Where patients are staying home least: State-by-state breakdown 

About 25 million more people left their homes each day last week compared to the last six weeks, according to an analysis from The New York Times.

NYT analyzed cellphone data from the location analysis company Cuebiq covering 15 million people nationwide between Feb. 1 and May 8. 

Last week, an estimated 36.1 percent of U.S. residents stayed home, down from 43.8 percent between March 20 and April 30. More people stayed home in states that still have shelter-in-place orders in effect, compared to areas that have eased some restrictions.

To assess these changes at a state level, NYT looked at the estimated proportion of residents who stayed home during the peak period of sheltering in place compared to how many stayed home last week. Here is a state-by-state breakdown of the findings: 

States with stay-at-home orders in effect 
Note: These states had orders in place through May 8. Some may have lifted stay-at-home restrictions since then.

Michigan: 10.9 percent decrease in people staying at home 
Minnesota: 8.9 percent
Vermont: 8.9 percent
Wisconsin: 8.7 percent
Ohio: 8.6 percent
Maine: 8.4 percent
New Jersey: 8.3 percent
New Hampshire: 8.2 percent
Louisiana: 8.2 percent
Pennsylvania: 8.1 percent
Connecticut: 8.1 percent
Illinois: 8.1 percent
New York: 8 percent
Massachusetts: 7.8 percent
Rhode Island: 7.5 percent
California: 7.1 percent
Delaware: 6.7 percent
Nevada: 6.7 percent
Washington: 6.6 percent
Kentucky: 6.5 percent
North Carolina: 6.4 percent
Oregon: 6.1 percent
Hawaii: 6 percent
Maryland: 5.9 percent
Virginia: 5.8 percent
New Mexico: 5.6 percent
Arizona: 5 percent

States that lifted stay-at-home orders between May 1-8

Indiana: 9 percent decrease in people staying at home 
Georgia: 8.5 percent
Missouri: 8.4 percent
Tennessee: 8.4 percent
Texas: 8.1 percent
Idaho: 8.1 percent
Kansas: 7.7 percent
Florida: 7.3 percent
West Virginia: 7.2 percent
South Carolina: 7.1 percent

States that lifted stay-at-home orders on or before April 30

Alaska: 10.1 percent decrease in people staying at home 
Montana: 9.5 percent
Colorado: 9.2 percent
Alabama: 8.2 percent
Mississippi: 7.7 percent

States that did not implement stay-at-home orders

North Dakota: 9 percent decrease in people staying at home 
Oklahoma: 8.7 percent
Utah: 8.2 percent
Wyoming: 7.7 percent
South Dakota: 7.6 percent
Iowa: 7.5 percent
Arkansas: 7.3 percent
Nebraska: 6.5 percent

To view NYT's full rankings, click here.

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