• People analytics helps separate signal from noise on worker resignations

    As the "Great Resignation" has been featured widely in media and felt across organizations, it may be helpful to turn to internal people analytics to understand the reality of the situation at each organization, according to a Feb. 24 McKinsey podcast.
  • Why Parkview Health centralized locum tenens hiring

    When Angela Pulcini stepped into the role of Director of Provider Services for Parkview Health, she knew locum tenens hiring was a priority she wanted to focus on.
  • States ranked by active physicians per capita

    Washington, D.C., has the highest number of active physicians per 100,000 residents, according to the latest Association of American Medical Colleges State Physician Workforce Data Report. The state with the most active physicians per resident is Massachusetts, while Idaho is the state with the least. 
  • Hospital layoffs persist in tight labor market

    Hospitals across the country are facing staffing shortages and seeing their labor expenses soar as they compete for talent. 
  • 7 strategies to solve staff shortages in the dental industry

    Dentistry's staffing problem isn't vanishing any time soon. Learn how your DSO can do more with less staff using these 7 strategies.
  • Hospitals see 2nd consecutive month of job gains

    Hospitals gained jobs in February for the second straight month amid job growth in the industry, according to the latest jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Healthcare workforce challenges a national emergency, hospitals say

    The American Hospital Association is urging Congress to address workforce challenges facing healthcare facilities, calling the issue a national emergency.
  • US Senate passes measure to strike down CMS mandate in token gesture

    The Senate passed legislation March 2 aimed at halting the federal COVID-19 vaccination mandate for eligible healthcare workers participating in Medicare and Medicaid programs.
  • New Jersey delays booster requirement for healthcare workers

    New Jersey will postpone the Feb. 28 deadline for all healthcare workers to receive a COVID-19 booster shot. 
  • CMS to release hospital worker vaccination rate data in October

    CMS will not release quarterly data on the number of hospital workers vaccinated against COVID-19 and instead will release a full year of the data in October, an agency spokesperson confirmed to Becker's.  
  • Gen Z, millennial nurses hit hardest by pandemic

    Nurses under 35 years old have been hit hard by the pandemic, with many suffering from mental health issues and over half of them considering leaving their positions already, signaling a looming crisis and need for organizational change, according to a new survey. 
  • Workforce survey report: How Leaders Can Support the Physical Well-Being of Caregivers and Non-Clinical Staff

    With caregivers dealing with significant burnout due to the pandemic and more clinicians and nurses reaching retirement age, the current shortage of healthcare workers will likely get worse before it improves. Caregivers struggle to maintain balance as they continue to face new variants and surges that fill capacity and strain the entire health system. Reports indicate significant rates of stress and exhaustion. For healthcare leaders, this crisis should serve as a call to action in examining how they help their staff curb the effects of burnout and deliver better patient care.
  • The physical toll of working in healthcare by the numbers

    Stress and burnout are well known and documented among healthcare professionals, and given the rising risk of cyberattacks, health IT teams are also under mounting pressure. Work-related physical maladies, though, also afflict both groups, according to a report from design company Ergotron, published March. 1.
  • Hospitals vie for talent with perks beyond pay

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and health systems have been focused on retaining employees by ensuring their staffing needs are met.  
  • Missouri health system launches contract-based nursing program

    Columbia-based University of Missouri Health Care is launching a program to recruit contract-based nurses.
  • Cedars-Sinai's strategies for hiring and retaining nurses in today's competitive market — 4 insights

    Nurses are in high demand and short supply across the US. However, some hospitals like Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles are able to successfully hire and retain nurses.
  • Primary care physician turnover linked to $979M in excess healthcare costs

    Primary care physician turnover leads to nearly $1 billion in annual excess healthcare spending, and work-related burnout is a significant contributing factor, according to a new American Medical Association-led study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.
  • MedStar Health launches employee well-being center

    Columbia, Md.-based MedStar Health has launched a center for well-being to support its healthcare workers manage stress and improve their overall wellness. 
  • Hospitals turn to international nurses to fill staffing gaps

    As hospitals look to fill nursing shortages, they are bringing in foreign workers to help ease staffing strain experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The nurse shortage caveat

    Massachusetts has more licensed nurses now, in nearly every category, than before the pandemic. So why do many hospitals have job vacancies?
  • Lawmakers in these 6 states move to combat violence against healthcare workers

    Violence against healthcare workers is a subject recently highlighted by healthcare organizations across the U.S., which are asking patients to show kindness and patience to staff. It's also picking up steam among state legislators, who are introducing bills to protect healthcare staff. 
  • New Jersey hospitals ask governor to delay booster mandate

    New Jersey hospital executives are asking Gov. Phil Murphy to postpone the Feb. 28 deadline for all healthcare workers to receive a COVID-19 booster shot, which tens of thousands of employees have yet to receive, according to North Jersey Media Group.