• 6 healthcare companies with low-integrity climate plans

    Although many healthcare giants pledged to cut their emissions 100 percent through net neutrality or carbon-zero policies, a new analysis shows they are committing to less. 
  • Becker's Hospital Review 10th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable

    Whether your expertise lies with strategy, leadership, execution or finance, you'll learn something new at Becker's CEO + CFO Roundtable. Join former NBA player Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal and former President George W. Bush this November!
  • 1 health startup is meeting people where they are  — even if it's the laundromat 

    Startup Fabric Health is partnering with laundromats to provide customers waiting for their loads to be done with healthcare services from blood pressure checks to mammograms, Fast Company reported Feb. 2. 
  • Al Gore: Home-based care is central to sustainability efforts

    Al Gore, former vice president and a staunch environmentalist, said home-based care is central to making healthcare more sustainable, homehealthcarenews.com reported Feb. 7. 
  • CVS Health's emissions reduction target draws skepticism

    Despite an increase in corporations pledging more environmentally friendly policies, many plans are inadequate, according to a new report by a company that advocates for action on climate change. One corporation drawing scrutiny is CVS Health, as it soared past its carbon emissions reduction target before it was even announced, The Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 7. 
  • How minimally invasive technologies help hospitals and health systems achieve their most important goals

    Leaders from more than 1,100 hospitals and health systems joined Intuitive 360, a virtual event held Nov. 4-5, 2021, to explore ways to advance the possibilities of minimally invasive care, the breadth of Intuitive’s ecosystem and the benefits and best practices of robotic surgery.
  • 3 leadership actions that will help hospitals secure full anesthesia coverage

    Hospitals have been struggling for years to ensure adequate anesthesia coverage, but COVID-19 may be the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.
  • What leadings hospitals are doing to continue advancing robotic-assisted surgery — Top 10 questions from 2021 answered

    As the pandemic has continued to disrupt healthcare — including surgical services — hospital and health system leaders have employed a variety of resourceful strategies and best practices to deal with their most significant challenges.
  • HCA, Tenet invest more than $10.7B in expansion

    Two of the largest for-profit hospital operators — HCA Healthcare and Tenet Healthcare — are making major investments in expansion. 
  • 'Broken beyond repair': Staff fed up as 80% of hospitals under high or extreme stress

    Despite the decline in COVID-19 hospitalizations, in the last week of January 2022, 80 percent of U.S hospitals were under high or extreme stress from COVID-19, The Guardian reported Feb. 4. 
  • How 1 Chicago safety-net hospital keeps trudging on

    Chicago-based Advocate Trinity Hospital has suffered through seemingly relentless crises since the start of the pandemic, much like many other hospitals. As the omicron surge subsides, it is trying to find a way forward, The Atlantic reported Feb. 2.
  • The 2021 chest pain guideline: what does it mean for your CV program?

    With the endorsement of multiple medical societies, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) recently published the first clinical guideline devoted to the evaluation and management of adult patients presenting with a complaint of chest pain.
  • Reflect on your language, female medical professionals ask 

    An inappropriate joke or outdated phrase may not at first appear to be harmful. However, language holds power, and some female medical professionals are asking their colleagues to evaluate the language they use to ensure it is respectful and inclusive.
  • Cybersecurity in healthcare: Working with the board on high-risk issues

    Cyberattacks are on the rise. Several prominent data breaches and ransomware attacks have healthcare cybersecurity leaders and boards hypervigilant about the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. 
  • How implementing care-at-home programs can reshape hospital strategy

    "Hospital-at-home" programs are increasing in popularity with patients, and health systems are beginning to realize the potential cost benefits and improved health outcomes of these programs, according to a report published by consulting firm McKinsey & Company Feb. 2. 
  • 8 policy recommendations for improving health equity from 58 CEOs 

    Across social determinants of care, access to care and medical innovation, many policies could be implemented to improve health equity. Here are eight, pulled from a Feb. 1 report from the National Health Council.
  • Accurate from the Start

    Digitizing the patient intake process pays dividends down the road In healthcare, helping patients achieve the best outcome begins with making sure they have crucial knowledge to guide healthy choices. Gathering the right information from the start is essential for patients and providers. It all begins with the patient intake process, which often means patients completing paper forms on clipboards.
  • How Lehigh Valley Health Network improved morale and fostered a sense of community — 4 takeaways

    As the pandemic continues, healthcare organizations are working to support staff amid chronic employee exhaustion and low morale. To mitigate these issues, Allentown, Pa.-based Lehigh Valley Health Network created LVHN Insider, a robust, responsive communications platform using Firstup.
  • IU-led global health partnership expands to Ghana, Mexico

    The Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare, a global health program led by Indianapolis-based Indiana University and developed in Kenya, will launch new partnership sites in Tamale, Ghana, and Puebla, Mexico, according to statements shared with Becker's.
  • Top 2022 Health Predictions on Shifting Consumer Behavior

    The NRC Health 2022 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report, the leading provider of in-depth customer  intelligence in healthcare, highlights consumers’ evolving preferences and behaviors related to crucial healthcare trends and offers insight into how provider organizations can recapture patient volumes in  2022. 
  • How the No Surprises Act is affecting practices: 3 compliance officers weigh in 

    The No Surprises Act prompted many health practices and hospitals to act quickly to ensure they were in line with the law.

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