• Flu shot effectiveness data is in: What to know

    Preliminary estimates show the flu vaccine is offering moderate protection against severe illness and hospitalizations this season, according to a new CDC report.
  • Ultra-processed foods linked to 30+ adverse health conditions

    Consuming more ultra-processed foods has been directly linked to more than 32 adverse health conditions including several cardiometabolic conditions, mental disorders, and mortality outcomes, new research published Feb. 28 in the British Medical Journal found.
  • CDC recommends spring COVID booster

    CDC Director Mandy Cohen, MD, has approved a recommendation from the agency's advisory committee for adults over 65 to receive an updated 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine dose this spring.
  • TikTok sparks misinformation, fears about 'mysterious virus' spread

    Multiple videos have been circulating on TikTok with individuals claiming to be sick with a 'mysterious virus' after testing negative for three of the most prevalent viruses currently in circulation across the U.S.: COVID-19, flu and respiratory syncytial virus.
  • CDC updates suicide reporting guidance

    When public health officials notice or suspect a cluster of suicides trending in a certain area, the CDC suggests that they use three key steps to properly classify these matters.
  • WHO backs trivalent flu vaccine

    The World Health Organization recommends the Northern Hemisphere's 2024-25 flu vaccines be trivalent. 
  • 25 states where virus levels are high as flu holds steady

    Flu activity remains high across most of the country, with increases reported in half of HHS regions. Meanwhile, key metrics for COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus continue to trend down. 
  • Nevada reports record high C. auris cases in January

    Nevada reported record high numbers of Candida auris cases in January, with 69 clinical cases and 133 colonization cases, Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Feb. 22.
  • 35 measles cases reported in 15 states: CDC

    Louisiana and Indiana have joined the ranks of 13 other states reporting measles cases this year amid a national resurgence of the virus. 
  • Norovirus climbs across US

    Norovirus has been on the rise since October, and the stomach virus is now positive in 12.4% of tests sent to labs, according to CDC data. 
  • Results are in on 'tripledemic' viruses' hospital burden this season: 4 notes

    The combined effects of flu, respiratory syncytial virus and COVID-19 this season led to similar levels of hospitalizations and illness, but there were smaller peaks of COVID-19 and RSV compared to the 2022-2023 virus season.
  • Grocery spending drops among Ozempic users

    New data points to yet another ripple effect from the rising popularity of weight loss drugs: a drop in grocery spending, Bloomberg reported Feb. 16.
  • Americans are overdoing 'alone time'

    Americans spend far less time face-to-face today than they did 20 years ago, reaching a new low for "social fitness" that spills over to other dimensions of health and wellbeing.
  • 25 states where virus activity is still high

    Most parts of the country have seen hospitalizations for COVID-19, flu and respiratory syncytial virus drop in recent weeks. However, the CDC anticipates the nation could see a second wave of flu and "many more weeks" of disease circulation, according to the latest update on where things stand with respiratory viruses. 
  • CDC weighs recommendation for spring COVID booster

    The CDC may recommend an additional COVID-19 booster this spring, but likely only for those who are most vulnerable to the virus, NBC News reported Feb. 15. 
  • Long COVID research gets $515M boost

    The National Institutes of Health will pump an additional $515 million into researching long COVID-19, the agency announced Feb. 13.
  • EMS care varies widely, 1st study of its kind finds

    Forgoing the usual metrics for emergency medical services, researchers evaluated more than 9,000 EMS companies through 11 measures. They found large discrepancies in patient care.
  • Pediatric illness that declined during pandemic sees sudden uptick in California

    Kawasaki disease, an acute febrile illness that affects children, declined by 50% during COVID-19, but physicians at San Diego, Calif.-based Rady Children’s Hospital have noticed a resurgence, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Feb. 13.
  • 23 states where virus activity remains high

    Emergency departments are finally seeing some reprieve after weeks of capacity issues exacerbated by respiratory virus activity across the U.S. Visits to the ER for respiratory viruses continue to follow a downward trend, but the amount of respiratory illnesses in circulation is still elevated overall, CDC data shows.
  • CDC names permanent director of HIV prevention agency

    The CDC has appointed Robyn Neblett Fanfair, MD, as the permanent director of the Division of HIV Prevention, which falls under the National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, according to a Feb. 12 news release.

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