• Former lawmaker launches strategic advisory firm focused on healthcare, telecommunications 

    Former Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon has launched Alpine Advisors, a strategic consultancy firm that specializes in the healthcare, energy, telecommunication and technology industries.
  • Becker's Hospital Review 10th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable

    Whether your expertise lies with strategy, leadership, execution or finance, you'll learn something new at Becker's CEO + CFO Roundtable. Join former NBA player Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal and former President George W. Bush this November!
  • How Bingham Memorial Hospital Pivoted Their Patient Financial Engagement Strategy and Increased Monthly Card Revenue

    Bingham Memorial Hospital, a non-profit hospital located in Blackfoot Idaho, strives to provide exquisite patient care in a compassionate manner. Established in 1950, the award-winning healthcare provider has grown from just six doctors to over 140 medical providers and 700 staff. Bingham Memorial offers over 100 types of patient services, including in-patient, out-patient, critical care, emergency, rehabilitation, same day surgery, and transitional care services.
  • Does Your Health System Have a Payment Strategy?

    Your company probably has a detailed growth strategy that covers everything from marketing and sales to diversification and international strategies. But do you have a payment strategy?
  • The issues with do-it-yourself healthcare

    As more people have taken healthcare into their own hands over the course of the pandemic, many are realizing it's not as easy as it seems, The Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 22. 
  • For Hospitals and Patients, We Need New Medical Device ‘Right to Repair’ Laws

    When COVID-19 infections overwhelmed New York City in March 2020, one of the city’s largest health systems lacked space to store badly-needed new medical equipment. Instead, the new equipment was delivered and stored at two Crothall Healthcare warehouses in Melville, N.Y., where our team of biomedical technicians and clinical engineers tested more than 5,000 pieces of medical equipment that was used to help keep patients alive.
  • Hospital executives have questions about hospital-at-home

    The impermanent nature of a waiver flexibility and intensified staffing shortages leave health systems that have not yet moved forward with "hospital-at-home" programs in a policy-driven, wait-and-see limbo. 
  • To transform authorizations, health systems can leverage intelligent automation, strategic partnerships

    Prior authorizations are a burden for providers and patients alike. Many are hopeful, however, that automation could be transformational, putting patients at the center of their financial care journey and letting them access the healthcare they need.
  • 5 steps to energy efficiency and sustainability

    Sustainability, energy, and climate issues are poised to reshape the 21st century. Every organization will need new approaches to seize opportunities, manage risk, and continue to deliver on their core mission. This is particularly true for healthcare organizations where community health expectations heighten the importance of sustainability and climate performance.
  • Viewpoint: Here's how to transition out of the pandemic emergency

    It's time for a shift out of emergency mode into ongoing monitoring of the pandemic, Rajiv Shah, MD, president of the Rockefeller Foundation and a previous administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development, argued in Politico Feb. 11.
  • Public health departments worry about competing with hospitals for staff

    Health departments are worried that the extra pandemic funding they've received won't be sustainable in the long term as they face competition for workers with hospitals, Bloomberg Government reported Feb. 14.
  • Experts tell Senate how to attract healthcare workers

    Easing vaccine mandates, offering debt forgiveness and increased funding for research and training were touted by experts as ways to mitigate healthcare worker shortages, WebMD reported Feb. 14.
  • Using DRIVE to improve flu vaccination rates in your health system

    The flu season fills health system leaders with dread. Asking our healthcare workers to do more during flu season is a big ask for an already overburdened workforce.Until June of 2021, I was in this position as Ambulatory Chief Medical Officer for Prisma Health –the largest health system in South Carolina, serving 1.2 million people. Prisma Health needed a strategic plan that would best address our diverse populations but also recognized the practical realities in our practices. 
  • How telehealth (delivered by world-class doctors) can overcome deadly blockages in patient flow

    Some of the most enduring images of the pandemic will surely be those of severely ill patients lined up on gurneys, waiting for hours, even days, for a critical care or inpatient bed.

    Creating the Context for Change for Employed Network Strategy and Execution
  • What Coca-Cola can teach US healthcare

    Coca-Cola, among other corporate giants, is leading the charge to report accurate data on how its operations affect climate and environment, something the U.S. healthcare industry could use as a model, according to a Yale News article published Feb. 10.
  • Get specialists on board to address patients' longitudinal health

    Many patients move through the healthcare system in silos, receiving treatment for a singular condition while other potential issues go unchecked. Solving this problem requires integrating specialists throughout the care experience, according to a Harvard Business Review article published Feb. 10. 
  • Accelerate Your Analytics Journey with INsights

    Healthcare organizations are drowning in data. There is more data generated per patient in today’s modern healthcare environment than at any other time in history. It can be challenging to go through a large amount of information and determine what is truly important from what isn’t. According to past surveys, data scientists spend 70 to 80 percent of their time on preparation tasks, such as loading and cleansing data. This significantly reduces their ability to be consultants and storytellers of their organizational data.
  • Despite 'Great Resignation,' healthcare jobs in top 10 Google job searches

    People are asking Google about finding new jobs, and their search results reveal an interest in healthcare roles.
  • 2 Dallas hospitals suspended from Human Rights Campaign equality index

    A national LGBTQ rights organization has suspended two Dallas-based hospitals from its healthcare inclusivity scoring system after the two facilities shut a medical program for transgender children to new patients, The Dallas Morning News reported Feb. 10.
  • AHA releases 2022-24 strategic plan 

    In light of the unique challenges faced by hospitals and health systems throughout the pandemic, the American Hospital Association has updated its strategic plan for 2022-24. 

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