• OhioHealth, Columbus State invest $120M to double healthcare grads

    Columbus-based OhioHealth and Columbus State Community College have partnered on an initiative that will double the number of healthcare professionals trained in five fields where there is strong demand from both students and employers.
  • Ensuring your workforce is future-ready

    Beyond recruitment & retention: Hospitals are embracing a new strategy to improve nurse staffing. Learn more here.
  • 3rd physician leaves Kansas hospital amid CEO termination

    A third physician has left Norton (Kan.) County Hospital amid the termination of former CEO Brian Kirk. 
  • Top 10 Physician Recruitment Strategies & Tactics

    Find out the leading strategies and tactics to attract top talent to your healthcare organization.  
  • Industry report: How AI is powering healthcare executive searches

    CEO exits are soaring. How experts predict AI will aid in ramped-up executive searches — here.
  • Healthcare workers' optimism is returning: 3 findings

    Healthcare workers experienced high levels of burnout, stress and trauma during the pandemic, but new data suggests their optimism about the industry is returning, according to a June 26 survey from Morning Consult. 
  • Nurses per capita, ranked by state

    On average, approximately 195,400 openings for registered nurses are projected from 2021-2031, according to the United States National Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • Oregon lawmakers approve minimum staffing mandate for hospitals

    The Oregon Senate agreed with its House and passed HB2697, a minimum staffing mandate for hospital workers, on June 22. 
  • Michigan considers doubling fines for assault on healthcare workers

    Michigan lawmakers are considering two bills that would raise fines if a person pleads guilty to or is convicted of assaulting a healthcare worker. 
  • 'Roll out the red carpet': Novant Health's keys to an 85% nurse retention rate

    When it comes to recruitment and retention, healthcare organizations must focus on experienced nurses as well as new nurses. Focus on the latter group involves preparing new graduates as they begin practice while exposing them to today's healthcare environment.
  • Gen Z gets schooled on office etiquette

    Companies, universities and recruiters are finding new ways to sharpen recent graduates' interpersonal and professional skills as they enter in-person workplaces, The Wall Street Journal reported June 16. 
  • Ohio hospital contests OSHA citation alleging failure to protect workers from violence

    Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, is contesting initial findings from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that the hospital failed to protect its employees from violent patients.
  • Kentucky system drops COVID-19 vaccine mandate for workers

    Louisville, Ky.-based Norton Healthcare is no longer requiring that workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine, a spokesperson told the Louisville Courier Journal.
  • How the unemployment rate has changed in all 50 states from April to May

    Vermont saw an 11.5 percent decrease in its unemployment rate from April to May this year, the highest change rate of any state. Meanwhile, Montana saw a 3.1 percent increase in its unemployment rate, according to June 16 data from WalletHub based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Nurses resign after California hospital cuts part-time work

    Some nurses have left Watsonville (Calif.) Community Hospital after the hospital eliminated most of its part-time roles, multiple local sources have reported. 
  • Job-based optimism trends up in healthcare

    Healthcare workers are gaining confidence in their ability to find or hold a job — but such optimism is dropping in most other fields, according to recent data from LinkedIn. 
  • Northwell Health looks to untapped resource — alumni — for talent

    New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health believes once an employee, always a member of the Northwell family. With that in mind, it introduced the Alumni Network June 15, an online group that will enable tens of thousands of former Northwell employees to reconnect and stay in touch.
  • Healthcare workers value pay, 'a recipe for disaster'

    Healthcare employees are placing a premium on pay and stability in their jobs, and many feel their current employers aren't doing enough, according to Grant Thornton's State of Work in America survey.
  • Top 9 reasons healthcare workers quit

    Healthcare organizations must make sure employees feel valued and well-paid to retain them, according to Grant Thornton's State of Work in America report.
  • Employment of physicians, by state

    An estimated 305,260 physicians are employed in the U.S. who are not anesthesiologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, emergency medicine physicians, family medicine physicians, general internal medicine physicians, neurologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, or pathologists. 
  • Employment of pharmacy technicians, by state

    An estimated 453,630 pharmacy technicians are employed in the U.S. According to the most recent data shared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida is the state with the highest employment level of pharmacy technicians, followed by California and Texas.
  • Employment of CRNAs, by state

    An estimated 46,540 nurse anesthetists are employed in the U.S. According to the most recent data shared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida is the state with the highest employment level of CRNAs, followed by Michigan and Ohio.

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