• Highly Successful CEO-CFO Duos - 2023 submission form

    Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Highly Successful CEO-CFO Duos list. Nominations will be open through Oct. 31, 2023.
  • Chief Transformation Officers to Know - 2023 submission form

    Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Chief Transformation Officers to Know list. Nominations will be open through Jul. 31, 2023.
  • Hospital and Health System CNOs to Know - 2023 submission form

    Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Hospital and Health System CNOs to Know list. Nominations will be open through Aug. 31, 2023.
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    Thank you for your interest in the 2023 COOs to Know list. Nominations will be open through Sep. 30, 2023.
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    Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Health IT & Revenue Cycle Up-and-Comers list. Nominations will be open through Jul. 31, 2023.
  • 60 hospital and health system CISOs and CPOs to know | 2023

    Cybersecurity is becoming a top priority for many healthcare organizations, as they are facing an unprecedented number of cyber threats and data breaches. Across the nation, hospitals and health systems have recruited CISOs and CPOs to execute strong cybersecurity initiatives, integrate new innovative technologies, build strong IT teams, and protect patient and system data. 
  • 35 health system supply chain leaders to know | 2023

    Supply chain leaders deftly manage the behind-the-scenes work that keeps their health systems functioning smoothly. These leaders leverage years of healthcare supply chain experience to create cost savings, build strategic partnerships and manage inventory. 
  • 100 hospitals and health systems with great heart programs | 2023

    The hospitals and health systems highlighted in Becker's "Hospitals and health systems with great heart programs" list are renowned for their exemplary heart care, patient outcomes and leading technologies. Most also perform research that leads to innovative breakthroughs in the field of cardiology.
  • Great hospitals in America | 2023

    Becker's is thrilled to release the 2023 edition of its “Great hospitals in America” list. 
  • 29 rural hospital CFOs | 2023

    Historically, rural areas have suffered a lack of access to quality healthcare. Members of rural communities may have to travel long distances, pay exorbitant costs, or face other barriers. Rural hospitals work hard to ease the burden on underserved communities, and CFOs are a crucial part of the equation. 
  • 101 academic medical center CEOs to know | 2023

    Academic medical centers are vital to today's healthcare delivery system. They are devoted to providing superior care to patients, while simultaneously amassing assets that will further research and innovation in the healthcare field. 
  • 116 women in health IT to know | 2023

    The healthcare industry is becoming more diverse as a whole, and women are increasingly represented in the health IT field. Women are helping to streamline the burdensome behind-the-scenes work of patient care and leading their healthcare organizations into a new age of digital transformation. 
  • 126 hospital and health system CFOs to know | 2023

    The chief financial officers honored on this list are leading financial operations for health systems and hospitals throughout the nation. 
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  • 86 hospital and health system diversity, equity and inclusion officers to know | 2023

    When diversity, equity and inclusion are integrated into the framework of hospitals and health systems, patients and staff members benefit. DEI leaders are directing efforts to create inclusive healthcare environments where everyone feels welcomed, valued and safe. 
  • 177+ women hospital presidents and CEOs to know | 2023

    Women represent a large portion of the workforce in healthcare, and they are increasingly assuming top executive roles at hospitals as well. 
  • 280+ telehealth companies to know | 2023

    Hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies have expanded their services to include telehealth solutions, increasing access to care and providing patients with more flexibility than ever. Telehealth has become increasingly important since the onset of the pandemic.
  • 55 patient safety experts to know | 2023

    The individuals honored in Becker's 2023 "Patient safety experts to know" list are noteworthy proponents of patient harm reduction, disease management, disaster preparedness and more. 
  • 107 community hospital CEOs to know | 2023

    Community hospitals are often the unsung heroes in healthcare, and CEOs are tasked with managing the delivery of coordinated and affordable community care.
  • 113 hospital and health system CIOs to know | 2023

    CIOs are harnessing the power of technology to transform the healthcare space, allowing hospitals and health systems to experience rapid growth and vastly enhance patient experience.

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