• 111 hospital and health system chief diversity, equity and inclusion officers to know | 2024

    When hospitals and health systems weave diversity, equity and inclusion into their foundations, patients and staff members alike reap the rewards. DEI leaders are spearheading initiatives that cultivate safe, forward-thinking healthcare environments where all individuals feel embraced, appreciated and secure.
  • 100 hospitals and health systems with great heart programs | 2024

    Becker's "Hospitals and Health Systems with Great Heart Programs" list showcases healthcare institutions celebrated for their outstanding cardiovascular care, superior patient outcomes and advanced technologies. These heart programs are also at the forefront of cardiology research, making impactful discoveries in the field.
  • 297+ telehealth companies to know | 2024

    The desire for expanded telehealth options has surged since the onset of the pandemic. To address the increased demand for care flexibility and access, hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies have significantly broadened their suite of telehealth solutions in recent years. 
  • 90 patient safety experts to know | 2024

    The individuals featured on this list are staunch advocates for patient harm reduction, disease management and disaster preparedness. These honorees include healthcare providers, researchers and executives who prioritize patient safety above all else.
  • 160 community hospital CEOs to know | 2024

    Community hospitals function to bridge the gaps in healthcare, and community hospital CEOs are charged with delivering high-quality, low-cost care to patients in the communities they serve.
  • 160 CFOs to know | 2024

    The chief financial officers featured on this list are helming financial functions for health systems and hospitals throughout the U.S. 
  • 115+ healthcare cybersecurity companies to know | 2024

    Cybersecurity companies shield healthcare organizations from losing data, experiencing loss of functionality, or exposing confidential patient information. In light of the rising frequency of cyberattacks, these companies ensure that healthcare organizations can continue making expert care provision their main priority.
  • 133 CIOs to know | 2024

    Chief information officers utilize new and innovative technologies to optimize, streamline and improve healthcare delivery.
  • Great leaders in healthcare | 2024

    Healthcare is rapidly evolving and the best leaders have embraced change and are leading organizations on the forefront of transforming care delivery.
  • 100 great community hospitals | 2024

    Becker's is pleased to release the 2024 edition of its “Great community hospitals” list.
  • 231+ Black healthcare leaders to know | 2024

    Diversity in healthcare leadership results in a more well-rounded experience for patients and providers. 
  • 141+ women in health IT to know | 2024

    Women are working to shape and enhance the future of healthcare through health IT. These strong female leaders are modernizing administrative healthcare processes, cutting back on inefficiencies, standardizing workflows and more. 
  • 54 CXOs to know | 2024

    Becker's Healthcare is thrilled to recognize 54+ strong chief experience officers who are serving hospitals and health systems across the nation.
  • 27 critical access hospitals to know | 2024

    Becker's Healthcare is pleased to name 27 critical access hospitals to know. 
  • 180 chief medical officers to know | 2024

    Becker's Healthcare is thrilled to honor 180 exceptional chief medical officers in healthcare. 
  • 150+ top places to work in healthcare | 2024

    Becker's Healthcare is delighted to release its 2024 list of 150+ top places to work in healthcare. This list highlights hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies that prioritize workplace excellence and the happiness, satisfaction, wellbeing and fulfillment of their employees. 
  • 14 chief wellness officers to know | 2024

    Becker's is pleased to name 14 chief wellness officers to know. 
  • 46 chief digital officers to know | 2024

    Becker's is delighted to name 46 hospital and health system chief digital officers to know. 
  • 196+ women hospital presidents and CEOs to know | 2024

    Becker's is proud to honor 196+ women presidents and CEOs of hospitals and health systems. 
  • 84+ CHROs and chief people officers to know | 2024

    Chief human resources officers and chief people officers are tasked with developing strong human capital strategies for their hospitals and health systems. 

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