Today's Top 20 Healthcare News Articles
  1. A look at New York's battle against 3 disease outbreaks 

    Public health officials across New York are attempting to cope with the threat of three simultaneous disease outbreaks — COVID-19, monkeypox and polio — which emphasizes how the nation's public health infrastructure is not equipped to handle multiple outbreaks, Politico reported Oct. 2. 
  2. 7 hospitals seeking CEOs

    Here are seven hospitals that recently posted job listings seeking CEOs.
  3. CVS, Walmart face lawsuits over homeopathic products

    An appellate court reversed lower court dismissals of two lawsuits that have been filed against CVS and Walmart, which accuse the retail pharmacy chains of selling homeopathic products that have no clinical benefit next to drugs that do work.  

Integrating Emergency and Hospitalist Care to Strengthen Performance

Does your facility struggle with cross-department collaboration? This barrier may be deeply impacting your key performance metrics like LOS and patient experience scores. Integrated care can help.
  1. Salt intervention shows negligible effect on hospitalized heart failure patients, Cleveland Clinic finds

    A Cleveland Clinic trial found the salt intake of heart failure patients may not be as harmful as previously thought.
  2. ED boarding times hit unsafe levels when hospitals face capacity strain: study

    During the first year of the pandemic, emergency department patients who were awaiting to be admitted were held in the ED for a median of 6.58 hours, exceeding the four-hour period recommended by The Joint Commission, according to findings published Sept. 30 in JAMA Network Open.
  3. Looming Atlanta Medical Center closure poses risks to other safety net hospitals

    The closure of Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center could start a chain reaction for struggling state safety net hospitals, Georgia Public Broadcasting reported Oct. 13. 
  4. More companies are naming 'chief metaverse officers'

    One in 4 people will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse in a few years, management consulting company Gartner Inc. recently told Bloomberg. In light of that trend, many companies are adding chief metaverse officers to their C-suites, Essence reported Sept. 28. 

How to get the most from patients' insurance coverage

Self-pay accounts are time-consuming and expensive, but they're also on the rise. Watch now and learn how to protect your margins in unpredictable financial times.
  1. California law holds physicians accountable for COVID misinformation

    On Sept. 30, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that could revoke the licenses of physicians who spread COVID-19 misinformation. 
  2. 3 types of meetings and how to run them

    COVID-19 has "broken" meetings, but defining their purposes might improve their productivity, according to a Sept. 29 Harvard Business Review article. 
  3. 6 steps leaders should take to prepare workers for a possible recession

    Leaders should react to the looming recession by zeroing in on their workforce, not just their workplace, according to a recent article from the employee experience platform Great Place to Work. 
  4. How to lead when workers move to organize

    The recent surge in union activity can fester tensions or it can invite collaboration, depending how prepared executives are to respond. 

How UCSD Moores Cancer Center Unlocked Capacity by Reducing No-Show Rates by Up To 50%

Traditional approaches to hospital operations can't meet today's capacity management challenges. Here's what UCSD Moores Cancer Center did to cut no-show rates by 50%
  1. Embracing AI, the new frontier in healthcare: a conversation with Novant Health’s EVP & CMSO, Eric Eskioğlu, MD, MBA and LeanTaaS’ CEO Mohan Giridharadas

    Recently, LeanTaaS’ founder and Chief Executive Officer Mohan Giridharadas and Eric Eskioğlu, MD, MBA, Neurosurgeon, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer and Co-Director, Institute of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, Novant Health came together at the Transform Hospital Operations Summit in partnership with Becker’s.
  2. HHS reports potential positive impact Inflation Reduction Act will have on prescription drug prices

    Two new HHS reports illustrate the potential positive impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on lowering prescription drug prices.
  3. Amylyx's ALS drug will cost $158K for annual supply

    A recently approved amyotrophic lateral sclerosis treatment will be $158,000 for a year's supply, the product's manufacturer said in a Sept. 30 investor conference call, according to The New York Times. 
  4. 10 hospitals seeking CFOs

    Below are 10 hospitals and health systems that recently posted job listings seeking CFOs.
  5. How health system CIOs are cutting costs, rethinking operational efficiency

    When companies consider cost-cutting measures, it often results in layoffs, but health system CIOs are looking inward at their IT vendors, contracts and partnerships to assess different ways to optimize their workforce, which can save their health systems money in the long run.
  6. Northwell Health taps Sandra Lindsay as vice president of public health advocacy

    New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health appointed Sandra Lindsay, RN, as its vice president of public health advocacy, it said in an email to Becker's Oct. 3.
  7. Health systems are continuing to shift and change. Get inspiration from Dr. Charles Powell's tactic to grow in today's environment

    Charles Powell, MD, MBA, is the chief executive officer of New York-based Mount Sinai National Jewish Health Respiratory Institute, the system chief of the division of pulmonary and critical care & sleep medicine of New York-based Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and the professor of medicine of New York-based National Jewish Health. 
  8. Mayo Clinic 1st in North America to install superfast PET/CT scanner

    Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic is the first place in North America to install an ultrafast PET/CT scanner the health system says will greatly boost its imaging quality, particularly for cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  9. 50% of Americans know little or nothing about omicron boosters: KFF survey

    Updated omicron boosters have been available since late August, though just 17 percent of Americans say they have heard "a lot" about the updated shots, according to Kaiser Family Foundation's latest COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor survey. 

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