• Retirees' sudden reroute

    Florida used to be a hot spot for retirees. Now, it's losing them to Southern Appalachia, The Wall Street Journal reported March 13.
  • Ensuring your workforce is future-ready

    Beyond recruitment & retention: Hospitals are embracing a new strategy to improve nurse staffing. Learn more here.
  • 85% of hospital nurses said they'd quit by 2024. Did they?

    A January 2023 nurse survey fueled fears of an exodus, as 85% of those in hospital roles said they planned to quit within the next 12 months. 
  • HCA Virginia ends outside contract for hospital food services

    Sodexo will lay off workers after HCA Virginia, part of Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare, ended a six-year contract with the company for dining and nutrition services at its hospitals, according to Richmond BizSense, which cites a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification filed with the state.
  • Industry report: How AI is powering healthcare executive searches

    CEO exits are soaring. How experts predict AI will aid in ramped-up executive searches — here.
  • The Workforce Management Playbook: How Mercy is Empowering Nurses, Saving Premium Labor Costs + Improving Care

    The demand for nurses has grown steadily since before the COVID-19 pandemic, exacerbated by an estimated 640,000 nurse retirements between 2020 and 2030.
  • Children's Minnesota debuts 'modesty gowns'

    On the second day of Ramadan, Children's Minnesota debuted "modesty gowns" for pediatric hospital patients, which will be offered as part of a partnership with Henna & Hijabs, a Minnesota-based and Black-, Muslim-, woman-led company.
  • Racism in healthcare persists: What systems are doing about it

    Racism is not new in nursing and healthcare. However, it continues to be widespread, and hospitals and health systems must take innovative steps to address the issue in today's culture and industry environment.
  • WVU Medicine to launch 2-year nursing school

    WVU Medicine is planning a new nursing school, directly affiliated with its 23-hospital health system. 
  • 7 healthcare jobs among 'the best you've never heard of'

    U.S. News & World Report has listed seven healthcare roles as "the best jobs you've never heard of." 
  • Around 10% of Wisconsin hospital jobs are open, study finds: 5 updates

    The overall healthcare worker vacancy rate in Wisconsin hospitals was 9.9% in September of 2022, a critical but stable post-pandemic rate compared to the identical 9.9% seen in September 2021, according to the 2024 "Wisconsin Health Care Workforce Report."
  • 5 hot spots for job growth

    High housing costs in the Bay Area and Northeast are driving workers out — and into the warm weather and work-life balance of the Sun Belt, The Wall Street Journal reported March 8. 
  • Layoffs surge in California

    California is one of just two states with a rising unemployment rate — and the situation is expected to get worse in the coming months, Newsweek reported March 7. 
  • Are healthcare DEI efforts losing steam?

    In recent years, "DEI" has become a political buzzword — and health systems' efforts aren't immune to the consequences, leaders in the field say. 
  • Healthcare jobs continue to grow: 7 numbers

    The U.S. healthcare labor market has had a strong start to 2024, with the industry seeing continued job growth in certain areas on top of January's growth.  
  • Hospital jobs with the most employees nearing retirement

    Within healthcare organizations, facilities services and health information management have the largest baby boomer populations (both above 25%) and the most significant retirement risk.
  • Healthcare job cuts down 52% year over year

    Healthcare/products companies and manufacturers, including hospitals, announced a decrease in job cuts in the first two months of the year compared to the same period a year prior, according to one new analysis.
  • Number of certified PAs, by state

    The number of board-certified physician assistants/associates in the U.S. climbed 28% from 2018 to 2022, an increase from 40 to 50 PAs per 100,000 population during this time frame.
  • Employee experience in healthcare, per 2.2 million workers

    Workplace engagement among nurses and physicians is seeing signs of improvement since the pandemic, while other roles like managers still struggle.
  • Young workers grow more disengaged: 5 notes

    Millennial and Gen Z workers saw the largest declines in employee engagement in 2023, suggesting younger workers are growing increasingly detached from their organizations, new Gallup data shows. 
  • UChicago, City Colleges aim to bolster lab tech workforce

    The University of Chicago Medicine, the University of Chicago and City Colleges of Chicago have announced a healthcare education and clinical lab partnership.
  • States eye (and deny) 4-day workweek

    A number of states are sitting on legislation that would advance a four-day workweek, while some have already begun the shift.