• How 3 health systems have amped up their workplace violence prevention initiatives

    As calls to address workplace violence grew louder, hospitals and health systems ramped up initiatives to prevent the growing issue. They have set up training initiatives, updated programs and procedures to prevent violent incidents and increased the level of collaboration among security teams and caretakers. 
  • Ensuring your workforce is future-ready

    Beyond recruitment & retention: Hospitals are embracing a new strategy to improve nurse staffing. Learn more here.
  • Louisiana hospital to employees: Gas is on us

    With an office in the operating room area, Dawn Cazedessus performs her duties as CEO of Sterling Surgical Hospital in Slidell, La., in close proximity to her employees. 
  • 5 signs of a toxic work culture

    Bullying, condescending communication and lack of representation are all signs of a toxic work environment, according to a July 5 MIT Sloan article. 
  • Industry report: How AI is powering healthcare executive searches

    CEO exits are soaring. How experts predict AI will aid in ramped-up executive searches — here.
  • After stabbing, nurses say SSM ignored pleas for security: 'This was 100% preventable'

    Current and former nurses at Bridgeton, Mo.-based SSM Health DePaul Hospital claim leaders repeatedly ignored pleas to ramp up security at the facility, where two employees were stabbed July 11, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
  • With 400 RN vacancies, Broward Health uses pension plan, bonuses as drawing cards

    Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Broward Health is offering sign-on bonuses of up to $20,000 and a pension plan to nurses as it seeks to fill 400 registered nurse vacancies, according to ABC affiliate WPLG.  
  • Women aren't reaping benefits from the current labor market 

    Although many companies are desperate to hire and favorable to workers, many women cannot access these benefits, and are held back by a lack of caregiving services, The New York Times reported July 7.
  • Some workers regret quitting during the Great Resignation, but not those in healthcare

    Despite the labor market favoring workers, many employees who changed jobs during the Great Resignation are regretting their decisions, according to a July 11 Joblist report.
  • Addison Group acquires Harmony Healthcare

    Chicago-based Addison Group announced the acquisition of Tampa, Fla.-based Harmony Healthcare in a July 11 press release.
  • Healthcare added 57K jobs in June

    Healthcare gained 56,700 jobs in June, nearly double the amount added in May, according to the latest jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  
  • 3 new ways to hold onto employees

    Empowering employees to improve their skills is one way leaders can retain talented employees during this turbulent labor environment, Harvard Business Review reported July 4. 
  • PeaceHealth cuts travel nurse budget, struggles with staff shortage

    A PeaceHealth hospital in Springfield, Ore., has begun phasing out travel nurses, resulting in staff shortages that have caused emergency room patients to be boarded in hallways because there aren't enough nurses on the floors to care for them, CBS affiliate KVAL reported July 1. 
  • How workers are using Slack to fast-track job hunts

    Slack, the workplace communication software, is increasingly being used by job-hunters for networking purposes, The Wall Street Journal reported June 27. 
  • Reconsidering hiring, skills practices may help keep workers

    Improving skills development, making the hiring process smoother and simplifying job descriptions are all ways in which organizations can help retain new workers, reported MIT Sloan News June 23. 
  • Job openings at top hospitals and health systems, by the numbers

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and health systems continue to grapple with staffing challenges such as recruitment and retention. Below are the number of job openings at hospitals and health systems that were among the top 20 spots in U.S. News & World Report's's 2021-22 best hospital rankings.
  • Almost 20% of workers worldwide are miserable

    The emotional state of the world's workforce looks dires, with 19 percent reporting to be miserable at work and 60 percent are emotionally detached, according to a new Gallup poll.
  • 'A pandemic of gun violence': Hospital workers call for safety while healing others

    When front-line hospital workers report to their jobs each day, it is impossible to know every situation they might encounter with patients, visitors and colleagues. But one situation appears more in the realm of possibility of late: the potential for a shooting or other violent incident. 
  • Is nursing recession-proof?

    Amid a growing risk of recession for the U.S., there is at least one healthcare occupation that appears in solid position to withstand an economic downturn: nursing, a registered nurse from Louisiana argues in a June 20 article on nurse.org.  
  • Five signs the labor market is shifting

    Quit rates, unemployment and wage growth are all factors economists are watching closely to gauge how the labor market may start to slow down after record high turnover, The Wall Street Journal reported June 17.
  • 8 hospital groups support bill that would protect healthcare workers like flight crews

    Eight national hospital organizations have endorsed a bill to protect healthcare workers from violence that is modeled after protections for aircraft and airport workers.
  • The new role on the block: Head of remote work

    With the shift to hybrid work and remote work, more organizations are looking to hire for a new role, the head of remote work, Fortune reported June 16.

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