• Cleveland Clinic, NBA team partner on pro athlete training facility

    Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ohio's NBA team, have revealed conceptual plans for the Cleveland Clinic Global Peak Performance Center. 
  • How three healthcare organizations successfully created connected patient experiences

    Healthcare systems continue to struggle with labor shortages alongside increasing patient volume and expectations. One successful solution revolves around consolidation of technologies and vendors to create a more connected patient experience from the moment a patient begins seeking care through final payment.
  • CommonSpirit launches Population Health Services

    Chicago-based CommonSpirit Health launched its Population Health Services Organization, a national value-based services platform, on Sept. 20. 
  • Transform Your Hospital Operations: A Virtual Summit

    See how your peers are reimagining hospital operations using AI. Join this virtual event here.
  • HCA's CEO wants to do more research

    Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare CEO Sam Hazen sees a big opportunity for the largest health system in the U.S. in an unlikely place: research, according to the Nashville Business Journal.
  • Finvi enhances functionality of Artiva HCx with new denial management suite

    Finvi, a leading provider of enterprise workflow automation software built to accelerate revenue recovery and simplify the payment process, announced that it has enhanced its industry-leading Artiva HCx® solution with a new Denial Management Suite designed to make the denial process more efficient for revenue cycle management (RCM) departments in the healthcare industry.
  • Balancing it all: Leveraging value analysis for healthcare innovation, quality and cost control

    Tasked with driving innovation and improving quality while simultaneously controlling costs, healthcare leaders are in an incredibly difficult position. As healthcare costs continue to rise, these challenges become even more critical. Some leaders are leaning on a proven, strategic framework for support.
  • The workforce strategy imperative: How to ensure your largest expense is also your greatest asset

    In the wake of the pandemic, healthcare leaders were compelled to implement innovative and resilient solutions to support their teams in caring for patients. While these quick fixes served their purpose during the crisis, they weren’t designed for the long term. With the conclusion of the public health emergency, healthcare executives must now focus on rebuilding their workforces strategically, emphasizing both organizational flexibility and cost containment.
  • eBook: What is the status quo costing you? Strategies to reduce nurse attrition and labor cost

    Staff shortages are the reason 60% of nurses feel they don't have control of their careers. See if your retention strategy is falling short + 6 steps to fix it.
  • Clinical IT Service Desk: Your New Model for Strategic IT Operations?

    Today, clinical teams and patients expect healthcare technology to work — every time, any time. With technology touchpoints dispersed across the health system and care continuum, now, perhaps more than ever, quiet and reliable IT operations are a must.
  • How Allina Health is advancing the 'quintuple aim' with general & acute da Vinci surgeries

    Health system leaders are feeling the pressure to accomplish more with less.
  • Magnet designation: How ChristianaCare is using this recognition program as a focal point for improving patient outcomes

    The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program is considered the gold standard across the healthcare sector for nursing excellence.1 ChristianaCare in Newark, Del., achieved its first Magnet designation in 2010, was re-designated in 2015 and 2020 and is now applying for re-designation once again.
  • AI will power the future of medicine, it’s just a matter of who has a seat at the table.

    We are surrounded by technological innovation throughout our daily lives, and yet, as a society, we are complacent when it comes to the “old world” software model that underpins our US healthcare system.
  • Diagnosing, optimizing, and funding your next EHR implementation to combat provider burnout

    The current healthcare landscape is challenging as costs continue to rise across the industry, with experts predicting an additional seven percent increase next year. Additionally, hundreds of hospitals, especially in rural communities, are at serious risk of closing their doors permanently, which not only impacts access to quality care but a primary employment source for the community.
  • Creative approaches solve extreme access challenges

    Highlights from our conversation with: Ivar Mendez, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Surgery and Director of the Virtual Care and Remote Presence Robotics Programs, University of Saskatchewan Howard Rubin, Chief Information Officer, Evara Health Shawn Valenta, Vice President of Healthcare Cloud – Clinical Services, Wellpath
  • Five considerations for improving hospital financial performance

    Across the US, hospitals are facing unprecedented financial challenges.
  • How Emergency Medicine Providers Can Improve Their Bargaining Power During Open Negotiation and IDR

    Medicine is not the glamorous profession it once was. Between the annual Medicare rebalancing of fee schedules and payers’ wily and sometimes deceitful tactics to minimize their responsibility, the financial pressure on providers is reaching the breaking point. 
  • Generative AI in health care: The hype, the realities and the possibilities

    Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days. And while the hype is mostly warranted, I think it is important to have a clear understanding of what generative AI is and how it can be used in health care.
  • Healthcare Upside/Down Podcast Series

    This podcast series is brought to you by Becker’s Healthcare and ECG Management Consultants. ECG is a leading consulting firm that has worked exclusively with healthcare organizations for more than 50 years and helps them achieve their most critical goals. 1.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Healthcare Mergers Unveiled Join Molly Gamble in this special episode of the Becker's Healthcare & ECG Management Consultants Healthcare Upside/Down Podcast as she engages in a thought-provoking conversation with two distinguished guests - Cathy Jacobson, the President and CEO of Froedtert Health, a prominent healthcare system in Milwaukee, and Dr. Tim Babineau, Principal at ECG Management Consultants. 2.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Leading a Diverse Health System - with Adventist Health CEO and ECG Management Consultants Join us for an engaging episode of the Becker's Healthcare Podcast featuring thought leaders Kerry Heinrich, President & CEO of Adventist Health, Kevin P. Forster, Principal at ECG Management Consultants, and Molly Gamble, Vice President of Editorial & Editor-in-Chief at Becker's Hospital Review. In this episode, we delve into the complex world of leading a diverse health system while striking a balance between urban and rural healthcare delivery. Our experts will explore the challenges and strategies involved in serving diverse populations and markets while maintaining consistent patient care experiences. Tune in as we discuss topics such as service line rationalization, clinical coordination, and the crucial role of physician enterprise recruitment, retention, and productivity across disparate healthcare landscapes. 3.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Strategic Metrics and Autonomy: Navigating the New Era of Healthcare Integration with CFO Nick Barcellona and ECG Partners Dan Harrison and Malita Scott  Join Molly Gamble, along with Nick Barcellona, CFO at WVU Medicine, Dan Harrison, partner with ECG, and Malita Scott, partner with ECG, as they explore the upsides and downsides of healthcare and the industry's current trends. In this episode, the focus is on Physician Enterprise Return on Investments, diving into the evolving dynamics of hospital-physician relationships. Nick shares insights from WVU Medicine's perspective, emphasizing the shift towards value-based contracting and the impact on margins. The conversation explores the challenges health systems face in extracting value from physician enterprises and the importance of strategic alignment, transparency, and metrics beyond financials. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on navigating the changing landscape of healthcare partnerships and optimizing physician enterprise performance.  
  • How systems are slimming the C-suite

    The summer has marked a period of transformation for health system C-suites as industry pressures mount. Some executives are absorbing the jobs of two individuals in an increased push toward integration. 
  • Overcoming clinical staffing challenges through positive environments: Four strategies for hospital leaders

    In a time of staffing uncertainty, what steps can help healthcare facilities create dependable operating room (OR) teams? By implementing these four strategies, hospitals can foster work environments that engage clinicians, enabling organizations to withstand current staffing challenges and continue to deliver high-quality care to their patients.

    Supplying your organization with the latest and greatest technology may feel like trying to keep up with the Joneses. Everyone else seems to have an IT infrastructure that blows yours out of the water – but how could you possibly afford what they have? You’re not alone – many business owners believe they can’t make room in the budget for better technology solutions. Luckily, finding the money to upgrade your infrastructure isn’t as unattainable as it may seem with a telecom audit.

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