagining hospital operations using AI. Join this virtual event here.
  • Stanford hospital may be fined $4M for added traffic

    Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, Calif., is requesting a revision of a city agreement that requires more than one-third of its employees to get to the hospital without cars, Palo Alto Weekly reported Oct. 18. 
  • The RCM trifecta: Offset workforce challenges, improve staff satisfaction and boost revenue

    In the wake of the pandemic, turnover is on the rise in many RCM teams, as employees resist back-to-the-office strategies and instead often seek remote job opportunities at other organizations. At the same time, the volume of administrative work associated with denials has increased significantly.
  • Technology: A pathway to personalized financial experiences & faster payments — 3 roundtable takeaways

    In a workshop at the 8th Annual Becker's Health IT + Digital Health + RCM Meeting, David Law, chief client officer at Zotec Partners and Kelly Searle, chief revenue officer at Tacoma, Wash.-based Sound Physicians, discussed the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, specifically in revenue cycle management and efforts to improve patient satisfaction.
  • 'We're them and they are us': Inside Advocate Health's community engagement strategy

    Gwendolyn Oglesby-Odom, EdD, MSN, RN, began serving as enterprise vice president of community engagement for Charlotte, N.C.-based Advocate Health in September, and she brought more than two decades of healthcare experience to the role.
  • eBook: What is the status quo costing you? Strategies to reduce nurse attrition and labor cost

    Staff shortages are the reason 60% of nurses feel they don't have control of their careers. See if your retention strategy is falling short + 6 steps to fix it.
  • The common cause of safe patient care': Leaders share barriers + opportunities for QI within and beyond the OR

    Inpatient and outpatient settings — though riddled with staff shortages and workflow challenges — hold key opportunities for quality improvement. To realize potential here, hospitals and health systems must consider support that will drive not only advancements but also innovation across the organization.
  • Health systems play long game as populations boom

    There's a neighborhood in Salt Lake City that was full of young, growing families 20 years ago. Kids needed sports medicine and pediatric services; new mothers relied on women's clinics. 
  • Northshore–Edward-Elmhurst Health named exclusive healthcare partner of NBRPA

    Evanston, Ill.-based Northshore – Edward-Elmhurst Health has entered an exclusive, multi-year partnership with The National Basketball Retired Players Association. 
  • Tampa General CEO on the system's C-suite revamp

    As Tampa (Fla.) General Hospital set out to ready a new five-year strategic plan, adjusting organizational structure was among the focuses. The goal was a new structure at the highest level to better represent the growth the system has experienced in recent years, John Couris, Tampa General president and CEO, told Becker's.
  • How Seattle Children's is reducing anesthesia-related emissions

    Seattle Children’s committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025.  But how could they make that commitment a reality?
  • Increased quality + financial viability: How one Northwell hospital is advancing bariatric surgery with robotics

    More and more, hospitals and health systems are shifting to minimally invasive surgeries to promote better patient experiences and quality outcomes.
  • Ozempic and TikTok: When treatment turns trendy

    The drug Ozempic, prescribed for Type 2 diabetes, could be in shortage for years to come. As celebrities and influencers race to obtain the drug for its off-label weight loss capabilities, their endorsements — cataloged on sites like TikTok — could be partially to blame. 
  • Less Burnout, More Patient Care: Time to Improve Operations

    We spent the first 1-2 years of the pandemic hailing doctors, nurses and frontline workers as heroes, but not enough has been done to actually address the challenges frontline workers continue to face.
  • Healthcare Command Centers – A CNO's Perspective

    In an era of rapid healthcare transformation, forward-thinking Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) and Chief Nursing Executives (CNEs) are leveraging Command Centers to redefine patient care. These centers, equipped with real-time data, are evolving into intelligent operations hubs that streamline daily workflows and empower innovative care delivery models.
  • Weighing Benefits and Responses to Patient Recordings of Clinical Encounters

    Advances in technology, especially the advent of smart phones, have made it easier for patients to record their encounters with healthcare providers. However, physicians often have understandably mixed reactions to the concept of patients recording clinical visits.
  • PeaceHealth relocates urgent care amid hospital closure

    Vancouver, Wash.-based PeaceHealth is relocating an urgent care center to a more central location in Eugene, Ore., as it takes steps to close a hospital in the city. 
  • Cleveland Clinic to advise health network in Chile

    Cleveland Clinic has established a joint advisory council with the largest private healthcare network in Chile to share best practices and strategic guidance around patient care and growth. 
  • General Catalyst eyes health system acquisition

    General Catalyst is launching a healthcare company with plans to purchase and operate a health system, the venture firm said Oct. 8. Former Intermountain CEO Marc Harrison, MD, will lead the effort.  

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