• Hospital CEO turnover down year over year

    Hospitals and health systems reported 11 CEO changes last month, marking a 52% decrease from the same month in 2023. 
  • Palomar considers 'creative pivot' to new leadership structure

    Escondido, Calif.-based Palomar Health is proposing a structural reorganization under which health system executives would be employed by a nonprofit, outside management organization rather than a public entity. 
  • What Ozempic, AI and layoffs have in common for CEOs

    GLP-1 drugs and artificial intelligence are helping people and organizations, respectively, slim down. And people are reluctant to credit them entirely for the results.
  • A heart attack changed this health system CEO's life

    Todd LaPorte brings more than 35 years of healthcare experience to his role as CEO of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based HonorHealth, a role he's held since April 2017. While he has undoubtedly faced numerous challenges during his career, including those related to the pandemic, it was a sculpture that brought about the most difficult professional challenge he's ever faced.
  • What U of Utah Health did to tackle the tech shortage

    At the beginning of 2022, the University of Utah Health had around 40 to 50 openings for technicians among its 17 retail pharmacies and five hospitals. That was too many, and the health system needed to fill the pipeline quickly.
  • Keck Med professor among Time's women of the year

    Marlena Fejzo, PhD — a geneticist and clinical assistant professor at the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine —  is one of Time's women of the year. 
  • C-suites, clinicians are burning out at both ends

    C-suite leaders and clinicians often feel they are on opposite sides of an ever-expanding chasm. But they actually have a lot in common, according to Bruce Cummings and Paul DeChant, MD — a former executive and a former practicing physician, respectively, and perhaps an unlikely pair. 
  • Why 1 CEO encourages 'coffee badging'

    Workers' desire to have schedules that are flexible and create improved work-life balance has prompted various phrases in the workplace in recent years, often coined by Generation Z. One of these concepts, "coffee badging," is embraced by Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Boston-based video conferencing equipment maker Owl Labs, according to CNBC. 
  • A cold glass of water for digital health hype

    It's a good time for healthy realism in how we think about healthcare outside of hospitals.
  • The CEO gender tenure gap (slightly) narrows

    A gender tenure gap among CEOs is not a new topic of discussion, but recent research sheds light on where the issue stands today.
  • How Cleveland Clinic finds common ground with competitors

    "Cleveland Clinic" is recognized around the world — but unlike its name, the health system doesn't stand alone. 
  • “Best in KLAS” for Healthcare Capacity Optimization Management: A Q&A Spotlight with LeanTaaS COO Sanjeev Agrawal

    Earlier this month, KLAS Research recognized LeanTaaS as Best in KLAS and the only fully rated solution provider in Capacity Optimization Management. LeanTaaS provides AI-powered and cloud-based capacity management, staffing, and patient flow software and services for 185 health systems with over 1,000 hospitals and centers.
  • How a CEO handled a $2B mistake

    There were a "lot of eyes" on a recent financial press release from Lyft — but none of them caught an extra zero that temporarily sent the company's stock soaring more than 60%. 
  • Job cuts touch healthcare leaders

    Recent data showed hospital margins nationally moving toward pre-pandemic levels as organizations adjust and think strategically amid a new environment. However, it is unclear how hospitals will fare throughout 2024, and there is anecdotal evidence that a number of facilities continue to make tough decisions amid financial headwinds.  
  • The unique perspectives of healthcare leaders under 40

    Leaders of all backgrounds bring varying styles and perspectives to roles at hospitals and health systems. This includes the next generation of healthcare leaders, who bring their own approaches to the issues they focus on each day, including philanthropy, technology and culture.
  • 'Incivility' comes through healthcare's doors every day, Inova CEO says

    The healthcare workforce is dealing with challenges that are more severe than they were even two or three years ago, Inova Health CEO J. Stephen Jones, MD, recently told Becker's. 
  • CEO of American Health Care Association, National Center for Assisted Living to retire

    Mark Parkinson, the CEO of the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living, will step down in 2025, the organizations announced Feb. 20.
  • How MetroHealth's safety chief uses engineering to boost medicine

    Joseph Golob, MD, went to college to become an engineer because he loved working with standardization. It did not take him long to realize he could apply the same passion to medicine.
  • The key link between mission, margins + growth: Lessons of bold leadership & steadfast commitment to healthier communities

    Every successful strategic plan is framed by an organizational mission and strong leaders as the guidepost. However, delivering on these plans and fulfilling these missions has become more challenging for many hospital and health system leaders. Margins are razor thin and workforce challenges persist. In the current environment, bold leadership is a must.
  • Viewpoint: Steward CEO's yacht 'symptom of a deeper problem'

    The CEO of Steward Health Care has come under fire for purchasing a $40 million yacht as his health system owes approximately $50 million in rent, and Massachusetts officials grapple with the possibility of sudden hospital closures. According to one Massachusetts General Hospital leader, that yacht only tells a fraction of the story. 

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