• Old shopping malls are being turned into health clinics

    Failing shopping malls are being converted into health clinics across the country as they offer accessibility and convenience to patients, reported Fortune April 25.
  • Becker's Hospital Review 10th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable

    Whether your expertise lies with strategy, leadership, execution or finance, you'll learn something new at Becker's CEO + CFO Roundtable. Join former NBA player Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal and former President George W. Bush this November!
  • 4 ways providers can improve sustainability

    Healthcare providers can make small adjustments to their practice to reduce their carbon footprint, reported the AMA April 19.
  • New Product Launch: Surgical Directions Introduces Merlin Analytics

    Hospitals can maximize their investment in surgical services by leveraging analytics insights from Merlin
  • Health systems aren't ready for patient-centered care, CEOs say

    While patient-centered care is important to healthcare CEOs, some actions may be lagging behind according to a new study, reported UC Denver News April 19.
  • Viewpoint: COVID-19 lessons could spark a health revolution

    Given that the pandemic got many people accustomed to frequent diagnostic tests and scientific terminology, it may have paved the way for a revolution in healthcare, argues Chris Molloy, CEO of Lighthouse Lab, a throughput laboratory based in the U.K. in an April 17 Guardian article.
  • How to turn a hospital lab from a cost center to a profit center — 3 takeaways

    Hospital labs perform a critical function that guides clinical decision-making and impacts patient outcomes — and there is growing pressure for health system leaders to expand labs' orbit of influence.
  • Kaiser to restructure Colorado, Washington operations

    Kaiser Permanente's Colorado and Washington medical groups and health plan have agreed to a new organizational structure and operating model in these two markets, Becker's has learned.
  • US healthcare companies are still operating in Russia — others have left altogether

    Researchers at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute have determined the current operating status of American and international corporations in Russia using regulatory filings, tax documents, company statements, financial analyst reports, media reports and direct contacts. 
  • Workforce resiliency among top growth strategies for health system CEOs, survey finds

    Workforce resiliency and digital transformation were top growth strategies identified by health system CEOs in a study from the University of Colorado Denver and Guidehouse (formerly Navigant), a specialized, global professional services firm. 
  • Morgan Health seeks quality, investment VPs

    JPMorgan Chase's healthcare venture, Morgan Health, is seeking vice presidents for investments and quality, according to its recent job postings.
  • Mark Cuban is ready to say 'no'

    "The goal is to be the low-cost provider for all drugs, period end of story," Mark Cuban said of his drug company. That singular focus requires saying no to a number of avenues and players. 
  • HHS seeks comment on health and climate action plan

    HHS has issued a request for information on its outline of the Environmental Justice Strategy and Implementation Plan for 2022. 
  • 3 healthcare trends cited in GAO's latest future trends report

    Innovation, biological catastrophe and health technology are touted as some of the top trends that government and society should be prepared to respond to according to the Government Accountability Office.
  • Person-centered care is failing older people of color, low income groups

    Older adults who are low income and non-white have more issues getting their preferences heard by health systems, according to a March 22 study. 
  • HHS reveals strategy on social determinants of health

    HHS has developed three strategy areas to address social determinants of health, focusing on data, improved connections between health and social services and a whole-government approach, according to a March 31 article published on JAMA Network.
  • Why providers must see patients as consumers — 4 takeaways

    About 80 percent of what affects health outcomes happens outside of a provider's office. In addition, at any given time, only 15 percent of the people in a population are in a "patient state"; the other 85 percent are in a "consumer mode."
  • Rural areas struggle with paramedic shortage

    Paramedics are sorely needed in rural areas, where small numbers of them are left to cover large areas. Difficulty recruiting and retaining such workers is straining rural health systems, Kaiser Health News reported April 7.
  • Ascension renames 15 Illinois hospitals

    Ascension has renamed 15 Illinois hospitals after finalizing the unwinding of a joint venture with AdventHealth. 
  • 10 trends in the future of healthcare

    Healthcare is moving into a more collaborative, personalized and value-based model that  takes patient preference into heart, according to a March 24 McKinsey report. Using research as well as expert testimony, the consultancy rounded up 10 trends that are shaping the future of healthcare.
  • Why data-driven planning will work for healthcare — 4 takeaways

    The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted challenges health systems face with financial planning in a highly dynamic environment. In many healthcare organizations, the pandemic has been a catalyst to reevaluate current planning tools and processes.

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