• Making the most of hospital price transparency

    As we mentioned in our previous post, CMS has implemented additional hospital price transparency requirements for 2024.
  • UT Southwestern, Children's Health are getting a new 'crown jewel'

    Dallas-based Children's Health and UT Southwestern have partnered for some 60 years, and with the population of children in their service area set to double by 2050, they're making plans to meet growing demand for decades to come with a new $5 billion pediatric health campus, set to open in the next six or seven years.
  • Impact Advisors Receives 3 Best in KLAS Awards: #1 Overall IT Services Firm, Financial Improvement Consulting and ERP Implementation Leadership

    CHICAGO (Feb. 7, 2024) —Impact Advisors, a leading healthcare management consulting firm, has been named Best in KLAS #1 Overall IT Services Firm and #1 Best in KLAS for Financial Improvement Consulting Services and ERP Implementation Leadership in the “2024 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report”. The firm has earned 31 KLAS distinctions over the last seventeen years. 
  • Transform Your Hospital Operations: A Virtual Summit

    See how your peers are reimagining hospital operations using AI. Join this virtual event here.
  • Unlocking and scaling the potential of genomics through strategic partnerships

    In an interactive session at Becker's 11th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable, James Lu, MD, PhD, CEO of Helix, a company that partners with health systems and other organizations to implement enterprise-wide genomics programs, led a discussion on the future of genomics in healthcare.
  • Meeting demand: Empowering healthcare providers to build and sustain outpatient practices with clinical, operational and financial expertise

    Over the next decade, outpatient volumes are expected to grow significantly.
  • Cedars-Sinai partners on pickleball

    Cedars-Sinai has partnered up to support the fastest-growing recreational sport in America: pickleball. 
  • The Economic and Clinical Impact of Improving Blood Collection

    Recent research conducted by Becker's Hospital Review in 2023 indicates that hospital C-suites are seeking technology solutions engineered to address gaps in nurse training and hands-on experience with vital care tasks. With nurses often pressed for time at patients' bedsides, there is concern that key infection control steps may be overlooked, leading to poor practice. While nurses may be reluctant to adopt new workflows, hospital leadership recognizes the long-term cost savings and improved outcomes associated with these technologies.
  • eBook: What is the status quo costing you? Strategies to reduce nurse attrition and labor cost

    Staff shortages are the reason 60% of nurses feel they don't have control of their careers. See if your retention strategy is falling short + 6 steps to fix it.
  • Retailers struggle with optics: 'If they can't clean a bathroom, how can they present themselves as a provider of healthcare?'

    As retailers looked to move further into healthcare provision, their consumer experience stood as something of a threat to legacy healthcare providers. Lately, that competitive edge seems a little less sharp. 
  • Inside Jackson Memorial's $300M ED expansion: 'We have to engage every stakeholder'

     A major expansion project that will more than triple the size of the emergency department at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami is underway. The full project isn't slated to wrap until early 2027, but leaders aren't waiting to make improvements to current operations and patient care processes. 
  • Investing in the future of the hospital laboratory

    The laboratory sits at a unique position in a patient’s diagnostic journey. The information that’s generated from a laboratory test is the critical link between a patient with a medical question and a physician with a definitive answer. Test results not only set patients on the right course but also guide their care throughout the entire treatment process.
  • Healthcare M&A quarterly update: Q4 2023

    We are happy to announce ECG’s Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Update for Q4 of 2023!
  • From hospital assets to creating healthy communities: How partnerships & investments can pave the road forward for health systems

    Healthcare is in the middle of what seems like a never-ending roller coaster of change. With new disruptions and disruptors emerging daily, traditional health systems have two choices: lean in and adapt or fall behind as the challenges of change in healthcare become insurmountable. Many health systems across the country are thinking about how they can modernize core operations while also embracing the shift to value-based care by expanding into new value-generation opportunities. 
  • 2024 advanced practice provider market outlook

    Join leaders from ECG’s Physician Compensation division in discussing key trends and the 2024 market outlook for advanced practice providers (APPs).
  • TESS: How HHS’ Technology Enabled Support Services are Transforming Healthcare

    Hospital leaders are exploring innovative strategies to reduce their overall operating costs in the current landscape of rising labor expenses and inflation.
  • More CEOs doubt 10-year company survival: PwC survey

    A growing number of CEOs question whether their company's current path will take them beyond the next 10 years.
  • Healthcare facilities must take a more strategic, clinical approach in building innovative staffing models

    Demand for advanced practice providers (APPs) has grown exponentially in recent years, and 74% of healthcare organizations surveyed by LocumTenens.com answered affirmatively when asked, “Do you plan to expand APP coverage?”, signaling that the market for providers who improve patient access to care and help reduce physician burnout is poised for more growth. This and other findings are available in a recently released report, “Innovation & Flexibility: The Journey to Sustainable Healthcare.”  
  • Why building partnerships are essential for growth in healthcare

    In an interactive session at the Becker's 11th CEO + CFO Roundtable, Ken Leonczyk, senior vice president of provider partnership strategy at Optum, and Chris Pass, the company's president of market performance partnerships, emphasized that partnerships are crucial for survival and growth, as they provide access to resources, expertise and influence. They also highlighted the need for shared goals, vision and culture in a partnership. 
  • How AI is transforming payers' business, workforce + member experiences — 3 roundtable takeaways

    During an interactive session at Becker's Payer Issues Roundtable, two leaders from Microsoft, Divya Varshney, senior director of global healthcare marketing, and Amy Berk, MSN, RN, director of population health, led a discussion on the potential of artificial intelligence and generative AI in healthcare.
  • 'Study the well-being of your people': How to combat physician burnout

    In an interactive session at the Becker's 11th CEO + CFO Roundtable moderated by Tammi Neukom of SCP Health, Bentley Tate, MD, SCP Health’s wellness advocate, discussed physician burnout. He said the assault on physicians' well-being often begins a decade before they start their first job and cited studies showing high levels of burnout and emotional distress among medical students and physicians. 
  • Stanford designs new morgue space with families in mind

    Palo Alto, Calif.-based Stanford Health Care has opened a new space to boost pathologists' efficiency and aid families in bereavement following a patient death. 

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