• Meet Covera Health, the company Walmart trusts to intercept diagnostic errors for 1.1 million lives

    In 2012, Ron Vianu grew intellectually curious about something. He was working at a fast-growing referral management platform in New York at the time and began to uncover what he describes as a major disconnect between payers and providers over radiology.
  • Why your hospital leadership meeting may need silence

    Leadership teams should embrace silence in meetings as a way to prevent groupthink and provide space for innovative ideas to arise, educators with the University of North Carolina Charlotte wrote for Harvard Business Review.
  • Hospital leaders, take note: Employees learn best when they learn less, CEO of training startup says

    Employee training programs are often a large investment for companies, including hospitals and health systems. But often there is no measure of how these programs affect behavior change, Laszlo Bock, CEO of training startup Humu, wrote for Harvard Business Review.
  • Physician viewpoint: 8 commitments your organization should make to reduce burnout

    Hospitals and health systems can combat physician and staff burnout by endorsing the Charter on Physician Well-Being, which lists eight recommendations to improve physician well-being, according to a study published in JAMA Network and cited by an American Medical Association post.
  • 3 strategies for clinically integrated networks to achieve financial success

    Over the past decade, health systems have invested significant resources in forming clinically integrated networks, which are legal partnerships with physicians that permit the collective facilitation of coordinated care and single signature value-based contracts. However, many CINs are struggling to achieve optimal financial performance and an adequate return on these investments as they fail to generate shared savings for both physicians and health systems.
  • Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation rebrands to reflect statewide reach

    The Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation, a nonprofit agency aimed at improving childhood health and wellness, is changing its name, according to the Detroit Free Press.
  • Atlanta suburb plans housing near hospital to attract millennial employees 

    Northside Hospital Forsyth in Cumming, Ga., will soon have an eight-story hotel and conference center, as well as a multifamily housing development, designed to provide patient families a place to stay and lure more millennial workers to the area, according to Forsyth County News.
  • Tampa General CEO wants to create a medical district 

    Tampa (Fla.) General Hospital's chief executive has a vision for downtown Tampa to attract more physicians and researchers to the area, according to a report from the Tampa Bay Times.
  • Tenet to move headquarters out of Dallas

    Tenet Healthcare plans to move its headquarters from Dallas to Farmers Branch, Texas, as part of a cost-cutting move, according to the Dallas Morning News.
  • Why Arizona's suburbs are telling for healthcare in 2020

    In Arizona, residents are concerned about healthcare as the 2020 election approaches, an issue that may sway many independent and suburban voters to vote for candidates based on healthcare over party affiliation, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • The 16 health systems to which Walmart sends employees for care

    Through its Centers of Excellence program, Walmart partners with health systems that have demonstrated appropriate, high-quality care and outcomes for defined episodes of care.
  • 10 things to know about Optum, the $101B healthcare company keeping hospital execs up at night

    Hospital and health system leaders may have a difficult time defining Optum — the fastest-growing unit of the largest health insurer in the country — as a competitor or a collaborator.
  • Creating sustainable value for hospitals & ASCs in a consumer-driven world

    Peter Doerner, NAPA's Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer writes, "It’s a challenging time to be running a health system or Ambulatory Surgery Center. With the healthcare industry caught in a legislative standstill, hospital and ASC executives must now juggle their current high-cost structures with shifts in consumer behavior, case volume and the payer mix. Now more than ever, administrators need a true partner in their anesthesia department. Strong onsite anesthesia leadership can have a significant impact on a hospital’s culture and financial performance." Editor's note: this article was originally posted on NAPA's website Please click here to continue
  • Why pre-surgical testing? It increases both patient and surgeon satisfaction

    Dr. Steven Herling, Physician at North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA), Director of Perioperative Medicine at Northwell Health in Manhasset, NY, writes, "It’s been said that change is good—and hard. In considering how standardizing presurgical testing can maximize the satisfaction of hospitals, surgeons, and patients, there are solid medical and fiscal benefits to be reaped by making changes to the old protocol.”
  • Taking forever for your team to make a decision? 3 ways to fix that

    Decision-making processes are broken: It takes too long to arrive at a solution, and even after spending so much time deliberating, the outcome may still be less than successful. According to a recent McKinsey survey, this frustrating process wastes 530,000 days' worth of managers' time — the equivalent of $250 million — at a typical Fortune 500 company.
  • Texas Health Resources restructures operations

    Arlington-based Texas Health Resources is replacing its current zone-based operations model with a channel strategy.
  • DC conference speakers shed light on healthcare's blind spots

    Some of the most compelling speakers at the 16th Annual World Health Care Congress this week in Washington, D.C., were those who see healthcare from the outside looking in, extending an opportunity for hospitals, health systems and legacy players in the industry to take a good hard look in the mirror.
  • 'Anywhere but Indiana' — Why employers are avoiding hospitals in the Hoosier State

    Indiana's high hospital prices may be deterring new businesses from the state, according to the Indy Star.
  • Walmart has no shelf space for hospitals' shoddy healthcare

    If you want to witness one of the most compelling examples of healthcare "disruption" today, gather hospital and health system leaders in a room and hand a microphone to Lisa Woods, senior director of U.S. Health Care at Walmart. 
  • 5 key insights to boost hospital operational efficiency: Q&A with Philips consulting director

    Rick McCraw, RN, CEN, FACHE brings more than 30 years of emergency, trauma, and physician practice leadership experience to his role as director of client development and operations for the Healthcare Transformation Services group within Philips.

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