• Voters to decide on $25/hour minimum wage for some healthcare workers in 2 California cities

    Measures establishing a $25 minimum hourly wage for workers at private healthcare facilities will be placed before voters in two California cities.
  • Strategies to simplify insurance discovery

    Coverage for all claims is possible. Stabilize your revenue with this no-nonsense plan. More information here.
  • California training program helps nurses level up in salary

    A California program can help licensed vocational nurses — with a starting salary of $55,000 in the state — train to become registered nurses and make a starting salary around $110,000, The Sacramento Bee reported Sept. 26. Now, the state's Labor and Workforce Development Agency aims to spend $480 million — and the next three years — building similar apprenticeship programs. 
  • NP pay for all 50 states adjusted by cost of living

    The national average hourly pay is $56.75 per for nurse practitioners, according to the most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational employment statistics survey. Wages and living costs vary from place to place, however.
  • Swedish to invest $125M in employee pay increases

    Seattle-based Swedish Health Services has reached memorandums of agreement with Service Employees International Union Healthcare 1199NW to raise wages for 7,200 employees, according to statements from both parties, which were shared with Becker's Sept. 22.
  • 62 benchmarks on nonprofit hospital CEO pay in 11 metro areas

    The compensation of CEOs leading tax-exempt hospitals is but one measure analyzed in Candid's 2022 Nonprofit Compensation Report, which is based entirely on data reported to the IRS. 
  • 4 ways physicians supplement income

    Thirty-six percent of physicians take on additional work to supplement their income, according to the 2022 "Physician Compensation Report" from Medscape.
  • Average base salaries for 18 physician specialties

    Average base salaries offered to physicians tracked in the "2022 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives" released by AMN Healthcare's physician recruiting division Merritt Hawkins were lowest among pediatricians and highest among orthopedic surgeons.
  • Average signing bonuses for 5 most recruited providers

    Signing bonuses offered to physicians tracked in the "2022 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives" released by AMN Healthcare's physician recruiting division Merritt Hawkins averaged $31,000, up from $29,656 the year prior.
  • LA voters may decide fate of $25/hour healthcare worker minimum wage hike

    A Los Angeles city ordinance that established a $25 minimum hourly wage for workers at private healthcare facilities could be placed before voters to decide, the Los Angeles Times reported Sept. 14.
  • 10 states with the largest increases, decreases to travel nurse pay

    The average weekly travel nurse pay in August in the U.S. was $3,045, down 7.4 percent from $3,270 during the same month in 2021, according to a report from Vivian Health, a national healthcare hiring marketplace. 
  • HCA's Mission Health invests $22M in employee raises

    Citing a need to recruit and retain workers, Asheville, N.C.-based Mission Health said it is investing $22 million in additional pay increases for certain roles. 
  • New York extends 1st deadline, expands eligibility for healthcare worker bonuses

    The New York Department of Health updated its guidance Aug. 29 for the state's healthcare worker bonus program, including a deadline extension.
  • SEC's new regulations for executive pay: 7 things to know

    The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted amendments to rules requiring registrants to disclose information reflecting the relationship between executive compensation actually paid by a registrant and the registrant's financial performance, according to an Aug. 25 news release.
  • St. Charles no longer seeks repayment from overpaid employees

    Bend, Ore.-based St. Charles Health System will no longer seek repayment from employees of more than $2 million it said they received in overpayments due to a December ransomware attack on human resources management company Ultimate Kronos Group, according to a health system statement shared with Becker's Aug. 26.
  • Employees petition no confidence in St. Charles payroll practices

    Members of the Oregon Nurses Association and Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals at Bend, Ore.-based St. Charles Health System are indicating a lack of confidence in the health system's accounting and payroll practices, via a petition drive.
  • California union seeks $25/hour statewide minimum wage increase after earthquake deal falls through

    Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West said Aug. 23 that it will urge California lawmakers to enact a statewide $25 per hour minimum wage for healthcare workers.
  • 7 travel nurse pay trends for healthcare leaders to know

    The COVID-19 pandemic intensified hospitals' reliance on travel nurses to address staffing shortages and highlighted the gap between full-time workers' pay and lucrative temporary contracts. In the third year of the pandemic, hospitals continue to rely on travel nurses and grapple with workforce shortages for a variety of reasons. However, some organizations have reduced their reliance on travel nurses, and pay overall is lower compared to certain points of the pandemic, experts told Becker's. 
  • California cities' $25/hour minimum wage ordinances for healthcare workers on hold

    Ordinances establishing a $25 minimum hourly wage for workers at private healthcare facilities are on hold in Los Angeles and Downey, Calif., as those cities seek to verify signatures petitioning to block enactment of the measures.
  • Worsening $7 trillion retirement savings shortfall stirs second thoughts

    U.S. market volatility erased $3.4 trillion from 401(k)s and IRAs in the first half of 2022, making for an anxious time for many workers trying to plan their retirements. 
  • St. Charles says it overpaid employees by $2M, seeks money back

    St. Charles Health System in Bend, Ore., is asking employees to pay back roughly $2 million it says they received in overpayments, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported Aug. 12.   

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