• Iowa hospitals treat multiple victims from school shooting; 1 dead, 5 injured

    Multiple victims from a mass shooting at Perry High School in Perry, Iowa, the morning of Jan. 4 have been taken to Iowa Methodist Medical Center and MercyOne in Des Moines, a spokesperson for the hospitals confirmed to Becker's.
  • Cost of treating COVID patients has risen 26% since 2020

    When the pandemic began in 2020, providing care to hospitalized COVID-19 patients cost hospitals around $10,394 per patient. Since then, the price to provide the same inpatient care climbed by 26% to $13,072 in just two years, according to the research published Jan. 3 in JAMA. 
  • New York health officials report rise in whooping cough cases

    New York state health officials are reporting a rise in cases of pertussis, also known as whooping cough. 
  • 13 states with 'very high' respiratory virus levels

    COVID-19 and flu admissions continue to climb across the country, with the majority of states now reporting high levels of respiratory virus activity. 
  • 4 states where mask mandates have returned as virus counts climb

    As hospitalizations and case counts increase for COVID-19, flu and respiratory syncytial virus nationwide following the holiday season, some places have brought back mask policies to curb the spike.
  • AI to predict the severity of COVID variants

    Artificial intelligence may be able to detect and predict severity of new COVID-19 variants, according to a study published Jan. 2 in PNAS Nexus.
  • Clinicians warn of infection risks tied to med spas

    Lack of oversight and increasing reports of infection are causing physicians to sound alarm bells about risks related to medical spas.
  • Larger virus admission bumps expected in January: 3 updates

    With holiday gatherings wrapping up, experts anticipate further increases in hospitalizations for respiratory illnesses over the next few weeks.
  • 10 states where COVID admissions are highest, rising fastest

    CDC data shows new COVID-19 hospitalizations increased for the sixth week straight, with nearly 26,000 admissions reported for the week ending Dec. 16. 
  • JN.1 prevalence, by state

    The omicron subvariant JN.1 has been identified in at least 37 states and the District of Columbia as of Dec. 18, according to outbreak.info, a platform that tracks data on COVID-19 variants and is supported by the CDC and other national research groups.
  • Pediatric cases of RSV lead to more hospitalizations than omicron, flu

    Pediatric cases of respiratory syncytial virus led to more emergency hospitalizations than the omicron variant of COVID-19 and influenza, according to a study published Dec. 26 in JAMA.
  • 23 states with high respiratory virus levels

    Outpatient visits for respiratory illnesses have risen for the seventh week in a row, according to the CDC. COVID-19, flu and RSV hospitalizations are also up across the country. 
  • Expert concerns grow over subscription style healthcare

    A combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, physician shortages, and delays to receive in-person care have led to the boom of subscription-style healthcare services that promise a fast review of symptoms and streamlined ordering of prescriptions. But experts are questioning if this is truly the answer medicine needs, according to CBS News.
  • Virus ED visits jump 21%: 4 hospital trends to know

    Heading into the week of Christmas, new hospitalizations and emergency department visits for respiratory viruses continued to rise nationwide. 
  • COVID variant JN.1 dominates US

    First detected in September, the latest COVID-19 variant to emerge, JN.1, has rapidly spread and now accounts for 44.1% of cases in the U.S., according to CDC data.
  • Lose 1 million pounds in 3 years: Methodist Le Bonheur's audacious public health goal

    When Michael Ugwueke, DHA, FACHE, president and CEO of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, realized his community of Memphis was ranked as the second heaviest city in the U.S., he decided to take action.
  • How flu cases compare to past seasons

    Outpatient visits for flu-like illness continue to rise as flu activity increases in most parts of the country, according to the CDC's Dec. 22 FluView report.
  • Colorado sees 1st measles case in 5 years

    A Colorado resident has tested positive for measles this month, marking the state's first case since January 2019, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment said Dec. 20.
  • 10 states where COVID admissions are highest, rising fastest

    New COVID-19 admissions continue to increase in the U.S., with 23,432 reported for the week ending Dec. 9. 
  • Pressure to attend gatherings leading to overuse of cold medicines

    With the days of social distancing mostly behind us, increasing pressure and anticipation to get back to gatherings, show up in person for work and more are leading Americans to overuse cold and allergy medicines to mask symptoms from regular colds to ensure their attendance, Bloomberg reported Dec. 20.

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