• Flu activity, state by state

    As of late December, flu activity was highest in South Carolina and lowest in Vermont, CDC data shows. 
  • COVID admissions jump 51% in 4 weeks: 5 hospital trends to know

    Respiratory virus season is well underway, and with holiday travel plans approaching, the CDC said it anticipates millions of people to get sick over the next two months, particularly as vaccination rates remain low. 
  • 17 states report high respiratory virus levels as COVID admissions rise

    A growing number of states are reporting high levels of respiratory virus activity as COVID-19 and flu admissions continue to rise across the country, according to updated CDC data. 
  • Flu climbs for 6th week: 7 FluView notes

    Seasonal flu activity is up again for the sixth week in a row. According to the CDC, there were 7,090 flu-related hospitalizations in the last week, compared to 5,753 the week before.
  • COVID hospital admissions up 3%: 6 notes

    As COVID-19-related hospital admissions have risen for another week in a row — 23,432 in the most recently reported week — the CDC is also alerting clinicians to low vaccination rates, urging them to emphasize its importance in preventing severe infection.
  • CDC: MIS-C cases on the rise

    The CDC has issued an alert to clinicians warning of rising cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children following COVID-19 infections.
  • How long will it take to understand long COVID?

    In 2023, infectious disease research inched closer to, but still fell short of, conclusively landing on a standard definition for long COVID. There's still much to discover about how the post-infection condition manifests in some patients, but not others, as well as therapeutic solutions and for what length of time long COVID may actually last, experts told Becker's.
  • Americans' physical health has worsened since pandemic: 4 findings

    The physical health of adults in the U.S. has significantly deteriorated since the COVID-19 pandemic, with obesity and diabetes rates at or nearing record highs, a new Gallup report shows.
  • New COVID variant makes up 21% of US cases: What to know

    JN.1 is now the fastest-growing COVID-19 variant in the U.S., accounting for around 21% of cases, data from the CDC shows.
  • 15 states with high levels of respiratory virus activity

    Fifteen states and New York City reported high levels of respiratory virus activity for the week ending Dec. 2, up from 10 states the previous week, according to newly updated CDC data. 
  • RSV may have peaked, data shows

    Data from the CDC and anecdotal reports form hospital officials suggest respiratory syncytial virus infections have peaked in the U.S., allaying concerns that the nation could see simultaneous surges of COVID-19, flu and RSV.
  • Flu cases rise for a 5th week: 8 FluView notes

    Flu activity is continuing to rise across the country for a fifth week in a row, with 5,753 patients admitted to hospitals due to confirmed flu cases, according to CDC data published Dec. 8. 
  • COVID admissions up for 4th week straight: Where they're highest, rising fastest

    New COVID-19 admissions were up nearly 18% for the week ending Dec. 2, marking the fourth straight week of increase. 
  • Tennessee health officials see surge of mpox cases

    Officials at the Metro Public Health Department in Nashville and Davidson County, Tenn., are reporting an uptick in mpox cases, leading it to offer a vaccine clinic a day after the announcement was made.
  • Home Test to Treat program now available nationwide

    The Home Test to Treat program piloted earlier this year by the National Institutes of Health, the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response and the CDC, is now available nationwide, according to a Dec. 6 news release.
  • The prevalence of chronic fatigue syndrome: 4 notes

    An estimated 3.3 million adults are living with chronic fatigue syndrome in the U.S., suggests CDC data released Dec. 8.   
  • CDC warns clinicians of more severe mpox strain

    The CDC issued a health alert Dec. 7 advising clinicians and public health officials in the U.S. to watch for cases of mpox and enhance surveillance as a more transmissible and severe subtype of the disease, clade I, spreads in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
  • 4 notes on JN.1, a new COVID-19 variant on experts' radar

    As COVID-19 metrics pick up steam in the U.S, experts are keeping an eye on the growth of a new variant and how it may affect transmission levels in the coming weeks. 
  • 40M postpartum women have lingering health issues

    More than a third of mothers — around 40 million women — are affected by lingering health issues after giving birth, according to a new study published Dec. 6 in The Lancet Global Health.
  • Virus-packed holiday season ahead for US, experts say

    COVID-19 and flu levels across the nation are picking up steam, with health officials anticipating further increases as the holiday season kicks off. 

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