• 10 states with high levels of respiratory virus activity

    Ten states and New York City reported high levels of respiratory virus activity for the week ending Nov. 18, the latest CDC data shows. 
  • COVID-19 ED visits, hospitalizations, deaths up: 4 updates

    The U.S. is seeing a 9.7% rise in COVID-19 hospital admissions — 18,119 in the most recent week — according to CDC data. Emergency department visits for the virus have also gone up during the same time period by nearly 2% and deaths increased by 8.3%, as of Nov. 18.
  • CDC probes cluster of ocular syphilis cases

    A CDC investigation into a cluster of rare, ocular syphilis cases that cropped up in southwestern Michigan between March and July 2022 found that the incidents may be linked by an unidentified strain of Treponema pallidum — the bacterium that causes syphilis. 
  • UK reports 1st human case of new swine flu strain

    Health officials in the U.K. have confirmed the country's first human case of a new swine flu variant typically found in pigs. 
  • WHO names BA.2.86 variant of interest as it triples in spread

    COVID-19 omicron strain BA.2.86 is now a variant of interest after nearly tripling in prevalence. 
  • Virus season in full swing: 2 hospital trends to know

    Respiratory virus season is in full swing across the U.S., with flu, COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus metrics all on the rise. 
  • Alzheimer's is 'a woman's health issue,' Cleveland Clinic says

    Women may be more prone to developing Alzheimer's disease because of differences in immune function, cellular metabolism and communication between brain cells, according to Cleveland Clinic researchers. 
  • Flu hospitalizations climb for 3rd week in a row: 7 notes

    For the third straight week, flu hospitalizations have climbed in the U.S., according to new CDC data.
  • WHO probes respiratory illness surge in China: 4 notes

    The World Health Organization is monitoring a surge of respiratory illnesses among children in China, which health officials in the country say is due to known pathogens and not "any unusual or novel pathogens." 
  • COVID-19 vaccine uptake is 'lower than we’d like to see,' CDC says

    Only 14% of Americans have received the latest COVD-19 vaccine, which the CDC said is below where the agency would like vaccine uptake to be. 
  • Pregnancy, postpartum drug overdoses have increased 3x

    Drug overdose deaths have tripled for U.S. mothers between the age of 35 to 40, but also substantially increased across all ages, races, ethnicities, educational and marital status, according to a Nov. 22 report from the National Institutes of Health.
  • 2 years in, Omicron's mystery remains

    Omicron is circumventing precedents set up by earlier COVID-19 strains, alpha and delta, and the two-year anniversary of its arrival is teaching a new lesson on why one mutation is continuing to dominate, The New York Times reported Nov. 21. 
  • Long COVID patients 76% likely to become reinfected: Study

    Patients who contracted COVID-19 in early 2020 and later got long COVID have a 76% chance of becoming reinfected, according to a study published Nov. 21 in The Lancet. 
  • 10 states where COVID-19 admissions are highest, rising fastest

    COVID-19 hospitalizations are ticking back up in the U.S. after more than two months of mostly trending downward or remaining flat, according to the latest available data from the CDC. 
  • Experts stress vigilance in holiday plans to prevent hospital strain: 4 notes

    Hospital and public health officials are urging people to take precautions and be mindful of where they seek care to limit capacity strain on emergency departments as respiratory virus activity heats up heading into the holiday season. 
  • The disease at the center of the $261M Johns Hopkins verdict

    Complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, is a rare, difficult to diagnose condition at the center of the recent $261 million verdict against Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.
  • US expands distribution of free COVID tests ahead of holidays

    Every U.S. household is again eligible to order four free COVID-19 tests from the federal government beginning Nov. 20, according to COVIDTests.gov — one of the few remaining places to request the free rapid tests.
  • 7 states with high levels of respiratory virus activity

    Seven states and Washington, D.C., are seeing high levels of respiratory virus activity heading into Thanksgiving week, according to the latest CDC data. 
  • Flu admissions jump ahead of Thanksgiving: 4 CDC notes

    Flu activity continues to increase across the U.S., according to the latest CDC data. For the week ending Nov. 11, 2,721 patients with laboratory-confirmed flu cases were admitted to a hospital — up from 1,962 the week prior. 
  • CDC, WHO report alarming rise in measles cases, deaths

    About 22 million children who were eligible for measles vaccinations in 2022 did not receive them, according to a joint report from the CDC and the World Health Organization, published Nov. 17. Not only has it left a large population of children susceptible to infection and outbreaks — risk of death is also rising.

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