Today's Top 20 Healthcare News Articles
  1. In-network care rose after No Surprises Act: 5 things to know

    The percentage of patients receiving in-network care has risen since the implementation of the No Surprises Act, according to a Feb. 20 report from FAIR Health. 
  2. Louisiana system names chief nursing officer

    Bayou Bend Health System in Franklin, La., has named Robert Raheem, BSN, RN, chief nursing officer. 
  3. Buzz for gene therapies is loud, but drugmakers struggle to get treatments off the ground

    Roctavian held promise of treating hemophilia A, but has only been used for one patient since its approval in June 2023, Bloomberg reported Feb. 20. 

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  1. 519-bed Kentucky hospital names chief medical officer

    Baptist Health Louisville (Ky.) has named Roberto Cardarelli, DO, its new chief medical officer. 
  2. Mercy Oklahoma president to retire

    Jim Gebhart is retiring as community president of Mercy's Oklahoma region at the end of February. 
  3. Yale New Haven Health names president

    Pamela Sutton-Wallace was promoted to president of Yale New Haven (Conn.) Health, a five-hospital system affiliated with Yale University and Yale Medicine.
  4. California county's hospitals see $11.3B in revenue

    The 24 biggest hospitals in Orange County, Calif., saw revenue increase by 9.1% to $11.3 billion in revenue for the year ended Sept. 30, 2023, the Orange County Business Journal reported Feb. 19.

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  1. Mark Cuban's drug company tacks on 2 more branded meds

    Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. now offers two Bayer brand-name medicines: Yaz, an oral contraceptive, and Climara, a menopause treatment. 
  2. Grocery spending drops among Ozempic users

    New data points to yet another ripple effect from the rising popularity of weight loss drugs: a drop in grocery spending, Bloomberg reported Feb. 16.
  3. UCHealth sued patients nearly 16K times in last 5 years, investigation reveals

    Over the last five years, Aurora, Colo.-based UCHealth has sued its patients 15,710 times for money that they owe to the health system, The Colorado Sun reported Feb. 19.
  4. A guide to successfully navigate ED boarding

    Overwhelming, chaotic, inefficient, dysfunctional — all four words appear throughout a recent report describing the nationwide challenge of emergency department boarding published by the American College of Emergency Physicians. 

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  1. Ascension offloads New York system to Guthrie Clinic

    The Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, Pa., has completed the acquisition of Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital System from St. Louis-based Ascension, according to financial documents published Feb. 16.
  2. Healthcare employment exceeds 12-month average

    In January, healthcare employment climbed by 70,300, above the 12-month average of 58,700.
  3. HCA's Mission Health sees another executive change

    Mission Hospital McDowell in Marion, N.C., is seeking a new CEO.
  4. Health systems get creative to boost hiring

    When it comes to hiring and the healthcare workforce, there are various factors and narratives to consider. It is clear that workforce challenges remain top of mind for industry leaders. At the same time, research points to significant healthcare employment growth and hints that the Great Resignation is a storyline that no longer applies to hospitals the way it once did.
  5. 4 health systems moving to Epic

    Epic Systems continues to be the leader in the EHR hospital market share, with 83 hospitals joining its network in 2022, according to research from KLAS. 
  6. Law enforcement seizes healthcare hacker gang's servers

    International law enforcement operation seized the infrastructure of LockBit, a ransomware gang known for targeting the U.S. healthcare industry, Gov Info Security reported Feb. 19. 
  7. CFOs play defense

    CFOs' priorities have shifted considerably in the last couple of years as cutting costs and driving efficiencies becomes the No. 1 priority, up from a ranking of eighth in 2021, according to a recent report published by U.S. Bank. 
  8. Physicians rethink the annual visit

    Some physicians are reconsidering the value of the annual physical, pointing to long waits for primary care visits and studies that indicate yearly physical exams don't have a clear connection to improved health among asymptomatic patients, The Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 19. 
  9. Health system CISO trends: 6 things to know

    Health system chief information security officers are experiencing a significant leadership turnover, with 42% of them taking on their roles within the past three years, a Feb. 15 report from WittKieffer found. 

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